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Jennifer Aniston: Cipriani Dinner Date

Jennifer Aniston: Cipriani Dinner Date

Jennifer Aniston totes around a black Ferragamo clutch while dining out with her publicist at London’s Cipriani restraurant on Wednesday night (July 21).

Earlier in the day, the 41-year-old actress debuted her first fragrance at the Harrods UK department store.

She was asked how she stays in shape. “It’s simple,” Jen revealed. “Run, work out every day. I do a lot of running – exercise is so important. Plus it’s all about balance. Work, exercise, diet, you need balance.”

Seems like balance is key!

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104 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Cipriani Dinner Date”

  1. 1
    KellStar Says:

    Jared your site is so freakin slow with all this lag. Clean it up!

  2. 2
    teira Says:

    yeah whatever nobody really relates to this woman.

  3. 3
    Anna Says:

    Just plain UGLY,no other word for her.

  4. 4
    teira Says:

    and still she uses too much botox. at least she thinks she’s happy.

  5. 5
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Lovely. :)
    @KellStar: It is slower and there are a lot of jump ‘drops’.

  6. 6
    Ckayed Says:

    Even though this woman is still very beautiful, she is so shallow. When she is on any television talk show it is like she is there physically but she has walls up all around her emotions and no one can tell who or what she is all about – shallow and fake. Too bad…

  7. 7
    XIII Says:

    all this *woman* talks about is “I love to exercise / I diet / Norman loves me”! Cmon get a life! Buy a man or sumptin

  8. 8
    JC Says:

    @Anna: If that is ugly I’d love to see pretty.

  9. 9
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    wow get a look at the eyes of her publicist, he looks Crazy!! so this is the nut who advises miss lonely heart, sad sad sad

  10. 10
    j Says:

    -Isn’t it great that Jen is upstaging Angierexia and her crappy movie

  11. 11
    Dominic Says:

    OMG! She got a date?! That must be her stalker.

  12. 12
    Well... Says:

    Yes, Jennifer IS ugly. You want to see pretty? Take a look at miss Jolie, the woman Jen’s husband left her for. Now THAT’S pretty :)

  13. 13
    Crittle Says:

    I usually try to stay out of the Anistan threads, but I will say she looks lovely

  14. 14
    T pain Says:

    Jen is right. It’s all about ‘balance’. Too bad she didn’t balance her priorities when she was married to Brad. LOL
    p.s. Can’t wait for SALT :)

  15. 15
    bet Says:

    lovely Jen with trend setting. I love the coat. Telling the truth how she got amazing body. ofcourse you have to have amazing nature too to look that hot.

  16. 16
    I still Says:

    can’t get over that entirely off-putting PR extrava-charade for Bounty Hunter. Ugh.

  17. 17
    puuuke Says:

    ..and how does Angelina stay in shape?…. long smelly fingers

  18. 18
    Mahogany Says:


    Where are the people in this woman’s life.. Family. Friends, loved ones.. Yes she has a good body..but where are the people to share this with. It is supposed to be a big event and she is sharing it with her PR person. I get that they have been a pair for years, but why NO family. Why NO Friends to celebrate with.

    Say whatever you want. but no she doesn’t have to have a husband and children, but really. All her money and whatever.. just seems to be her focus.. And then at the end of the day. what does she leave behind.. All she talks about is diet, exercise.. Superficial.. What else is there to this woman.

    Her fans only talk about her hair, body, and comparing her to ONE woman. but what else do you people know about this woman. What are her interest, hobbies.. what makes her happy, sad, mad. What does she stand for or against. what causes would she fight for.

    I don’t think her fans know anything about this woman. And maybe they resist looking and just accept these superficial facts… because they know deep down..there is nothing there to find.

  19. 19
    Lisa Says:

    Lonely old gal eating out with her paid help. Must suck.

  20. 20
    Tim Says:

    I guess her hairdresser isn’t allowed out for dinner.

  21. 21
    DinaT Says:

    The reality is she looks like this because she has personal trainers, yoga instructors, some minor plastic surgery & botox, personal chef, fake tan, bleached hair and contact lenses. Oh – she also has millions of dollars and has never had kids. I don’t think it is fair that she pretends anyone could look like her.

  22. 22


  23. 23
    May Says:

    She should stop wearing skintight clothes it makes her look kinda desperate.

  24. 24


  25. 25
    janefar Says:

    Sadly, My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago. yeah.. i’m young ,beautiful,lonely and still
    hurting.i maybe need someone to love..still..
    My friends told me about —– —–and i got curious about it.. .,told It’s the best place to meet an older boyfriend or a younger one. ..So i got a usename(Anny Bely) there in order to find a new soulmate.i just don’t know how the life goes on !!!!


  26. 26
    mag Says:

    This is the last I will write about the split�.I can tell you much more about the current circumstances, but to silence those critics out there�. you have to be a reporter to have been there amongst it all. So shut your big mouths, grow up and get a life. Or better still�. go get laid!


    The two did decamp to the small Caribbean Island, Anguilla after Christmas, along with Aniston�s best friend and former Friend�s co-star Courteney Cox and her husband, David Arquette,

    Pictures began to emerge of the couple strolling hand-in-and along the beach, hugging and kissing, painting a picture that the pair were very much in love and very much together.

    So much so, in fact, one American tabloid ran a cover with a picture of Pitt and Aniston kissing, with a headline: IT�S BABY TIME!

    Everyone who encountered Pitt and Aniston during their getaway to the small British Isles Island agreed.

    Ringing in New Year�s Eve at Cape Juluca with Courtney and David, a barman remembers how happy the pair seemed.

    �We were all stunned that they were here. They were just at an outside table, Brad, Jen, and their friends. When midnight struck the pair kissed-they seemed so in love and so happy to be together.�

    An onlooker who saw the pair dinning with Courtney and David at RumZa, an Anguilla club, echoed this sentiment.

    �They couldn�t keep their hands off each other- there was definitely no signs of trouble between them. They looked so happy together.�

    Finally it seemed the months of rumors of a split were laid to rest, even though the couple did exacerbate the media fodder over their relationship with their telling comments in the months leading up to what would be their last vacation.

    Pitt told Vanity Fair in 2004: �There is so much pressure from day one to be with someone forever, and I�m not sure if it really is in our nature to be with someone for the rest of our lives.�

    And stunningly, she revealed in an interview with W Magazine: �Is he the love of my life? I think you�re always kind of wondering.�

    After spending a few days in a private home, the foursome moved into the luxury villa called the Altamer. The breathtaking beachfront property cost a whopping $75,000 a week- and Pitt picked up the tab. The movie star also became friendly with the staff, and confessed his intentions for the much-needed getaway.

    A bartender, who chose not to be named, revealed that Brad would come down every morning to get a coffee and one day made a startling revelation.

    �He told me he wanted this holiday because he wanted to get away and make it work with Jen,� he recalls. � He said he was very much in love with his wife and wanted to do what he had to make sure they stayed together.�

    The staff member also saw the A-list couple�s interactions with each other and remembers if Pitt�s motive for the vacation was to smooth over any problems the pair may have been enduring, it appeared to be working.

    �They were always kissing, holding hands, and calling each other �baby�- they were so sweet to each other. This wasn�t a couple who looked to be on the verge of splitting.�

    Unbeknownst to Aniston, Angelina was about to destroy her idyllic holiday with her husband.

    �Angelina was constantly calling Brad, � reveals a friend. �She was furious when she saw the pictures of he and Jen holding hands and looking in love and reports that the pair was happier than ever. She hit the roof!�

    It was then that Jolie gave Brad a choice that would end the marriage of Hollywood�s favorite couple.

    �Angelina rang Brad and told him that if he didn�t leave his wife, he would never have her, � a pal reveals. �Brad was torn- he loved Jen, but was intoxicated by Angelina. She had cast a spell over him and it was like he was powerless.�

    In fact, Jolie had used her sexual prowess to its full ability to steal Pitt away from Aniston.

    � She wanted him from day one and she would stop at nothing to get him�, � reveals an onset source on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

    During filming for a scene where Jolie escapes from a hotel room out of a window in a sexy tight-fighting black dress, onset sources reveal that Jolie later told Brad- who was there during shooting for her scene- that she wasn�t wearing underwear.

    �Angelina was very blunt- she said this is what you�re missing out on,� the source reveals. �If you leave your wife, you can have all of this and more. She used her sexuality and he was ***** wiped.�

    Insiders on the set also revealed that Pitt gave Jolie early ammunition to use sex as a weapon, and she manipulated the situation to win him over.

    �Brad confessed to Angelina when shooting first began that there were certain sexual acts that Jen didn�t like to do,� reveals a confidant of Jolie�s. �Her response? I would do that every day if I was with you�

    � That knowledge definitely gave Angelina the upper hand,� the pal continues. �She knew how to steal him away from his wife, and three weeks later, she was s

  27. 27
    michelle Says:

    Jen is so so cute. I need to listen to her now. Exercise, work, rest…everything needs to balance out.

  28. 28
    mag Says:

    Part 2

    “ That knowledge definitely gave Angelina the upper hand,” the pal continues. “She knew how to steal him away from his wife, and three weeks later, she was satisfying one of his sexual desires in her trailer that Jen wouldn’t. Brad was smitten.”
    Whether it was lust or love, when Angelina forced Pitt to decide between his wife or her, Jolie won out.
    According to numerous sources on January 6, 2005, Pitt told Aniston he “ needed some space” and wanted a temporary separation while he worked through his own issues.”
    “Jen was devastated, but believed if she gave him space, things would work out,” says a pal.” She would have done anything to save that marriage.”
    After Pitt informed Aniston of his decision, the pair headed back to their villa and were photographed along the way – Pitt was wearing a Trash t-shirt and lovingly kissing his then-wife on the head, whilst she clung to him- where they decided they had to break the news to family and friends.
    “Couurtney and David were obviously the first people they told,” says a hotel insider at the Altmater, who witnessed the scene. “ The strangest thing was that Brad and Jen walked in holding hands, and were very much together- they did not look like a couple that just decided to split.”
    The witness continues: “They called their families to break the news, both Brad and Jen were in tears, but it seemed like it was just a temporary split- it didn’t seem like it was going to be forever.”
    Later that night, the pair called the staff that had been looking after them in their private villa for a meeting.
    “We were called up and they told us that they had decided to take a break, and there would be a lot of people ringing us up about it when it became public,” recalls a housekeeper. “They told us they still love each other, but needed some time apart- we were all shocked.”
    The next day the pair still seemed very much a married couple, not one that had just decided to split, according to staff.
    “They were by the pool, and Brad would kiss Jen, and they would keep calling each other ‘baby’. ‘Baby this, ‘baby that’ and they would have their own private jokes. They were always laughing. It was hard for people to understand why they were breaking up with each other when they seemed so happy together.”
    Later that day the couple released a statement that rocked Hollywood.
    We would like to announce that after seven years together we have decided to formally separate. For those who follow these sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any of the speculation reported by the tabloid media. This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration. We happily remain committed and caring friends with great love and admiration for one another. We ask in advance for your kindness and sensitivity in the coming months” it read.
    As media outlets and fans alike were reeling by the news of the end of what was perceived to be the perfect union of beauty, money, fame mixed with a likable down-togetherness, Pitt and Aniston were having a romantic dinner in The Almater’s restaurant.
    “They had a table right outside, which overlooked the ocean,” remembers one waiter who served them on their last night at the tranquil island. ‘They shared appetizers, had white wine, and both ordered the special fish of the night. They talked, they held hands, and you would not have guessed that they had just ended their marriage. They were both such nice, lovely people and seemed so suited to each other.”
    And, according to multiple staff, during their vacation, Pitt and Aniston shared a bed- even after they decided to separate.
    The next day, the couple- aware that world’s media would soon descend on the remote island- checked out of their luxury villa.
    “They moved forwarded their check-out day,” says one staff member. “Brad checked out for the group and paid the bill. He thanked everyone- he was such a nice guy.”
    As pictures emerged of the pair arriving off a boat from their villa to St Barks, they certainly seemed liked a couple that weren’t quite over just yet.
    With their hands tucked into each other’s back pockets, and smiling, they gave hope to their legions of fans that the split may just be temporary and that they would soon reunite.
    And despite the allure of Jolie, which lead him to leave his wife, Brad seemed like he wasn’t quite ready to walk away from Aniston for good.
    “ When he was paying the bill, he booked the villa for two months later, for the month of April,” says the staff member.
    “He told me that he was going to bring Jen back here, and that it wasn’t the end for them. Things would work out between them, he said.”

  29. 29
    Ms Saggie Says:

    How she stays in shape: Botox and more Botox!

  30. 30
    AutumnM Says:

    Vapid, shallow woman. Can she ever talk about anything other than her body and exercise? There really isn’t anything else going on there it seems. Pathetic. All she cares about is herself.

  31. 31
    Fan Says:

    a silly question, why the publicist is always with her on the promo tour? teaching her how to answer questions? Probably by drinking that Smartwater, make her brain overdose with “smartness” and can only answer very very complicated questions. With the normal day to day, simple questions, leave it for the publicist. hmmm

  32. 32
    Dawn Says:

    She was asked and answered how she stays in shape just like many other stars are asked and then answer how they stay in shape.

  33. 33
    Dawn Says:


    Publicists are always with celebs when they do events. When you watch an awards show and see a celeb pulled from interview to interview by someone, that is usually their publicist.

  34. 34
    Ms. Anonymous Says:

    So have u hatters gotten lives yet? It is summer, stop hating on Jen a nd go out and do something. At least Jen is enjoying life.

  35. 35
    Ms. Anonymous Says:


    Jolie is ugly, get over it.

  36. 36
    boring Says:

    JJ, are you serious? Is this really a news?
    Dinner with a publisit? Oh boy, she does anything for attention. NEXT!

  37. 37
    boring Says:

    JJ, are you serious? Is this really a news? Dinner with a publicist? Oh boy, she does anything for attention. So pathetic! NEXT

  38. 38
    AutumnM Says:


    That’s all she’s ever asked about tho and it says a lot about her. As someone else said, what does Jennifer Aniston stand for or against? What are her hobbies or interests? Tanning, yoga, acting? She seems very limited for a woman in her 40′s.

  39. 39
    yuck Says:


  40. 40
    boring ANUSton Says:

    She need to take her own “advise ” and balance. Stop being selfish me me mememe,.., Make time to love to keep her I want I do and I will promise , Have a gut like a real woman and live her own life , stop riding other coctailes like what she is doing right now to share headlines.

  41. 41
    boring ANUSton Says:

    Jared go a head and put this one too next to Brad thread. That is all she has assoication and that is all you capitise on isn’t it?

  42. 42
    tam Says:

    Aniston typical five short stature – limbs, trunk, and voles cheek. ugly.

  43. 43
    Kaz Says:

    She Like to kindnap haha

  44. 44
    Kaz Says:

    She like too jouleous

  45. 45
    Kaz Says:


  46. 46
    Kaz Says:

    She Look a like barbra

  47. 47
    Kaz Says:

    No body love her

  48. 48
    gem Says:

    @mag: based on your narration its sounds that angelina seduce brad that’s meant she stole brad from jennifer. i have nothing against with jen nor angie but on my opinion if the brad really loves his wife, no matter what angie goin to do, he would’nt leave his wife just for angie. if there a certain problem with their marriage i think both them know what they are supposed to do… go to marriage counseling just to save the marriage, because there is still love … & you wouldnt leave ur wife just for another girl you just know a short period of time…
    both the 3 of them are old enough it so happen that most people in our world are not happy the way they see other lives goes…
    for jen … i knew it would be hard to admit that she can’t still move on, he still loves brad, the reason is he can’t find a better man than brad..

  49. 49
    Melanie Says:

    She looks likle a fried chicken LOL, come on girl, get a real life. If we all had your time and would only get a job because of our looks and body, we would all look like you cause you must look like this, noone would hire her anymore. Her Body is her capital, she has a ugly face, thats why shes focused on her hair and her body, take that off and you see a middleaged mediocre women. Shes not too ugly but also not that pretty. i think she could do better things with her life. She got tons of millions but still plays the same roles and movies, she dont have to! She could take a risk in work and also looks. Why dont she try somethin new? i mean shes an actress not a boring houswife like me ;-)

  50. 50
    Fan Says:

    Movie Review: Salt
    by Dwight Brown
    NNPA Film Critic
    Originally posted 7/21/2010

    (NNPA) – Whatever Angelina Jolie was paid for starring in this nail-biting action thriller, she deserved each and every million. She’s the first woman to command an action movie, on this level, since Sigourney Weaver in “Aliens.”

    Though the film and the script may have flaws, Jolie has none. She’s photogenic. She emotes like an Oscar-winner. She handles action/fight scenes like a man, even if an occasional body-double does the heavy lifting. She commands the screen on the level of a Will Smith or Tom Cruise. Though it’s unlikely that a tall, model-thin woman could beat up so many husky men, she makes you suspend belief and stay engaged in her character’s crises and quest. Schreiber and Ejiofor are solid actors, but they stand in the shadow of this gusty actress who steals every scene.

    Leave your disbelief, skepticism and discerning eye at the movie theater door. Just sit back and take this joyride, which will keep your blood rushing until Salt proves her innocence, or completes her deception.

    Rating: ***

    Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved :: Legal and Privacy Policy
    Built By XIGroup

  51. 51
    Fan Says:

    thanks, obviously i need to drink more of the Smartwater

  52. 52
    casey Says:


    Wow, talk about biased reporting. You do realize that several outlets caught the so called happy couple looking unhappy right from the beginning of the visit?

    You obviously don’t remember several outlets reporting that this was staged in order to take advantage of a timeline that would allow for the break up to happen after ALL of the MAJOR press had already put their Friday issues out?

    You also obviously don’t remember that rumors of the break up between the golden couple surfaced weeks and months before it actually happened?

    You obviously don’t remember that Jen said she wanted kids and then proceeded to sign up for another year of Friends and what–six movies? That is not the actions of a woman committed to kids and marriage.

    Unless Brad or Jen comes clean on what the state of their marriage was, none of us will ever know if they were truly happy.

    Oh yes, I was watching the filming of Wanted and struck up conversations with some long time Brad-Angie-Jen paps. They stated to me that the Pitt-Aniston marriage was in trouble long before the break up and was headed that way almost from year two. Several gossip columnists also wrote that the marriage seemed to be getting more and more distant long before Jolie came on the scene.

    My point? Neither one of us truly has facts. We have he said-she said in our contacts and info.

    Nice try to rewrite the news Mags.

  53. 53
    ann Says:

    her face is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! seems to be easy for her to maintain the shape… genetics helps!!! but I wrote down the clue, balance!!! her life seems to be thrilling and lively!! she’s sweet!! I’m curious to smell her perfume!!

  54. 54
    ann Says:

    @Fan: what the hell? you are out of context!!! nobody cares here!!! go back to AJ’s thread!!! I think there the people is interested!!!

  55. 55
    melissa Says:

    I see that fans of other people are in this thread commenting over and over. Why can’t they let it go? They are really obsessed. They are almost as evil as that stalker.

  56. 56
    Media Ho MANiston Says:

    yes shallow jen. yoga, running, diet, running, diet, yoga, tanning, diet, tanning yoga, running….

    this woman has the most ugliest face features. that chin is just so damn hidious.

  57. 57
    just love it Says:

    Jennifer is beautiful! doing her thing in England yet the loons still on her thread hating when their idols as plenty of threads! they hate the fact that jennifer continues to move forward and is successful! sad for the brangelinas! guess mental fans comes with that star’s territory! lol

  58. 58
    just love it Says:

    @teira: you better go check and see what you idol did to make herself red carpet friendly! lol! the toxics, the lips injects to spread the thickness – angelina has basically worn her hair the same way forever – got bangs to cover the receding hairline – they really did help! yet, she is still too skinny! she needs to go back to tomb raider – there she is healthy! also had peels! and resurfacing on her face! mirror, mirror!

  59. 59
    ewww Says:

    She looks 55 years old in the face and ugly in a Princess Fiona like of way….yes she really has that Fiona vibe.

  60. 60
    just love it Says:

    @Ckayed: you see what you choose to see! you don’t want to see how jennifer and her father did a book to help St Jude’s Hospital – why? because then you wouldn’t be able to call her shallow – or how she has gone to schools and talked to children – I am talking about Jennifer was apart of St Jude’s Hospital before Brad and before Angelina! Also has given to other charities – Jennifer like others doesn’t need her name in the press every time she does something for charity! That isn’t shallow – that is giving for all the right reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 61
    The Real T Pain Says:

    @T pain: Jennifer is beautiful inside and out! She is in England doing her thing while Angelina is in the US doing her thing! It was considerate of Jennifer to go to another country to promote her perfume while Angelina is in the US promoting her movie! Only the best for both ladies!

  62. 62
    Jordan Says:

    @bet: so beautiful! i can’t wait to smell the perfume! jen is really stylin

  63. 63
    sad for you Says:

    @Mahogany: so i guess there are so many people that are living lives not worth nothing! Look in the Bible, look today at single people – so you are saying there live isn’t worth anything! Jennifer has plenty of people that she shares with her family, her close circle of friends, St Jude’s Hospital and other charity work! Maybe you feel that way but Im guessing single people everyone are saying shame on you! angelina jolie goes home and laughs at her fans – i fooled them again – she lies and guess what you don’t care! why because that would admit that you were wrong! yet you come on a thread that you have never spoken to the person and hate! now that is what is called shallow!

  64. 64
    mirror mirror Says:

    @AutumnM: Autumn if you really cared you would know! Jennifer like other stars Bradley Cooper, Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith, Bill Gates and etc… don’t have to have the media to give! They give from the heart! Not to help promote themselves! Example: Darfus – now that Angelina realizes people are watching how often she goes back – she is doing it more often – acting liked she cared so much and it took her 5 years to go back! Selling her children! Their family lives like a high class carnival! rental home to rental home or even if they purchase a house – it isn’t a home – because they might see it once every two years! Like their so call home in La. or when is the last time they have stayed in their France house! then lies! i’m retiring and how many movies has she signed on to and promoted herself since the interview in june or possible may or 2010! lies and lies from her mother! mirror mirror

  65. 65
    ManistH0n Says:

    When will Maniston ask her people to monitore her crazy nasty fans ?
    One of them tried to kidnap her. She should trace them and monitor them. Ther are losers who don’t follow her movies, talk about her body obsessively on sites and contribute to the unleash of the hardcore obsessive folks from their boohoo team.
    She was right when she said about them : ‘You make my skin crawl’
    Stop feeding the insanity you fool jenhens, always lurking about her body like she only can be defined through that alone. Go watch her movies and stop oooh ahhh-ing when she constantly show some skin.

  66. 66
    The Real T Pain Says:

    @boring ANUSton: lol! so sad that you don’t know who to co-exist in the world without hate! i hope you don’t have children! jennifer has been without brad forever and still going strong and was going strong before, during and after brad! it looks like the brangelinas are still living in the past! or possibly being paid to hate and post positive comments about Angelina! Seriously this isn’t normal! All the people involved continue to make millions and have moved forward! when jennifer and brad broke up they were both worth the same amount in their own right – so both took what they brought in! jennifer never tried to take away from brad. shallow and childish are loon’s fan posts.

  67. 67
    The Real T Pain Says:

    @ManistH0n: seriously you are acting mental! you are on a thread where you are hating the person that the article is about and you make your comment! are you slow?

  68. 68
    seriously Says:

    @ManistH0n: You need to read your post! Your comments are probably the top two of the nasty, hateful and spiteful of anyone else posting on any sites! Go back and read all the threads you have posted on! I don’t understand how you stomach your posting! Your life is hating on Jennifer – or maybe that is how you make your living!

  69. 69
    lol Says:

    @Mahogany: neither does angelina have a husband! lol lol so her life is meaningless! lol lol

  70. 70
    ManistH0n Says:

    Me mental ?
    You are delusional. Who shot Rebecca Shaeffer, John Lennon ?

    One of their stans, not their haters.
    Who was about to kidnap JA ? one of their stans. teh same people who raves a nauseum about her body, who talked about her body 90 % of the times and expect her to be with a man any man.
    You are the crazy one and have contributed by giving wrong signals day after day that the lady was ready and willing for one of you.
    Deal with it ! delusional fool !

  71. 71
    Laura Says:

    @Anna: what do you look like you jealous ho!

  72. 72
    ManistH0n Says:

    What’s Wrong with Jennifer Aniston Fans? Why Are They so Full of Hate?
    Published July 11, 2010 by:
    Cassandra James
    One of the things that comes with the job of being a writer is receiving hate mail or hate comments from people who disagree with you. Not one to worry about disagreement, and welcoming an opposing opinion as long as it’s given politely, I must admit even I’m blown away by the sheer hatred and anger directed at me by so-called Jennifer Aniston fans.
    Checking with other writers, who’ve also written pieces about Jennifer Aniston, they too have said people who adore Jennifer Aniston and, by default, usually hate Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, are often some of the nastiest people they’ve ever come across. Particularly with online articles, as the medium is so immediate, if I publish an article about Jennifer Aniston one night, I guarantee I will wake up to over 200 disgusting, nasty and hate-filled comments the day after.
    But the writer in me honestly wonders why?
    As someone who has never been that interested in actors or actresses (let’s face it, many of them are pretty self-involved, uninteresting people), I can’t say I’ve ever been obsessed with a famous person. People who like Jennifer Aniston however not only seem to be completely obsessed with the actress, but also see it as their job to defend her from slights they see or slights magined. It does make me wonder though what kind of sad lives do some of these people lead if they think defending an actress’s ‘honor’, an actress who doesn’t even know they exist and, quite frankly probably doesn’t care, is their mission in life?
    CONCLUSION : You Jenhens are a bunch of mental case who will not hesitate more than any other fanbase to go after your idole. You have just proven it.
    Maniston, i don’t like you but even you doesn’t deserve those losers. Take some action and monitor them ALL ! they are a dangerous bunch for your own safety. One down, watch carefully the rest of them and get some extra bodygaurds PRONTO !

  73. 73
    seriously Says:

    @ManistH0n: touchy touchy as always when some one comments on you! lol! the truth is the truth! spiteful, nasty and hateful! read your comments! angelina better really be worried about you according to your own comments! making hate for no reason! now why are you on jen’s thread for your idol! i don’t think so! according to you angelina is above that – so why? i think you are the one that needs to deal – your name – your hate… remember your idol is above this and so i ask again – why are you hating on this thread? you aren’t living up to the standards of your idol, you hate to hate, guess your idol doesn’t really have any standards or yes angelina is paying you to continue to hate! under the table….

  74. 74
    ManistH0n Says:

    why should i feel touchy ?
    It’s one of your team who got after her. It’s you who make her skin crawl. It’s one of you who is in jail. So now i donb’t feel touvhy, but YOU my dear feel defensive.
    I will too if i had contributed to unleash one of my folks to get after my idol.
    If he had succeeded it would be you and your ilk who would have been analyzed, monitoried all day long in the media, exposing your degenarated sick mind who has contributed to a tragedy..
    So no, I am not the one who should feel touchy. You on the otherhand….

  75. 75
    ManistH0n Says:

    As a Writer Who Expresses an Opinion, I’m Amazed by the Sheer Hatred Spewed at Me from So-called Jennifer Aniston Fans
    With Jennifer Aniston, I think part of the obsession and sheer maniacal loyalty of many of her fans is not because of the actress herself. Instead, it’s because these ‘fans’ are mixing up the real life
    Jennifer Aniston with the fictitious Rachel Green of ‘Friends’. Kooky, quirky, funny and a little odd, the character of Rachel Green wormed her way into much of America’s hearts and, over the many years ‘Friends’ aired, Rachel Green became one of the country’s most famous characters. But……folks………that’s all she is. A character. In fact, Rachel Green is no closer to the real personality of Jennifer Aniston than is the personality of Angelina Jolie or that of a Pulitzer prize winning scientist. Even Jennifer Aniston has admitted that.
    I often wonder too how embarrassed Jennifer Aniston would be if she knew the way some of her fans behave. I imagine she’d not only be ashamed that people with that much hatred were saying things in her name but, frankly, she’d probably be more than a little scared too.
    After all, if they’re that easily provoked to attack a writer they’ve never met and likely never will, simply because she or he has said something they don’t like, what would they be likely to do if Jennifer Aniston herself suddenly disappointed them And that’s more than a little scary to contemplate, isn’t it?
    And a few days later, the author prediction was proven. right through and through

  76. 76
    seriously Says:

    unfortunately there will always be stalkers and people will always make predictions – some right and some wrong. however your hate and meanest and nasty comments are just plain sad! i wish jj would allow fans of their star ban one person from commenting on their fan site – you would be number one for my vote – and please vote me for angelina jolie’s thread (especially since i might make a comment every 3 or 4 months on jolie’s thread – not nasty like yours) i love jj site because he has the best pictures! not necessary to comment but i like aniston! and wish her the best! honestly don’t understand the continue hate from brangelina fans! if jen isn’t no one to you why hate or comment?

  77. 77
    mimi Says:

    She looks great here. No doubt she’s in great shape, she has a killer body and her face looks great as well. She looks younger that women her age and even some women almost 10 yrs younger than her…hehe.

  78. 78
    Luvee Says:

    Mahogany @ 07/21/2010 at 10:36 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +11


    Where are the people in this woman’s life.. Family. Friends, loved ones.. Yes she has a good body..but where are the people to share this with. It is supposed to be a big event and she is sharing it with her PR person. I get that they have been a pair for years, but why NO family. Why NO Friends to celebrate with.

    Say whatever you want. but no she doesn’t have to have a husband and children, but really. All her money and whatever.. just seems to be her focus.. And then at the end of the day. what does she leave behind.. All she talks about is diet, exercise.. Superficial.. What else is there to this woman.

    Her fans only talk about her hair, body, and comparing her to ONE woman. but what else do you people know about this woman. What are her interest, hobbies.. what makes her happy, sad, mad. What does she stand for or against. what causes would she fight for.

    I don’t think her fans know anything about this woman. And maybe they resist looking and just accept these superficial facts… because they know deep down..there is nothing there to find.

    Read more:

  79. 79
    Harrod's interview Says:

  80. 80
    thanks! Says:

    @Harrod’s interview: jen is gorgeous and funny!

  81. 81
    G Says:

    It’s come to the point where these coincidences–increased Jennifer publicity when Brad and Angelina are also in the news (the delay of her perfume launch was not an accident)–have become very irritating. It’s not even a matter of Jennifer versus Angelina anymore. It’s now Jen riding on the publicity of Brad and Angelina. That’s just sad and pathetic. She should stop, or fire the people who are giving her bad career advice.

  82. 82
    Jen is a great actress Says:

    Can’t wait for “The Switch”!!!

  83. 83
    must be said Says:

    Stephen Huvane and Jennifer Aniston are freaking nuts. Bat shite crazy stalkers. He’s an evil, little cork su$ker and the grass still speaks to her in more ways than one. Dreadful, frauds of Hollyweird—Stephie spit in a cup for 2% Jenny, the spawn of them, 666.

  84. 84
    Eddie Cibrian Says:

    Jennifer, please steal me away from Leann Rimes so that I can be your baby daddy. I’m 37, hot, blue eyes, and have crazy dimples. You’ll be saying Brad who? We’ll be the new it couple. You can be my sugar mama and get me an acting job in Hollywood.

  85. 85
    Eddie Cibrian Says:

    Please Jennifer! Get me a job opposite you in a rom com. Then the rumors will be true for once. You are dating me, your co-star, and you are pregnant with my baby. It’s what we both want and need! You need a gorgeous baby daddy that can rival Brad. I need a sugar mama. We both need the career and publicity boost. It’s a match made in heaven!

  86. 86
    liz Says:

    I’m so glad these last few days we could see pretty much the lovely Jen!!!!!
    as always she looks stunning!!! love her blue eyes!!
    she usually wears a necklaces so beautiful and stylish!!!

  87. 87
    boo Says:

    for god`s sake do something with this site. It`s so freakin` slowww and it`s really annoying!!!

    btw, Jen looks amazing just like a lady should look like: you haters should take her as an example!!! she`s a lady, you`re not!

  88. 88
    liz Says:

    what is wrong with this site????

  89. 89
    Eddie Cibrian Says:

    Jen, call me! Huvane, call me!

  90. 90
    Sara Says:

    Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz have the most killer legs of Hollywood!

  91. 91
    mag Says:

    @Harrod’s interview: thanks for sharing….she sooooo gorgeous!!!

  92. 92
    more Jen Says:

    thanks JJ

  93. 93
    Marieme Says:

    Um Teira #2 I only wish more people would realize that. Some people see her as this (gag) “natural beauty” and down to earth, together woman (gag-gag), except that whole image is a fraud – literally and figuratively! Then there are others who are seduced by her pathological need to titillate and flash her naked body (like Bet with her drooling tongue always hanging out). Fugs knows how to work her demo and continues to play the same song. Same roles, same hair, same b ullsh it. And they eat it all up. Insanity thy name is Maniston and her brainwashed following.

  94. 94
    Imogen Says:

    And for the face? How she keep it so young? I’m mean, she does have lines on the face, after all she is 41. Actually, these lines are charming! But she has barely few lines and fer face is dazzling! Does she get this result with only cosmetic products? If is botox I think I’ll try too, since her face looks well preserved and not artificial!

  95. 95
    seriously Says:

    @G: goodness jennifer is in another country! move on! people don’t live their lives around brangelina! you idol is at the comic – huge! a big deal and your own jennifer’s thread. something is wrong! angelina has been promoting her movie for over a month – jennifer has a movie coming out less than a month – yet jen hasn’t bombard the media with promoting her movie – most likely will wait until after this weekend! promoting perfume and a movie is really two different things! it is like you are looking for something to hate on. enjoy your star!

  96. 96
    jordan Says:

    @Harrod’s interview: thanks for sharing! it is great! jennifer looks so beautiful!

  97. 97
    lol Says:

    @G: that is all you brangelina fans think about – move on! perfume and movies are not in competition. jen is in England and Angelina in the US. Jen has been busy doing a movie, promoting a movie and doing another movie with Sandler and now doing another movie Horrible Bosses – so I can see Jennifer has a super busy schedule! I wish both ladies well! move forward not backwards!

  98. 98
    ellie' Says:

    Once again your gorgeous and stylish & classy ,talented..
    I happen to think your the most beautiful elegant woman ever…

  99. 99
    ellie' Says:

    Once again your gorgeous and stylish & classy ,talented..
    I happen to think your the most beautiful elegant woman ever…

  100. 100
    jade Says:

    Hi ellie’

    I hope you see this. I left you a message on Jen’s last thread. Jen looks lovely.

  101. 101
    nick Says:

    Omg you people(most of you) are so complexic!!!!!I don’t understand why you talk like that for one person,espesially for a woman who has always been polite and sweet.But even you don’t like her,there is no reason to offend her by saying ”she has no kids,friends,family”,this is judt cruel and no person deserves that.Comments like that only show stuck-up people that are soooo jealous!!…..maybe you should get a life!

  102. 102
    Media Ho MANiston Says:

    I just saw a pic of MANiston slightly showing her you know what. If that was Angie, boy she will get attack like she kill someone . But since it was MANiston, I am sure that was classy.

  103. 103
    JJ has a huge problem Says:

    must be fix

  104. 104
    Mona Vie Says:

    She totally bugs the hell out of me.

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