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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Fun in France!

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Fun in France!

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz take a walk through a vineyard on Friday (July 23) in Martillac, France.

The Knight and Day co-stars attended a press conference at Les Sources de Caudalie, a super chic hotel and spa near Bordeaux.

Yesterday, the duo premiered their film in London!

Tom and Cam also visited Munich this week for the German premiere of the film.

FYI: Cameron is wearing Levi’s Demi Curve Skinny jeans in Glazed.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz at a press conference in France…

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tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 01
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 02
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 03
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 04
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 05
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 06
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 07
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 08
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 09
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 10
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 11
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 12
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 13
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 14
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 15
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 16
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 17
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 18
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 19
tom cruise cameron diaz martillac france press conference 20

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  • Kaz

    cameron with tom better than katy

  • Slig

    Couple wow

  • Slig


  • Kaz

    Good for him

  • Slig

    Nathing nathing

  • Kaz

    I’m But more hotter than old tom

  • Whos Suris Daddy

    hmmmm…I wonder…
    Right click and open in new window if you dare to compare. Photos of similar age were selected specifically so that pacman can’t say biased photos were selected(J+K are actually a couple of years older than Tom here)

    Other guy:

  • Whos Suris Daddy

    Suri photo: couldn’t put all 3 in 1 post. sorry.

  • luxe and vintage

    Hell yeah ! They were in my city yesterday :D Go Bordeaux, go !

  • Brightside

    Has Cameron shrunk? She looks shorter!

  • Kaz

    Cameron not shorter she tall 5’8 and tom too short 5’6

  • 4Freedom

    @Whos Suris Daddy: Can I hire you for some investigative work? I need to track down my ex-husband and it looks like your deductive skills are right on. :-P
    She’s definitely not Tom’s biological daughter.

    Anyone else notice that in the London photos they were using new Tom and Cameron posters and not the lame Red and Black ones used in the US? This movie ended up making money purely because of Tom’s South American and Europeon ass kissing. They didn’t even bother with a premier in the US.
    Good, Tom. You stay over there. We really can’t stand you on this side of the pond.

  • JJ

    Does he go ANYWHERE without his Herman Munster lifts? And I find it pretty dam funny that he can hardly move his face….botox at its worst.

  • JJ

    I don’t know #9 and 10. I always thought the creppy kid looked like Chris Klein, either way, its NOT crazy midgets! Remember when his crazy self went on TV and said he wanted 10 kids? Think Cankle girl would have been knocked up several times by now….but that would probably REALLY p*ss off his boyfriend.

  • pooper

    Hey are ya buddy. Have ya seen you friend Tommy snuggling up to Cameron. Arms around her, whispering in her ear ,all cosy like.
    So familiar don’t you think. My gut feeling says that Tommy is at it again , out with the old , and in with the new.
    Sweet Katie , TIME TO PACK YOUR BAGS BABY, times up!
    ”I live for the moment’ such prophetic words that spill out Tommys’ mouth.
    And seeing that Cameron will travel anywhere for C.. K.
    her words, buddy , her words. It’s a done deal.!
    What notice did he give Nic——————-NONE!’
    BYE Kate—–HELLO CAM!

  • weekendwarrior

    I’m definitely Team JoshKat. Chris Klein has that weird ski slope nose and giant forehead.
    Either way, Tom bought Katie and got Suri as a bonus.
    That Amex Black Card is going to take you straight to hell Katie.

  • rainbow

    I saw the most adorable photos of Suri holding hands with the little actress who plays Caroline Kennedy in Katie’s film. So Cute!

  • AerConditionat

    love this woman!:D

  • may

    they make a great couple

  • someguy

    Tom- How do they celebrate L Ron Hubbard day in France?

    French guy- Actually he was convicted of fraud here and fled the country to avoid the charges, the charges did lapse but he was never cleared.

    Tom – You’re glib!

  • Jules

    WEEKEND Box Office: Salt 37m to 39m

    So glad Tom drop the movie for Knight and Day, because I enjoyed SALT so much.

  • Brightside

    Or the influence of malign Thetan spirits? Who knows? Who the heck knows?

  • yes

    love this movie! love tom and agree cute couple!

  • Lurker

    Why are they still promoting this DUD. I am sure Tom is ready all the reviews for SALT and kicking himself for doing this piece of crap instead.

  • guy

    tom cruise is very short for a guy.
    not only is he wearing lifts in his shoes,
    but the shoes he’s wearing also give him a little bit of height.
    normally, cameron diaz would tower him in high heels.

  • casey

    How the he?? is he now taller than her?

    Those lifts in those boots must be pretty big.

  • LALA

    @Whos Suris Daddy: I think you mean JoshKitten. Joshua is with Diane Kruger and Katie is in a cult, so the days of a possibility of a JoshKat is long gone.
    but you DID sell me on JoshKitten. I reveiwed the photos on your post, then a few pics of Klein, and Joshua is definitely the winner, and such a hunk! Cruise is a crazy loser.

  • LALA

    I’ve also read that Katie went to visit (or as they said “ran to”) Joshua after she broke up with Klein so that would put him with Katie just a couple of weeks before Tom CHOSE her (big laugh since Jennifer Garner and Scarlett Johannson were choices 1 and 2, but were smart enough to run screaming from Tom and Scientology.

  • jen

    he looks kinda cute in that picture where he is smiling. I love Cameron’s outfit, classy, simple but cute.

  • mickey

    Looks like Tommy has hit a growth spurt.

  • Sara

    Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston have the most killer legs of Hollywood!

  • QueenCamRothschild

    Beautiful Queen Cameron Diaz fit promise first love all things all the rest Joy in the presence of Angels of the LORD God of Israel come after me as beautiful Oprah on beautiful Oprah show may 14, 2010 sings ” Oh it is love, love, love, love, love, love ” to beautiful Queen Cameron Diaz who sings ” Love, it really is ” Beautiful Queen Cameron Diaz into the bosom is master’s King son of man LORD our God is one LORD ( deuteronomy 6: 4 ) , master’s household, master’s all things, master’s all the rest. ( 2 Samuel 12:8 ) Beautiful Queen Cameron Diaz grace ascending promotions movies ” Shrek forever after 3-d, Bad Teacher, Green Hornet, Knight and Day ” happy men, happy friends, fabulous foods, Heaven Father fit skin with array of sleep rise morning night fashion, looking well to the ways of beautiful Cameron Diaz household, hawaii birthday celebrations reverence Cobra Shelby fastest car collector King Jay Leno with flowers on the Jay Leno Show 2010 says to beautiful Queen Cameron Diaz ” Hot mother ” as beautiful Queen Cameron Diaz reverence Tom Cruise Great Nation, cast, fans lovingkingness in the mornings good faithfulness every night reverence first love all things all the rest fit promise Joy in the presence of Angels of the LORD God of Israel come after

  • LALA

    @QueenCamRothschild: Please be joking.
    I tend to pray for World Peace, food and medicine for dying children, and occassionally pray that I may win the lottery.
    If you’re serious, I know a group of people that would be interested in meeting you…and Tom’s even a member!!!! You can worship aliens together and hope that Cameron joins too!!!

  • LeeLee

    They are totally desperate in promoting K & D. It bombed in the states and so far its not lighting any fires internationally either. Right now Cruise would balance a ball on his nose like a trained seal or dance around in a tutu if he thought a couple more people might go to the cinema. Lets face it, Cruise is done. He’s toast. It took awhile but the public finally figured out what a lunatic he is. Bye Tom!! Its been a slice!

  • Reality Check

    So What?
    Tom Cruise has had more success than most people ever dream of.
    He is still extremely handsome and happy.
    His movies are great and iconic.
    He is so famous, that he cannot even go out in public because people go nuts.
    So he’s short…….what does that prove?

  • Brightside

    Cameron is such an elegant woman. It’s a shame she’s tied to this disaster.
    @Reality Check:
    I’ve enjoyed his movies in the past…Mission Impossible is a fave…but I do wish he would stop trying to pretend he is taller. There’s no need for it! No one is fooled!

  • kara

    Is this little moron of Tom Cruise wearing hidden high heels because he is supposed to be shorter than Cameron Diaz.

  • cari

    Someone is wearing their high heels again. How insecure do you have to be?

    oh right. we’re talking about TommyGirl.

    In the closet. heels abound.

  • Pac Man

    Cruise is the father, #7 and #12. Accept it already. That kid looks just like him and Kidman’s been pregnant with his kid.

    Are you crazy, #13???

    Either Cruise is gay or he’s a cheating dog, #15. Which is it?

    What’s your obsession with his height, #25 and #26?

    You’re an idiot to believe any of that, #28.

    He’s not down for the count just yet, #34.

    I really don’t get the obsession, #37 and #38.

  • Suri Jackson

    @Pac Man: Where have you been all day, Pacman?…we’ve been waiting for your nutjob input. Now go ahead and send Tom’s people your bill for your services.

  • Pac Man

    I was busy with my life, #40. I actually have one unlike you.

  • fulgencio

    Joshua…Sweetheart…really it’s time for the dna test.
    Why are you still protecting Katie from the media 5 years later? Doubtful that she would do the same for you.
    Scientologists believe that children are fully developed people and should not be told “no”. They can do whatever they want.
    Katie uses this as an excuse for why she is prostituting Suri out to the media in heels and makeup at 4…it’s what SURI wants ;-)
    Suri needs structure(not just in Scientology classes), and socialization. She could not even respond like a normal kid when that little girl on the Kennedy set tried to hold her hand.
    I’m sure you’d be a great parent, and I would hope that Diane would open her heart to Suri, too.
    I don’t understand where all of the ignorance surrounding this situation originated. Everyone knows that you weren’t dating Katie in 2005, but there was some type of encounter between the Chris breakup and Tom couch jumping. Based on Suri’s face, I think we know what type of encounter occurred.
    Maybe they didn’t have After School Specials in Canada, but we can tell you it only takes once to get someone pregnant.

  • pacman is a moron

    Suri has very long legs. She’s going to be tall like her (real) parents.

  • Suri Jackson

    @Pac Man: Sorry, Pacman. I forgot that those Scientology brain washing sessions…I mean meetings, are quite lengthy.

  • Mona Vie

    Tom you have lost your appeal now your bringing Diaz down too.

  • Katie1263

    I just do not understand why so many of you have hate in your hearts. Tom Cruise is a good guy, and everyone who works with him always has such positive things to say. And what the heck do you care about how tall he is? He is gorgeous!! Tom and Cameron rocked in this movie, and me and my friends can’t wait to see him again! He made a couple of public missteps in 2005 and you think you can still pick on him for it?! I pity what kind of life you must live that you have that kind of time to constantly belittle a perfect stranger.

  • Katie1263

    Knight and Day is not a dud Mr. Lurker. It has made over $160 million dollars so far counting the International box office. That is why Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are still promoting it. It will definitely cross the $200 million dollars in the next few weeks.