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Amanda Bynes Unretires After One Month

Amanda Bynes Unretires After One Month

Just one month ago, Amanda Bynes vented her frustrations about the entertainment industry and declared that she was retiring from acting.

Yesterday, the 24-year-old actress had a change of heart and tweeted, “I’ve unretired.”

Amanda also posted the trailer for her new comedy Easy A, due in theaters September 17.

“Check it out :),” she wrote.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Amanda Bynes reversing her decision to quit acting? Why do you think she changed her mind?

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  • amanda

    she should really consider what she writes on twitter. I knew she would change her mind but after 1 month?

  • Hitch

    attention whore

  • Hitch

    attention ‘ho

  • L


  • mano

    is she a psycho or what?

  • Knew it

    Home girl needs to feed herself, right? Or something. Bottom line is that she needs monay – and what better way to get the green. Acting like a douche and getting money? Now that’s a deal no one with a brain would pass up, right?

  • Mari

    I really don’t get her… But I like her! I’m glad

  • jess

    pretty sure she was high or drunk when she announced her retirement considering she wrote it at 5a.m

  • lisa


  • facts

    Good, now she can answer a few phone calls and die in the first 15 minutes of Scream 4 :)

  • facts

    Good, now she can answer a few phone calls and die in the first 15 minutes of Scream 4 :)

  • Laki

    Wow,who would have guessed?

    Maybe she should stick a fork in an apple next,it’ll make her more useful to society.

  • Laki

    What a surprise.

    Maybe she should stick a fork in an apple next,that’ll make her more useful to society.

  • Hm


  • raffaela

    First of all, I don’t really think it’s considered “retiring” when no one wants you in their movies anymore. Who cares if Amanda Bynes “decides” she no longer wants to act? She wasn’t exactly putting on mind-blowing performances when she was acting. In fact, I think she could fall of the face of the earth and no one would notice.

    Second of all, her original post on Twitter was obviously a cry for the attention she hasn’t been getting and her latest post is a desparate second attempt. She’s a washed up child actor who needs to cut her losses while she’s ahead.

  • mano

    hey amanda f*ck off

  • wtf

    she probably only said she was retiring because she couldn’t find any work.

  • Courtney

    attention hungry bitch that can’t act to save her life. do us all a favor and take some acting lessons from Sophia Loren Or Vanessa Redgrave both of whom have had 50+ year careers and won loads of awards and never had to do anything stupid for attention as the likes of you do. granted Redgrave is part of a dynasty

  • Slig


  • dundies


  • Slig

    Jared why my comment is awaiting

  • Dominic

    As soon as she posted that I said she would regret it!

  • mailey

    a forgiving interpretation is that she’s in quarter life crisis.

    an unforgiving one is that she is bipolar or has some other form of mental disorder. seriously, read a few lines of her twitter and ull understand.

  • kevin

    Weird, but I am glad, she is a great actress!

  • Alaia

    @jess: Wouldn’t she have said that the, er, day after as opposed to a MONTH? She wants a little attention.

  • iknewit!

    what a flake! i knew it was just a case of sour grapes, can’t get a job so she pretends it’s her choice. no big loss to the entertainment industry, in my opinion, thousands are waiting in line to fill her space. attention seeking juvenile.

  • M

    Not like anyone missed her when she said she retired. Don’t care that she is unretiring, as someone else said, it wasn’t as if she was putting in any great performances.

    I am sure she could have done something else for attention.

  • Buzz

    Amanda is going thru something right now. Whether it is mental illness, drugs, or just a rough patch in a normal existence–as normal as being a child star can be–who can know. I am not going to form judgements, but will sit back and watch with an admixture of amusement and concern.

  • vox


  • tanya

    im glad she came out of retirement, shes so talented! :)

  • Tyler

    Good job Amanda you got our attention. Now what?

  • Frankly

    I REALLY like her but the fact it lasted a month is a joke.

  • Hannah

    wow. amazing. no.

  • mm

    I really think it was to get publicity! She probably had no work so she came up with this idea to get the spotlight back on her.

  • waffle bowl

    I guess she wanted to beat Jay-Z’s record for shortest retirement… well congratulations, Amanda. You won.

  • trish

    When I first heard she wanted to retire I was a bit sad but I’m glad she reconsidered acting again because she’s a great actress.

  • lt


  • Blahzae

    She is pulling a Lohan and acting strange to get press it is that simple her old clean image wasnt cutting it so her people are trying to liven things up. By having her retire , unretire, posts a link to her next film and then Twitter in an odd fashion. Its a pr move for sympathy or/and controversy and shes going along for the ride.

  • ?

    she is obviously just looking for the attention because nobody gives a damn about her. a normal person who genuinely wants to retire wouldnt even announce it the way she did..

  • Joanne

    I think she couldn’t find roles or roles was not getting offered to her and went to depression mode. so she said she was retiring. IF she said she doesn’t enjoy acting anymore, why is she going back to it. She is being shady..


    good im glad she’s back! i love her & her movies

  • Hugo

    i knew it!!! c’mon if she’s an unstable person?… she has to consider what she puts on the web.!

  • eden

    it was bull PR from the beginning. she can’t land a job doing anything else that would feed her addictions.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    Perhaps she did do this for attention, problem is I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now. To be honest, I forgot about the story of her “retiring” anyway.

  • Kaz

    I hate amanda she’s not has telant

  • Slig

    She dosnot have beauty

  • offtheproperty

    Unretired, hahaha! That’s a good one AB. Now un-unretire.

  • casey

    Knew it was too good to be true.

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Anita H. Anjobe