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Jude Law: Italy with Sienna Miller and the Kids!

Jude Law: Italy with Sienna Miller and the Kids!

Sienna Miller shows off her sexy bikini body while vacationing with shirtless beau Jude Law on Wednesday (July 21) in Otranto, Apulia, Italy. (UPDATE: Reports are sayings they are still in Salento on the Ionian Sea south of Gallipoli.)

The happy couple hit the waves with three of Jude‘s kids — Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7. (Their mother is actress Sadie Frost, who is currently penning an autobiography.)

They look like one big happy family!

15+ pictures inside of Jude Law and Sienna Miller‘s Italy vacation…

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jude law sienna miller italy vacation 01
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 02
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 03
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 04
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 05
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 06
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 07
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 08
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 09
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 10
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 11
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 12
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 13
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 14
jude law sienna miller italy vacation 15

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  • Sweet Annie

    It looks like so much fun. And Jude is just gorgeous.

  • Kaz

    No no wrong

  • Kaz

    I’m sexy of the sexiest

  • Kaz

    I’m a sexy boy with perfect sexual stutur ,

  • http://verysexy!! sharyllee

    very sexy!

  • Kaz

    I hate bald man

  • Slig

    He nathing

  • Sally

    Jude has been going on vacations most of the year. The only time he had time to see his new born daughter was when he was trying to negotiate how much money he was going to have to giver the Mother.
    Both Sienna and Jude are sleeze bags, they don’t care much about anybody else but themselves. She had affair with a married man and didn’t care about his wife. Jude had a baby and doesn’t give a hoot about the baby.
    I think what the public needs to really do if they don’t approve of this type of behavior is don’t support the actor. I used to be a fan of Jude and always gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now I decided not to support him. I don’t think I should support this type of behavior.
    Maybe, just maybe they both will realize that they should be kind to others and not just think of themselves.

  • hat’s off

    They are actors, not saints!

  • Sasha


    Well said. But you must be prepared to be attacked by fans (by jude) or PR team (by Sienna), who seem a bit out of control when someone makes a negative comment to their gods (roll eyes)…. wait and see….

  • http://verysexysexy sharyllee

    enjoy Jude and family pictures!! Have fun..

  • Mona

    Jude is very sexy and Sienna is beautiful…. together they make a gorgeous couple. Love seeing them together.

  • ace11

    Mona: you are totally lost…..obviously you care nothing about what kind of people they are

    Looks are most important to you

  • GPS

    Truly a match made in heaven (until the next babysitter and married guy come along respectively).

  • Karen

    Two W h o r e ‘ s who deserve each other.


    Looks like the usual troll has gone posting-crazy today. Maybe you need to get a job or something better to do with your time/life. A vacation, even – it might put things in perspective for you.


    Troll, there is medication available for your multiple personality disorder, too. Just wanting to help is all.

  • Paris

    @Mona: Love JuSie!

  • Paris

    @sharyllee: They’re all beautiful and look so happy.

  • Paris

    @Sweet Annie: Sexy and gorgeous is right!

  • Fashion, baby

    I love these pictures!

  • jamie

    Two people with no morals, no scruples, don’t care about anyone but themselves.
    I guess it’s true what they say, ‘Birds of a feather, flock together’

    His poor kids are being influenced by Sienna and Jude. Hope when they grow up, they don’t grow up to be like them.

    In a sad way, Jude’s doing baby Sophia a favor and having her exposed to her Dad and GF. Sophia might grow up normal.

  • To #22

    Right, whatever, troll. Get a job or some medication for your disorder. I bet you don’t even know what your real name is.

  • miri

    … its puglia… non apulia! O_o

  • Ash

    I have been wondering if all these pictures have been a big PR campaign and if it’s actually Jude, Sienna or there PR team that get so angry when someone posts something that isn’t loving the pictures or them.

    Does Jude/Sienna, think that producers or directors go and read what goes on in these website and in turn get work?

    These are just sites for regular people to express what they think.

    There PR people must be online 24/7

  • Ash

    Sally well said!!!

  • To #25

    @Ash: Yeah, whatever (eye roll). You’re nobody.

  • RDJ

    That’s MY Judesie!


    These are 2 of the most overrated celebrities out there. I didn’t think much of Jude before but now he’s at a ALL TIME LOW in my books. Wouldn’t see his movies if their free. What kind of dad exposes his kids to a girlfriend with the morals of a cat. Does he not think his kids will pick up on this. Stupid man.
    Sienna well everyone knows was a slut she is. Not much more to say as she can’t get any lower.

  • judelover

    I’m so happy their back together..I love them both ! Looks like their having funn !

  • sea

    I believe they were and are supposed to be together..

  • To #29

    Hi Troll. Nice name.

  • ericap

    They look like they’re having a great time!

  • Italy

    This says a lot about Jude in my opinion. Jude has always claimed to be a good Father. What Good Father would want his impressionable young kids exposed to Sienna Miller. I could see if Jude was 18, but he’s too old and should know better.
    The kids are way too young and will think that being like Sienna Miller is OK and that’s the way you act and treat people.
    It’s not Sienna’s fault, because she is what she is and will always be that. Jude is the Father and it’s up to him teach his kids right from wrong and should think of his kids 1st before his DICK. When his daughter grows up and becomes a Sienna, what can he advice her. Most parents look for a GF that will be good role model for his kids.
    This says a lot about what Jude and his character. To me this isn’t a good Father. Very sad to see what type of person Jude Law really is like.

  • #29

    Two Pigs!!! Love your handle and your comment!!

    Here!!! Here!!!

  • #35

    Right, as if that’s not your own handle. Shut up, idiot! You’re repeating yourself. See our doctor.

  • dolorescraegt

    unlike some….,’i love to see people happy. jude sienna and the kids are enjoying. i feel sorry for people who resent other people’s happiness. jude you look great….enjoy…..

  • Fashion, baby

    I love these pictures! So adorable! Go JuSie!

  • Jossie

    i loved jude in the movie with cameron diaz… I dont remember the name but is a good movie. I love it

  • sheryl

    They’re having a lot of fun! I loooove shirtless Jude! *drools*

  • Mitzi

    Stop arguing: She is one of the biggest slxts around and always will be. She is the lowest of the lowest and has met a man to match her! Two scumbags of the market, what more could we wish for?

  • nony

    Guess this human scab is just to darn busy not working and going on vacation to give any attention at all to the other child he created a year ago. What a scumbag loser.

    Sienna is the dumbest ho that has ever lived. I would never allow my children around a bimbo who bragged about how much she loves doing drugs.

    PS I really like how every negative comment for them is deleted. Are you for sale or rent, Jared?

  • Gio

    I can’t believe they’re on vacation here in Puglia!!!

  • shadowplay

    @nony: “PS I really like how every negative comment for them is deleted. Are you for sale or rent, Jared?” You’re one of them stupid trolls, aren’t you? Look at all the comments again, moron.

  • Carmandy


  • Mona Vie

    Looks like a happy family.

  • azlyn

    they look so happy n lovey dovey. i doubt that this is pr work.i dont think that their pr people are stupid enough to keep posting photos of them holidaying over and over will make people hate them will make people lke me jealous.i love jude he is so talented.sienna is she sleeps around..most people do.but i read her interviews and she comes across as warm n intresting.hope they find their happiness in each other. i love jude and i am jealous of sienna but i dont hate sienna.haha as if it matters.

  • Frà

    @miri: “Apulia” is the English name for Puglia.

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  • guess who?

    no lollipops for you
    electrickal shorts and no continuity
    eh steve?