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Taylor Momsen Recreates The Last Supper in New Video

Taylor Momsen Recreates The Last Supper in New Video

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless do their own rendition of the Last Supper (the last meal Jesus shared with his Twelve Apostles) in their new “Miss Nothing” video.

The 16-year-old Gossip Girl spends most of the video crawling around on the table and carpet, pouring drinks for her videomates. Check it out below!

The Pretty Reckless has their debut album dropped August 31. It’s called Light Me Up!

The Pretty Reckless – “Miss Nothing” Video
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  • Bella Coola

    This twat’s a joke!

  • Lexie

    what a slut. you ruined the holy last supper image.

  • ihateph

    this how u get inspired not lady xerox lady caca copys of madonna videos ;)

  • Bella Coola

    Stop ripping off Courtney Love you sl^tty teenage wh^re!

  • rock n roll queen

    great song but rather boring video n kind of cliche but whatever some idiots will be socked anyways

  • Luisa

    little bitch.

  • adrianna

    i’m just sick of that kid. we don’t need to live her identity crisis !!! she needs to shut he mouth and go back to school. the brat is getting on my last nerves.

  • wow

    Taylor Momsen you freakin ******** don’t you have any respect for Jesus. if i was near you i’d slap you in the face til commonsense sinks in.

  • GPS

    What a pathetic little loser. Her parents must be so proud. By the way, where are they? At 16, this chick is a minor, and mum and dad are legally responsible for her. What a classy bunch the are, arenĀ“t they?

  • Slig

    She bad girl

  • Slig

    She hooker

  • Kaz

    B*tch and s*l*u*t

  • Geena

    I am not much of a religious person but I think it is rather offensive. And yes indeed, where are her parents?

  • Slig

    Hahahahah maybe people love she

  • Slig

    She ****

  • Tori

    I like the Song…But the Video…She Spend’s like 98% of the time Crawling on the floor Looking up with that Stupid Pout,It just Looks Retarded..Try again Little J.

  • wanda

    i really don’t get why people are getting so angry about taylor, her style, her behavior and everything.

    I mean she is in the music business, the times for britney spears and friends are long gone. people don’t wanna see the good school girl anymore cause no one believes in this image.

    the only thing we hate about this whole thing is her age, but let’s be honest, in these times our children grow up much faster.

    Actually I have to think about the Movie Runaways – wasn’t cherry 15 or 16 when she dressed herself like a litte wh**re and was discovered?

    As long as she don’t do drugs, drinks herself into a coma like all the other celebritys in their 20s, her parents don’t do anything wrong!
    It’s like this saying – still waters run deep

    but she isn’t still – she is a raving ocean and there is more show to her act than reality

    and I don’t think the video is offensive, just because jared writes it is the last supper, it doesn’t have to be…

  • Geena

    so Wanda, in other words t hell with morals, as longs as she stays alive her parents are doing a fine job?

  • Emmaleigh.

    SHE IS HORRIBLE. I love her as a singer, because I love her songs. and I like the tone of her voice. I like her as a singer, but this video is disgusting. Her self image is disgusting. How she portrays herself to the public is disgusting. When you’re in the business, I’ve always respected those that use their fame to better others and to be positive role models. Walking around in lingerie and smoking a cigarette at the age of sixteen is not being a good role model. Talking about her image and making it seem like a positive thing is even worse. Girls like her are ones that are ridiculous. Yes, be your own person. WHOO! But looking like a skank isn’t the way to do that. You’d think someone would say something to her by now. Like, I don’t know…her parents?! What is wrong with this girl? Oh and did anyone hear about why she didn’t bother to help the people in Haiti? She was busy with her album. You know, there’s a better way to answer a question when asked why you aren’t volunteering for a good cause. She’s not using her fame to help anyone. She’s only making herself look like a clown while trying to be her ‘own person’ She’s dirtying the minds of young girls. And as for this twist on the last supper…it’s sick. BUT GOOD JOB TAYLOR! You offended alot of religious people. You’re such a winner.

  • K

    annoying song, boring video and pathetic taylor – i don’t hate her, but this made me yawn

  • Emmaleigh.

    oh and another thing, crawling on the table like a drunken whore isn’t the way to earn praise. the video is the worst video that i’ve ever seen. if i crawled around on the table in lingerie and recorded that would that be considered art? no, sweetheart. get real. this sucks. and by the way for those of you that are going to buy her album and watch more of her videos, it will only keep her in the spotlight. Ignore her if you’re all so sick of her. That’s what I’m going to start doing. People like her that have such an advantage in life when it comes to being heard, that won’t do anything to use their voice in a good way are what make me SICK.

  • K

    this is such a “teenager in crisis” stereotype, grow up taylor, i’m also 16 but i don’t act like that to get people’s attention

  • anos

    @Kaz: B*tch and s*l*u*t thats your girlfriend and her mom

  • Allie

    The video is really bad. Like insanely bad.

    But I love Taylor as an artist, she even sounds good live and music from the Pretty Reckless is pretty good. You’ve gotta at least give her credit for having actual talent.

  • tina

    give me a break. who gives a crap if she wants to dress a certain way or act a certain way. DOES IT REALLY AFFECT YOUR LIFE THAT MUCH?!?! give her a break. she’s doing what she loves. if you don’t like it, then don’t read news about her. simple as that. since when was it a crime to be an individual?! this is ridiculous that we live in a world where people constantly hate on others, calling them ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’, when you know nothing about them. she never said that she believed in Jesus, nor did she say she was trying to be anyone’s role model. sorry but if you want a role model, go to your parents. since when do you let a celebrity dictate how you live your life. just because she isn’t on the disney channel being all preppy and good, people feel the need to call her a bad person. just ridiculous!

  • Sadie

    She could have the starring role on the next ‘Ring’ movie.. lol.
    3.15 minutes of crawling… NOW thats talent.

  • status quo

    Uh, actually I want to see a “real girl”. Not a good girl nor a “bad” girl. There’s a fine line between class and trash…unfortunately she did a hop, skip, and backflip into the vast land of trashyness. She has so much potential though. She should also thank the high heavens she didnt have my mom because that girl would have been locked in a basement and forced to watch What Not to Wear for weeks. Just sayin’. Oh and like her music.

  • Anna

    I like the song, what’s more, I like all of The Pretty Reckless songs, but come on – do you have to crawl on the table dressed like a hooker to be a good rocker? Do you have to wear make up – inspired by Marilyn Manson apparently – to be good rocker? No, Taylor, it’s not badass in any way. It’s just really awkward and laughable. Yes, I *did* laugh when I saw that evil facial expression she has on the whole video.

    Come on, Taylor, give us a break. This video won’t surprise the audience, we already know what you’re capable of doing? You know what would really f*cking shock us? If you wore something decent for once, for example. Or wiped off that wall of make up you’re wearing 24/7.

    It kind of scares me when I realize I’m the same age as her – I’m also 17 and I absolutely love The Beatles, Oasis and Soundgarden – but I would never EVER even consider doing something like this. At any age. Taylor, please, if you like your idols so much, learn from them. John Lennon was more badass than you’ve ever been without trying.

  • Brightside

    Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen! Somewhere, under all that paint and cheapness, there may a pretty face but how in the heck are you supposed to tell?
    If you’re talented you don’t need gimmicks! Only the untalented hang gimmicks on their acts…if she’s good then she doesn’t need this!

  • julia

    She’s a blasphemer! She looks like a bitch! She’s the female version of Marilyn Manson!

  • S

    Taylor Momsen is such a bad influence on teenagers. I’m not quite as religious as I should be, but I know enough to respect the Last Supper and everything about Jesus. You just don’t bring Jesus or anything about Him into a music video that is slu***

  • Jenna

    It is not an issue of her being a poor role model. Almost every celebrity is. It is just unfortunate that she sells sex rather than true artistic talent. Just another version of a sex worker.

    Women are so much more powerful than a sex image. I wish there could be a revolution of true talent. I am so tired of sensationalism. Unfortunately for those who follow this path, they will learn too late what comes their way.

    As a side note, the sacrilege gave me a nice laugh. If talent does not suffice…

  • darla

    I was not planning to post on this thread because giving a feedback to a talentless little hack whose act has been done and over with will be construed as acknowledging this brats existence. But if we give Taylor Momsen the time of day one more time people will think that she is relevant. There are a lot of her kind polluting this business when will we
    gonna get a break. The money that most American earned are hard spending it to watching the overused revivals of Madonna’s antics and kourtney Loves drama is like throwing money in the garbage.American audience need unique and intelligent entertainment. not human drama .
    People need real singer not someone who pretend singing in a voice
    improvement microphone.

  • caroline24

    She looks like that girl from The Ring. Scary.

  • Londoner


  • Second Thought

    Although, to give her credit, she is probably well aware that she is selling a sex image rather than a true talent. The attention she is earning is not good attention, but she may follow the philosophy that even bad press is good. If she is after fame and money, karma will come her way. Take heed, nothing will make you more miserable. It is all an illusion.

  • efron

    @Emmaleigh.: please STFU. Celebrities are in no way role models. Thats your job as a parent so take your god damn kids and be their role model not a 16 year old girl on tv. You are way more fcked up than taylor who’s just having fun. And about the ”she’s disrespecting religion” comment, if jared havent wrote ”THE LAST SUPPER” on the title you people wouldnt noticed it cus seriously all i see is a table and lots of drinks, i dont see any crosses,rosaries, nor any religious sign. Plus, is not like she’s swallowing a rosary nor having a cross on her lady bits like lady gaga. so yeah stfu.

  • Ann

    @wow: Why jesus . What is the point ? I don’t get it ! You guys are always critizing everything , when it’s too ” prude ” I don’t know how to say it in english ) you don’t bite it . You are so conservative WAKE UP ! And there is nothing about jesus . . . so many prejudices ! And plus , she is not stupid ! That’s exactly the kind of reactions who were expected !


  • jfc

    I don’t give a fcuk about the video, it’s her bratty personaity and attitude that makes me want to puke.

  • viv

    she would look so good without that stupid make up and those ridiculous extensions
    and then there’s her personality…

  • kara

    Do current teenagers become a generation of prost!tutes? I don’t think so, so when people say that she dresses like a 16 years old girl, I wonder where they saw that.

    She is 16, she is not mature and old enough to take her own decisions, her parents are still responsible and should face jail for commercial s3xual exploitation of a child.

    “let her do what she wants, she is young bla bla bla” yeah yeah the day a stalker would r@pe her, we say “well done!”.

  • Cheri Murphy-Hinton

    Isn’t this the girl that played in How the Grinch Stole Christmas? She was so cute back then.

  • Pfff

    @efron: Sorry b!tch but it DOES look like the last supper! i saw the video yesterday, way before Jared even posts and mentions it and that’s the first thing i notice in that sh!tty video. i’m 100% sure that’s what Taylor wanted to do, it’s so obvious!

  • amandooo

    she is so gross. she looks like a raccoon slut. she needs to act like a 16 year old and not a 50 year old drunk prostitute. and she cant sing or act.

  • Karen
  • G23


    Geena ftw

  • waffle bowl

    @Jenna: Completely agree with you. What’s more is that SHE’S ONLY 16!!! It is NOT acceptable for a 16-year-old to dress like this! She could’ve AT LEAST waited until she was legal! I find it funny that people are giving Miley so much flack for her wardrobe choices, but say almost nothing about Taylor who’s a hundred times worse! Anyway, I actually like her music, and I think she has genuine musical talent (something I did NOT expect from her), but her image is very off-putting. Not just the clothes, but the attitude as well. I read an interview of hers where she says she doesn’t consider pop music to be music. What an elitist mindset to have. Thinking like that doesn’t make you “tough” and “hardcore”, it just makes you ignorant. She tries so hard to act beyond her years, and it backfires on her.

  • KEN

    i think she is a great singer, great song

  • Brightside

    Unfortunately, you are very wrong! Celebrities are role models, especially to young girls, and young girls idolise and copy the images that their particular stars employ. I work as a teacher and this much I have learned. Even with the best will in the world and even providing good, firm role models both within and outside the family group does not stop a teenager from being drawn to negative imaging. Teenagers are at the age when they are pulling away from the family group and trying to find their independence…their identity, if you like. Often the identity they choose is diametrically opposed to what their parents would wish for them and, it’s at this vulnerable time in their lives (caught between being an adult yet not having developed an adult maturity) that they are most at risk from the bombardment of negative images. If those images come from something as vapid and as attention seeking as celebrity culture…then it’s not a good thing. Teenagers don’t have the maturity to handle the psychological aspects in a responsible manner. So celebrities do have have duty to provide positive role models for young girls.
    The upside of this, though…is that the young girls do grow up eventually and a fair proportion go on to be just fine. But there are those who don’t, who get sucked in and swallowed up in spite of all their parents work and wishes.

  • natasha

    okay if you hate her so much, why bother even watching the video?
    and i agree with the person who brought up cherrie curry, nobody judges her and she was far worse than taylor. yet she is loved and admired by many including me.
    she’s not in this industry to become famous, you can tell based on her interviews. she’s in this industry because its her passion.
    im not going to lie, but her video wasn’t all that great. it was stupid. BUT everybody has their ups and downs.
    she doesn’t need to be a role model, as a matter of fact, people don’t need role models. nobody should be looking up to her or anyone else.
    let her wear what she wants what’s the big deal anyway? “where are her parents?” well who knows, you don’t know what she’s ben through to judge.
    can’t you just get your own life? why are you reading about her ! how is she annoying you?! is she going up to your face and saying stuff?! no she isn’t. stop typing her name in google! because she doesn’t pop up unless i look for her, so im pretty sure its the same case for you.
    so just don’t google her name anymore if she is so “annoying” and if she does pop up randomly, DONT LOOK, or maybe GET OFF THE DAMN COMPUTER !