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Angelina Jolie: Russia 'Salt' Photo Call!

Angelina Jolie: Russia 'Salt' Photo Call!

Angelina Jolie shows off her megawatt smile and luscious lips during a photo call atop The Ritz hotel roof in downtown Moscow, Russia, on Sunday (July 25)

The 35-year-old actress arrived in town for the Russia premiere of her feature film Salt, which has been battling for #1 at the box office this weekend with Inception. On Friday, the Christopher Nolan-directed Inception pulled in $13.2 million during its second week out while the Phillip Noyce-directed Salt raked in $12.7 million during its first.

Full weekend box office report coming in a few hours!

FYI: Angie paired her Dolce & Gabbana outfit with Ferragamo shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie‘s Russia photo call for Salt

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angelina jolie russia salt photo call 01
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 02
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 03
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 04
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 05
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 06
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 07
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 08
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 09
angelina jolie russia salt photo call 10

Credit: Mikhail Metzel, Epsilon; Photos: AP, Getty
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  • Lurker

    Thanks Jared,

    What a beautiful woman. Love you Angie.



  • teri

    Such a beautiful lady.



  • teri

    Can’t wait for the sequel to come out. The first was awsome.

  • yo sista


  • lil

    Beautiful Angie

  • vivaa

    gorgeous as usual. I absolutely looooooove Brad and Angelina. Ohh and by the way I’m first this time :)

  • teri

    I love her pictures, so gorgeous. Come on this woman could wear a bag and still knock it out of the park on her worst day in 100 degrees.

  • teri

    I simply love Angelina, no others even come close.

  • Lara CROFT TR

    Lookin good, as usual!

  • sav

    Oh, Angie is so delicate, sensual and refined. Amazing lady.

  • anon

    Hey, what do you know….Edelstein on CBS’s Sunday Morning LOVED Angie as Salt and thought Inception was only ok. Gonna watch both though….at least Salt today.

  • busted

    How refreshing to see a woman looking classy and not trying too hard. Stunning. Saw some beautiful pics from Getty.

    the haters can’t stay way.. love it. They were here early waiting for Jared to put up this thread just to say the same things they say every single time WHY don’t you freaks just reference one of the comments you have already posted. Save the time of changing names.

    Angie is a beautiful woman. She just is. That is the way it goes. Accept and you will sleep better..

  • Zoz

    She looks damn good. Watch Salt and she shows her thigh and you see
    how thick her thighs are. She’s a hot momma. Salt was good but I wish there was more dialogue, I mean who doesn’t love watching her pretty mouth move. Inception was great, but it had it’s weekend…time for Salt.
    Yeayyyy Salt! I like her ensemble sexy….classy.


    She is the bomb ! No woman at her level and very few males in that selective clubs of INTERNATIONAL stars.

  • dd


  • anon


    You know how that happens? Angie has fans who can’t abide scums who invade fan threads and so will defend and attack. So you see these threads aren’t normal threads with people commenting on how pretty she is. It is that and also people invading, supporting, networking, socializing, loving, hating, etc. It all adds up. And you can thank haters and trolls for many of the numbers. There. You have been educated.

  • anustin

    fckin zhit!!! fired the FUGGNISTON hair stylist first!pronto!!! she’ll die with that hair style eh!ejit!

  • casey


    Actually Jane, it is on target for more than $300 million. Guess we will just have to wait and see. And whether you like her or not–she is about the only female actress around these days that can open a film at what looks to be $35 plus million.

  • sav

    Maniston would kill for this waist .

  • anon


    Hey, here’s an idea that will make us both happy.
    There’s a party there and they want you to join them.
    Now git!

  • nene

    @Mel: are you crazy? she looks amazing and the her movie is doing great!!!

  • Caribbean

    Some people are so used to seeing adult female showing nipples and crotch that they just cannont get when a lady dress simple, elegant but sexy!!!!

  • lurker aka angel

    flawless congrats angie and all who watch SALT
    she is gorgeous

  • BarbieMiller

    Saw this movie yesterday with the hubby, we both enjoyed it. Angelina certainly graduated to a new level of badass. Lara Coft turned into Rambo. lol. That last fight scene she did with Levi…OMFG! it was insane, now I understand what Angelina said about her charter being “off.” For all you haters out there, the movie has scenes for you too. Angelina gets tortured in a Korean prison, knocked around A LOT and we see her take a punch right in the nose, very bloody. This movie has fantasy material for everyone. =)

  • gracie

    Angie ir rocking. . The #1 female Action STAR. No one else can kick ass like Angie. You go Angie and show them how it is done.
    Half the posts already are from trolls —— were you losers waiting in the corner? Haters can’t get enough of Angie.

  • sissysissy



    Russia is with Japan culturally the main foreign markets for Jolie in action movies and even more when it ivolved a russian spy character in it.
    They usually do 25+ millions each for Jolie’s action movies. That’s why she promotes there personally. South Korea, then the UK are never far from them in terms of financial return and they usually reached around 90 to 100 millions altogether.
    In continental Europe it’s Germany, then France, the Spain with usually figures around 10 – 20 millions each, it depends.
    Ultimately that’s what Sony says, Jolie usually does 175 to 200 % or more from the domestic market and they cater the foreign one more because it brings the bulk of the cash.

  • sav

    Angie in red dress in Moscow

  • elizabeth

    Georgeous!!!! I dont know why they have to compare. Inception started 2 wks ago. So what was the gross/income of first Friday. They keep saying the big monies on the second week I would like to know the first Friday….besides we have few more hours to know how much SALT earn for the first week end. Hey for a female/action star she is uncompare……

  • bdj

    Thanks for the pixs. AJ looks beautiful. Salt is an action packed movie and a fun thrill ride. AJ is great in Salt. Check it out, if you have not seen it. Two snaps up for Salt.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Beautiful as always, saw Salt on Friday can’t wait for the sequel

    Laughing at the haters who stalk Brangelina – just admit you love her and watch the evil leave your ugly faces!!

  • anustin

    yeah!Maniston gonna run 24 hours to have this waist.

  • Tazzy


    Yikes? Get your your friggin eyes checked, you bloody fool.

  • first and last post

    Bringing over from previous thread….OT for PT and Catsup
    492 first and last post @ 07/25/2010 at 11:20 am
    Hi to all JP supporters,
    Re: 413Passing Through @ 07/25/2010 at 1:22 am
    # 391 Catsup @ 07/24/2010 at 11:59 pm
    “if you’re they Chinese government you’d have to wonder if the same is true of China. Maybe they want to quash that kind of thinking before it takes hold in the public consciousness.”
    PT and Catsup,
    In the SF Bay Area there are known “suspected” sleeper spies from China, they are outed every now and then about once or twice a year. There is very high traffic to and from China out of SF BA, “business” and routine luxury travel to see family still in China. SF BA is a west coast hub for this. It would be very easy to be a sleeper agent in this environment and of course we all know about China’s discretion and covert mind set. See below:
    July 22, 2008
    “China has obtained a major advantage that the former KGB did not enjoy during the Cold War: unprecedented access to American academic institutions and industry. At any given time there are more than 100,000 PRC nationals in the United States attending universities and working throughout US industries. It is important to note here that these individuals are not assumed to be spies, but given their status as PRC nationals they remain at higher risks of being a major component of the PRC’s nebulous industrial intelligence collection operation…”
    “…According to US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates, there are currently more than 3,000 corporations operating in the United States that have ties to the PRC and its government technology collection program. Many are US-based subsidiaries of Chinese-owned companies; while in the past they were relatively easy to identify, recent studies indicate that many have changed their names in an effort to distance themselves from their PRC owners. “

  • Slig

    She befor come in my home

  • Kaz

    She beautifull woman and i’m handsome man

  • Observer2

    She looks lovely. She’s wearing a red dress at the premiere. Smokin’ hot.

    And yeah, Salt kicked a s s this weekend.

    Of course, the first page has the trolls on it. LOL. It’s like they lie in wait.

  • Kaz

    I’m withe angie in russia

  • Tazzy

    @de Cosmos:

    Another bloody fool who needs their eyes checked.

  • Lurker

    Check JJB, Angie is wearing a beautiful red dress at the premiere.

  • luvangie4ever

    Love watching Angie onscreen, Salt is a great action film. The torture scene in the beginning was hard for me to watch because her pleas were heart-wrenching (can’t bear to have Angie suffer even if it’s make believe). I love her voice. I could watch and listen to her all day, every day.

  • Me

    Unlike some of you I can admit when I am wrong. Salt did better than I thought it would with more than 30 million weekend. the audience I was with actually clapped at the end. I was like WTF are u clapping about. – the reason I thought it would be worse is because of the amount of haters she has online. I am really surprised at the number. Lol I guess they don’t matter because with no inception salt would have done even better. It did decent enough and she beat Tom Cruise and that’s the best thing about salt.

  • sav

    Do you speak english?

  • gracie

    No kidding, #1 is actually a troll and Mel, the shameless bi*ch is here too posting.

    What’s the matter Mel? Your site is too boring for you? Your pathetic desperate fans deserting you? Well if you can’t them, why not join them. You’ll learn soon. You will do U-turn soon coz you will find not that you don’t mess with the JP fans on JP threads bi*ch.

  • anustin

    brads baby momma is insanely gorgeous in red dress.thanks m4.

  • Observer2
  • Tazzy


    You see skinny and I see an extremely fit lean woman. Her curves are all in the right places. All those months of hard training sure paid off.

  • Victoria

    Ohh la la
    new meceup style :Matriochka (бабушка)

    and where are
    дедушка whit he Frech LIFT look