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Jennifer Aniston: Debut Fragrance Launch in London!

Jennifer Aniston: Debut Fragrance Launch in London!

Jennifer Aniston is all smiles in Valentino as she debuts her first fragrance at Harrods on Tuesday (July 21) in London, England.

The 41-year-old actress posed for some sexy topless photos for the perfume’s advertisements.

The scent, originally named Lolavie, was reportedly changed shortly before the launch of the product and seems to be simply called Jennifer Aniston.

Jen accessorized with Fred Leighton jewelry.

FYI: Jen will visit The Tonight Show with Jay Leno next Thursday (July 29)!

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Credit: Lia Toby; Photos: WENN
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  • escape

    Hey JJ Thanks for the lame popup ads!!! You must reallly love your readers!!! LAMe Lame Lame

  • escape

    Hey JJ Thanks for the lame popup ads!!! You must reallly love your readers!!! LAMe Lame Lame

  • Gisele

    The dress is nice,its just a shame that Maniston is the person wearing it.

  • Ladyb

    I think LOLAVIE had something to do with Brad. When they asked her what the name was about, she wanted to keep it a secret. Name of a baby with him? Just a hunch. But I am not surprised she’s changing th name.

  • lil

    Ugly, ugly, ugly

  • Nic

    Wow STUNNING, this is HOW you rock a strapless dress, no bones in sight!!

  • Slig

    Really really really u p

  • Kaz

    She really jealous

  • Bunny Boiler

    I will not be ignored!! I also need attention!! Look at me, look at me.

  • Bunny Boiler

    Brad, Angelina..I will not be ignored!!

  • Lisaone

    This is a set up. Jennifer Anniston’s perfume’s release date was in June but she changed it to July to coincide with stalking Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the same week to get attention. The whole world knew Angelina Jolie’s Salt movie comes out on July 23, 2010. Who would buy perfume from a women who can’t keep a man?

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Indeed, Jen always knows how to look good in a strapless dress.

  • Ms. Anonymous


    And who would see a movie that has a crazy homewrecking skank?

    Oh yeah, you would. Hypocrite. Focus on your own flaws.

  • http://justjared saira

    It is amazing how many shallow people come to this website. They are always commenting on body size. Believe or not, there are some humans out there who don’t care about things like that. Jen has always had a nice body, but a nice body isn’t enough to get or keep a man. Brad loves EVERYTHING about Angie. Deal with it. Some men look for more in a mate. For example, look at Chris Daughtery’s wife; she isn’t the the typical skinny, model-type rock star wife, and her husband adores her.

  • ann

    WOW Jen looks soooo stunning and sweet!!! the dress is gorgeous!!! her body is definitely amazing!!! I wanna smell it!!!! love the new name, just Jennifer Aniston!!!

  • Alaia

    Is she really doing promotion rounds for a fragrance? I just find that stupid.

  • Eddie Cibrian

    Jennifer, you should steal Eddie Cibrian away from Leann Rimes. He is a hottie that can rival Brad Pitt. He wants a sugar mama and you want a sexy baby daddy. He could get you all over the tabloids again, and you can help his acting career. He got let go from CSI so he needs a job. Maybe you can get him hired in one of your movies. Go for it, Jen! This is your chance!

  • bet

    That what you call legs. Love her dress, i love the way it feet her perfect body. Classy way pose ,and calm and collected, no over done it. lovely over all.

  • bet

    i love the way it fit perfectly on her gorgeous body.

  • http://justjared saira

    @Ms. Anonymous:

    Are you absolutely, 100%, bet-your-life-on-it, positive that she is crazy or a homewrecker?
    Oh no, you are not. Judgemental. Need I say it.(And stop reading tabloids; they kill brain cells).



  • Agatha

    She is ugly but it has good body

  • ann

    @Bunny Boiler: @Bunny Boiler: poor thing… but Brad and Angelina can’t give attention for all their fans… at least not on the way you want…

  • Bobbie

    WOW! Love the dress and she rocks it totally! I so wish I had her body so I could wear something like that. Gotta bump up my gym time, that’s for sure. GO, JENNIFER and hoping you have great success with your perfume line!

  • sasha


  • ann

    @saira: good for Brad and Angie! but this is not about them, is about Jen Aniston! but there are anothers thread about them, check it! and yeah, Jen has a gorgeous body! killer legs!! and but she is not just it, she is kind, strong, funny and lovely!!

  • sav

    This woman has no lips. Ridiculous. She makes attempt to create them in pic #6. Bootlessly. LOL

  • Slig


  • lil

    Brainless body

  • Audrey

    She always looks so pretty and sexy.
    I love Jennifer :)

  • Lilly

    Yes, it is amazing how many shallow, stupid and ignorant people come to this website. Jennifer Aniston is a rich gorgeous successful woman. She does not need Brad Pitt. And I am sure she is over him. You people and the midia are the ones who can’t get over it. Were you the ones he cheated on? NO, so why can’t you just let go?
    I really don’t know why people feel the need to come to this site, read this post and write comments bitching about Jennifer. If you don’t like her it is completely up to you. But if you don’t have nice things to say, why don’t you just keep it to you? Go to a post about Brangelina then and write how much you love and care about them. It is a lot better then come here just to bitch about someone you don’t even know. That is why the world is such a big fat piece of crap. People like to bitch and complaint better than to compliment.
    English is not my first language so sorry any mistakes.

  • ann

    @sasha: you’re wrong and you need love in your life… really sad all your poison…

  • ann

    @Lilly: so true!! great post!!

  • annie

    I was there… but just missed her entrance. Don’t ask my why I was there, I don’t like her movies. Heard she looks great in the flesh.

  • Andamentothat

    Can’t believe she stalked all the way! The dress too!!
    She changed the name of the perfume as the
    Marc Jacobs team may have sued.

  • ann

    @sav: of course jen has lips!! human bodies have a variable and not every lips are as big as angelina’s. but enormously lips are not the only that is beautiful!

  • no name

    Great body…

  • who cares

    She’s a OLD JOKE! LoL

  • ann

    @annie: you’re delusional!! the dress is so different!! you’re a stalker of jen aniston!!!

  • Lisaone

    @Ms. Anonymous:
    And who would see a movie that has a crazy homewrecking *****?
    Oh yeah, you would. Hypocrite. Focus on your own flaws.

    I am going to see the movie Salt this Friday and yes everyone has flaws but Jennifer Anniston must have too many to keep a man. VINCE VAUGHN did not want her and he is now married having a baby. The british model PAUL SCULFUR did not want her and moved on the Cameron Diaz. JOHN MAYER did not want her and went on to dozens of other woman and blabbed about how Jennifer Anniston wish she was back in the 90′s and mistakenly called him Brad. BRADLEY COOPER did not want her and chose Renee Zellweger over Jennifer Anniston. Tell me who loses to Renee Zellweger. It’s been reported that Renee Zellweger is crazier than a bed bug so that means Jennier Anniston has more issues. Now it’s rumors that Jennifer Anniston is so desperate to get a man that she is dating one of her best friend of 10 years who has 2 kids husband. TELL ME WHO’S THE HOMEWRECKER?? Like the quote says, people in glass houses shoud not throw stones. Ms. innocent, America’s sweetheart, is not so sweet. HOW ARE YOU JENNIFER ANNISTON FANS GOING TO DEFEND THIS MESS IF THIS IS TRUE?

  • busted

    Please JP fans stop giving this the attention it was intended. Please stop posting.

    let this tread live or die on her fans back..not ours.

  • ann

    @Lisaone: forget Jennifer Aniston and live your life!! you’re saying nonsense!! get over it!!

  • Vonda

    @Nic #6

    That’s because she is a naturally fat person dieting and lipoing to stay thin whilst AJ is a naturally slender person trying to keep the weight on but AJ looked like an Alister moviestar while this one looks like an average on the street. I guess you would have to say ‘bones’ to Audrey Hepburn too because she is even smaller than AJ…non?

  • Lurker

    People will continue to come to blogs and magazines will continue to print stories about the non-exitent triangle as long as the fans and haters alike are still discussing it. The owners of those magazines and blogs are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Jen

    Jen has the middleage spread now. Doesn’t matter how many sit ups she does she will have a belly. It’s a psss off when you try so hard . Poor thing will also notice it in jeans b/c the hips get wide.
    Age does funny things. Seriously it is a shame when she is living in the gym and has not had a child yet . It shouldn’t be showing as bad as it is.
    About the perfume the name change ruined it i would never buy bottles of perfume with her name on it. I want my daughters who get the perfume as gifts every christmas to be strong independant girls.
    Jennifer’s name is NOT known as anything of the like in fact quite the opposite. I have 3 daughters who use to like Jen but not anymore since the whining about Brad and embarrassing herself. I brought them up to have P R I D E. My 8 nieces get perfume from me just not the 100 dollar stuff. They are all alot younger and quite happy with Brit’s Fantasy at the price of 20. dollars Beautiful packageing and lovely aroma.
    So that’s over 600 to 700 $$$$ she won’t be getting from our house. She can start out trying for the 80 to 100 dollar perfume but that will be reduced quickly enough. I see the jealousy right here in her changing the date of her perfume release date. It’s not workeeeeeng. PPl are onto this dull lonely gal who can’t keep a man. When you think of it who would want perfume from a women who can’t even keep a man. LOL That’s enough to not even want to smell it. Bwhahahaa

  • danielle


    If she doesn’t need Brad/Angie (i.e. the triangle) to remain relevant…then why whenever Brad or Angie have a special event such as the Salt premiere does she schedule something like this, date a new man, or get photographed naked. Go back and do a timeline. Every single time the JP’s have a premiere, baby etc., Aniston finds a way to get her photo taken too.

    Great PR moves, but definitely shows she hasn’t moved on.

  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • Missy

    I’ve never understood what people liked about aniston, even back on Friends. Courtney Cox always has been the most beautiful, and real Friend to me. Also when she had her perfume coming out last year she didn’t need to pose halfnaked to sell, people bought it because they love her for the great person she is and because it smelled great. Jen is sooo shallow.

  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • Lisaone

    @busted: You are right. This will be my last comment about the OLD HAG JENNIFER ANNISTON. I normally do not post on Jennifer Anniston blogs but it’s clearly obvious that this IGGY POP OLD LOOKING woman known as Jennifer Anniston is trying to stay in the media at all cost by promoting CHEAP PERFUME. Thank you BUSTED. We are only giving this Old dried up PRUNE what she wants.