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Kate Bosworth: Vanessa Bruno Dinner Party!

Kate Bosworth: Vanessa Bruno Dinner Party!

Kate Bosworth lends her star power to French fashion designer Vanessa Bruno during a private dinner at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (July 21) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress, who wore a super chic VB dress, was accompanied by her stylist, Cher Coulter (pictured below).

Vanessa is the daughter of a Danish ’60s supermodel mother and a father who was founder of the French fashion house Emmanuelle Khan.

Celebs also in the house: Rachel Bilson and Tara Subkoff.

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Sweet Pea

    She looks sick.

  • RedRock

    Not loving the dress on her.
    Doesn’t fit right.

  • groovelicious

    The girl is a walking clothes hanger, emphasis on hanger.

  • mailey

    wow, she looks awful.

  • Wow!

    Her forehead is huge.

  • Troucia

    Nooo, draco malfoy again!!!

  • boots

    She must be suffering from malnutrition.
    She should be in a hospital not attending fashion dinners.

  • freebird

    Is Kate Bosworth really 27?
    She looks much older.

  • weird

    I’m french and never heard about the french designer.

  • dot

    Bosworth + Bilson = C List Heaven

  • Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype

    She truly has no shame or pride. This chick will go to the opening of an envelope. What next, the grand opening of Burger King? The wh*re colored dress does nothing for this boring beige creature. She looks like some reject from the ‘ 80′s complete with shoulder pads.Why does she always pose with her head tilted like that? Is it too big for her neck to support? Why is she so desperate for attention? Sad.

  • Becky

    She’s a pretty girl, but she really needs help with her hair. She should dye it a less harsh color (more of a muted that would require less frequent treatments, so the hair would be more healthy) and cut bangs, because her current style makes her forehead look large. Other than her hair, she’s quite lovely.

  • me

    She looks like a praying mantis. God, eat something!

  • lovely

    Finally, JJ’s two favorite nobodies at the same event!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahaha.. she looks like she died 2 weeks ago. ahahahahahahaha.. the walking dead with a super-sized head. ahahahaha

  • Alaia

    @weird: Erm, Vanessa Bruno is a well known designer. Perhaps you know nothing about fashion?

  • WhereAreYou?

    @weird: lol, what a loser. So because YOU haven’t heard of this designer, she’s a nobody? She defines Parisian chic. Idiot.

  • bluebear

    At one time, maybe 4 years ago, she was quite pretty. Now she looks very plain.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • jazzy

    @Becky: Agree, her hair needs work but I don’t find her pretty at all. She looks like a wax figure and her body is hideously thin. She looks like a skeleton.

  • oasis

    @WhereAreYou?: If she defines chic, why couldn’t she get A-list celebs at her dinner?

  • Question

    If it was a private dinner, someone took the pics and gave it to you to release it? Wonder who would that be…

  • Pomm

    I think Kate would look better if she used more flattering makeup colors. Her lipstick is too light for the dress color.

  • astro

    Gorgeous eyes but aside from that, she’s quit fug.
    Her legs look like old lady legs.

  • Oh No They Didn’t

    Bad dress.
    Grandma Bosworth needs a new stylist.

  • Oh No They Didn’t

    Bad dress…
    Grandma Bosworth needs a new stylist.

  • Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype

    Do all stylist go to events with their clients? KB and Cher always seem to be together. They look more like a couple than any other person KB is seen with.

  • WhereAreYou?

    @oasis: What kind of a logic is that? Maybe because she is more famous in Paris? Hollywood is full of trend whóres. I bet if Vanessa’s popularity started to rise, all the people that follow trends like Rihanna would start wearing her clothes. If they had this dinner in Paris, all the stylish celebrities would be there. The truth is, A-listers in Hollywood don’t attend these kind of events. Could you really see someone like Keira Knightley attending this event? No, because she has a busy schedule.

  • Slig

    Im handsom boy hahahahah touch me

  • Joyce

    @oasis: Notice that person said ‘Parisian chic’. They are in LA. One of the best French actresses, Julie Delpy was there. Does that make her a nobody? Twát.

  • GPS

    Jared, you should frame the picture of the chick with no function and the Blison chick (= the chick with no function´s secret twin sister) and put it on your night table. That way you will sleep well knowing those two will always provide for your livelihood with their checks. Seriously those two in the same picture is the joke that writes itself. No need for any further comments.

  • Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype


    Nice choice of words. Shows how much class you don’t have. Julie Delpy is star in her own right, unfortunately that doesn’t translate to much to the US market. Marion Cotillard, Audrey Tatou and the incomparable Juliet Binoche are all quite brilliant but most Americans still don’t know who they are. Plenty of well known celebrities go to some of these functions hosted by designers , Ms Bruno just didn’t have them there last night.

  • weird

    Julie Delpy is not a nobody and she made great movies, played in ER…
    Maybe because you’re not parisian doesn’t mean you don’t have style and a fashion culture- the you in the sentence is general.
    Plus PARIS is not the whole France…there are good people everywhere.
    And for your information it’s not being stupid about fashion, maybe it’s about stopping on other people that are making fashion like alexandra neel or Pierre HArdy….

  • Kaz

    Whats this?

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh look! Pics from yet another party of the resident nobody …. an ugly, badly dressed nobody at that.

  • Joyce

    @weird: @Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype: I’m sorry, did you two not read my post properly? Clearly you are the same person. I said ‘Does that make her a nobody?’ I did NOT call her a nobody. She’s actually one of my favourite actresses. Oh deary me.

  • JM

    I’d pay money for a picture of someone smacking that smirk off her well Botoxed face.

  • Lila

    I see that all the fat, ugly Skarsgirls have found the thread. Jealous much, ladies? LOL.

  • Can You Imagine?

    Considering that old adage of -”the camera adds 10-15 lbs.”-
    I’m afraid of what K.B. must actually look like in person!
    Yikes! Just looking at her legs, alone, as captured by camera, is scary enough as it is!

  • ABC

    She should go to Comic Con as a representative for Alexander Skarsgard.

  • RandomGirl

    Wow she’s busy with all the social events, huh?

    Tea Parties, fashion shows and dinner parties.
    How’s about doing something called…work?

  • weird

    Maybe you didn’t understand my message too, because i agree on julie delpy, who i adore in two days in paris…
    And I’m not that person called don’t believe the hype.

  • B

    I think it’s sad to see her nowadays… Her hair is a mess, and hair this bad is often a sign of eatingdisorders… (As if anyone had any doubt about that….) This girl needs help, before it turns out reeeally bad!

  • Question???

    Does Kate live at the Chateau Marmont? Or is she on a mailing list that tells her when there is a party at the Marmont?? She seems to be there a LOT!!

  • groundhog day at Chateau Marm

    Wasn’t she just there for a party the night before? I’m so tired of seeing this entitled fame-ho sitting at another decorated table with another bunch of poor sods in the background who have to wait on her hand and foot.

  • another day

    @RandomGirl: Um..for her that IS work. It’s really, really exhausting to have to go and have your picture taken endlessly at CM and other pap spots where all the whirl of free swag exists (and gosh, it’s hard carrying it back to the car too). Face it, the chances of her working are dwindling by the month as she gets older and insists on Botoxing herself to oblivion. and to answer @Question??? – no, she doesn’t live there because then she’d actually have to lay out real money and not get comped.

  • Fishy

    ROFL “Star power”. Don’t you actually have to do some work and be the reason for big box office receipts for that title to apply?

    Being called “mis-cast” left and right on your supposed big breaks (hellooooo Superman) isn’t the way to be called a star.

    And JJ managed a 2-in-1 deal. 2 useless people in a single post. A dream come true for JJ? Twice the paychecks, half the work.

  • Daisy

    Kate Bosworth lends her star power to French fashion designer Vanessa Bruno…

    What star power? She’s not that famous.

  • strange cheekbones

    Her cheekbones have unusual edges. Are they real?

  • LisaM

    Again I ask: And we care because….? She’s a nobody. I don’t understand how she can stand up on those toothpicks she calls legs, and yeah she looks like a bobblehead yet again.
    She has absolutely no star power except who she’s dating. Very, very sad!!!