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Rachel Bilson: Vanessa Bruno VIP Fashion Dinner!

Rachel Bilson: Vanessa Bruno VIP Fashion Dinner!

Rachel Bilson comes out to support French fashion designer Vanessa Bruno during a private dinner at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (July 21) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress, who wore a super cute VB jacket, was accompanied by her stylist, Nicole Chavez (pictured below). What a cute twosome they are!

Also in attendance at the VB dinner: Kate Bosworth, Tara Subkoff, French actress Julie Delpy and British model Liberty Ross.

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Ladyb

    This website is beginning to suck. Broken links, Page not available, etc.

  • viper

    I saw this before it was posted couldn’t understand what the hell she has as some kind of jacket looks as if she forgot to sew the rest of it. Oh forgot she can’t sew even though she gives copycat input to for clothing.

  • jamie

    Rachel, Kate or Nicole? Who is more useless?

  • carla

    Her hair looks ratty and awful, yikes, she needs a comb and a color touch-up. I would be so embarassed to be her right now because everyone can see she can’t seem to get hired for any acting jobs so must spend all her time shopping, going to openings, begging to be noticed/seen and not forgotten LOL. At such a young age to have your career totally dead must be hard to accept. She needs to head back to TV and even then, her acting is so awful she is likely limited on what she could play. Girls who look like her are a dime a dozen in the real world, so poor Rachel must accept she is just one of the little people now LOL.

  • justjaredsucks

    I’m trying to think of a celebrity whose cock that just jared doesnt suck

  • Kaz

    Jared what this?

  • Kaz

    Omg,She need man

  • Kaz

    She need any dude hold her *****

  • another day

    KBos must be fuming – Bilson stole her post. Doesn’t JJ know that KB is the queen of Chateau Marmont? Geez, she’s at parties there every blinkin’ day. I’m sure I should just wait a few hours, we’ll see another post on her. But truly RB does take the cake as the most over-pimped under-worked “actress” on this site…

  • iamBW-BWisme

    looove her outfit and how nicely its been put together! The jacket is amazing!!

  • lulu

    i dont understand where she takes money… from what? from work? hardly

  • Alaia

    I can feel it coming, both Bilson AND Bosworth haters. It’s going to be colossal.

  • Troucia

    s*h*i*t!!! DRACO MALFOY

  • JustJoanie

    @jamie: Maybe if we squish them into one person we could make someone worthwhile. Nevermind. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Colossal and fun. : D

  • Madison


  • offtheproperty

    Another day: RB on JJ.

  • ida

    omg! when did she manage to dye her heir since the last post?? :P
    damn, why cant they show about HC and his brother that have taken “royal pains”to court? same old boring bat$hit

  • Question


  • Dave

    Ridiculous. I wonder if she ever look herself in the mirror every morning, asking “What the hell i’m doing?” Seriously, where the hell are her PR’s at? If they think that this may somehow help her reputation, they’re totally wrong. Damn, a serious PR knows when it’s time to stop or what to do, in case one of his customers (celebrities ARE PR’s customers) make a bad move or something that might “destroy” his/her public image.
    Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails for example, when he was abusing Twitter with swears over his haters, his PR’s made him stop by confiscating his Iphone. Now, if she has so many moneys to waste in and about, while she doesn’t get a PROFESSIONAL acting school and the best PR available in the market, instead of paying JJ and the paps, hoping that someone will finally notice her.
    Also, since someone here on the boards has mentioned The OC a few times, let me say one thing. While i sometimes enjoyed watching The OC when there was absolutely nothing else interesting on TV, after Season 1 it just became so plain and boring to me. Sure, it had good actors like Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Mischa Barton and Ben Mckenzie, which made the show more interesting. But i mostly got annoyed by constantly see and hear Craptchel moaning around, and for some of the stories that were absolutely uninteresting to watch, like the boy’s parties, Seth with his comic book stuff and so on . And all of this has really dropped me off the OC “experience”, and made me re-watch my Dawson’s Creek DVD boxset, which i still prefer it more than any other TV shows that’s out there now.
    So at the end, if we look back at what the OC REALLY was (in terms of substance), it was nothing more than a bad Dawson’s Creek-try, with only a few stories worth the watch and the rest of it a condensed mountain full of only teen-stuff party rubbish. And Rachel Bilson should had been cancelled from the show after completing filming Season 1.

  • the truth

    Rachel said that she didn’t like her because are the roles that kate got.What a liar she is.

  • Nells

    She might not be quite as annoying as a lot of the plastic celebutards and “socialites” and It girls (yuck!) Hollywood creates, but seriously, no one should even care about her! Her and Bosworth are so annoying and just parading around at stupid events, whoring out their “fashion style” and getting credit for it on sites like these! And I myself am no better because I visit these sites ;)
    Anyway: Rachel Bilson is friggin useless and I wish those talentless spoiled b*tches would have to work a job in the real world for a few months, just to see what “work” actually means!

  • Brightside

    Well, we all know she isn’t an actress…but really, after looking at the mess she is wearing, and the mess that is her hair…would anyone call her a fashionista! I didn’t like the toddler-designed pom pom sandals (her feet looked like they should have been cheerleading!) and I don’t like this strange, where-the-heck-did-the-rest-of-it-go? jacket! Nor the horizontal stripes and short, red skirt. I’ll give her this, though…she has managed to find a style that is both odd-looking and bland at one and the same time! Now, how the heck did she manage to do that? It’s quite an achievement in itself, is that! She looks stupid more than anything else and her stylist doesn’t look that much better!

    I have a sneaky feeling though that, had Victoria Beckham been wearing this jacket, the world would have scraping it’s jaw off the floor with amazement. It doesn’t work on Rachel but I could see it looking fabulous on Posh.

    Does anyone else think that Rachel actually has the ability to demean the clothes she wears, rather than making them look great! Think of some of the other bizarre outfits she has worn and picture them on other people….they could work!

  • Nadia

    OMG, this is hilarious. All you need is Camilla Belle and the trifecta of irrelevancy would have been complete. Except Kate is a bit more relevant than both Bilson and Belle.

  • MissAnthropica

    Some of the things she wears Angelina Jolie herself couldnt make look decent but there have been a few outfits thats on anyone else would of been acceptable you know? But not on her shes nearly 30 and doesnt know how to dress for her extremely stubby legs and oddly proportioned body.
    Also I would not be surprised if Bilson(BATSH@T) and Bosworth(BOSHO) start hanging out together in public soon…. doing nothing together….. the way they both go about PR stunts i wouldnt be surprised if they have the same person or same substandard firm.
    Although the two of them together still wouldnt be worth a post anywhere but this site lol Two piles of crap do not make a diamond after all. LMAO
    But it wouldnt surprise me if that happens soon.

  • Brightside

    @Nadia: There you go then…the three B’s…Belle, Bosworth and Bilson…or, as many would agree, Bullsh-t, Bullsh-t and more Bullsh-t…

  • honestly…

    @MissAnthropica: Lol- I can see it now- BilsWorth!

  • JC

    She looks gorgeous. Lord knows she has plenty of the time to look this radiant and rested.

  • JR

    Rachel in no where near as attractive as Kate Bosworth. I don’t see how any can make the connection. Go to a local taco truck and check out the average looking staff, THAT is how ordinary Bilson is. LOL

  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe Bosworth and Bilson work with the same PR people??
    Hey I think we should give Rachel some credit – at least she’s doing SOMETHING and not claiming she reads books!
    This website is starting to suck! Aren’t all these ads and Bilson posts paying the bills?? Why can’t they afford to hire a programer to make these things work???

  • http://twitter annie

    smelly bilson ugh style. hey rach hayden back in town aug 16 doing jim. kimmel

  • sidony

    EAT YOUR HEART OUT for the NTH time Douchel!!!
    3 years of dating & just engaged for a “”few”" months… yah that looks for “real”!

  • comrade

    It’s embarrassing/shameful to get dumped when you’re dating… but it’s a “lot lot more” if you got dumped when you’re engaged… that is if they’re for -real-?! NON – looks more like that this Lil’ Moe got “fired” from a beard job contract.

  • LISA


  • Brightside

    I never found any of it watchable. But then I’ve never got the appeal about soaps or reality tv. However, I thought that, after Mischa left, the show’s ratings plummeted when Bilson was placed as the lead. I could be wrong as I thought it was a load of brain-dead waffle from the very beginning. It only lasted four seasons….so presumably most of the viewing population thought this too.
    You could use it as a measure of talent though….those who went on to have a viable career in spite of the OC clearly do have talent, and those who just muck around on the sidelines of the HW industry clearly don’t. That counts for both Bilson and Barton. Two girls who have proved, time and time again, that they have no talent outside the talent of looking pretty on generic teen soap drama.

  • comrade

    And yup she was “better” than Mischa in the OC that when that Lil’ Moe replaced Mischa as being its lead female star (when the latter left it)… OC got suddenly AXED.

  • Sweetie

    She is such a fame whor. Unemployed. Hate her.

  • Brightside

    So now we have four untalented ‘actresses’ whose last names begin with the letter B. Barton, Belle, Bilson and Bosworth. All are blandly pretty though none are beautiful, all are untalented and all have a greatly inflated ability in their fashion sense. Very strange!

  • viper

    Barton can get work Bilson can’t.

  • l0ve

    LOVE RACHEL!!! Love her style. And she will get work next days!

  • Brightside

    People have been saying that for three years now…and it still hasn’t happened! She’s been out of work far more often than she’s been in…and it’s not like her acting in the two/three films she’s been in has been notable. It isn’t.
    Her fans always say that, ‘Oh, she’ll be in work tomorrow, next week, next month, the end of the year’….etc…and it just isn’t happening. It’s like those doom merchants who keep predicting the end of the world. The date comes and nothing happens.
    She’s been dropped from more than a few projects.

  • lexy hates bilson

    OK I’m going to say something nice about Rachel…she looks better than that Taylor Momsen and she’s at least smart enough to use a stylist!! Do you see that girl and the stuff that comes out of her mouth?? And she’s not on drugs or booze! It’s scary!

  • Brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    A year old corpse looks better than Taylor Momsen! A person could be disinterred and decomposing and still look better than Taylor Momsen. She’s a hideous joke…only no one’s laughing! But in twenty years time, she will cringe to see her younger self….oh, how she will cringe : )

  • Jessica

    I can’t believe that Hayden Christensen was ever even with Rachel Bilson. He can do so much better. She can’t act and she’s just not that attractive. I saw her in person once and she looks like a midget. Also, her ass is kind of fat. Definitely not movie star material. Hayden should be with like a supermodel, or an actress who is truly beautiful, who actually has talent, and doesn’t seem out of place when she is standing next to him. I’m so happy that they are finally over. Hopefully Rachel will disappear into the depths of where she came and we will stop hearing about her. The only reason anyone ever cared was because she was with Hayden.

  • laist

    I thought her outfit was very blah- and predictable. Her ugly stylist isnt stying herself either. Ugh, hollywood style is so bland right now. yawn.