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Michelle Yeoh & Jean Todt: Tod's Twosome

Michelle Yeoh & Jean Todt: Tod's Twosome

Michelle Yeoh holds hands with her fiance Jean Todt after shopping at the Tod’s boutique last week in Saint Tropez, France.

Jean, 64, is a leading figure in motor racing. Michelle, 47, will lend her voice to the animated sequel Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom as the goat Soothsayer. Returning cast includes Jack Black as giant panda Master Po, Dustin Hoffman as red panda Master Shifu, Angelina Jolie as Master Tigress, and Lucy Liu as Master Viper.

10+ pictures inside of Tod’s twosome Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt

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michelle yeoh jean todt tods 02
michelle yeoh jean todt tods 03
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michelle yeoh jean todt tods 05
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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Wow!

    This guy must have major $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • john

    why she take such an ugly old man ? …$$$$ ? there are lots of asian men with $$$$ and handsome.

  • Paul


  • huh

    What’s with hot Asian women and ugly, old white men…

    Michelle, Lucy, Jyang Jiyi,

  • vinha

    she’s old too.. just more conserved! i dont think is about the $!

  • mary

    They have been together for a couple of years. He is very kind,smart man. Life isn’t just about money…..she has her money as well. she isn’t poor or something/

  • Brightside

    Beauty and the Beast? O.K, a bit unfair and, no, life isn’t always about looks…but, dammit, looks are important because your eyes need to be attracted to something…and this is just plain weird. It’s not like she couldn’t have her pick of nice-looking men….

  • s

    He’s the manager of F1 Ferrari team. I saw them on the race couple of times. Strong couple!

  • rachs

    Hes not manager of Ferrari team, he left the ferrari a few years ago, hes the president of F.I.A !!

  • anon

    Sometimes, I just don’t get women. I guess when women see a great guy with an obvious bimbo, they ask themselves the same thing.



  • ron jon

    Money can be the ultimate aphrodisiac..

  • Ginger

    Maybe she’s securing her future and her will-be kids or her relatives’ future with $$$??? I’m sorry, but THERE’S NO WAY she is in LOVE with the dude from the heart. kekeke I mean, when he had his hand over her shoulder? she walks in front him like she’s embarrassed to be seen with him. and when she held hand with him? It looks like she just have to. Okay, maybe I don’t know anything about their relationship or what Michelle sees in him but it’s her life and I’m only putting my two cent in. hahahahaa If they both found happiness in each other, it’s good and great! Love is hard to find. But I can’t be with an older oogly man even if he’s got money… I guess i’m selfish that way and I go for looks more. And I’ll live poor all my life but I can open my eyes when we’re doing the deed… kekekeke Okay, that’s mean… I’m happy for them!! Love is a beautiful thing! Regardless if the other person is not beautiful… dang. I need to stop. I’m so mean. I’m not pretty at all too so I don’t know why I make these comments… hahaha

  • Sara

    Hello! She isn’t even poor ok. FYI, she used to be married to another rich HK tycoon but they divorced cause she didn’t want kids. Besides money isn’t everything. Plus she’s not poor either! Get your info right.

  • Arianna

    She is too old to have kids anyway so that’s not an issue. The only thing he’s already 64. In six years he will be 70. Oh well.

  • In The Know

    It’s all about the Benjamens

  • GI

    Hey looks a not at all famous but at least not white person!!

    Better post it to justracist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natt

    nah im asian, i don’t go for money. but going for looks is abit overrated and usually don’t last

  • Johnny

    Wow, Asian women are worst than blondes when it comes to gold digging. He is disgusting. Pretty sad sight to be behold.

  • Jenni

    @Johnny: @Johnny:

    How can u say that about alla Asian women?!!!! Talk aboutbeing a racist. Michelle is not poor, She is rich herself and got her own money. And she is 47 years old for gods sake!!! How many WHITE celebs aren’t married to older men?!!!!! Just because Michelle happens to be Asian…dork.

  • nessa

    Age is just a number, if she is happy tats all it counts.

  • Jenna

    Most Asian woman get white woman’s left overs so it is what it is. They want a white man so bad that they even discard their own race to date in the lower pool of the white race. The guy looks like her grandfather.

  • michelle

    Damn that is one nasty looking old man. It looks like someone took a dump on his face. His d!ck is probably all shriveled up too.

  • joo

    damn she looks great for 47!!! Her body looks real youthful too, no disgusting age spots & sun freckles that even 30 yr olds have!!!

  • johnny

    @Jenni The guy looks disgusting. He is even worst than Donald Trump. At least Donald Trump have a personality. Asian women do get the ugliest white men ever. It is pretty sad. They have been thoroughly brainwashed by Hollywood to think white is better. Anyway, I feel sorry for her, she has to sleep his wrinkly and ugly skin. I know money doesn’t buy happiness, from the look of these picture, they look miserable.

  • laurent

    michelle is one of the kindest , caring persons that I have known, the same could be said about JEAN TODT. Together they are very happy and loving . Please dont cast envious and judgemental remarks but rather be genuine for a couple true to their feelings and raise above mere shallow looks and money. I m indeed happy and proud to be their friend.

  • JustAnotherGuy

    I know alot of younger handsome white guys that would like her. I don’t know what she’s doing, but it must be love- because it ain’t money or looks. So I’m glad for them.

    A small note to Asian movie stars. You have money, right?

    Have kids with a handsome white guy like Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie. There’s no need to go ghetto. You’ll start popping out Kristen Kreuks and making the world a better place. What you’re doing now.. I don’t understand. Your money may outlive you, but so what if your kids look like road kill.

    Handsome white guys love asian girls. I promise. These days I’m trying to find an Asian movie star that isn’t leaving an asian guy for a white guy. But bloody hell. Mate with people that make your kids better looking than you. It ain’t hard.

  • michelle

    i love michelle yeoh………….she is indeed rich within herself

  • http://DavCain10 Dave

    Can’t wait to see Michelle in TRUE LEGEND. Check out the FB page at…

  • Thai


    Thats why she married that freak. MONEY TALKS, BABY, GET REAL!

  • Jd

    You guys are asses ranking on asians! there’s also plenty other races dating old rich men. Like Anna Nichole Smith! Check youself’s with your overly prejudiced and racist comments! @Johnny cough* @Jenna cough* And @Jenna you can only talk if you have a rich white old man so shh!! I mean shit I go wfh was she thinking when I see the old dude but damn, if they like each other, what the heck do you turds gotta complain about, it aint your life! And like the other people said, its not like she poor, its not looks, or whatever else, so maybe she really like the guy. Dont be making some rude as comments out of no where foo!

  • MelC

    actually, they’ve been together for years, and if not mistaken, he’s the one who stopped her from smoking. And no, Michelle does not even need his money, and he’s very supportive of her. Just because he’s not good looking or young, doesn’t mean he can’t be a good partner / husband to her.


    All the asian girls I know have white fever.