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LeAnn Rimes Sings for Santa Ynez

LeAnn Rimes Sings for Santa Ynez

LeAnn Rimes performs at The Chumash Casino Resort on Thursday (July 22) in Santa Ynez, Calif.

The 27-year-old country singer’s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, recently announced that he is moving in with his new girlfriend, Sarah Silver in New York City.

LeAnn will be at the Grand Isle Island Aid Festival tonight in support of the rebuilding of the fishing and tourism industries down in Louisiana.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes singing for Santa Ynez…

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leann rimes sings santa ynez 01
leann rimes sings santa ynez 02
leann rimes sings santa ynez 03
leann rimes sings santa ynez 04
leann rimes sings santa ynez 05
leann rimes sings santa ynez 06
leann rimes sings santa ynez 07
leann rimes sings santa ynez 08
leann rimes sings santa ynez 09
leann rimes sings santa ynez 10
leann rimes sings santa ynez 11
leann rimes sings santa ynez 12
leann rimes sings santa ynez 13
leann rimes sings santa ynez 14
leann rimes sings santa ynez 15
leann rimes sings santa ynez 16

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  • Not Impressed by AJ

    She’s got one of the best voices in country music, always.

  • Erika

    I agree…but i would stretch that to one of the best voices in music period. Cant wait for the new album.

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Kaz

    I am Kaz, please pay attention to me.
    I am also Slig, please pay attention to him as well.

  • Kaz

    Please pay attention to me.

  • gwen

    So what JJ is saying is that the backlash against LR is still too much for her to bare so she is going to use the plight of others to whitewash her image. Shame on Leann, we all know that charity to her is just another means to stage a EC pda photo-op.

    Wow, so the jerk who ******** about wanting privacy now has a twitter account.

    He can follow LR to her concerts(he is posting all kinds of photos indicating that he was there with her), but he can’t pay child support?

    Based on his tweets, why exactly does the media find this man attractive? Why does EC tweets sound like CBME?

    Wow, LR album is bad because now she has to rely on EC to hype it up.

    JJ, EC wants to know where these tabs get their sources. Can you kindly tell him that these tabs get their sources from the his mistress.

  • Diane

    I can see Russia from her nostril.

  • Slig

    Hey britney hey hey britney let me help you with type crap

  • KellStar

    Just watched Coyote Ugly. Forgot she was in that movie singing for Piper’s character!

  • Jay

    She is not a good person. Her character has been exposed and she has been a huge disappointment. She cares only about herself and so does the loser she’s with. A perfect pair except one has children who are and will be forever hurt by this. I just can’t stand making excuses and playing the part of a good person when all they are is 2 self-absorbed creeps.

  • wendlyn

    Absolutely – beautiful voice, sweet heart, strong minded.

  • wendlyn

    Coyote Ugly was so good because of her presence.

  • wendlyn

    I read that Brandi has a tycoon boyfriend who she has been dating for 9 months now. No worry for her security if she marries the guy. eonline has the blurb and his name. Go to “rimes” in their search box. It’s under the article about LeAnn’s and Eddie’s ex’s.

  • CanadaGirl

    Next week, she’ll be singing at the opening of “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” in Hoboken.

  • Greg

    Man she’s got thick legs, bull doggish build. She’ll really be a sight after her hormones change, particularyly if she has a child. That will be Eduardo’s penance, having to do that!

  • cathy

    diane — that was hysterical.. She has to get out there and try to make as much money as she can.. Eddie is very high Maintenence. Detest both of them for their lying, cheating and Don’t give a crap attitude about who they have offended,, well, she will give a crap when her album and songs tank. Pretty soon, she will have her PR people over here working this site.I still think she has shown how much class she has in the ten or eleven pictures of her picking and grinning at “leann rimes nose picking” Come on==Leann and your PR people–get busy it sure won’t change mainstreams opinion of the two of you

  • janeen

    she has on the exact same boots that I saw Brandi wearing about six months ago.. do you think she borrowed them

  • laura

    I bet she was really good at Coyote Uglys she fit right in with the ugly part

  • anon

    she had on a black OUTFIT in New Oleans that I think she had to have gotten from the Goodwill bag.. she looked very fat in it and very FLAT. won’t be long before she’s going in to get some boobs.That ought to please the OLD Edster. Just can’t wait to see what kind of job he will be getting, bet he can’t wait, either. He will from now on be known as The Kept Man.If he is happy with that —SO BE IT

  • holly

    I see the troll (singular) is braying and yammering while posing as multiple women.

    Troll, you are telling the public that Brand’s new man is not so there for her. That is all you’re achieving.

  • anon

    . you Now, who’s stupidcan’t use multiple names on this web-site

  • lala

    her career has been over for a while now!

  • anon

    She will be singing at back-yard picnics soon and good luck with that. he will never get a job on T.V. again solo or in a series. Leann may try to buy him a job but that won’t work because it would tank the series. Besides–there are so many really good-looking men out there and then can even act and they have better bodiesAs any one can tell,I dislike these two people very, very much. LIARS,and CHEATERS and ADULTERERs

  • James Dix

    Big fan of LeAnn Rimes & must say she’s looking better than ever. That new love is suiting her better than fine. Belt it out, girl!

  • http://!! MEMEME

    Leann SUCKS… she’s a homewrecking wh*re —- used to like her! but I wil NOT support someone who partook on breaking up a husband and wife who were STILL MARRIED AND TOGETHER! And destroying a family, and her husband who was so good to her!

    Leann your career will never be the same, no-one likes you.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    and i bet all these “good comments” are Ed and Leann themselves, deny it all you want but you can’t prove its not, by making a fake name–HOMEWRECKERS. mwaaahahahaha

  • jessica

    Leann looks manish Who are you trying to kidd eddie There is a special place in HE** for the two of you and I hope it’s good and HOT. Eddie is just waiting for his next trip… and obviously if there is a Janes Dix, he did not see her in the black outfit she wore for the aid concertshe looked fat and flat, tnat boob job is on the horizon Eddie has become Leanns BI***and he doesn’t care as long as the money is good. GIGOLO GIGOLO That is for the “Cuban who speaks Spanish” Leanns words, not mineKnew it was just a matter of time for LR PR people to start working this site Everyone especially you, James go to “leann rimes nosepicking”,and you will see somone belt out the BOOGERS

  • jessica

    Forgot to mention, the long ,thin, stringy hair.and, it’s true someone up above mentioned that she had on the same boots Brandi had on about six months ago. She wants everything that Brandi had ,right down to her shoes

  • maxi elong

    This sounds beautiful to my ears:

    Mrs. LeAnn Cibrian-Rimes

  • anon6

    I second that!

    She leased the crib in Hidden Hills from what I’ve read. And that was a thoughtful gesture on her part so Eddie could remain close to his boys and keep them in familiar surroundings near their friends.

  • New Orleans Lady

    Stay home.

  • What A Prize

    @maxi elong:
    Hi LeAnn, do you doodle those words on your notebook each day hoping the day will got yourself a real winner in uneployed married cheater.dont we wish we all had one of those..some prize ya got there

  • Esj

    idk why u waste your space writing about that slut here.

  • insecure

    Troll *** when the boss is secure in herself and a new relationship, the troll will be unemployed. Until then , we know things aren’t going so well.

  • betty

    Just read that Leann is not only supporting her jobless boyfriend but his kids are moving in also in her pad. She is going to have to do better than performing in these small towns,to support Eddies family.

  • Go Brandi!
  • bhut

    If she’s so hot why hasn’t she won the prize? bwahahaaaaaaaa

  • Go Brandi!

    the prize is that shes no longer married to an unemployed cheater..what exactly has leAnn won..eddie is a douche and will cheat on her with the next young thing he sees..although with his track record it wouldnt surprise me if he already has a sidepiece men like eddie dont change..he’ll just be more careful not to get caught

  • betty

    @bhut I notice Leann does not have a ring on it although Eddie is only a booby prize and Leann is paying for that..LOL

  • insecure

    She’s got what Brandi wants, otherwise you wouldn’t be here trolling non-stop!

  • dal

    @ insecure and you know this how? Did Brandi dial ya in and give you the 411. Don’t think so. Brandi just shed 190lbs of MOOBS.
    I think Eddie and Leann have become the cartoons of the net.

  • insecure

    You wouldn’t be trolling for the boss if she were happy with the way things are. Isn’t the new man providing happiness, filling the void? Things not so peachy keen?

  • betty

    Insecure The only thing Brandi wants from Eddie is that Child support check which he does not have she has already had the rest of it. Left Leann keep the leftovers.

  • Diane

    Hey guys, I got a new VIDEO coming out, I am Lele’s stalker after all. Dang, Leann fans are so freaking HIGHLARIOUS.

    Anyway, the video will be done tomorrow. I will link it all over the place for you to see, it’s a doozy! Keep your eyes peeled.

    Oh, here I’m referred to as a stalker LMFAO
    Yeah, god forbid someone make fun of Lele, you will be accused of “stalking”, please sit down Lele fans, get real. Funniest part, Leann asks this delusional twit “I would like to know who it is”.

  • Diane

    Oh by the way peeps, according to delusional Lele fans, your all ONE PERSON. God, don’t they get tired of their delusion over a bulldog face C-lister (these days) counter singer? Weird, that.

    Countdown begins on my Leann video – will post link here. It’s going to be GREAT, veneers, nosepicin’ with fireworks, it has it ALL. Stay tuned. Finishing up on it today.

  • Diane
  • Diane
  • Diane
  • Mer

    Thanks JJ. I love this site. Not only do I get information about Eddie and LeAnn from the fans, but the haters, too. They keep me informed about what happending with our fav couple and TV appearances, so thank you haters. LOL

  • Tomikka

    Leann and Eddie are getting the kids! They are moving in with her and Eddie!!!
    I knew that would happen being that Brandi is unstable. Look at the way she acts here on this board!!!

    LOve it go LEANN (hate eddie but since you llove him, what choice do we fans have)!!

  • dal

    Shared custody Tomikka 50/50. Learn to read the whole article