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Christina Aguilera: 'You Lost Me' Video Premiere!

Christina Aguilera: 'You Lost Me' Video Premiere!

Christina Aguilera premieres her new video, “You Lost Me,” today on Vevo!

The 29-year-old singer caught up with ET during the video shoot and dished on her inspiration for the video.

“What I wanted was a very raw and real feeling, kind of falling apart of your whole world,” Christina shared. “I have to credit Sia for coming to me with this idea and this concept in general!”

Christina also said that she’s channeled emotions from her past experiences to inspire her. “I draw upon pain of other situations from my life to put into storytelling….pain is almost a comfort zone for me.”

Christina Aguilera – “You Lost Me”
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  • SAM

    okey song , but boring video. not original!

  • jay

    1st comment!!! <3xtina, <3 the song & vid..i smell grammies!

  • Justice

    She’s a LEGEND!
    Really amazing! Pretty!
    Simple and deep!

  • Julie

    so beautiful. love the song, now i love the video. she looks GORGEOUS

  • Justice

    Not original?
    Are you dumb?
    This is totaly creative!
    The empty room, the coal, the skin change…

    Beautiful video!

  • Isaac

    it’s a great song. melody is touching.

  • Dooley

    Love the song,Hate the video..She could have done great things with this song for a video but I guess when you don’t sell records you budget is limited…Hate the picture in picture.

  • Audrey

    I LOVE this song!! So beautiful!! Just like Christina in this video…I like her hair!
    The video is very emotive, but not her best

  • Blu

    This girl is so surprising. Not Myself Tonight was so so, but You Lost Me is incredible !
    Xtina, I love you ! <3

  • Dominic

    I think it’s way better than NMT. THIS is what pop music needs. Not another drone trying too hard to shock everyone for attention.

  • mike miller

    Now this is more like it! Love the song, love the video – hope this helps get sales of Bionic back on track — I already saw it in the bargain bin the other day :(

  • Blu
  • Butter_Fly

    She looks great here!

  • Jenna

    Incredible. I lost all hope in Christina after the last few releases, especially after “Not Myself Tonight”. This changes that. It feels very genuine. I hope she follows this path more closely. If pain is her comfort zone, she should avoid pop. I like this song, and that isn’t easy for me to say.

    What ever happened to Fiona Apple?

  • Slig

    Im in the best

  • status quo

    This is the Christina that I like. Classy and WEARING CLOTHES. She has the voice, she doesnt need anything else. Hell, she could perform in a garbage bag and people would be too distracted by her amazing voice to even care. Bravo hun.

  • Kaz

    Why change just

  • Aani

    WOW, this woman is GORGEOUS

  • sexy

    She’s phenomenal! !!

  • Sam

    By far the Best Christina Song ever. So raw, & the perfect words for someone going through a devastating breakup.

  • carla

    Her album is really tanking isn’t it? her album had the biggest drop in the UK (from #1 to #29) in 8 years!!! What is it on US charts..anybody know? Is it even in top 20 still?? I know they don’t play Not Myself Tonight on anything from the album on my radio station. Personally think everything she sings sounds the same with those annoying vocal unecessary acrobatics she does, but in past some were catchy at least. She needs a new sound and look (Gwen Stefani called and wants her look back).

  • Moonlitatdawn

    Her and Adam Lambert need to do a duet. With those voices, it’d be magical, heavenly and maybe even orgasmic. :D

  • bionicfan

    fenomenal i love her new song she is legend and she is the best artist in this world :):)

  • bionicfan

    Moonlitatdawn i agree whith u they have amazing voice !!! and gives us really good songs she is really good artist which amazing voice i love her and her new video

  • deedee

    Moonlitatdawn i agree whith u they have amazing voice !!! and gives us really good songs she is really good artist which amazing voice i love her and her new video

  • deedee

    i never see in my live such good artist like her she is amazing artist in this world i cant even tell nothing becouse this video its such amazing just her voice

  • slig

    That is one ugly, mentally messed up chick. Even with all the makeup slathed on she looks a mess. Lady Gaga rules!

  • Christine Sebastian

    Oh my, gorgeous song, gorgeous video. It makes me want to buy her new album. I love songs that take you in another place. I got chills. Christina is gorgeous! I liked NMT but it went a little far for me and my morals so I couldn’t relate. However, she is beautiful again in this video. Bravo!

  • Kaz

    Definitely not a PUetorican that’s for sure.

  • Ladyz

    Hey I love Christina Aguilera because she is so cool. The best song yet she should stay this way

  • ew

    She has been a parrot all of her life ripping off the stylistic singers of others. She is tanking because she is a cheat and a thief and her career is over. Good! Britney and Lady Gaga Forever. Xtina the freak…NEVER!!!

  • Dana

    Bionic is Flopping!!Christina lost her Fan base and teens only know her as the girl that Perez said copied GaDonna.She loves to take years off between Cds so I wonder if shes enjoying her time off now?Xtina fans will get new Music from her in 5 years.LOL!!

  • Shakira

    Soooooooooo beautiful! Christina always brings it and has the most amazing voice. Love her.

  • julia Casper

    Bow-legged clown with a mental disorder. I will not buy anything she puts out.

  • d d

    Shakira the Arab who sings like a drunken camel.

  • Masoud

    I LOVE this song. The video gets really good half way.

  • In Famously Kool

    Even Perez Hilton hates her. I don’t blame him.

  • dee





  • Emery

    This is the kind of music that I love Christina doing. SHe has that amazing voice that should not go to waste. Love the song, so powerful & emotional.

  • Simply Beautiful

    I love the video . what a beautiful song and the video goes perfectly with it . This is the christina I like , beauiful and classy . She look gorgeous in the video.

  • Beautiful

    Such a beautiful video and song. The video goes perfectly with the song . She is such a great actress, and singer. This is teh Christina I love, classy and beautiful. She looks gorgeous in the video.

  • lucy


  • meh


  • sh*t

    I’m in tears.

  • joshua

    I hope this single sells well and teaches her a lesson to stay away from Hip Hop and Electro Pop….THIS is what she needs to be doing. THIS should have been her comeback single. This is what earned her respect in the first place.

  • Imogen

    I still hate her personality but you can’t deny her talent..

  • http://@wish_1d diego Mata

    I love xtina she’s the best better then every1 else including lady gaga christina is the original she gots the voice the beauty and sexyness I love the video and song and for those ppl not myself to night was the best video and song ever this year super sexy hot and a dance club hit and the album is super great go get it and if you already have it buy another its that good every1 needs it.. its filled with lots of club hits

  • Nathan

    Amazing video!! Love it!!! The song is beautiful simple ballad :)

  • Nathan

    @Dana: Honestly why comment if we have to see your crap, it’s petty you have nothing better to do than criticize someone who has more talent than you probably would.

  • Honest

    You lost me…Does noone realise the symbolism of the video?

    I’ve read comments ranging from not her best to beautiful, but do you actually link the lyrics to the video the point that was being made?

    The point that was being made is her love was destroyed and she committed suicide hence the smoking gun, and he lost her. there are also comments that she didn’t need to take off her top, again symbolism she is now dead in heaven or wherever the dead do hence the change to white clothing.

    I personally think it’s an appropriate and beautiful video that fits the song perfectly. Having a dramatic piece would have taken away from the sheer beauty of the song and the simplicity that somehow goes over the heads of the mundane. Look deeper people.