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Kate Bosworth: Big Woman on Mulberry Street

Kate Bosworth: Big Woman on Mulberry Street

Kate Bosworth keeps it casual at the Mulberry pool party celebrating the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection at Chateau Marmont on Tuesday night (July 20) in Los Angeles.

British personality Alexa Chung was the DJ for the night, spinning fun songs all night long.

Also in the house: 90210 co-stars Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup, who are back in town to shoot the new season of their CW drama. So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley, Brothers & Sisters actor Matthew Rhys and Kelly Osbourne were also in attendance.

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Credit: Donato Sardella; Photos: Wireimage
Posted to: Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth

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  • finn

    Bosworth looks like shit.

  • hotlanta

    She is starting to look old despite dressing young.

  • yes!

    Kate needs a new hairstyle — her hair is a mess.

  • truly

    she really is morphing into kristin chenoweth.

  • Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype

    Big ugly misshapen head, dry fly away hair, clownish cheeks…are you sure it’s not a troll doll?

  • eightball

    This chick needs a job. Someone hire her please!

  • Who?


  • Onyx

    She can look pretty but here she looks like a demented clown.

  • Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype

    I take it back…the hair actually looks decent this time. This chic looks tored up for 27. Hwood life is doing her no favors, she should probably consider a different game plan. It’s obvious that acting is not her thing and one can only be the ” Blue Crush starlet” for so long. She needs to get out while the going good. She is already a joke. It’s time for her to cut her losses.





  • ness

    OMG! her wrinkles!

  • prisma

    Not sure why she’s messing with her face but….
    Sunburn + Botox = Not pretty

  • bb

    I think she looks lovely. Her skin is pretty decent for someone who is 27 and not wearing make-up.

    (I wonder howl longit will take that till this comment get so many thumbs down it wont be shown)

  • Ashley

    There are time when I find her pretty and then there are times like this.
    Her face looks odd. Maybe she is botoxing.

  • soma

    normal for a white woman

  • JM

    Guess JJ had to meet his weekly KBos quota and that darn ASkars is out of the country.

  • Keisha

    @bb: Hopefully not long cause she’s too young to look like Nicole Kidman doe. I hope women in her age group don’t think they have to jack their face up like that.

  • deets

    @soma: For 37, yeah. Not 27 though.

  • DaLish

    @bb: She’s wearing makeup. She’s sunburned but you can see she has on blush. I think she should try something other than gloss or whatever lip color she’s wearing. It’s too close to her natural coloring and washes her out.

  • Sasha

    What is Kate Bosworth is doing to herself? She looks much older.
    I have friends in the late 20′s & an early30′s with kids and they look younger than her.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • blue crush

    Doe she do anything besides attend fashion parties?
    Remember when she used to work?

  • Sasha

    What is Kate Boswoth doing to herself? She looks older than her age.
    I have friends in their late 20′s & early 30′s with kids and they look younger than her.

  • icey

    I can’t decide if she’s overly botoxed or stoned.
    Her face has really changed.

  • Kaz

    Im handsome boy

  • Kaz

    Kaz beautiful man ever

  • mackenzie

    The Purse Forum skar-crazies have found this thread, I see. Pathetic, girls.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Does she do anything else but go to parties? She looks way older than her age too, meh.

  • Kaz

    Why he not also hot in the world

  • one silly KB fan

    I’m jealous, I’d love to look like that when I’m in my 40′s

  • Kaz

    Ladies World needs attractive man kaz

  • Kaz

    Why jeolous becuze handsome man like huh

  • Kaz

    Hey hey i’m better than you !

  • LisaM

    And we care because……?? She’s a nobody. Unless she messing with higher profile people.

  • JM

    When does school start so Kaz & his alt Slig can disappear?

  • seton

    @one silly KB fan: If you have the money to pay for botox and snake venom injections, you can look that frozen now.

  • http://success1 another day

    Yep, her PR people are working overtime today with the People mention and now this. Although I’d dock her stylist for not getting in the “Kate is wearing a shirt by…” which is usually required in her paid mentions. And yep, that’s her “yes, he’s out of the country and has been photographed looking ecstatic to be away from me but everything is FINE!” face

  • evathediva

    @mackenzie: No, the purse forum girls, can be mean on their own site, they don’t have to come over to JJ’s. Really they are joking about her, but not calling her names, so I would venture to say its probably the other 1.5 million ladies who hated her before the Askars fiasco. Just accept that not everybody likes an out of work, arrogant, smug faced, botoxed or stoned bony azz actress that does not have any relevant projects. I personally don’t dislike her, but I don’t understand why JJ posts her so much. Its not like she or Rachel Bilson are doing anything worth while to be gossiped or papped. She has not had a hit movie in years. So what is the relevancy? Please don’t come up with the worn out excuse, that everyone is jealous of Kate, I don’t think so , she reeks of desperation. There are other fansites, that are really bad at protecting Alex, maybe you should check them out. They are not allowed to discuss it, so they come here to let it all out. Purse Forum allows you a little more freedom. So leave the PF ladies alone, not them…

  • Askars rocks

    isn’t alexa chung the same age as kate? kate looks much older than her!

  • GPS

    Two chicks with no function being busy doing nothing. At least Jared claims that the British one has a personality (because she was fumbling with music and stuff, pretending to have a purpose) while the other chick with no function smirked/grinned manically at any camera she could find, because that´s her occupation. And Jared you´re getting sloppy because you forgot to mention the dude with the grim face at least ten times in your text! What happened to the “happy couple”?

  • Umm

    @Kaz: you are also stupid…Please tell your friend Hans or Jam to stop putting you up to this.@bb: in about 3 or 4 more thumbs down, and her skin looks really bad. Hey, you do you and get paid. How much doe she pay. I would say she is beautiful too for the right price!!!

  • http://JustJared irish

    Hey Kate!

    There is this “new thing” called CHARITY AND VOLUNTEER WORK…for people who are well off and have a lot of time on their hands….it is very rewarding and helps society..check in with your local Red Cross, Women’s Shelter, Planet, Food Bank etc….

  • ness

    This is getting ridiculous:
    -Kate Bosworth keeps it casual : She planned her outfit for hours.

    -British personality Alexa Chung : ha
    -Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup: secondary characters on tv
    -So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley: Kate’s next step?.
    -Kelly Osbourne: another party girl

  • blondie

    What happened to her face??! I used to think that ocassionally she looked sort of pretty, but the last pics of her, she looks botoxed and sooo much older then her 27!!!

  • Crazy

    @mackenzie:I hope the PF posters stay over there. I can’t even read their forum any longer. It has become the Kate Bosworth forum. Kate, Kate Kate every page. Alex is barely mentioned!

  • caroline

    She looks weird in those fotos…

  • fx


    You are so right, I usally went there for the latest info and pics. But the jealousy and obvious stalker tendency made me not want to go there anymore. You wont belive the stories they had.

  • poor thing

    Did she go back on drugs when Orlando announced his engagement?
    She has been looking really bad these past few weeks.

  • another day

    @fx: Oh, get over yourself. Are you his mother (or Kate, is this you?). PF is nothing compared to most of the other “fan” sites, Eva is right. Especially those that censor anything that isn’t flattering to AS (which btw, often involves deleting any mention that he has any sort of girlfriend at all). If you don’t want to know, don’t stalk. Next you’re going to be telling us we’re too mean to Kate here and are all jealous haters.