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Willow Smith's Safety Pin Earrings -- HOT or NOT?

Willow Smith's Safety Pin Earrings -- HOT or NOT?

Willow Smith works it out on the red carpet at the premiere of big brother Jaden‘s The Karate Kid at Callao Cinema on Wednesday (July 21) in Madrid, Spain.

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith donned an interesting pair of safety pin earrings and a top-knot ponytail (Zac Efron and Kingston Rossdale were big fans of this hairstyle back in 2008).

FYI: Jada is wearing Jack Vartanian earrings!

10+ pictures inside of Willow Smith‘s safety pin earrings…

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willow smith safety pin earrings 01
willow smith safety pin earrings 02
willow smith safety pin earrings 03
willow smith safety pin earrings 04
willow smith safety pin earrings 05
willow smith safety pin earrings 06
willow smith safety pin earrings 07
willow smith safety pin earrings 08
willow smith safety pin earrings 09
willow smith safety pin earrings 10
willow smith safety pin earrings 11
willow smith safety pin earrings 12
willow smith safety pin earrings 13

Credit: Sean Thorton; Photos: WENN
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  • aeg

    She’s on a kid

  • aeg

    She’s only a kid

  • hmm

    Lol, she’s adorable but you would never guess she has a stylist?
    She looks like she dresses herself :P

  • Tan

    @aeg: and she looks like one. what’s the problem? there ain’t nothing wrong with walking the red carpet with your mommy

  • ….

    She has pretty eyes.

  • WAIT

    When did Zac Efron have a top-knot ponytail? Lol?

  • KellStar

    @hmm: Exactly. I can’t hate on a child for looking ridiculous but when she has 2 stylists to look that way… well that’s just too much money on your hands.


    Jackie Chan is so freaking awesome mad talented and adorable.

  • JC

    Enough already. No more red carpet Karate Kid premiers with the “world’s most talented family” hyping the one family member who doesn’t do anything. The Smith machine is getting on my nerves, and they dress that girl to look like an idiot. This is all marketing for her upcoming “music” and it is extremely tacky.

  • Kara

    This should be posted on JustJaredJr. I’m tired of these talentless children here, only famous because they are the children of actors.

  • Susan

    I see nothing wrong with the way she’s dressed. She’s young and wants to have fun with her style. She’s such a pretty combination of both parent’s. :-)

  • JC


    She’s just wearing what they throw on her, and they tell her she looks cool. It’s all part of the image they’re building. It’s just a kid being pimped out.

  • Jenna

    I’m sick of people always trying to dress edgy. They do it to try and look different, but in the end they all look the same.

  • Agatha

    Will is hot

  • bubbaness

    It’s all affected and yawn-inducing. Once again, Hollywood thinks the public is too stupid to realize a marketing ploy when they see one. The kids look ridiculous and the parents look smug and santimonious. “Look at OUR children, aren’t they WONDERFUL??”.

    Yawn. A nine year old girl has no business having a shaved head and an obviously styled look that could have been swiped from one of her mom’s embarrassing stage shows.

  • Butterflier

    I fear we are witnessing the decline and fall of western civilization when a nine-year-old has two stylists and a website cranks out a story about what kind of earrings she is wearing. God help us all.

  • Iffy Miffy

    A 9 year old, pimped by her parents, with two stylists and the word ‘hot’ bandied about in regards to a child … what is this world coming to?

  • Alaia

    WhyEhy is the whole family going to all the premieres? It’s really annoying. Just let the boy promote the film himself instead of letting his famous Dad do it.

  • Celia

    She’s only 9. Who cares what she wears? She looks adorable.

  • Arianna

    Who cares what she wears? Her parents are the ones who should care if they so care to and they obviously think she looks fine. Personally, I’ve been enjoying seeing what outfit she has on every day during Jaden’s publicity tour for Karate Kid. I liked her Union jack flag pants the other day. Relax – it’s no big deal..

  • JC


    With Jackie Chan standing there like the “What about me?’ guy. I’m surprised the pictures don’t just have his arm in them or he’s the out of focus guy.

  • Kaz

    She like dad eddy murphe

  • jessemosslover

    Anyone else think she’s gonna try and be fashion designer when she grows up?

  • lala

    its woo jr ! and what the hell did jada do to her face?!?

  • MKhay

    thats obnoxious

  • I think

    she is over-styled

  • timetoread

    The poor kid looks like a freak

  • Chrissy

    What planet are they from. Now Hollyweirds are raising freaks!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …that kid always looks ridiculous. well, it could be worse.. she could could be shiloh. ahahahahahahaha

  • omg…

    At least she doesn’t look like Miley’s sis!

  • Nora

    I assume they are a great family with great values, great personalities, great smell, great postures and more. But they are exhausting me with their over-dressing, over-stylin, over-hair-sculptin, over-attitude, over-strutting, over-pouting and over the top ego.

  • meemaw

    silly silly.

    These kids are too much into material things.

  • cari

    Looks like Will & Jada popped out MIlli Vanilli.

    Appropriate since their marraige is as fake as MV’s singing.

  • mem

    I just feel like they’re pimping their kids. Their kids are too early to be on a red carpet, to start feeding off of the attention they get. They need to form their personalities first and then later they can be exposed to fame. Fame affects adults in a bad way, let alone kids. I just think it’s kind of tacky what they’re doing. And she shouldn’t have gotten the cheek implants. They don’t look good on ANYONE. Cheek implants should be banned. Kim K ruined her face with them, Hedid Montag did as well, I think even Enrique Iglesias has them, which is ridiculous!

  • rock n roll queen

    her earrings r great i enjoy wearin that kind of earrings myself but i hate it when people are on the spotlight for no good reason

  • Bubbey

    These kidz showweee is ugly.

  • Jade

    Karate Kid did NOT need a remake. Ralph Macchio and Mr Miyagi forever!!! I really hope this movie will bomb.

  • juniper

    Willow might be a fan of Tokio Hotel.

  • me me me

    i used to wear safety pins in my ears as a teenager, i was into punk etc. and everyone just kept asking me ‘ wow, doesn’t that hurt?’. it was considered so hardcore back then and now even 8yrolds are wearing it LOL. anyways, shouldn’t this kid be on jjjr?

  • Shawna

    Every time I look at her I can’t help but think that she looks EXACTLY like her father. A girl version of Will, interesting.

  • XYZ

    Shes just 11 yo… One more proof that the SMITH hate their own daughter, they dress her awfully and parade her like hell…

  • Julie

    I like the girl, but the boy is cocky like his dad – I can’t stand him and why does Hollywood need to remake classic’s and change the people in it – SUCKS

  • Rocky

    Does this little girl have hair on her upper lip? They may want to try some hair remover before the real nasty people get on it.

  • BenAffleckSucks!!!

    Jaden is so talented I really like him, so cute!!!

  • Cayenne

    Wonderful Family!

  • cygnet2

    This really gets to me…why do the Smiths insist on dressing their LITTLE GIRL like a $25 hooker???
    She’s only 9! It is just wrong to sexualize a child, I don’t care how much money you have. She’s a beautiful little girl…Let her look and act like the child she is, not the teenager or young woman she’s she’ll be in years to come.
    This particular outfit isn’t as bad as some I’ve seen on her, but still….tight, tight, tight clothing is NOT appropriate on a child.

  • Prudence

    How old is this child. Can’t be more than 10. It’s way over the top for even an adult female… let’s see how normal she remains. Her Mom looks so severe all the time… this is what comes from so much over-indulgence… how much is way too much.

    Their son, on the other hand, looks terrific and will surpass his Dad as a Hollywood actor… he’s very likeable and works hard already.

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