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Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Comic-Con Footage!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Comic-Con Footage!

Alexander Skarsgard plays with a crown in this new picture from the upcoming season of True Blood.

In case you weren’t one of the lucky ones at the panel for the hit vampire series at Comic-Con 2010 today, check out the brand spankin’ new trailer that was unveiled just moments ago.

And don’t forget – True Blood airs Sundays @ 9pm ET/PT on HBO!

Alexander Skarsgard: ‘True Blood’ Comic-Con Footage!
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  • The Pixar Proyect

    Alexander Skarsgard has played a rapist twice, we’ve seen how he treats his alleged girlfriend and we know he’s a heavy drinker (confirmed by castmates)…
    To make him the spokesperson for anti-violence against women (or Celebrity male Role Model) is a sad joke.

  • GreenCAT

    I’m going to comic con tomorrow, wished they had the True Blood Panel on Saturday instead of Friday. :( Oh wells. At least I saw them last year.

  • GreenCAT

    BTW, that clip was amazing! This is a very good season!

  • Sharon

    The trailer for the rest of the season seems very promising, I enjoy season 3, but not as much as season 2.

    Eric looks hot as always :)



  • V

    Looks like this season is going to be very good!
    They do such a good job of adapting the book series to screen. I’d even go as far as saying I find the TV series much better than the books. I hope they continue to change some of the story lines for the better.

  • dee

    So happy to see Claudine!!!

  • honestly…
  • Alex wasn’t even at Comic Con.

    I feel bad for the other castmembers who were able to attend Comic Con because JJ just dissed them for Alex who wasn’t able to attend. Bad form, JJ!! It’s not like you don’t know who else is in True Blood.

  • evathediva

    @The Pixar Proyect: Yeah, huh? When was he named that? Wow, did not know about that one!!!

  • allison

    now every time jj posts on alexander skarsgard i think of how he felt the need to clarify who stellan skarsgard is by writing, “alexander skarsgard with his father stellan (also an actor).”

    i hope it becomes an ongoing thing just as a joke.

    “sofia coppola with her father francis ford (also a director).”

  • L

    @The Pixar Proyect: Wow, you really jumped to conclusions with that one.

  • L

    @allison: Stellan isn’t as popular in the States as he is in Sweden.

  • the truth

    I agreed Hot as always

  • TT

    that clip has all the main characters of True Blood, not just ASkars. sheesh

  • allison


    yeah, i know, but i’d still say he’s fairly recognizable as an actor in america. at least enough so where there’s no need to clarify that he’s also an actor. stellan has been on entourage and had fairly large supporting roles in good will hunting, the pirates of the caribbean sequels, and mamma mia.

    it’s like audrey tatou, i know she’s a bigger star in france, but i’d still recognize her if someone showed me her picture because she’s made enough films that were popular in the states.

    i’m not hating on jj, i just think it’s funny he (or his employee) wrote it.

  • Cherie

    How come you don’t have pics of the cast or mention the cast that were able to attend? There is more to True Blood than Alex.

  • JM

    Why is Alex even mentioned in this when he wasn’t even at Comic Con? The headline should have been something like True Blood sneak peek footage unveiled at Comic Con.

    @ Cindy C: The other role he played was in a Swedish film called Om Sarah. You can find clips on youtube. Basically, he rapes his passed out wife on their wedding night while telling her he hates her.

    I’m seriously hoping Alex’s family can knock some sense into him while he’s away from the clingon. Who knows what kind of pap fiasco she’s getting lined up now that Orly just got married.

  • rock n roll queen

    alex is probably the best actor in true blood along with allan hyde season 3 is amazing so far

  • alex p

    wowowoo great footage, true blood is truly amazing

  • Anne

    JJ is very disrespectful to the True Blood cast. Anna, Stephen, Sam, etc, were at comic con. Yet they don’t get a mention. Honestly, I think all the attention on Alex has become overkill. That may doom him more than his association with KB.

  • wll duh

    @JM: he also played someone accused of rape in the film Järngänget , where his character and his friends supposedly rape and murder a girl while on a camping trip. WTH is up with him picking roles where he’s a rapist, some sick power fetish?

  • ballcrusher

    this trailer is epic!

  • sven

    geez people, lots of actors have portrayed rapists, murderers, child molestors, etc. It’s called acting numnuts, doesn’t have anything to do with someone’s character.

  • CC

    It’s called acing. Are you really saying an actor is a bad person because of a role they play?? really??? I have never understood the hate towards Alex from the people on JJ. I don’t read things like this about him anywhere els, just here. And by the way as far as the Pixar Proyact thing, that was voted on over quit a few months, Alex won by a land slide. Everyone was welcome to vote.

  • okay

    ladies and gentlemen! Its True Blood starring Kate Bosworth’s boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard…….oh yeah and those other folks. You are dead wrong JJ

  • @Okay

    Agree, but you guys do know that JJ does this to get a rise out of you, right?? Don’t play into his crap. At least he didn’t mention Bosworth, SHOCKER!!! But it really is not Alex’s fault JJ has a hard on for him.

  • Alex Who?

    Yes, AS is an actor, supposedly, and the role doesn’t necessarily mirror the person he is, suppoedly. My primary reason for dropping this garbage show completely was that appalling scene in episode one with Eric in the basement and Yvetta hanging from chains. That sequence crossed a line to unacceptable violence toward a woman, and there’s no excuse for it. I’m really disgusted that no one, not the entertainment media, fans or appropriate groups, has protested it. Have we become so immune and accepting of violence toward women that it’s just chalked up to fun, campy entertainment? When a writer, whether film, television or novel, has to resort to pointless sex and violence to “entertain”, the work in question has no redeeming social value no matter how pretty and popular a package it’s put it in.

  • Lily

    @Alex Who?: The scene you described involves bondage. It’s part of BDSM. I hope you’ve heard of it. As long as both parties are agreeable to it, it is not considered violence against women.

    In that scene, you didn’t hear Yvetta complaining. As for Eric, I believe it is not in his character to abuse women even though he is a vampire.

  • Alex Who?

    @Lily – Your reply proves my point.

  • Crazy

    @Alex Who?: Well, I’m glad you stopped watching before the crazy Bill & Lorena scene.

  • Question

    Seriously, JJ, I know you’re on KB’s payroll, I didn’t know you’re on AS’s payroll too! Prove me wrong, give me pics of other True Blood cast members who did attend Comic-Con.

  • CC

    @Crazy, LOL I was just about to ask that to @Alex Who. The Bill & Lorena stuff was way over the top IMHO.

    @Alex Who, So did you see the Bill & Lorena part, or did you just come to this post grabbing at straw to hate on Alex? And if you are so done with True Blood why are you here at all?

  • adrianna


  • Dina

    I’m sorry he couldn’t make it to the Comic Con panel, he would make the event beter for sure.

    I’m looking forward his scenes on True Blood as always.

  • Dina

    @Alex wasn’t even at Comic Con.:

    Well, Alex is a very popular cast member, you like it or not. Did you miss all those articles and interviews with the other cast members in these few days? If you really look you will find them.

  • Allison


    You have to consider the amount of stupid, misinformed people who post here, I guess.

  • luv blonds


    But even the cast missed his presence so much that they brought that carboard Alex. He’s just that hot!

  • evathediva

    @Alex wasn’t even at Comic Con.: good point, the other actors on the show are just as awesome or actually more awesome than ERic so far this season. I am waiting for Eric to amp it up a bit. I want the old Eric back!!! The “have you shaking in your boots” Eric. LOL

  • luv blonds



    Robert de Niro’s character raped Jennifer Connely’s in Once Upon A Time in America. He also played a lunatic who raped a brutalized a female charater in Cape Fear. Kavin Bacon played a pedophile. Keanu Reeves played a serial killer who targeted young women.

    And so on.

  • Tinkerbell

    Rats! That’s the last preview I watch! They give waaaaaaaaaaay too much away. :( Plus, no more love between Eric and Sookie? Double Rats!!

  • suesturm

    just saw a movie called Exit yesterday oh god how innocent and sweet he was ….

  • Crazy scene

    @Crazy: What was crazy about that scene, was Bills response after he had done it, screaming and grabbing his head. That scene was awesome, I think he scared himself. Remember folks, these are suppose to be vampires, not humans. I thought it was great writing, and people need to quit taking this so seriously. They are actors, acting a scene. I think they put the warnings ahead of the program, about violence, language, nudity. etc.

  • Gina

    People need to separate roles that actors play and who they are in real life. And I agree with Anne. JJ’s constant coverage does ASkars damage. I’m still a fan!

  • Annie

    Don’t get the hype over Alex…he’s got a hot bod sure but also a fivehead and a piggy nose. Face wise Ryan and Steven are more handsome.

  • Jenna

    @The Pixar Proyect: I agree!! WHY HAS HE PLAYED A RAPIST TWICE IN MOVIES??? Does that get him off or something?! Just weeeeeeird.

  • Swedish Girl

    @CINDY C: Cindy he also played a husband who RAPES his new bride in “Om Sara” which is a swedish film he made over there. He RAPES her on their wedding night because she had too much to drink and he felt like she wasn’t obeying him enough in their lives. He was a crazy control freak in that movie. But what I find odd is that he’s doing it all over again in STRAW DOGS.

  • I love TB

    @allison: Why the hell are you defending Stellan Skarsgard and demanding that JJ know who he is? He’s an old man in his 60s who’s not very relevant in Hollywood. I couldn’t care less about some chubby fat old man who I only know as having a smaller role as the pirate dad in Pirates if the Carribbean,

  • Kellis

    @L: I agree with you. It’s obvious Stellan isn’t as popular in the states as in Sweden. There must be a bunch of old ladies posting here to be fighting so hard for his popularity. LOL. Go back to knitting booties for your grandbabies!


    @wll duh: “he also played someone accused of rape in the film Järngänget , where his character and his friends supposedly rape and murder a girl while on a camping trip. WTH is up with him picking roles where he’s a rapist, some sick power fetish?”
    EEEEEWWWW! WTF?! So this means he’s played a rapist 3 times:
    1. Om Sara
    2. Järngänget
    3. Straw Dogs