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Katie Holmes: Tucked-In Tee

Katie Holmes: Tucked-In Tee

Katie Holmes keeps it casual in a tucked-in white tee and jeans as she attends a two-hour meeting at the Sunset Towers on Sunday afternoon (July 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

At Comic-Con over the weekend, the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark panel released a new synopsis: check it: Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison), a lonely, withdrawn child, has just arrived in Rhode Island to live with her father Alex (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend Kim (Holmes) at the 19th-century mansion they are restoring. While exploring the sprawling estate, the young girl discovers a hidden basement, undisturbed since the strange disappearance of the mansion’s builder a century ago. When Sally unwittingly lets loose a race of ancient, dark-dwelling creatures who conspire to drag her down into the mysterious house’s bottomless depths, she must convince Alex and Kim that it’s not a fantasy—before the evil lurking in the dark consumes them all.

FYI: Katie is wearing Current/Elliott‘s Skinny jean in Pacific wash.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes’ tucked-in tee…

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katie holmes tucked in tee 01
katie holmes tucked in tee 02
katie holmes tucked in tee 03
katie holmes tucked in tee 04
katie holmes tucked in tee 05
katie holmes tucked in tee 06
katie holmes tucked in tee 07
katie holmes tucked in tee 08
katie holmes tucked in tee 09
katie holmes tucked in tee 10
katie holmes tucked in tee 11
katie holmes tucked in tee 12
katie holmes tucked in tee 13
katie holmes tucked in tee 14
katie holmes tucked in tee 15
katie holmes tucked in tee 16
katie holmes tucked in tee 17
katie holmes tucked in tee 18
katie holmes tucked in tee 19
katie holmes tucked in tee 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • LJ

    Katie looks beautiful in these shots.

  • katie90

    Katie had some bad fashion moments but HERE she looks amazing…from the hair to the shoes and I love her.


    wow, she looks so cute even just in a white tshirt. i love her hair so much!

  • e

    she looks great!


    anyone know the brand of jeans she’s wearing?

  • http://verysexysexy sharyllee

    her legs look funny

  • LALA

    So. Katie was in LA this weekend, but couldn’t mke make it to Comic Con to support Don’t be Afraid of the Dark? I guess she’s just too important for something like that.
    hmmm.but bigger stars like Harrison Ford, and the entire cast of the Avengers including Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, etc, took the time to pop in. They know that how you treat fans and support your films DOES affect the box office.
    Bruce Willis and Helen Miren were there this weekend, but Katie couldn’t swing it? I may have given her a pass if she had been filming in Canada.
    Oh. Wait. JOSHUA JACKSON was at Comic Con, and even Tom isn’t powerful to move THAT event around, so I’m sure he demanded that she not go and stay clear of her BABY DADDY.
    Shame shame shame on you Katie and your zombie ways.

  • anon

    Growing up in africa, we (girls) get smacked for standing the way this girl does e.g pic#8 (she did same when posing for pics a the extra man prem). it’s just not lady-like, geez u’ll think by now with tom’s money nd access to elite world she’ld have brushed herself up, but no she gets worse by the day. Never really get the whole “money can’t buy class nd sophistication” but seeing pics of this girl i finally understand, wat a shame!!!!! plus she has to have the ugliest set of engagement/wedding ring ever, i’m sure dey are expensive but she wears dem really bad nd cheap (pic#3).

  • anon

    whoever told her dat wearing dat boot nd jeans in dat manner is stylish?????? IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    whoever told her dat wearing the jeans nd boot in dat manner is stylish????? IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    Y’s my comment not showing JJ

  • anon


  • Teach

    # 9- 12…..what kind of language are you using? (eyes rolling)

    Go get a real education!

    The way you write is annoying, silly and immature.

  • casey

    Her clothes are just as boring as she is. Yawn.

  • little cockroach

    First of all Anon stop embarresing yourself , and go back to school , because you have had no education whatsoever.
    Secondly , Katie Holmes is more beautiful, richer, has a beautiful family and a rising career. just by your somewhat pathetic posts it’s easy to spot that you have nothing of these.
    thirdly.. now it’s her engagement/wedding ring set, that has set you off ……..again…… do you have a set ….NO get a life loser!

  • TommyBoy Makes Me Laugh

    In pic 14, that almost looks like an early baby bump. Now, I don’t want to start rumers as it could just be how she’s standing, but maybe that’s why the shirt is not really tucked in all the way and not out; so people can’t get a good look.
    It would be HILARIOUS if Tommy Boy sent her down to the clinic for impregnation!!!!
    1)Suri did get quite a few Katie traits, so the odds are low of the next one coming out equally Katie-like.
    2) We know that daddy #1 would not have provided the necessary ingredient for #2, so the kids are going to have different fathers.
    This kid is most likely not going to resemble his or her half sibling, Suri.
    Even the thought of a fake Cruise #2 is SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!

  • granny in a tucked tee

    what is up with her old lady jaw?

  • zzzzz….

    what a loser.

  • dani

    She looks like she is trying to channel Jolie or something. Hair, sunglasses.

  • boston61

    OMG a girl who can actually grow hair. Wow. It’s not glued to the top of her head.

  • Pac Man

    Agreed, #1 and #2.

    You’re an idiot, #7.

    You’re an idiot too, #17.

    And you’re an idiot as well, #19. Not everyone wants to be Jolie and Jolie doesn’t have a trademark on having dark hair and wearing shades!

  • little cockroach

    Nobody wants Jolies viens or her chicken twiggie legs. Only the grovellers at JJ. Katie had her hair like that a few years ago.
    You people think the world
    resolves around Jolie……guess what, it really doesn’t .

  • Slig

    She sad cuz tom with camero love

  • Slig

    Yeah tom with cameron

  • Kaz

    I’m dude not woman

  • Kaz

    I’m sexy athletic

  • rainbow

    @TommyBoy Makes Me Laugh:
    What an idiotic comment! Just because she was in L.A. on Sunday, doesn’t mean she was there on FRIDAY which is when the screening for Don’t be afraid of the dark” was. She was actually in Toronto working. And by the way, NONE of the actors in that movie were at the screening, just the producer and director. Why not bash them as well? OH that’s right you’re only biased against Katie.

  • LJ

    Well at least that “who’s Suri’s daddy?” person hasn’t arrived yet to post yet another load of pics of Josh, Tom and Suri.

  • LJ

    @TommyBoy Makes Me Laugh: I don’t think that’s a baby bump. It’s just the way she standing.

  • rainbow

    Sorry, I meant to reply to LALA.

  • LALA

    @rainbow: Excuse me dumba**. Are you speaking to me? Don’t be Afraid of the Dark was filmed in Australia. Is the man who played her husband a known US actor or local? and little kids are not usually a part of Comic Con.
    If Katie cared to sell the film to US audiences she would have flown in.
    You’d think that after Tom’s US fiasco with Wichita oops I mean Day and Knight that they would have played to the American audience.
    Katie’s film comes out in January. The Avengers hasn’t even started filming and those guys cared more.
    There was no way for Tom to totally control Katie’s movements at Comic Con, in addition to his being in Europe and putting on a trained monkey show to sell tickets.
    Josh wasn’t supposed to appear until Saturday, but was Tom going to risk that he wouldn’t fly in the day before and end up in the same zip code as Katie? I think not!
    Anna Torv had to be at Comic Con on Friday, so FRINGE probably wan’t filming.
    On a side note, it was nice that Diane Kruger was there on Saturday. She was spotted in the FRINGE panel audience.
    (Really, Tom: Josh doesn’t want Katie. You make it too obvious that there is something to hide.)

  • Dont want no small small man

    WOW!!!!! It looks like Tommy’s camp has sent out an army today!!!
    I hope that you are getting paid well. Of course we all know that the CULT of Scientology has plenty of money to throw around.

  • little cockroach

    that man who is her co star is GUY PEARCE
    heard of him, he’s awesome.. made heaps AUSTRALIAN/AMERICAN
    eat your heart out .. there is a lot of interest in don’t be afraid of the dark, so please feel free to be as negative as you want.
    since when do you have to be a scientologist to stick up for you favourite actors/actresses.

  • Suri Jackson

    Just to think that last night I went to bed a lowly small town girl from the South Side of Chicago. This morning I wake to find that TOM CRUISE’S MINIONS think about me…they’re in an absolute frenzy …I’m so flattered.
    I’ve just been putting out these photos as public service announcements; showcasing the lies and fraud surrounding an innocent child’s life. There’s no sympathy left for self centered Katie.
    Since you’ve been waiting, here are Josh and Suri. No need for Cruise as he’s been eliminated as a possible biological father.
    Just as an additional note to Tom’s people who have obviously flooded this site this morning: I’ve never ever taken a personal dig at Suri, and any criticism of Katie is in regards to personality changes and self-centered actions, even at her child’s expense, occuring after she allowed Tom to take over her life.

  • phil

    ummm am i the only one who thinks her leg looks BROKEN the way she’s standing??

  • LJ

    @Suri Jackson: I only mentioned you once and no-one else has mentioned you at all so I don’t know where your getting “This morning I wake to find that TOM CRUISE’S MINIONS think about me…they’re in an absolute frenzy” from. Also I never accussed you of insulting Suri and like I said I’m the only person who mentioned you so again I don’t know why you said that. The only point I was trying to make is your just posting the same things over and over again. We’ve already read your theories and we’ve looked at the photos on like the last 10 threads! Your entitled to your own opinions, it’s just I’m getting quite bored of reading it now, that’s all.

    As for me being a Scientologist. I think it’s funny you know. I defend a truck load of celebs from all the haters out there on many different threads and gossip sites. I’m not a Scientologist, I just don’t like to see people being bashed for no reason.

  • Suri Jackson

    I think that Katie choosing to pimp her child out in heels and makeup at the age of 4 for the media is a valid reason to criticize Katie. This is not Suri playing dress-up, it’s a regular occurrance. The Cruise camp excuse is that (based on Scientology beliefs) children make their own decisions and you don’t tell them “no”. It’s not going to be a pretty situation when Suri actually has to survive in the real world.
    If you don’t like what I have to say, then simply scroll past my posts. That’s what I do when I see Pacman’s name.

  • LJ

    @Suri Jackson: What you call “pimping out” I call spending time with her child. As for never saying “No” to her, I agree that’s a stupid why to raise any child (if that is in fact what they are doing, we don’t know for sure). But she’s not our child and I doubt you or I will ever even meet Suri so what does it matter? It’s not exactly child abuse. Why spend your free time worrying about her?

  • dani

    @pac man

    Your constant “your an idiot” just shows that you have a limited vocabulary range and short attention span. You just spew and spew and spew.
    Go defend Mel Gibson he needs it. Not Katie the vapid.

  • rainy day


    How can you not call it pimping out? Tom has said it is what it is and Suri has to deal with it. Yet we go weeks with no pictures. Does that mean Suri is kept in a cage? Of course it doesn’t. She goes about being a four year old (whatever that means in their house hold) visiting friends, going to xenu school or whatever.
    Then suddenly Katie takes this kid all over the place. Having worked at a major hotel that catered to executives, the rich and famous etc.–I can tell you there are ways to get around any big city without anyone knowing you are there. Katie chooses to exit via the front door instead of a back door or to use any of the tactics that other folks use to avoid the paps. She chooses to parade her child down the main streets in full view of the paps. If Suri looked comfortable most of the time that would be one thing, but she doesn’t. Instead it is like watching a reality show starring Katie and her Pet Princess. I’m sorry this is wrong. If Jackie Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales, two of the most photographed women of all time–and two women that there was an insatiable interest in–could protect their kids from paps, why can’t Katie? It is one thing to see a child now and then or in every day settings like a park, but it is another to see a child at plays meant for older children, shopping, wearing nail polish, lipstick and heels, or even worse sitting on a counter in a diaper, sticking her face over the sneeze guard at an ice cream parlour etc.
    Katie needs parenting classes. While not abusing Suri, she certainly is setting this child up for expectations that everyone is going to fawn over her and meet her every need–children like that become the Lohans of the world.
    I think this pimping out of Suri is what bothers most people on this site. If you go back and read the posts most people don’t attack Suri, they attack the parenting.

  • ginny

    @rainy day: Thank you. Very eloquently put. Sometimes I get a little emotional in this(whether it’s my business or not) because I’ve seen the pain that a friend went through giving a child up for adoption, which was done by choice, but to think that Tom manipulated his way into a child’s life is tragic. These aren’t just movie stars. They are real people.
    If this was a story on Dateline or some such show about a child that we did not “know”(as we know Suri through the media), we would be equally concerned.

  • stardust

    i agree rainy day. what is most disturbing are the oft-times revealing clothes they put her in and the way they carry her that exposes her body to the public. It is not child abuse to show her to the public, but it is borderline negligence and pornographic when her body parts are exposed in ways that our society finds taboo (nipples, panties). I think if it happened once or twice, it might be considered accidental. but, it happens weekly. sometimes, i actually think that on the days suri’s panties are photographed, it’s because they want to prove that she’s not always in diapers and katie does it purposely.

  • stardust

    LOL @ suri jackson. i never clicked on any of the links before, and i just did. it is kinda hilarious that suri bears more resemblance to josh jackson than she does to tom. though, i’d have to get more evidence to believe that tommygurl isn’t so vain that he’d allow katie to bear anyone but his own child.

  • little cockroach

    nothing on this earth will ever convince me otherwise, that a lot of you here have some severe issues, many more than the people you spew about.

  • taxgirl

    I think this says it all about how people feel about Katie. This story has been posted for 24 hrs and she has 1 Facebook “like”.
    Josh’s story has been on this site for 4 hrs and he has ove 130 “likes”.
    !!and listen to Stardust!! I’ve been opening those Suri/Josh links and the resemblance in UNBELIEVABLE.Josh is the only one I’ll believe regarding if he slept with Katie after the CK breakup, and it’s doubtful that he’ll talk if he hasn’t by now!!

  • taxgirl

    Looks like everyone has deserted this posting, but in case anyone is around I thought you might like an update: Josh’s “Pacey-Con” post already has over 200 Facebook “likes”. Far surpassing Johnny Depp’s posting and the Glee posting.
    Katie still has 1 “like” and that probably came from Tom or Pacman.
    As for your #34 comments little cockroach:
    1) Don’t be Afraid of the Dark is being released in mid January which everyone knows is movie Siberia, so whatever “interest” you speak of is already a joke.
    2) The poster I saw was ridiculous. A red and black poster with a drawing of a little girl…oooohhhh…..scaaarrryy.
    Haven’t the Cruise’s had enough problems lately with red and black movie posters?

  • taxgirl

    Good morning everyone.
    Joshua is up to 325 “likes” this morning and Katie….drumroll….TWO. Wow. I guess Scientologists aren’t much into Facebook.
    Marrying Tom was the worst acting job Katie ever took.
    Too bad for Kevin Kline. I think The Extra Man is due for release, and I love him, but the thought of sitting and enduring Mrs. Tom Cruise on screen is too much for any person to take.
    I can’t buy the “Sweet Katie” act knowing how conniving she actually is.
    I’m sorry. I forgot. TWO people like her.

  • tommygurl

    @taxgirl: HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Maybe Katie should have stopped by Pacey-Con.

  • Envidiosos

    @taxgirl: All those people at Facebook should try to get him a proper job. Leave Katie alone will you? She’s by far one of the nicest people in the business, period. I know it as a fact.


    Are you trying to say that Joshua Jackson needs a proper job? ….um he’s one of the few child star success stories on this planet.
    He worked all through his teens. (Mighty Ducks sound familiar).
    Then onto 6 years of Dawson’s Creek.
    Sure there were a few, I won’t say bad, but less successful years. He worked steadily.
    Now he’s on his 3rd season of FRINGE(an EXCELLENT show). He won a Best Actor Award in Canada just a few months ago(he’s very loyal to Canada, just as I’m sure you are loyal to wherever you are from).
    AND Josh has always maintained an extremely high level of class, even when asked about Katie, who does not deserve his kindness.
    You know what else? I bet if Katie called him today and admitted that she needed help getting out of that nuthouse, he would try to help her.
    I doubt that he and Diane would be inviting her over for any dinner parties, but he woul still be the MAN that we believe him to be.
    Not the power hungry creep who goes by the name of Tom Cruise.
    Katie needs a real job, because this stepford wife, zombie crap is getting old.