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Leo DiCaprio: Shirtless for Rolling Stone!

Leo DiCaprio: Shirtless for Rolling Stone!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes shirtless in the latest sexy cover shoot for Rolling Stone, on stands today. Here are some choice quotes from the 35-year-old Inception actor:

On what makes him anxious: “[My stomach churns over] really stupid stuff. Things that shouldn’t make you anxious whatsoever. It’s crazy how your mind will become this database to make you worry about things that are so arbitrary. I have a well-organized life, and I’ve put a lot of thought into the things that I do, and then, you know, my stomach will be…I’ll just be sitting there, totally anxious about something ridiculous.”

On growing up: “I was essentially a dwarf with the biggest mouth in the world. I would talk back to anyone and be up for any fight, and when you tell a kid that’s three years older than you to shove it, you’re going to get your ass beat…I was a real punk, there’s no question about it.”

On partying in the pre-tabloid/blog age: “I got to be wild and nuts, and I didn’t suffer as much as people do now, where they have to play it so safe that they ruin their credibility. I didn’t care what anyone thought…. It was also about avoiding the tornado of chaos, of potential downfall. It was, ‘Wow, how lucky are we to not have hung out with that crowd or done those things?’ My two main competitors in the beginning, the blond-haired kids I went to audition with, one hung himself and the other died of a heroin overdose… . I was never into drugs at all. There aren’t stories of me in a pool of my own vomit in a hotel room on the Hollywood Strip.”

On dating: “I had better success meeting girls before Titanic. My interactions with them didn’t have all the stigma behind it, not to mention there wasn’t a perception of her talking to me for only one reason.” (He’s currently dating Israeli model Bar Refaeli.)

On dealing with his Titanic fame: “It was like there was a separate entity out there. Not to use a James Cameron reference, but it was like being in a little bit of an avatar. (cringes) That’s going to sound extremely self-indulgent. It’s going to sound like, ‘Oh, I was a frickin’ avatar,’ give me a break, I’m already vomiting.”

FYI: Leo is wearing Levi’s Slim Straight 514 in Dirty Rigid.

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Photos: Mark Seliger
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  • eyeh8twilight

    I better get this issue of of the mailbox before my mother does… God, does she LOVE him.

  • a realist

    He is so good looking. When is some woman going to snatch him up?!

  • Nic

    Hahah your mom has good taste then lol.

  • Bella Coola

    Leo talking crap about Jonathan Brandis (hung himself) and River Phoenix (drug overdose).

    I am glad he acknowledges Bar is a famehwore. Leo will suffer the same fate as Mel Gibson. He’ll be 54 and still dating famewh^res and golddiggers.

  • Alaia

    @Bella Coola: He talked crap about them? All he said was that they were his main competitors?

  • Bella Coola

    @Alaia: Read between the lines: they were his main competitors and look where they are now: one hung himself and the other overdosed.

  • Slig

    Wooow leonardo looks gorgeous

  • Slig

    Leo looks sooooo frikin hot and sexy boy in the world

  • Slig

    Woooohooo she looks smashing

  • gaga

    @Bella Coola: what , where does he acknowledge bar is a famewhore ???

  • Slig

    He just a bsolutely stunning

  • Kaz

    Wow he looking handsome always, and still looking younger teenger

  • Slig

    He real pretty

  • Kaz

    In my life i never see beautiful man like leo

  • Kaz

    How amazing cover leo

  • Slig

    I love you so much

  • Kaz

    Always looking Gorgous

  • Slig

    Your number one fan forever and ever

  • Slig

    U beautiful boy in the world

  • Kaz

    I like all witched all the time leo

  • Slig

    U really smashing

  • Kaz

    I hope 1 day meet leodicaprio

  • Kaz

    I love he porsonality ,beauty ,actor, movie

  • what???


    HE said they were blond and River Phoenix was brunette!!! There are plenty of young HW actors who died of overdose, just because u remember River doesn’t mean that he’s the one he was talking about, especially that he’s not blond (Jonathan was a little blond when he was younger so u might b right with that one…)

    And I didn’t see it as talking shit, he was just illustrating what fame can do to actors if u don’t constantly watch urself

  • what???

    I meant @Bella Coola

  • Masoud

    I NEED this issue :)

  • BEAN

    lol he has a double chin and is getting a beer belly. These people are good at photoshopping.

  • wow

    leo looks HOT!!! i usually don`t buy magazines like that but i`m definitely getting this one. he clearly had better luck dating before titanic. he is not doing well in that field these days. he is wasting himself and his time on his current gf.

  • flor

    so rude of him to comment on his death competition. But I still love you Leo! Just go, marry Kate Winslet and make a happy couple

  • gestapo

    @Bella Coola

    he’s really smart with his words and you’re falling for his trick: thinking he said what u wish he would. he said “the perception of her talking to me for only one reason”. He didn’t say it was HIS perception, but you’re assuming he did. Did it cross ur mind that he might be saying OTHER PEOPLE’S PERCEPTION?
    Very good trick of him: playing with words. In order words, nobody but him knows if he means his or others’ perceptton, so it’s open to individual interpretations… smart, i love it! :)

  • Butter_Fly

    Been a Leo fan for years and those are some great pics! Love the interview.

  • just me

    I really don`t think it was rude or offensive how he talked about the death of his competitors. At least I don`t see it that way. He looks very dreamy and sexy. Great photos!
    Jared, you managed to ruin this post by bringing up ( totally unnecessarily ) who he is dating now. I guess there`s nothing else to post about the `supermodel` nowadays, right? lol

  • Bella Coola

    @what???: River Phoenix was blond, dirty blond, but nonetheless, blond: <a href=””

    It’s common sense. Think of the popular actors, around his age that he had to compete with in the 90s, and how many of them hung themselves or overdosed infamously?

  • EB

    Good actor, but always looks like he has baby fat hanging around, not a lot of definition and tone, and doesn’t have that “manly” gait.

  • grim reaper

    @ kaz & slig
    get a room already!
    p.s. bar tell ur mom hi & time 4 both ur meds

  • wow

    i really don`t think there was any disrespect in what he said. in another interview ( a while ago ) he said that he saw river phoenix one night in hollywood and he said he wanted to talk to him since he liked him as an actor but it didn`t work out. that was the night RP died in viper room ( i`m not 100% sure that i remember everything well but it`s close ).

  • CanadaGirl


  • uck

    wow, they photoshopped out all the fat and bloat. sexy.

    still alittle to greasy, though. he might slide off that bed.

  • AquiredTaste

    @a realist: a woman who doesn’t like fat facial bloat and STDs from a middle aged man with a heavy dose of gayface.

  • Not that Smart

    @gestapo: Actualy the way I read it, I read it to be HIS perception and his self doubts when he meets someone new. Leo clearly doesnt care what OUR perception is because he is still dates Barfie, he DOES WHAT HE WANTS ALL THE TIME so who are we?!? What does his dating Barf have to do with our perception! Nothing!!
    He’s still with her isnt he?!?!…so I think he’s talking about his own perception which is in bad need of a tune up!!!!! Our perception doesnt affect his dating choices, or he wouldnt be dating Barfie and I think its a good thing that we don’t affect his choices as much as I cant stand Barfie.
    Leo has to figure out on his own crap that she is NO GOOD. And by the way many many times PERCEPTION is REALITY. You just don’t see it at the time, are blind to it or choose to sweep it under a mat until it slaps you in the face and you can’t run away anymore. Something tells me that Mr. DiCaprio is going to get slapped in the face when it comes to Barfie one sweet day!!! It will serve him right but at the same time it will also serve him good too! A win win situation!

  • eww

    old and gross.

  • leotheasshat

    why is he talking about meeting girls, when he has a girlfriend of 5 years. douche.

  • oldclown

    @Not that Smart: leo know exactly what he’s doing with the young bimbo models. he’s not the victim, if anything he’s using them. they have no leverage in the relationship(they’re nobodies). he’s the one that doesn’t want or can’t handle a woman that’s his equal, in age and accomplishment.

    he’ll probably end up like mel gibson drunk, old and alone. the price of being a superficial prick.

  • fs

    DAMN! He is looking good!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kandi Imani

    @Not that Smart: I agree that he’s talking about HIS percetion because this question is in regards to HIS DATING WOMEN. What does our perception has to do when he’s chattin up some dumb blonde bimbo in a club FOR ONE REASON!! Do you really think he’s thinking “What do the JustJared people think of this one?” lol Highly doubt it!

    @oldclown: I also agree with that..he knows what he’s doing. He knows how to play the game. I don’t think he’s going to end up like Mel Gibson though.

  • mailey

    that’s a hot cover.

  • @42

    With a girlfriend like his no wonder he is talking about other women. Time for an upgrade, Leo.
    @43: Yeah, he is using those young bimbo models that is obvious. As long as he sticks with women like his current gf his future is more likely to be like Clooney`s. I just hope eventually he`ll realize he would be better off with a decent woman or a `steady lady` as Ted C. said and he can`t stick with dummy models for the rest of his life.

  • Pieces

    @Not that Smart: , @Kandi Imani

    I don’t think what others think affect his relationship choices but it doesn’t mean that he can’t find it annoying. I agree w @Old Clown and @Kandi Imani in the sense that he knows exactly what he’s doing and is choosing women he’ll have control over. It’d be nice to see him with an equal for a change – i don’t necessarily mean someone as famous, but mostly mean a strong woman that can’t be walked over

  • french

    He looks so hot ( say the name of his fake girlfriend was not necessary)

  • ticktock

    @Pieces: agreed.

    he’s also getting alittle old and fat in the face to keep up the playboy routine. at some point it becomes embarrassing. and if he’s really as frugal as he claims to be he wouldn’t want to shell out all that money for maintenance and upkeep of his rotating bedwarmers. not to mention all the money he has to spend on valtrex and vi@gra refills.

    that game is for young men and he’s way past his expiration date.