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John Galliano Taps Taylor Momsen as New Face for Fragrance!

John Galliano Taps Taylor Momsen as New Face for Fragrance!

Taylor Momsen has been confirmed as the new face for John Galliano‘s new scent, due this fall.

The 16-year-old Gossip Girl starlet was recently revealed as the new spokesperson for Material Girl, the upcoming fashion line from Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon!

Back in January, Taylor hosted the launch of the Love Rocks fragrance by Victoria’s Secret Beauty.

Congrats on raking in the ad deals, Taylor!

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Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • Dominic

    I honestly do not see her appeal. She reminds me of a younger Christina, except without all that talent and double the skank factor!

  • Dominic

    Wow, They Blocked the word S kank! You guys are strict! lol

  • Lexie

    what in john’s mind that he decided to use momsen as the new face of his product?
    i don’t see the appeal really

  • alex

    i can’t believe she is the same age as my daughter.
    she dresses way too old for age and quite frankly looks like a slut.
    she needs to go away. pure result of bad parenting.
    everything she does seems to be for attention.

    i wonder what the fragrance will smell like…..probably an STD

  • Elle

    She looks rank.

  • D

    Its kind of sad that her desperate attempts at trying to seem cool and “shock” the public with her “rock star” persona are being rewarded, I’m so surprised that ppl like Galiano, and even Madonna for that matter would even want to be associated with her trashiness

  • ….

    Lol, I’m just trying to imagine my little sis who’s 16 dressed like that. So gross, that image needs to get out my head!

  • Kaz

    Hey guys Why say im dirtty annyiong ??????

  • Kaz

    Go f*u*c*k in hell and enjoy

  • rock n roll queen

    alex u r supposed to be a good mother?a mother doesnt talk this way about other children no matter how much they disagree with their choices

  • Kaz

    Blease Reply me?????????

  • nativenyker
  • alex

    @rock n roll queen:

    i’m sorry

  • JuBEE

    great to see, people are supporting that trainwreck in the making.

  • Alaia

    Is this a joke? How do you go from classies like Charlize Theron and Marion Cotillard for Dior to…Taylor Momsen for Galliano? Galliano, you’ve gone crazy.

  • Alaia

    Not only Cotillard and Theron, but Portman too, who just recently shot the latest Dior commercial. Taylor can’t hold a candle to these women.

  • Lexie


    what a BIG downgrade.

  • Sell Out

    Taylor is like any other trick. She is selling “shock” sex appeal for money. She is a “high” end sex worker. Kindly, a sell out.

  • Bryony

    My respect for Galliano just went down the drain!

  • casey

    Doesn’t this 16 year old belong on Just Jared Jr? Why support her childish attempt to shock adults by featuring her on JJ?

  • whatever

    I love how people talk bad about Miley Cyrus, but look at this girl. She’s only 16 and look at how she’s dressed. Miley’s almost 18 and she’s just trying to break out of her hannah montana image. People are dumb.

  • CC

    Well, She always does look like she smells….

  • ana

    @alex: BLABLA well she is not your daughter so you can’t say anything . You guys seem so jealous , to bad that your too old to dress like this . anyways

  • kwan

    omg you guys suck! So she dresses a little older than she’s suppose to. So what? Have any of you actually listened to her music? Proabaly not. People are giving her ad deals and contracts to promote their stuff because best chances are they have listend to her music and know what she’s about. If you guys listened to her music, you’d see why she dresses like this. It’s her! Her image. Her music. Her appeal is that she’s independent and strong. Maybe you guys are getting her confused with Jenny(her character on Gossip Girl), hmm?
    Why should she be all Rock-N-Roll and hard and angsty on stage and with her music, but then when the Red Carpet and ad deals come around- do you really think she’s gonna be all bubbly and Princessy and “I love partying and boys and not eating!”??? Do you people always juge others just by how they look- or do you actually look them up and give them a chance?
    And for the pesron that said why are people complaining about Miley when they should be complaining about Taylor: Miley is acting like Britney (when Britney was a trainwreck) to try to get out of her Hannah Montanna image. She’s dancing on poles, flashing her crotch and kissing girls. Taylor’s being herself-she’s even admitted she was always sorta angsty and stuff.
    And because you’re prob. gonna ask: yes i have listened to Miley’s music and have watched her show, so i have actually given her a chance and IMO Miley’s now just acting like a slut.

  • sweetness

    I haven’t listened to her music but that being said..I don’t get why people here are criticizing this 16 year old from doing the same as any other world famous rock and roll, punk talent acts or singers has done..and yeah most started in the music industry at a young age. So what she dresses what? Madonna dresses this way when she was this girl’s age and made a fortune.
    Recently the actress Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning played 2 rock icons Joan Jett and Cherie Curry in The Runaways and they were 16 when they started…so much praise can go to actresses playing rock stars but not when it happens in real life?

  • zend

    she looked better with glasses. :p

  • lola

    Way for the “adults” in charge to celebrate her bad behavior and inappropriate look!


    Classy is better. Please Taylor. Such a cute girl you are please don’t wear a garter belt out like that.

  • Dreadhead

    For a badass, she sure loves her mainstream ad deals…

    I thought she wanted to rebel against Hollywood and it’s music scene. Silly child.

  • casey


    Excuse me, she can dress as slu$$y as she wants to. She can wear eye make caked on her eyes until she goes blind.

    Do I care? NO.

    What bothers me about her is that so many young girls look up to her (probably like you). She smokes, drinks, takes drugs. And there are numerous blind items/vices out there with her name attached to them for unprotected sex with anyone willing and hard drugs.

    Now why in God’s name would I want my daughters or sons or any young person to look upon her as a star, an idol, or admire her.

    She is talented, there is no doubt. But she is going to burn out early from all of her ‘vices’ or get an incurable STD.