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Brad Pitt: World War Z! Z Z Z Zombie!

Brad Pitt: World War Z! Z Z Z Zombie!

Brad Pitt has signed on to fight the zombie apocalypse film World War Z, out summer 2012!

MTV reports the film is an adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel and Brad’s Plan B production company is attached to the project as well.

“I’m glad they took their time, and are trying to make the best zombie movie they can,” said Brooks. “I’m so glad they stayed with the project and so glad they found the right team.”

At the held is Marc Forster, who directed Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace and is currently directing Gerard Butler in Machine Gun Preacher.

FYI: Brad and Angelina Jolie just won the lawsuit against UK’s News of the World, which claimed in January the couple visited a divorce attorney and negotiated an agreement to split.

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Really?! U think ur handsome ,noway ,u just like old old and Exp

Brad is so freaking beautiful.

Kane want u cuz fait

Undertaker wonts fait with your

Only here a bit wanted 2 share this..
Ot Stictly.
I was at JJB this week & decided 2 look up 1 of my fav celebs. This celeb is no where near a Brad or Angelina status.
2 my chagrin the same snat – I encountered a bit ago years -was on this celebs thread saying *’I dont like this ‘I dont like that’ every1 is bored with this celeb. Their ugly blah blah..ugh..
No Im not surprise- Wanna conk the snat though.
Many of you know Im friends with 2 of the Mods at JJB/Yuku-
{ yes I know them,no special priviledges 4 me Neleh lol} 1 I know from a private unrelated celeb forum we both belong 2 a bit ago, its since closed. The other works in Admin. & Mods.
Anyhoo I ask my friend the mod ‘why is this person allowed 2 be so vile/ vapid – on every thread Ive seen the snat on.
I mean JJB wheres the rules you have, lol- dont they apply 2 this snat. I was told this person had been warned & was watching what it said..I cant tell..anyhoo sharing this because it reminds me of the trollop/s snats here spamming ect, almost 6 years later & they continue the vapid/vile insanity on Brad & Angelina..just ughh..& Jared has no Mods or are those 2 unreadables post getting through.
I wish I was a Mod on JJB -I should apply lol- noo no time..
Oh & the celebs we would probably think were a bit whacked, but of course the snat thinks their Amazing… droll..
Sharing, when do these people behind their PC- give it up..
We will always ADORE ANGELINA & BRAD..done dotta..

Brad ***** ,omg i know bad words

Love-Pitt @ 07/22/2010 at 3:29 pm

I agree with number 12

he needs a new partner


Dear lord!! there was a time when the trolls were at least funny…pathetic? YES! but funny too. This name changing potato head doesn’t even try…Oh well, probably too bitter to come up with anything original. Meh!

At any rate, BIG congrats to Brad and Angie for winning the case. NOTW deserves the smack down. GO GO Brangelina!!!! ♥

Im handsome not granfather old huh !

Brad makes World War Z a hot topic on the net.

He not have telant

My posts are not going through, unles I keep refreshing & submitting.
I will definitely FLAG/REPORT Slig Slug & Its faux extra Moniker Kaz..please Lurkers/fans do the same..
Good day..busted/niwatori..every1..
Thanku Bdj/Anon/Queen Bee/ Gracie/LLM & all fans who posted video/articles/links/pics. Thanku.

to 25

Neither does Jeniffer Aniston.

He wonts creame becuze dry hair and skinny all body hehe

Heya Neleh *waves*
How are you doing hun? :)
Thanks for the shout out!

U and rats tom stupid man

Everything Brad and Angelina do becomes news around the world. The power of Jolie Pitt .

What the hall people with u?

Brad AND JENNIFER’S Plan B production company :)

He wonts more massage in he face and body

Neleh ;
Please FLAG/Thumb down/Contact Jared about this 1 trollop with 2 names..
Also Im sure most fans have done already – if notplease Contact Jared if you are having issues As I am about Posting..
I wish I had more time 2 battle the refreshing/submitting post thingy..I dont..
Have a lovely day every1..Hi Ms.Beth.NAN.TMdelafondstrt.tlol1365.every1.Hi Aunts.

Ples stop comen here brad u nathing u undrstand what i mean!!

He like bill clenton

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