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GLAAD: MTV, CW Host Most Gay-Friendly Programming

GLAAD: MTV, CW Host Most Gay-Friendly Programming

MTV and The CW are the homes to the most gay-friendly programming, according to GLAAD!

The organization selected MTV as the top network to include LGBT characters or issues in its lineup of programming. Coming in last in the race was CBS, which took a “failing” rating for the second year in a row.

“From their inception, MTV programs like The Real World and America’s Best Dance Crew have offered richly diverse portrayals of gay and transgender people that help Americans better understand and accept our community,” GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios said (via TV Guide).

Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman (also known as the “Coming Out Guru”) is reportedly developing a show with A&E on the stories of public features coming out! Howard recently help guide country singer Chely Wright into a public life out of the closet.

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  • julie

    God loves every one and so do i, repent and give god your hearts, one sin is no worst than any other, sin is sin, god bless you all.

  • Adam


  • James

    @Adam: You’re the only one going to Hell.

  • DIAF

    @Adam: Why the F are you on JJ – a GAY man’s blog?!

  • vom

    @Adam: There IS no Heaven or Hell, sorry to burst your bubble

  • Ellie, 25

    @julie: You probably didn’t realise how backwards you sounded but STFU and STFD with your ‘Sin’ B.S. I didn’t realize orientation was a freaking Sin!!!!! Guess I’m going to Hell for not being a blue eyed blonde!@Adam: CLOSET-CASES like you make me LOL. So sorry about your life, or the lack of it, rather.

  • ben

    ill never understand where hphobes crawl out from so quick or why they roam blogs owned by the very thing they’re so scared of

  • ben

    im straight and care about human equality

  • Jermaine

    Jared….your headlining story should have been about the A&E coming out show in development, not MTV dude.

  • NOPE.


  • :)

    @ben: You’re wise and HUMAN <3

  • come again?

    MTV, gay-friendly? When Ryan from The Real World is a big fat homophobe?

  • cece

    Every man has the right to live their lives the way they want to. I love my gay friends especiall the ones in the military. I glad that in canada we dont have the don’t ask don’t tell policy, and if you are caugh gay bashing it is a crime that can get your butt kick out dishonorably.

  • Jonte

    @come again?: Amen

  • cece

    also to add our military pays for sex changes. All gays can move to canada!!!! :) see how their celebrities pan out for stylist and clothing wear Ha

  • ugh

    Girl-on-girl kissing and faux-interaction is not progression….it just helps build stereotypes. MTV’s not that gay-friendly imo


    GAYS AND POC OWN <33333333333

  • Tom

    Really? What about Bravo ?

  • Jenny

    @come again?:

    I actually dont think that Ryan is a homophobe, i just think that he acts like it so that people will stop calling him gay.

  • Pheonix

    what about the E! network, they have a lot of gay friendly programming, such as Chelsea Lately the soup and Enews and the daily 10, just to name a few. plus Ryan seacrest is the most closeted gay man alive, i love the gays since i am somewhat bicurious or bisexual (Not sure what the correct term is)

    Although i do agree with how mtv is gay friendly, after all the realworlds of New york, denver and dc have all been in support of gay rights and gender identity rights. the cw is kind of a gray area but with shows like tyra and wendy williams they’re getting to be much better than its predecessor the WB.

    And one more thing, does anyone watch CBS anymore, all i know is that there prime audience is the elderly. just saying.

  • liz

    Something that always makes me mad: why is it ok for people to hate on Christians (call them names like “bible-thumper,” mock the idea of heaven / hell, or even imply that they are “in the closet”) but it’s not ok for Christians to hate on homosexuals?

    If you don’t want Christians to hate on your lifestyle, why don’t YOU stop being such a hateful group yourselves? At least for the sake of being “the bigger person?”

  • Freddie

    @liz: not to go down the road of “you started it”, but ‘being the bigger person’ would be a hell of a lot easier to do if gay people wouldn’t have been ostracized, discriminated against, and even killed by homophobes who – let’s face it – are most prominent in religious groups. your argument is moot, and frankly sounds like it was brought forth by an immature seventh grader. big, big fail.