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Katie Holmes Sports Jackie O's Baby Bump

Katie Holmes Sports Jackie O's Baby Bump

Katie Holmes holds onto her fake baby bump while filming a scene as Jacqueline Kennedy in the upcoming History Channel miniseries The Kennedys on Wednesday (July 21) in Toronto, Canada.

The 31-year-old actress skipped rocks into a lake with co-star Greg Kinnear during one scene.

Katie told Us Weekly that it has been a lot of fun wearing Jackie O‘s “magnificent” clothes. “I feel so lucky,” she shared. “We have these wonderful seamstresses who are creating beautiful dresses that are obviously replicas of real things she wore. Armani made two dresses for me to wear.”

Katie even brought along her daughter Suri Cruise to the set!

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katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 01
katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 02
katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 03
katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 04
katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 05
katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 06
katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 07
katie holmes sports jackie o baby bump 08

Credit: Sean, ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Nic

    Man Jackie O was a definition of a Style Icon, not like these nobodyies today!!

    She had taste and then some, her look is as relevant today as it was back then, amazing clothes, Holmes is lucky indeed!

  • Kaz

    Katie ur like stubid and fake

  • Slig


  • Slig


  • Kaz

    She like Cheap

  • Lexie


  • miss infamous

    Is this a Lifetime movie of the week?

  • Kaz

    Hey jared h r u?

  • truth

    of all the beautiful pics of Suri, running and playing JJ picked the worst to print.. so typical.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..why is the same person posting over and over again?

  • Suri Jackson

    Not the best picture, but Suri Jackson is still cute. Katie and Tom are the pathetic ones.

  • carla

    Is she going to play Jackie Kennedy using her awful little baby girl voice she has??! Girl has no range so I would think yes. Yikes, bad casting for this role.

  • Anna

    Jackie Kennedy is one of the greatest Icons of the 20th Century.Better not mess this up Katie.

  • bubblepinky

    She is divine ,yet so down to earth.Perfect combination.Tom,you are a lucky guy:-)

  • meemaw

    UGH! Won’t be watching this t.v. program. Katie can’t act to save her life,

    What were these producers thinking? Oh, of course….they got monies from Mr. Cruise.

    Hope Katie does not get pregnant in real life. ONE brat is enuf!

  • melmehaha

    It looks like Katie doesn’t really like playing with her fake child. I mean look happier you are acting.

  • stardust

    people, let’s be real here. this is a made for tv movie where katie is playing a bit part like she did in her broadway show and they need tom cruise’s money and PR machine. It’s not like rachel weisz’s role in a real movie that focuses on Jackie. xenu save her, i hope she wipes that stupid crooked grin off her face before the cameras start rolling again.

  • wacko jacko

    suri is nasty looking in this picture. i saw the other pics floating on the web, and they didn’t look all that flattering either. there’s at least a nose job in this girl’s future christmas presents.

    i’m glad they finally paid “little caroline” to be her friend; guess money can buy everything!

  • Suri Jackson

    @wacko jacko:
    That’s because it’s Josh’s nose, and hopefully by the time she’s old enough to want the surgery he’ll be a part of her life. I think he’d be a great dad.

  • jaye

    Instead of Jackie O, she should be called Jackie Oh H*ell no!

  • Suri’s Stimming!

    Her poor hands. I wish they would get her help!

  • interesting

    Suri looks exactly like Tom’s cousin William Mapother here…

  • interesting

    And why is the girl playing Caroline Mexican looking? Then again, why is Jackie being played by Katie Holmes?

  • Pac Man

    You’re twisted, #18.

    Pick a father already, #19 and #22!

  • interesting

    Oh dear Pac man…I picked the father a long time ago, Mapother. Wh would t be Jackson? Anyway, since you’re so well-versed on the Cruises, maybe you could tell me why Tom did not have babies with his 1st wife and why he adopted kids with Nicole but never fathered any? Please, do tell!

  • Old Habits Die Hard
  • #26

    You rock!

  • Suri’s Still in Diapers!
  • #26

    Diapers and nail polish! What a combo! Have you seen the pic of Suri at the “Us” link at the bottom of this page? She is “holding hands” with the little girl in the movie, who is now her “friend”. The girl is holding Suri”s fist!

  • scowling Katie

    Katie is pissed in the above pic because she hates wearing an f*ing baby bump, AGAIN!

  • zzzz

    The foam bump isn’s as nice as the custom-made Armani bumps that Tom presented her over a candlelit dinner on their second date.

  • Suri Jackson

    I’m sticking with Joshua, but I respect your opinion.

    We’ll all go out for a drink when the truth comes out, and clueless Pacman is not invited, as there would be no intelligent conversation with him/her around.

  • stardust

    omg, that’s sicko. i clicked on the second link (#28) and you can see that child’s nippple. tomkat need to wh0ring their girl out for PR. the kinds of clothes she’s wearing makes her look like a young brittany spears or lilo, not a four year old toddler.

  • Suri interfered w/ filming
  • dan

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha…this stupid broad looks nothing like Jackie O….if anything she looks like Jack-O, God rest his soul.

    Katie Holmes is pathetic. My turds can act better than her!

  • meemaw

    LOL….Katie’s comment on US about her brat, Suri as an actress in the future…..this is what she said….and it proves that she is turning her into a spoiled brat! LOL

    ” Asked if her daughter could be an actress, Holmes told at a NYC screening of The Extra Man Monday: “I think. I know that she can do whatever she wants and she’ll be great at it.”"

    From US magazine….(see below)

    She can do whatever she wants! ha! Meaning 24 hours a day….this brat rules the cruise family.

  • Yogi

    That second photo of Suri gives me the creeps.

    She looks like Chuckie’s sister.

  • really?

    OMG!! is that Suri in that red dress?? looks nothing like her!! she looks much older like 6/7 :/

  • Pac Man

    It’s very obvious if you didn’t hate him so much and didn’t come up with all these stupid conspiracy theories, #25.

    He was only with his first wife for three years. Plenty of marriages as short as those don’t produce children. His second wife, Kidman, was pregnant a few times with his kid so there goes that excuse. (Kidman unfortunately suffered miscarriages.)

    What nail polish, #29?

    The truth already came out, #32. Cruise is the dad even if you’re too thick to accept it.

    No, she didn’t, #34.

    You KNOW that that’s not what she meant, #36!

  • stardust

    this nailpolish pacman. or do alien brats just come with hot pink nails?

  • casey

    @Pac Man:

    You know Pac Man you always state you are defending Holmes because people are so cruel and someone has to do it inspite of the fact that she brings it on herself with her pimping out of Suri and her vapid, inane comments.

    Instead why don’t you go defend Mel? He needs it a lot worse than this woman does!

  • Whos Suris Daddy

    hmmmm…I wonder…
    Right click and open in new window if you dare to compare. Photos of similar age were selected specifically so that pacman can’t say biased photos were selected(J+K are actually a couple of years older than Tom here)

    Other guy:

  • Whos Suris Daddy

    …cant put all 3 in the same post. Right click to open photo in new window.
    Suri photo:

  • Whos Suris Daddy

    …cant put all 3 in the same post. Right click to open photo in new window.
    Suri photo:

  • Whos Suris Daddy

    1) Sorry for the dup posts (43 & 44) you can see it was a computer burp(same posing time)
    2) This is really a dead post at this point, so I will will most likely put these photos on the next Tom/Katie string…just wanted to let you know so that I don’t get mean comments; well, we all know that psycho pacman will have something moronic to say.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie


  • sammy

    Slurpi looks like a droopy basset hound. child needs a facelift for christmas