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Casey Affleck Sued for Sexual Harassment, Countersues

Casey Affleck Sued for Sexual Harassment, Countersues

Casey Affleck is being sued for sexual harassment by a producer who worked on his forthcoming documentary about his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix‘s bid to become a rap star.

According to THR, Amanda White worked on “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix” and alleges Casey refused to pay her when she wouldn’t spend the night in a hotel room with him. She also claims she had to endure “an impromptu shoot in a Las Vegas hotel room filled with hookers and transvestites.”

Casey isn’t sitting this one down and intends to countersue.

“The allegations brought upon our clients are preposterous and without merit,” says litigator Michael Plonsker, who reps Casey. “Ms. White was terminated from the production over a year ago. She and her lawyers believe that this maliciously and erroneously filed complaint will cause the producers to succumb to her outrageous and baseless demands. She is mistaken. The complaint will be vigorously defended and cross-claims will be filed against her.”

So bizarre!

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  • ajh

    yeah right. that’s the craziest accusation i have heard in a long time.

  • nata

    Is this the month of the sexual harassment suit?

  • Kaz

    No, he’s boring

  • Slig

    Yeah yeah i dont care

  • Slig

    Im handsom boy ever come come thous me

  • offtheproperty

    Olivia Munn is his attorney, why not post a picture?

  • anon

    Serious stuff. Casey Affleck isn’t just an actor; he is a brand. And a still developing one with much more of a future than a past, unlike Mel. Casey has no choice but to sue as his reputation is at $take. Otherwise we have no idea about his innocence or guilt.

  • Sian

    Good point, anon. I’m really curious to see how this one turns out.

  • adrianna

    yeah right !!! his wife is joaquim phoenix sister. so yeah he was in his room with transvestites and protitutes! when his wife’s brother was there

  • lene

    I don’t believe it. Would he do this when his wife’s brother is there all the time? Doubt it!

  • hardtobelieve

    usually women file sexual harassment suits, when it is not going their way…
    i am a woman but there are some crazy women out there!!!

  • kate

    I do believe there is some truth to this woman’s claims, where there is smoke there is fire. People who have seen this movie casey directed say it’s pretty crude and vulgar, so the behviour by Casey and Joquin during the making of this was probably the same really crude and vulgar with no respect towards women, the only women in this trashy movie are hookers and strippers. I doubt casey cheated in front of his brother in law and anyway joaquin was probably too stoned and drunk to even know what was going on.

  • CanadaGirl

    @kate: Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire? How about innocent until proven guilty? I think I like that edict more than your proverb.

  • rio

    Totally on Casey’s side but…..C’mon!What r u guys doing?whataya wanna put in your movie?I’m a lil confused.

  • rio

    @lene: you got the point.And once Summer said she likes Joaquin the most in the whole family and Joaquin is the closest sibling to her.So I don’t actually buy it coz Joaquin won’t let Casey to this to his little sis.

  • Jenn

    It’s a lie! No Affleck man would ever do such a thing.


    pffft – ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ – sure, in some cases. But the number of bs cases there’ve been that have gone through court and everything and it’s turned out that the woman has completely fabricated her allegations. This kind of thing happens all the time……

  • hesterstreet

    This suit is all about money. No matter what went on on the set, things were fine and dandy as long as the woman in question got paid. Things didn’t go her way so she retaliated with a law suit. Perhaps she’s counting on the graphic reputation of the film to give her story credibility, but the flick and life are 2 very different things. This woman is about to learn a very hard lesson. Casey has one of the nicest reputations in Hollywood. He’s famous for being unpretentious and devoted to his wife and family. This producer tried to extort money and he wisely did not give in. Sure, it’d be easy to hand over $50,000 just end the lies and the media intrusion, but Casey has integrity on his side. On the bright side, this press will undoubtedly help publicize the film.

  • kiki

    Yes sure hester, this suit is all about money so she picks CASEY AFFLECK to get it? No. Why not file false claims about joauin? He has MORE money than casey does. This woman works in hollywood and worked with casey, ben affleck and matt damn on “good will hunting”. She has money. Not like casey would be the person to go for if she wanted money. She worked with actors who make 10x what he does, why the hell would she pick him?

    Nice try. the truth is coming out about casey just like the truth has come out about joaquin being a cheater himself.

  • kiki

    “Casey has one of the nicest reputations in hollywood”

    oh yeah so you’re basing your bull on his “reputation”?! In land of the fake hollywood. You have no clue what he REALLY is like. You’re assuming you do because of his “reputation” and that is so naive. Hello TIGER WOODS!!!!! Was he not crowned “the all american good boy”?Yeah I think he was. Until they found out he was cheating on his wife with DOZENS of women!! Hollywood is FAKE. The image you have of them isn’t who they are.

  • hesterstreet

    Hi, biz! Have a great day.

  • Daisy

    Summer is standing by Casey so I think this whole thing is made up.

  • leslie

    Daisy, the wives always publicly “stand by” their husbands. Then they get divorced out of nowhere. They do this because they feel publicly humiliated, and don’t want people to know that their husband has been cheating on them with hookers. Like “kiki” said and many others have been saying, she has no reason to falsely accuse casey of this. If she wanted money, wouldn’t she go after an actor who actually had millions and millions to spend? Casey isn’t exactly the richest man in hollywood. Joaquin has more money than he does. She has worked with tons of rich celebrities, so why the hell would she decide to file a suit against casey….who undoubtedly has a much much lower income than the others? Makes no sense.

    Not only that, but out of all things to sue him for, she’d decide to make it sexual harassment? Out of all the things she could have picked, it was that? If she had a problem with what he paid her, it would make more sense to sue him for not paying what he was legally obligated to pay. Its not adding up. He is guilty for sure.

    I think his fans are incredibly naive. You think it’s hard to cheat on your wife? Hell no. Especially not when you’re a celebrity who has been spotted partying in las vegas with his buddies several times before.

  • Daisy

    Why choose sexual harassment? They ALL choose sexual harassment. She’s after Casey because he fired her and she’s mad. Look at her imdb page. Her resume is really brief and she hasn’t been an actual producer that long. Most of her jobs were much lower level. This was the best job she ever had and she was dismissed.

  • Richelle Richelle

    I cant believe every one is falling for this. Isnt it obvious this is part of the hoax? The timing is to perfect. The film is coming out soon and look how many stories are being written about it. Casey and Joaquin planned this whole thing and this AManda is in on it with them.

  • leslie

    Daisy, and again if she wanted money WHY CHOSE CASEY TO GET IT? It makes NO sense.

    Plus, she HAS MONEY of her own. Do you know how much it even costs to try and sue someone? A LOT. I know people who have similar jobs that she does on movies, and they make a ton of money. She is well off. She has no reason to sue him other than he is scum.

  • leslie

    Richelle Richelle, if this is a “hoax” then it is the stupidest most pointless “hoax” ever. No one even cares what casey affleck does. He could have freaking raped a girl and not many people would even care about it. He isn’t a huge star so he is only getting minor press coverage for this. How is this at all linked to his dumb mockumentary with joaquin? Casey is just the man behind the camera. I don’t see how pretending to be sued for sexual harassment is at all benefiting their flop movie. Had joaquin been sued for his little fake fight in the club that night, I’d say it was a joke. But this is casey being sued for sexual harassment. That is a serious thing to be sued for, and it isn’t helping his little film project at all.

    So I doubt this has anything to do with their hoax. The movie is done, and no one even gives a shit about it anyway.

  • leslie

    And daisy, it is a huge reach to say she is doing this just because “she is mad at him”. I don’t know many people who would go through all of this, just because they’re “mad” at someone. Thats ridiculous. But then again his fans will find any excuse to defend him

  • Richelle Richelle

    Daisy, This article agrees with you. It says that most celebs face some form of blackmail or extortion at some time in their lives.

    I still think its part of the hoax. Joaquin and Casey can be very mischievous.

  • Erika

    Ha! Don’t let appearances fool you. This guy’s a weasel. I hope Amanda can win, but it’s likely she won’t without proof. Too bad, since I hope this guy’s reputation gets dragged out and shot. It’s only a matter of time.

  • anonymous

    Why is Casey a weasel? Did he go pop?

  • SKY

    I think there’s some trith to this story…I often thought about how often is out at night with Joaquin, and Summer is home. I think he would sleep with a woman with JP in the room. JP is a tramp,and this documentary is trash. Why do women not support each other? Why are siding with Casey…he could have done this.

  • lala

    He could have done it, but I think it is odd that she waits a whole year to file suit. If she was as blatantly attacked as she says she was then why wait a whole year? They had money before they sold the movie, so if it was a case of taking him to court just to get justice for her attack, why wait?
    Whatever the case, it looks worse on Joaquin in my opinion because men cheat on their wives all the time (sadly), but to supposedly choose a friend over your sister, when they are supposedly so close, is just sick.
    I choose to believe innocent until proven guilty. Besides we do not know what goes on in their marriage, maybe she don’t care, I am sure she does, but we don’t know that. A lot of people have a mentality of what happens on the road stays on the road.
    Something about this suit on her part is strange, if I were harassed as she claims I would not have waited a whole year before people would have heard about it.
    If she had proof on camera because they filmed some of it for the documentary, why wait til he could get rid of it? She should have filed before any evidence could be destroyed.

  • paralegal

    I agree, lala. You make excellent points.

    Plus, have you seen Summer Phoenix? She’s the very definition of gorgeous.

  • SKY

    GOOD pointss LALA. There is something strange about the case, but not it’s going to arbitration which means Amanda’s claims have some merit. Summer was traveking with Casey, but it must be hard with the two children. Have you ever noticed how jennifer Gariner stays awy from JP and Casey…she keeps her distance for a reason. Summer is beautiful…not Hollywood beautiful. By the way, at the premier of the killer inside of me…their relationship looked strained. They didn’t smile;talked or laughed.

  • lala

    If you go to Hollywood under Casey Affleck there is a copy of the actual declaration, which I have not read all of it, but it claims there were e-mails she sent him before and after she left about how happy she was. Again maybe it has some merit but maybe she did not think the movie would be bought by a company and wants more money. I do not pretend to know, but something is still strange about it. She supposedly also signed a document saying that any problems they had would be solved only through arbitration.

  • lala

    Oh and in response to Jennifer Garner not hanging around Joaquin and Casey, I personally think that is just a total personality difference going on there. I highly doubt they have much in common, other than Ben.
    We are just hearing about this suit, but they have known probably for awhile now, and the stress on a normal marriage would be bad enough, even if he did not do anything. BUT to have to then deal with the public scrutiny must be even worse.
    I hope it works out mostly for Summer because you are right she is a beautiful person and an amazing actress. Especially in Esther Kahn. I believe if she had wanted to, she could have been as big as Joaquin. I think she put her marriage first, I hope it pays off for her.

  • anonymous

    Jennifer Garner doesn’t keep her distance from Casey and JP. She has been photographed at family picnics and at Summer’s LA store (before it closed). Summer lives a very private life. I agree that she could have been as big as Joaquin, but she chose to switch careers and avoid fame. She has never cared about media hype and is no doubt handling this intrusion with grace and dignity. She grew up in the business and is well aware that there are people who will target famous people for their own greed. She and Casey are devoted to each other and their children. This stupid suit will not change that one iota.

  • SKY

    Since they are going to arbitration, there are details that Casy wants to keep quiet…and vice versa. It will tarnish his reputation; I don’t know what he’s trying to do;he produced a porno film with JP in it. He’s not innocent. I am sure Summer isn’t naive about the situation. I am sure things aren’t happy at home

  • anonymous

    Oh, for heaven’s sakes, it’s not an explicit film – it’s funny! Wait till you see it.

    Casey and Summer are fine. This isn’t even a blip on their radar.

  • sky

    Please….I wouldn’t waste my money or time to see it. It’s funny alright; women are cows; he has oral sex with his assistant; he throws objects at his assistants; he has someone deficates on JP; HA HA HA! I can’t wait to see the frontal nudity which JP wouldn’t do but hired transvesites to do it. Their marriage is perfect. Not a blip on their radar…..they’re doing it for money; they’re the ones laughing all the way to the bank. they are securing their financial futures as AH’s. Casey in not in the same league of Ben; never willbe. James Gray has distanced himself from the project which says a lot. You are incorrect anonymous.

  • Two Lovers

    James Gray has not distanced himself. He’ll be among the first to see the film.

    To each his own. The film may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but knowing Joaquin, it’s bound to be interesting. Some will find it funny, some will be offended (although the leaked info should keep those likely to be offended away).