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Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens is A Good Partner in Crime!

Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens is A Good Partner in Crime!

Zac Efron channels classic heartthrob James Dean on the cover of this week’s issue of Parade magazine!

Here’s what the 22-year-old Charlie St. Cloud actor had to share:

On his biggest expense: “I always have music on. The other day, I found out my biggest expense isn’t electricity or gas‚Ä”it’s iTunes. I spend way too much on music, movies, apps, and games. I’ve got to get that under control.”

On his excitement about seeing girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens perform this summer: Vanessa is playing Mimi in Rent at the Hollywood Bowl in August. It’s the role of a lifetime for her. The song ‘Out Tonight’ is Vanessa in a nutshell‚Ä”she loves to have fun. She’s a good partner in crime.”

On still being a student at heart: “I start to think, ‘Am I missing out on something?’ I’m not in school at the moment, so I tend to overcompensate by trying to learn as much as I can about everything else, and by tackling life full-on. I’m just soaking up everything I can. I’d like to see the whole world.”

Bigger pics inside…

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zac efron parade magazine 01
zac efron parade magazine 02

Photos: Justin Stephens
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  • Slig

    Go go go cry

  • Slig

    Say u mom im in magazin cry

  • Slig

    Dont cry baby hahahahah

  • Slig


  • lol

    Stubid boy

  • Slig

    Now i drink green apple

  • Kaz

    Yeah agree with you

  • Kaz

    olso like afraid

  • Kaz

    I’m kaz sexy of the sexiet

  • Dominic

    Vanessa needs him in order to stay relevant. Without him she is…..I guess Ashley Tisdale!

  • Kaz


  • Koolbeans


  • sunny

    @Dominic: Not at all. Hudgens does not NEED him, she WANTS him and at the moment they WANT each other. Don’t know if they have longevity together but they obviously hope for it one day and they are enjoying the moment together. I think professionally they will do fine with or without each other. I just think the media is starting to get to both of them and the relationship scrutiny is defintely becoming bothersome for them.

  • Gemma

    aawwwww cutie!

  • Ethan

    Goof partner? He’s gay.

  • joan

    My Idol he is the best¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°

  • andreanne

    i love zacquisha!!!

  • Malia

    Zac and Vanessa are both good, grounded people. That’s why they don’t let the media/tabloid hype bother them. They don’t feed from it.

    I see the kids are out of school and come to this site to make ZAC’S POSTS THE MOST POPULAR.

  • http://j ivanka

    i love how zac talks so cute about vanessa:)

  • kgg

    First of all…Slig and Kaz (same person), please go learn English and stop with all the irritating posts. Are you bored?

    Second, all you Perez fans can just go back to his blog…i’m sure you’ll feel more at home there.

    Third, and most important, love the cover of Parade. Zac does look like someone from the fifties. Handsome! Love how he is opening up about his love, Vanessa.

  • Shawna

    Maybe there could be a rule stating that only people with an IQ over 40 can post? That would really help weed out a lot of these posts!

  • estrella

    disgusting Zac Efron

  • lol

    @Dominic: a more relevant, talented, stylish, beautiful, successful version, maybe

  • maila

    @sunny: I agree with you completely!!!

  • light romance

    Vanessa managed quite well before she got attached to Zac and I’m more than sure she will contiune to do well in her own right. They are both doing things in their careeer that THEY feel comfotable with and what suits them not anybody else.

    I don’t see the media and asking questions to either of them about each other is getting to them. If neither wants to answer then they don’t. But remember that she is 21 and he 23 this year, and it’s about time that Zac opened up about his gf, he has after all has no problem is giving other co-star’s compliments and acting like a school boy around them, so he should mention his gf once in a while, Vanessa is always shating how proud she is of him but you don’t hear or read about Zac retuirning the compliment.

    As for their staying power as a coupel I peronsally don’t see it, maybe another 1 to 2 year’s togrther but not after that, as they contiune to grow as indivuduals then they will grow apart, they’ve done well to last this long, but some of Zac’s comments on his recent press tour does’nt fill Zanessa fans with confidence that he sees Vanessa long term in his life. I think they will always be great friends but nothing more.

    Zac likes to flirt and be all over his co-satr’s to much to settle for just one girl. And there are always stories of him playing away when he goes on international press tours, and sorry but all the stories can’t be wrong. Especially when asked at the CSC premier if he thinks he and Vanessa will be together in another 5 yrs his responce was ‘ I’m not sure’ so it sounds like they are having problems now let alone in 5yrs time.

  • nicolette

    l@ight romance
    you should have purged the ears before you write what it says here, zac acceshollywood said “I would like but do not know, for now we have fun”

  • Therapist

    You can REALLY TELL from some people’s comments (those people with self-doubt, deep insecurities, and VERY low self esteem) that they are CLUELESS about relationships. To them it is all about restricting a partner, controlling the partner, not trusting them out of their sight, demanding their partner never look at another person or talk with anyone else. EXTREME CONTROL. That is very unhealthy both mentally and physically for both partners.

    I can only assume these comments come from young girls whose self-doubt is created from having their own parents be unfaithful; therefore they can’t trust anyone, even a celebrity whom they don’t know. A lot of young women need to learn (outside their dysfunctional home environment) about real relationships, trusting and that not all men are like their fathers, brothers, and other relatives who have been in unhealthy relationships. Not everyone leads a dysfunctional life. There are real people out there in the world who have REAL trusting, loving relationships.

    It is extremely sad that these young, insecure girls take their own personal frustrations (dislike of all men) out on Zac Efron instead of seeking counseling. What is even more disturbing is how these young women follow Zac religiously, attempting to find fault with him. They have sunk so deep into a delusional fantasy that they actually believe Zac is “cheating” on them. This is a psychotic disorder. These girls need psychological counseling. Cognitive behavior therapy and family therapy can be effective in managing such delusional behavior.

  • pita

    I love how they are very supportive and caring of each other.
    He is excited about seeing Vanessa playing Mimi in Rent this coming weeks. i love what he said she’s good partner in crime.

  • kami


    ‚ô• that was sweet. they are so supportive of each other. ‚ô•

  • Ashlee

    “Partner in crime.” Love that. He’s so cute/funny. Love all those Parade pictures.

  • Karen

    I’m just copying and pasting my same reply to light romance here as I did this morning or the last Zac thread here at JJ:

    light romance:

    Just how many monikers are you going to use to pitch your stupidity? I think even people who have not really taken notice now know who you are. They know you are sweetrosie, rosieapple, kittykat, just a game, you name it that‚Äôs you with the same sounding message over and over. But if this is fun for you, go right ahead. The rest of us who are fans and have a few brain cells still working will enjoy this young man and his INTEGRITY‚ÄĒsomething you apparently will never have.

  • Karen

    I was watching some very interesting on TV this morning in regards to Mel Gibson. I have said many times how many people who come on this type site and post ridiculous comments like Slig&SLag& Kaz or whatever their names are and then the same comments like sweetrosie/rosieapple/kittykat/just a game/lilght romance—and all the other many monikers this person will come up with or may have already used—-are people who just like to get attention or moreover likes to irk people.

    Well, in this clip from the early days of Mel Gibson when everyone loved him and thought he was just a jokester he was saying how on the sequels to Lethal Weapon he would select a new person to on the crew or cast to mess with. He said he and a few other would find something that bothered this person or something the person was sensitive about and would USE that situation to torment and tease them over…

    Well, we see how some may have thought this funny in Mel’s early days. But now after a few years we KNOW that Mel had some bad things working inside of him. AND we now see how that has developed as he has gotten older.

    We who are older KNOW these kinds of people. We sometimes just ignore them when they are younger, some are like those who Mel found fun to torment as they get outraged by what these people say but in the end they are not going to stop. They have something inside of them that drives them and they like to make people mad, they like stirring the pot. Whatever drives them is immature, insecure, or insane. One of those things will usually cover it.

  • lauren

    i dont get why there are sooo many haters of there relationship,

    theres a reason why they been together for five years.

  • kami

    ‚ô• zac is #4 best summer body in men’s health mag.‚ô•
    ‚ô• vanessa is #4 best summer body in women’s health mag.‚ô•

  • Emma

    @sunny: I agree

    I think she can do it fairly better without any help from him.


    @Shawna: Shawna, when I find myself growing frustrated with the single and double digit IQ people, I remind myself that stupid people can’t help that they’re stupid. They were born that way. That is how I keep myself from going crazy sometimes.
    Stupid People Need Love Too. Repeat this to yourself until you feel a spark of compassion.

  • kami


    so true!!!!


    I feel Zac’s pain – I have an Itunes addiction too, except mine is *all* music. I probably own half their database.
    As for school, Zac should check out some online courses, or even the Itunes school section. They’ve got everything.

  • yets

    they are partners in all things.
    i love them

  • Hannah

    I love Zac! He’s so gorgeous and talented. And I love Zac and Vanessa as a couple. They are so cute :)

  • athena

    Wow, he gets better looking the older he gets…He definitely looks like a classic Hollywood star. I wish his star to continue to shine and never dim. Much success to Zac in his personal life and career. Some people are just born under a lucky star and have the good looks, great career and money to go with it…it sounds shallow, but many of us want that life…it’s part of the American dream.

  • thelephant

    He sure does look like James Dean!

  • Daniel Tang

    Nice pics of Zac. Very retro ala James Dean.

  • Tiptoes

    He looks good and the boy is working hard on his CSC promotion.

    He has always been supportive of Van and she of Zac – that is why their “partnership” has thrived through all these years. And I just read they watch a lot of movies together the latest being TS 3.

  • rhonda

    he looks great and seems to be supportive of Vanessa. They are a cute couple for now but will eventually grow apart as they mature and want new experiences with other people.

  • Birdie

    Zac is very talented, classically handsome, humble,and has a great head on his sholders. I’m so excited about “Charlie St. Cloud” it looks
    wonderful and I wish him all the success in the world.

  • tenamoore

    I know they will always be haters and just pick on every little thing he says and make it bigger that it is, we never really know what goes on behind close all we can really do is wish them the best.

  • kyle

    Charlie St. Cloud seems to be a emotion-tugging movie. Can’t wait for it to be shown on the big screen.