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Wentworth Miller: Comic-Con with Ali Larter!

Wentworth Miller: Comic-Con with Ali Larter!

Wentworth Miller joins his pregnant co-star Ali Larter at the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel discussion during Comic-Con 2010 held at California’s San Diego Convention Center on Saturday (July 24)

The twosome was accompanied by writer/director/producer Paul W.S. Anderson and the lead of the franchise, Milla Jovovich.

During the panel, the moderator reportedly yelled “you were deprived as a child” at Wentworth multiple times. Awkward!

25+ pictures inside of Wentworth Miller at Comic-Con 2010

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • vera1886

    Wow! he has lost alot of weight

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    i actually use to like this dude, now look at him. ahahahahaha

  • Dutchie

    Wentworth looks good!!

  • sweetness

    well this is an improvement over how he look months ago..he lost weight..he could drop a few more pounds..And he shaved his hair off..much much better…
    wonder if this movie is any good..looks a wee bit lame

  • ann

    he looks really2 good. lost a lot of weight too

  • Berta

    Went is handsome but Ali is just glowing. She looks beautiful.

  • PH

    Went is handsome but Ali is glowing. She looks beautiful.

  • MissAnthropica

    The new Resident Evil is expected to follow the games this time something the other films didnt really do before and was a big complaint from fans and gamers.
    They are the first film to be released using James Camerons new 3D camera he built for Avatar and used in Avatar so it will be interesting to see how it looks with a different film.
    So we shall see if this one is better it has to be better than the second one or third for that matter otherwise it would be scary how bad it could be. They went with more of Matrix like feel for the new film it will be interesting to see if it made any difference.
    Wentworth looks better than most men his age ( hes 38) and as far as his weight goes… I would like to know how much everyone weighs that bashes his weight because I bet you he is in better shape than them even when he is ” out of shape” as some have said. Because he is clearly still thin enough to be cast in a film Im not sure some of the haters could say the same lol
    I think its nice that hes normal and doesnt over work out … it generally a sign of not being vain or shallow and tends to mean someone is down to earth something he has always come across as. It is better than seeing him out every damn day running with his shirt off like look at me look at me l
    ike a typical Hollywood pretty boy meat head. Its kind of nice you hardly ever see him papped you know what that means … he isnt calling them everyday like most people do and should be commended for that.
    He has been busy writing lately and has kept in doors and away from a gym. Not a bad excuse I would say.
    It would be cool to see him in more actions films… hopefully more thinker like action films like Inception or Salt that would be great.

  • Hannah

    Wow look who lost a lot of weight. He looks great!! Excited for the movie to be released. Went would be a badass spy in a movie just thoughts for the future ;)

  • Slig

    He silly

  • Slig

    He like a rules

  • Slig

    Throw out

  • Slig

    Go go go eating eggplant like u

  • Slig

    He want any one sucks he dic*k

  • Slig

    I see he with faj girl in car ****and in park****and tree****and in paysical ****

  • Slig

    I now i now not good

  • A doll & Icy

    Milla is sooo gorgeous.Such a beauty and her personality is great.Love her dress, shoes, hair, just the way she presents her self. And she got Wentworth to do a video with her for his fans a while back. She’s so much fun! She’s simply stunning.

  • Kaz

    Bad person

  • Kaz

    He like old man in pic and wearing

  • Kaz


  • Italyfan

    Happy to see Wentworth!!! Always gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to see RE4!!! Thanks JJ

  • Lotte

    Read somewhere the moderators reportedly yelled at him he’d been deprived as a child. Anyone know if they did?And why?

  • jojo

    @MissAnthropica: Its kind of nice you hardly ever see him papped you know what that means …

    Yeah it means he’s a nobody and has lost whatever little he got!!!

  • duple

    I find Wentworth handsome in spite of his 38 years old !

    Comments 18-19-20 ,
    you seem a lot not to love Wentworth because you always write negative things on him !

  • Leo

    Look very tired. Who sleeping with.

  • ZZZ

    Oh yummy. I want to rip of that shirt and lick his divine hairy chest.

  • heba

    Thanks so much jj for the pics.
    Went looks Cute…cute….cute….adorable to no end as usual
    God bless u sweetheart..Love u so much

  • Zoey Leigh Thomas

    I iz 1 of thoz very special internetz kidz with no personalty or life.


    Pleez like me and give me some attentionz.
    Mum doeznt like me either. I need friendzzzz

    i iz sad and lonelyzzzzzz :(

  • K

    For a split second i thought that was a picture of him and his girlfriend, but of course that’s never going to happen cause we all know he’s gay. What a waste!

  • Debra

    Wentworth looks wonderful, so happy and content and so he should be! He is shining like a brilliant star! Wish him all the very best. He is going to excel at everything he does, what a gifted and talented soul!. Bless you Went!

  • heba

    I agree with u Debra.I’m sure Went will be great as a writer as he is as an actor.He’s adorable & so talented in everything
    I didn’t use the computer 1 week ago & when I came back I realised that Some1 is using my name writing very rude comments about Went.I’m so surprised about these people who just want to show that his fans r no longer his fans
    It’d better to have courage & use ur name instead of usuing names of his fans.At least be honest with ur self when u send ur posts
    I adore Went & support him in all his projects.
    Good luck my adorable boy in RE & all ur upcoming projects
    God bless u sweetheart.Love from ur biggest fan

    Read more:

  • Just me…

    God only know how much I love this man!
    He is perfect!
    Wish you all the best Wentworth.

  • TomTom

    @K: Aha LOL hes gay no doubt.

  • TomTom

    @K: Aha LOL hes gay no doubt.

  • mad

    yum. missed me some Wenty.

  • jianni

    He looks so good……Well done.!

  • Lee

    Heba, love your words!

    It’s great to see Went. Many thanks to JJ!
    Nothing like a hollywood guy, so special, , that’s the reason for me being your huge fan.
    Be yourself, best luck always be with you, Went!
    Apart from RE4 , hope seeing your acting on more projects.

  • Bunny

    Love the new pics….wait was well worth it. Looking fit and trim and back to your Sexy self Went.

  • Caroline

    He looks delicious, yum-yum

    Can’t wait to see Went in 3D!!!! Only 2 months to go. Oh yeah!

  • Ishara

    My dear Wentworth,It is difficult for me to handle all this hotness!

  • Tyra

    Wentworth has the ugliest nose ever.

  • Ina

    @Tyra: so true but maybe useful might come in handy

  • Ali

    @Tyra: like in the close up picture first comes nose then went with some headious smile

  • tiss u

    @Tyra: must need a lot of tissues when he has a cold very expensive

  • Mariana de Souza

    The wait was rewarded. Wentworth Miller was brilliant as always. He is an actor-centered in his work and know to express with coherence. Do not run away from the context, he doesn’t wanders, explains clearly and satisfy the curiosity of fans. He has absolute control of the character which has been achieved in past performances. Wentworth Miller’s optimism regarding the RE4 is contagious and it motivates the desire to watch the movie. Allied to all this part, he looks attractive,with that shy smile, wonderful voice, sensitivity, kindness, among other attributes. My wish for him is always to have success in his contracts because his work is hard, honest, worthy of all possible glory, as both actor and screenwriter. Thanks JJ.

  • the truth

    Both are beautiful people.Ali is really expecting which is great. love them both. Sweet!

  • cocoa lux

    Some of you kill me about the weight thing acting like he was morbidly obese or something. All he had to do was shave that fro he was liberally growing. He’s always been slim it seems… just a seriously unflattering and unfortunate photo.

    A) Why did someone feel the urge to shout that… I feel awkward for him and I wasn’t even there. I’m surprised he didn’t give that guy evils all day.

    B) Congrats to Ali

    C) 38 amd still fine… that’s all I’m saying. I’m more interested in the screenplays he’s written. Jodie Foster and Carey Mulligan would be impressive.

    I’d like to say that everyone should play nice on this thread because it always gets crazy but it seems I’m already too late ‘ Perpetual haters should take a seat and serious stans should calm the heck down with how much they love him. *Sigh*

  • Jodie

    @cocoa lux: you point yourself as manager for this board. Tell what we can do or not do. Tell you what, i think you should take a seat f-art face you think you´re so much better then the rest.

  • Kaz

    Big nose useful for him cuz hundle every time

  • Leo

    take hour to pick nose.