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Katy Perry: 'Teenage Dream' Album Artwork Revealed!

Katy Perry: 'Teenage Dream' Album Artwork Revealed!

Katy Perry has revealed the cover art for her forthcoming album, Teenage Dream. No text, just the beautiful art!

The 25-year-old singer debuted the picture in a live streaming video!

New York based artist Will Cotton created the cover – he’s known for his candy landscapes. Katy originally contacted Will to ask about buying one of his paintings…but he ended up becoming much more involved!

“The day I found Will Cotton, I knew I wanted to live in his cinematic cotton candy world. A fantastically art-directed music video and one piece of timeless album artwork later, I can proudly say I am more than a fan,” Katy said. “Will has been a sweetheart every step of the way and always open to collaborative ideas. I’m so happy to have discovered his candy-land, and so excited about our creative future together.”

Teenage Dream drops August 24.

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  • Franck

    Wh*re !!
    One word: Sl*t.
    and she’s not even pretty. She has a Bulbasaur body. If you get what I mean.

  • Someone

    can’t wait for the album

  • keke

    disappointed. it looks like a still from california girls

  • Electrophonique

    Eww, i prefered the cover for One of the Boys. Why is she always back half-naked? :|

  • katyfatty

    The album’s name is not California Dream but TEENAGE DREAM, you idiots!

    Oh and Katy Fatty, what would you do without photoshop….

  • Dominic

    That’s it? I was expecting a bit more. Oh well, still wanna hear the album. Won’t pay for it though. lol

  • anos

    non-denial denial

  • chaz

    - just show your fleshy all-day-suckers and be done with it

  • Kaz

    Hey big boobs

  • Slig

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  • Kaz

    She now Slu*t

  • Kaz

    She now Slu*t

  • Portinari

    She looks terrible. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  • Slig

    i invet in my home ok katy

  • Tyler

    I’m so tired of being sick of this girl. Please Katy, I’m begging you, just stop. This would be a much better world without you as a singer.

  • Kaz

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  • Slig

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  • Kaz

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  • Kaz

    What this??

  • Sadie

    Booring. What is this?
    Not creative at all!!! She could have done something amazing with this and decided to be butt naked.. FAIL.

  • lame

    I can’t stand her personality. She’s so gross.

  • Slig

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  • Slig

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  • Katie

    I think she should have at least put her name on it in that special font she has.

  • skeezy


    Yet she was Maxims hottest woman of the year? You’re stupid stfu

  • mememememe

    FAIL, this move is so last 2 years ago britney was nude in womenizer and gaga was nude in love game, this is not creative at ALL, i liked her at first now shes ripping of, in her ‘california girls’ music video the bra that was popping candy or wateva’s was gaga bomb thing music awards (so 2 years ago) but it was orginally made by britney in austin powers wen she had bullets poppen out of her bra/ shirt or watever

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  • don’t get it

    why kaz and slig can comment, and my comment is waiting????



  • Tom

    shes from santa barbra, thats hardly trailer park




  • Sohooot

    Stripped album of Christina Aguilera? lolz….. a whore… But she said she didn;’t need attention

  • G

    It really needs some text on it. I can’t imagine seeing this on store shelves!!

  • Abigail

    Just so your readers know the bikini is actually a custom Latex bikini from Syren Couture latex (


  • DN

    U guys cant be so mean. she is a very good singer and she isnt the one who made that. It was a painting and Frankly it is pretty good so kiss my a**.

  • DN

    @keke: Meenie@DN:

  • Derek

    Katy, don’t listen to to these people. They don’t have lives of their own so they troll online and make fun of of the truly talented! Please Katy don’t stop what your doing.

    You Make Me Feel Like I’m Livin’ A Teenage Dream – Go Katy Perry

  • katylovesme

    all of you are just jealous…Katy is unique and you’re jealous of it..

  • Raina

    Why all the hate?
    I love Katy (:
    She’s so down to earth.

  • Damon

    It’s not slutty. She has that rockabilly / burlesque / 50′s pin-up girl look.
    The Suicide Girls took that look and added tattoos, drugs and a huge dose of tawdry. Katy is a class act.

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