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Taylor Momsen Fires Stylist And Now Dresses Herself

Taylor Momsen Fires Stylist And Now Dresses Herself

Taylor Momsen is on her own for styling herself!

The 16-year-old Gossip Girl starlet and Pretty Reckless rocker told MTV that she prefers to dress herself because she knows her style best.

“I kind of had a freakout…because I was getting molded into this thing that wasn’t who I am and it was fitting into the world that can make you popular or something. I was never a popular chick, so I don’t even know what that means!” Taylor said. “I still wear pieces from when I was in (expletive) middle school. I modify them.”

As for her beauty routine, Taylor shared, “I shower, then I put a ton of black on my eyes, then I put lipstick on and a little bit of blush and then, I don’t brush my hair…[I use] whatever black eyeshadow and liner—that isn’t empty— in my makeup case and charcoal it on.”

Taylor Momsen Talks Firing Her Stylist
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  • BRooke

    Someone needs to hand that girl a Q-tip.

  • gigi

    Weird and kind of creepy. She should reconsider the stylist.

  • Laura

    She would look so pretty without all of that eyeliner/eye make-up. I’ve just got into watching Gossip Girl, she seems so sweet and innocent in the first season I just watched! Think she’s a good singer too :)

  • Someone

    OMG she looks like a witch

  • Kelz

    She looks like the joker with all that ridiculous makeup on. stupid, delusional girl.

  • David

    She looks like The Joker’s daughter xD

  • Fleur

    yeah, the eye makeup – too much. she doesn’t need that.

  • brats

    Her personality is worse than Miley’s.

  • R.I.P

    She used to be so cute…

  • nast


  • DarkseidNow

    She had a stylist?

  • damn

    No wonder this 16-year old kid is messed up, she illegally lost her Virginity when she was still UNDERAGE. Even Miley waited. Sadness.

  • Bryony

    She is possibly my least fave young celeb in Hollywood.
    Also, what’s up with her raccoon eyes??? Wear natural makeup for once!

  • Alaia

    She had a stylist? I just assumed she had a little field trip to Ann Summers.

  • jessemosslover

    She REALLY needs to get rid of that black eyeliner. It looks horrible!

  • kar

    She looks like a RACCOON

  • V

    She sounds like an a-hole. She’s talented for sure, but the things tht come out of her mouth are so douchey they cancel all tht out. She needs to either be acting or singing and NEVER be allowed to give an interview w/out sumone telling her exactly what to say. Oh, and she needs her stylist back ASAP unless looking like a raccoon hooker was her intent.

  • Geena

    reminds me of Linda Blair at her worst in ‘The Exorcist’

  • LOL

    She fired her stylist to look like THAT?

  • Johnny Cash

    Let go eyeliner please…..

  • Johnny Cash

    Let go eyeliner please…..

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    Seriously? GEEZ. *palmface*

  • smh

    Dear Taylor. That rebellious, ‘I’m hot sh*t & don’t give a f–k’ attitude? You’re doing it wrong. Raccoon eyes are really not that sexy either.


    This is another perfect example of why children should be seen, er, hid, and not heard.

    Ms. Momsen is so full of herself, it’s ludicrous. She is no more original than any other teen before her.

    A suggestion, shut up and sing, act, finish the10Th grade , but please, stop giving interviews until you acquire something interesting to say.

    Now, hush and go wash your face.

    Footnote: Insulting the competition doesn’t make you look cool, it

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    That’s an insult to the Joker, I’m sure his kids would look better…

  • tori

    What a sad, miserable, spoiled 16 year old.

  • Imogen

    It’s just a phase…..every teen goes through that obnoxious, I know better than you phase….she may grow out of it..

  • DarkEmpress

    Wow! I used to think that Misha Barton’s racoon eyes were bad but this is worse! There is a way to do it well and this definitely isnt it.

  • DarkEmpress

    Wow! I used to think that Misha Barton’s racoon eyes were bad but this is worse! There is a way to do it well and this definitely isnt it.

  • emily

    oh boy.
    didn’t anyone ever tell her that you should never have a bold lip AND bold eyes together?
    or that looking like a nocturnal animal that crawls out of people’s trash cans is very unflattering?

  • Jessica

    That eye makeup does not flatter her at all.
    She’s a pretty girl but she always looks so ugly.

  • gu

    an example of being beautiful and looking like trash
    sooo awful make up

  • MissAnthropica

    Shes talking very fast with is often a sign of drug. useage. mostly coke will do that to you and thats what i see with her in this video 16 and already messed up very sad shes got a future worse than Lohan ahead of her……

  • Emme

    Anyone else thought at first Taylor was spoofing herself? But no it’s real. WEIRD! I cannot believe what an idiot this girl is

  • Liv

    Why so serious Taylor?

  • gia

    this was the funniest part: “I still wear pieces from when I was in (expletive) middle school. I modify them.”

    middle school…aka two years ago little girl. reusing clothes doesn’t make you different or edgy, even when you curse. that just makes you the same as 99.9% of the rest of the world.

  • Kami

    Everyone is so mean! Stop being SO judgmental! everyone has their own style! If she likes that, Get OVer IT! I’m sure EVERYONE likes something that someone else HATES. I HATE when girls wear shirts that show the MAJORITY of their BOOBS! But its not the point, everyone is unique and has different styles. We should like people for the people. Not for how they dress or look.

  • Sigh

    Oh Taylor. I’m all for individuality and empowerment, but you’re taking it too far. Sure, you’re “rebelling” against what the world thinks of you, but all that black eyeliner and slutty clothes?! You’re representing yourself as a commodity, and clearly nobodys buying.

  • stephania

    that eye makeup is ridiculously hideous!

  • nata

    She is such a pretty girl, but that destructive behavior is not helping her career.

  • luisaonline

    Is this chick aware of how ridiculous she looks?!?!

  • Vivienne

    she should not have fired her stylist. her stylist was probably doing her good. this look is absolutely disgusting. she’s a very pretty girl without all the makeup. you don’t necessarily have to look like that to be into rock music.

  • Sadie

    In a couple of years she will look back at this and laugh.
    Its just a phase.
    Right now she acts like a brat because she is one,16.
    No need to take her seriously. Gosh. Jared should stop posting about this girl! There is nothing interesting about her when she is indeed a brat, bring her back in 5-6 years and maybe she actually has something decent to say.

  • MJ

    really?! Cindy Lou Who!
    i cant bealive she’s 16/17 and looks like this.. makes me sad.. :/ even LiLo wasn’t like this at this age. she’s a talented kid but shes going trough the wrong way..

  • Lolzzz

    This girl is going to cringe when she looks back in 5 yrs and reads all the typical teen angst statements she made trying to b cool. She has a good voice and is decent actress…if she would stop saying things like…don’t compare me to Miley…i do rock n’ roll (i’m soo much cooler), she would actually seem a lot cooler.

  • Kami

    and the bashing goes on…..and on…..seriously, the people who are commenting are ANNOYING.

  • ,

    Even adult skanks don’t look as trashy as she does. Where is her mother??

  • Jordan

    no thanks jenny

  • ,

    Really, I can’t say sk*nks but you can post half naked people and ish about affairs.. ok JJ.

  • ,

    Really, I can’t say sk*nks but you can post half naked people and ish about affairs? Ok, JJ!