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Angelina Jolie: There's Something Off About Evelyn Salt...And Maybe Me

Angelina Jolie: There's Something Off About Evelyn Salt...And Maybe Me

Angelina Jolie chats with Comic-Con visitors about her Salt character, Evelyn Salt, in a panel on Thursday (July 22).

“There’s a part of her that’s not necessarily a good guy, and because of certain things that happened to her, she’s a bit damaged,” Angie said. “She’s not just heroic. She’s not even. She’s not just brave. There’s something a little off about her, and maybe there’s something off about me.”

“It’s so unusual to find a great character,” Angie continued. “Her history and her childhood feeds into a lot of who she is and you get to meet her as a child, which is is played by wonderful actors….We all did the character together.”

Angelina Jolie – Salt Panel at Comic-Con
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Photos: Trae Patto/Eric Charbonneau/SPE
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  • first of all


  • KellStar

    She has a sexy voice.

  • KellStar

    She has a sexy voice.

  • busted

    If you have not seen SALT> get you as* off the computer and head out.. It is the Best Summer fun you are going to have..

    Awesome.. Awesome.

    Angie is the best.. the best..

  • first of all

    why am i alone here…..for now anyway!

  • Lara CROFT TR

    She is so pretty.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    We are leaving in 30 minutes to go see Salt!!!!!

  • Me

    Good to see liev hand is placed a little higher than the other photo of him with his hand smack dab on her asssss. Lmao

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Thank you JJ we can’t get enough of Angelina.

  • sera

    Saw SALT today with my husband and we both loved it. Wow Angie is a true action hero. She is amazing and the movie is fun. It is so great to be an Angie fan. The haters don’t know what they are missing.

  • jp fan

    She is real. Go see salt if you haven’t seen it already.

  • Angie Copies Jennifer Again!!

    Angie wears the same outfit to comic con that Jennifer wore to The Bounty Hunter party. And AJ copied Jen’s little black dress at the premiere of Salt. Pictures are in the link below.

  • dark angel

    Angie has been the one being copied by Aniston. That woMAN is the copycat. Angie wore leather during MAMS premiere!

  • dark angel

    I should have said IS THE ONE…

  • Christy

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Angelina. I do. But She’d be more believable as a badass if she weighed more than 20 pounds.

  • Lara CROFT TR


    The ‘haters’ aren’t missing anything. They are right there in the theaters with you. Infact, they are usually the ones who show up to these threads first and have plenty of info on Angelina and her family. I dont know about you, but I couldn’t give a rats a.s.s about people I truly dislike and I wouldnt be spending any time on them.
    Im off to see the movie. Catch ya all later.

  • marina

    Lovely actress! waiting to see this film on August in my country!

  • dark angel

    Aniston is a copycat!

  • marina

    Lovely actress! waiting to see this film on August in my country!

  • dark angel

    Aniston is THE copycat!

  • marina

    ha! sorry for the double posting this last few days it as been a nightmare to post in this site!

  • Angie Copies Jennifer Again!!

    @dark angel:

    So because Angie wore leather at MMS 6 years ago, no one else in the world is allowed to wear black leather? LMFAO!

  • Masina

    @dark angel:

    How about the black trench coats….the copy cat of the cannes dress Angie wore at IG, the earrings….the shoes….I can go on. Also…the way she poses with the co-stars on the red carpet…..right after Angie and Brad showed PDA. She is and always will be a fake and follower. BTW…she needs to put some clothes on and stop taking photo’s exposing your tata’s to the whole world.

  • marina

    @Lara CROFT TR:
    haters are in these threads, watching the trailers, enlarging and analizing the pictures, imaginig conversations for the pictures, and even creating stuff and hatefic and photoshopping pics!, watching her movies and interviews, trying to sneak their way into private forums… they criticize fans are are way more obsessed than any fan.

  • busted


    I am sick of people wanting her to bulk up for this role. really. we see that all the time. She was a CIA..not a bodybuilder. I and the women I saw it with liked that she was just this woman that you would not assume could kill someone. Just a woman in a plain blue suit.. NOW we do have Spies and they are not looking like James Bond.. they are everyday looking people that blend in.

    Every time a woman does an action movie people want her bulked up looking like a man in drag.. well I believed this more because she was not that way.. And that was more realistic then watching her shave her head and lift weights.

    Sick of the Linda Hamilton Terminator idea.. I liked her better in the first Terminator because she was a woman that was thrust into a situation and kicked as*.. So Angie did quite will

    and she was not that screaming fool we saw in Killers or Knight and Day. she did her thing and did it just as well if not better then the boys.. OH and she didn’t have or need a sidekick next to her doing it..

    Go Angie.. Go.. Girl Power finally..

  • Masina

    @Angie Copies Jennifer Again!!:

    You brought it up……pathetic loser!

  • busted

    OH and Angie coping Aniston.. GMAFB

    when has Jennifer Aniston been known as a leather wearing badas*..

    remember she is all California casual.. that is what the hens love to all of a sudden she is a leather wearing badas*.. yeah..

    Angie is coping her.. ONLY if she dyed her hair blond put on a pair of too tight jean.. roasted in the sun for hours, wore a tee shirt showing her nipples and changed her green eyes to blue.

    When you see that happening then we can talk.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Inception is the film of the summer, not Salt. Salt can’t hold a candle to inception.

  • Masina


    LMFAO……Too GREAT…LOVE your come back. Which is all TRUTH!!!

  • busted

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    then why are you here. Ask Jared for an Inception thread..


  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @Lara CROFT TR:

    People don’t have to search for into on the family, it’s shoved in our faces daily.

    Jen is not a fake nor a follower. Jolie needs to cover up, nobody wants to see her skin and bones.

  • yuk

    classy tats

  • hehehe

    EEEk! I wouldn’t want to meet that undermuscled stick figure in a dark alley

  • gg

    Angie interviews at comiccon is very real.I am totaly jealous those of you who already saw salt. It is always like this when I plan something.But I am going the last show 10:50pm local time.

  • busted

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    And still you are here..

  • Masina

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    Not impressed…..move on and go add some posts on your leather face idol.

  • SF Chronicle

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie buy a home in Italy

    ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have expanded their property empire by investing in a multi-million dollar mansion in Italy.

    The Hollywood couple has reportedly added to their property portfolio by paying $40 million for a luxury villa in the hills of Valpolicella, Italy.

    The expansive estate is surrounded by a park and includes two swimming pools with waterfalls and jacuzzi tubs, a cinema room and a well-equipped gym.

    Property firm owner, Alexander Proto, tells Sky Italy magazine, “They wanted something more exclusive and in record time to spend the summer vacation in Italy.”

    The couple and their six children spent several months living in Italy this year while Jolie filmed scenes for her new movie “The Tourist” in Venice. They also own homes in New Orleans, Louisiana and Los Angeles.

  • Reality Check

    How can you not love her?
    It’s impossible.
    I think we all see a bit of ourselves in Angelina or a bit of what we want to be in Angelina.
    Her intelligence makes her even more beautiful…..if that’s possible.

  • t.m.delafonda

    The thing that I fail to understand is people who continue to talk about a relationship, that by HW standards is past its expiration date for conversation. x is the past, Angelina is the present and future. I don’t hate x, but, I am disappointed that a woman of her age is still allowing her fans to hold on to thoughts about HER past marriage / ex when all the other star/lets who have divorced in HW have moved on with their lives and found new loves, had children (that they said they wanted), expanded on their acting abilities, engaged in various endeavors outside of acting, etc. Yet and still haters want to keep it going. They just want to keep x coat-tailing others. She is GROWN!!! NOT a child who needs her hand held. MAYBE…..It’s time for all of you (haters) to let it go. HOWEVER…..Piad posters keep making your money because it just adds hits to the JP the sites/threads.

  • Orchid

    12 Angie Copies Jennifer Again!! @ 07/23/2010 at 8:44 pm -9
    Stop it already with this cr*p!
    Nobody owns the black leather jacket plus black skirt look, and it’s Angelina who has always liked black things to wear.
    I have black leather jackets which I sometimes wear with a black skirt, mini or longer, or black pants, or with even denim shorts.

    Really, stop the nonsense!


    busted @ 07/23/2010 at 9:19 pm +1

    @Not Impressed by AJ:

    And still you are here..

    Because s/he is actually impressed and has nothing to do with ANY inceptive inception thread any place anywhere through the internet….Remembered JA are braindead moron with a one digit IQ, they can’t think thoughts straight, how can they possibly like an intellectual stuff like INCEPTION when they have a bimbo as an idole who wants to be a James Bond girl at 40+ years of age ?

  • suspension of belief

    - there are small children who could kick this action hero’s skinny asz

  • Orchid

    13 dark angel @ 07/23/2010 at 8:52 pm +2

    Angie has been the one being copied by Aniston. That woMAN is the copycat. Angie wore leather during MAMS premiere!
    That’s one of my favorite Angie dresses!

  • ebmo

    I will be seeing it tommorrow! Cannot wait!
    As for Maniston……who cares? She had to coat tail again!

  • j

    “There’s Something Off About Angelina”…………no shiiit

  • getalife

    Reality Check: I agree with you!
    Angelina is intellgient and her believes is about build a better world instead getting the best shampoo (jen-X) to take care the hair.
    Abc interviews was really good when it was asked can you really
    fight a man or take down someone and she answer right away : yeah , 2 that comes in my mind and she name one name of a crazy leader in Africa that takes children and train them for his army.
    She acutally said the words: I hate him! with a passion !
    You know where her interest lies to protect others!
    What does X protect (her hair,makeup,body etc…) its really depressing and thats why shes alone like her fans!
    Go angelina you know who you are and I wish someday I will meet you not because of your looks but your intellegient to help build a better society.

  • Masina

    @Reality Check:

    Angelina exemplifies how women should be celebrated. How it is to be strong and yet sensitive. She glorifies motherhood….cherishes ONE man….and makes him FEEL like a MAN. He reciprocates that same love and commitment that Angie so willingly and selflessly give. The only people who do not share these qualities are those who are BITTER….INSECURE…..and JEALOUS. These are usually people who spend most of their lives being ALONE. They don’t have room for anyone else, because they are only thinking of themselves. And they go around with the attitude of “what’s in it for ME’! Look…all it is.. is…you have to GIVE love….in order to RECEIVE love.

    Unfortunately….there are too many that are in it for themselves and end up spending their whole lives focusing on crucifying those that finds joy in giving of themselves to others.

  • ebmo

    Angie Copies Jennifer Again!! @ 07/23/2010 at 8:44 pm

    Seriously? Angie has always rocked leather, whereas Maniston has been labelled as “desperate looking” by fashion critics….oh and by the wat….Angie has no need to copy X’s clothes….she has six beautiful children with the man she loves awards, and basically can look astonishingly beautiful in anything.

    X has a TEAM of staff at her house full time to make her even presentable, AND she has to take off her clothes to promote anything!

  • niwatori

    She’s GORGEOUS ♥ Loved Salt to bits. Watching again on Monday :D

  • Troll2010

    Her nose looks SO different these days. See younger pic of Angelina, she had her whole nose hacked off, obviously.