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Rachel Bilson: See-Through Clothes are Sexy!

Rachel Bilson: See-Through Clothes are Sexy!

Rachel Bilson and her stylist make a quick stop at her mom Janice‘s house in L.A. as they prepare to head out of town for the weekend on Saturday (July 24).

The 28-year-old actress, who wore Rag & Bone boots, recently shared that see-through clothes is one of the new trends on the fall and winter runways that she’s most excited about.

“It’s so easy to layer sheer clothing and make a statement,” Rachel tells InStyle. Just check out the see-through top Rachel is wearing now!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson wearing a sexy see-through top…

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rachel bilson see through 01
rachel bilson see through 02
rachel bilson see through 03
rachel bilson see through 04
rachel bilson see through 05
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    More like see through clothes are extremely trashy with a black bra and those damn cutt off shorts again… looks more like a victorian hooker look going on here shoes and all.

  • jane

    rachel’s news AGAIN????

  • Priceless

    First it is velvet then it is 50′s style full skirts now it is see through shirts shes excited about ( her life must be very boring if these are the things that excite her) I hope she doesn’t wear all three ” trends ” at once or it will be even more of a fashion nightmare than her normal looks each day.

  • wondering?

    Question… how the hell does JJ know she is heading out of town? I mean its one things to have new pictures of her.. which you know she called the papz for like she does everyday. But how did they just happen to catch her before she left for the weekend and more importantly how could JJ of all people know that already? Must of come straight from the horses mouth
    Also how much do you want to bet that she will be spotted tomarrow doing nothing again in LA… and clearly did not “head out of town”?

  • Celebrity Gossip

    Nice & entertaining gossip. Rachel Bilson looks off stylish but wonderful. Thanks for sharing this post. :)


    She is the most overexposed D list celebrity in Just jared.Its so evident that she pays this site to post her boring pics daily.

  • Brightside

    Rachel Bilson fashion tips via Just Jared! Do we need them? No! Has she been dropped from Instyle or something that she now has to inflict her cruddy fashion advice on JJ?
    Come on JJ, not even your other featured d-listers lecture us on what to wear!

  • Blahzae

    “It’s so easy to layer sheer clothing and make a statement,” Rachel tells InStyle.

    Layered is the key word to pull off sheer and not look like a piece of trash guess she forgot the shirt that goes underneath that hideous tan colored top, its like the puffy shirt in Seinfeld gone wrong lol.
    You can wear shear shirt if you have somethin underneath it but you can not I repeat can not walk around wearing a see-through tan colored nightmare shirt with a push up bra it looks cheap as hell. If you saw some girl walking down the street like that you would laugh your as@ off at how cheap the girl would look.
    Men would look at the girl and think she was easy.. and who could blame them thats how men think and that outfit would send out all the wrong skanktastic signals.
    Well she has always been a trash actress when it comes to the few things she has been in now she is dressing the trashy part more and more everyday. Pretty soon she will be wearing the sheer version of the mu-mu her mother is wearing. My eyes quiver at the thought of that day lol
    The only” statement” Miss Bileson is making here is shes cheap shes desperate and she knows NOTHING about fashion. Her stylist must be blind I swear or just as tacky. Most likely a tad of both.
    So the statement as Bileson said that she making today?
    Look at me look at me I know how to dress like a streetwalker meets hillbilly nightmare and get my picture taken. Whoop-Dee-Freaking-Dooo
    Im pretty sure she has been dropped by Instyle which is pretty sad since it is nothing more than a fashion tabloid and she lost even that.
    Puts things in perspective dont you think?

  • viper

    one can only wish that Instyle would stop giving her room in their issue alas I feel daddy pays that bill as well. Out of town could be anywhere looks like she is holding a gift so maybe she is doing early birthday isn’t daddy’s birthday in a few weeks or that of her bff’s Josh and Jill’s anniversary. Also seem that RB hasn’t cut the apron strings from mom yet. I don’t think that she has a style she is like hyperactive when it comes to any style. she can’t seem to make up her mind what she likes.. Guess if it is Rodeo Drive and cost more then Jumper made then she is satisfied.

  • viper

    and what is with the skin tight shorts she is wearing that is the worst sign of retarded she had made. yesterday’s one was so skin tight you thought her crotch was being held prisoner in the pants. This outfit is like Elle May Clampet vs early peasant girl again her hair she never attemps to make it look anything but a long tangled mess with a nasty tye dye looking color job. The assemble looks like something you would see on what Not to wear. Stacy and clinton would thrash her.

  • viper

    OMFG WHAT IS THAT OUTFIT THE MOTHER IS WEARING. a dress with leggins under it and crappy sandles..she looks like Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire when the br other was trying different woman’s looks on him..

  • Blahzae

    @viper: It says “Toth” on the bag she is carrying o.0 I have no idea what that is about of maybe “Foth” still no clue what thats about and I dont care lol
    Its clear to see where she gets her “fashion instincts” from… her mother LMAO

  • Slig

    She want go in jail .i dont now why

  • Brightside

    LOL @ the ‘Toth’ or ‘Foth’ bit. I like puzzles. Could it be Faith in very bad handwriting?
    The outfit Rachel is wearing is just tacky, cheap and tacky! I’m sure that if anyone took a trip to a trailer home park in anywhere in America more than half the females would be wearing something very similar.
    Couldn’t wear this in my part of the world…girls who dress like that are usually prostitutes or tourists : )
    Is she still going to be wearing shorts like this when she’s in her forties…I hope not! Rachel’s fashion sense always seems very immature to me…like she is stuck in a teenage time warp. Which is why I find it impossible to attach any weight or importance to her advice. I suppose 12 year old girls might look up to her for fashion advice…but I’m in my early thirties and really can’t see the appeal of wearing something that makes me look like a trashy teenager!

  • Blahzae

    @Brightside: You know I think there are some trailer parks where even that outfit would be considered tacky… now that is funny. I think some of the women there would be like Oh hell no I’ll stick with a potato sack lol.
    Although Im sure there are some women in West Hollywood who like to walk the streets at night if you get my drift :) ( and some fellas too) that might actually use her fashion advice but I dont see anyone else using it lol
    I dont think 12 year old girls would take her fashion advice because
    A: They would have no idea who she is lol
    B: They would have no idea who she is and would think she is old lol
    I’m in my early twenties and there is nothing I find very appealing about her “style” more like her lack of style or taste for that matter in my opinion.
    So she doesnt exactly appeal to those important target markets :).

  • Kaz

    Take this girl throw in the rubbish

  • n

    Jim Toth is her agent..yep.. the same Jim Toth that is dating Reese Witherspoon..

  • Brightside

    Really…then either he’s not doing a very good job about it, being as she’s still so visibly unemployed, or he’s finding her excruciatingly difficult to market. Presumably he has a string of clients and she’s dangling at the lower end of the string.
    Also who writes only a surname on a card? Couldn’t she have added the Jim. It’s like ‘Here you go, Toth, here’s your card!’ A bit rude, I feel. Unless it’s for an unnamed baby boy…does anyone know if Reese is expecting?

  • Brightside

    Or even Mr.Toth. Was there a Mr attached to the Toth part? That would make it respectful without being too informal. I’m guessing that the card says Mr.Toth then : )
    And this is what passes for news in Rachel’s life…sad really.

  • MissAnthropica

    Jim Toth is still a lower level Agent at CAA he tryed to be an actor at one point but it didnt work out so he became an agent instead. I would imagine Bilson is very very low on his list of of clients most likely the bottom. First because she is is uncastable at this point so not really much in it for him and secondly she doesnt attempt to improve her acting ( which needs help so much its rather hopeless) skills in any way which would make her more valueable but of course that would require work so she never even attempts such a thing.
    Most likely the reason he even has her as a client is that looks better to have more clients than less even if they are not very good clients, than the agent can use that to court new better talent and drop the dead weight later…. one guess who is on the top of the list to be dropped first? lol Also I am sure her father in some way knows him or has connections with people Toth knows so like always its daddy’s mediocre connections to help his less than mediocre daughter.
    Toth himself strikes me as a social climber himself so maybe he likes that in her lol
    . He clearly has made sure his relationship with Witherspoon is well documented, like almost everyday at this point, So hes a presswhore, makes since his clients would be ones aswell, birds of feather fly together I guess . :) lol
    I do find it strange she only wrote Toth on it though its rather rude, non-personal and thoughtless of her but then again rude and thoughtless fit this girl like a glove and certainly better than her clothes ever do lol

  • MissAnthropica

    Some one has been spray tanning I see, her legs are alot darker than they were not long ago I suppose this is to make them look slimmer problem is the dark blotches on the knees always give it away and on her arms. While her face is still and most of her torso is still alot lighter.
    Also she has clearly had her lips redone recently i thought it looked like it in some pictures from another post another day and of course it looks even worse because she is always pouting them out so when she gets them redone it looks even more obvious. They have the sausage look to them on the top lip which is a give away similiar to what plastic surgeons said about Lindsay Lohan when she went into jail they have that unnatural swelling to them so that the skin looks stretched especially on the upper lip when it is done, I guess she is trying to make herself look better younger thinner whatever to bring back her career but it doesnt really matter because we all know that is fact a LOST CAUSE.

  • Larker

    Well they always say if you want to know what the daughter will look like look at the mother!!!
    I think its clear what her future is (lol)and she is already on her way there.

  • Brightside

    I thought her lips looked pretty much as they always do. She has a very skinny upper lip…thin to the point of not actually being an upper lip at all, just a demarcation line between her mouth and the rest of her face! But I say that from a mixed race perspective so I’m naturally endowed with an upper lip : )

  • Brightside

    LMAO – I never noticed that, but you’re right. She looks like she’s going to eat her mother from behind, too. She’s definitely getting the old gnashers ready!

  • boo

    how come there’s no story of Hayden n her called of their engagement on JJ???

  • @25

    @boo: How come people cant use some form of proper english on here Boo.
    Also JJ did not report it because she pays for her posts like everyone knows not that it matters either way she is pathectic and she did not pay for that post to be made.
    Instead she had only the made up garbage about her starring in a new game/film franchise trying to sound as though she has a career posted. Which is clearly bull like everything else with her. Now will people stop bringing it up it is getting very very very old…. just like Bilson lol

  • Brightside

    You know that if you stuck a blonde wig on her head and masses of black eye shadow around her eyes she would be a very good stand in for Taylor Momsen in those clothes. Says it all really. Rachel Bilson, twenty eight and going on sixteen!

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ why do you keep digging up this lame comments Rachel made about fashion? TYI no one cares what another unemployed faux-actress, faux-fashionista said several months ago. Please ask Rachel’s people to provide you with better gibberish to write about her!!! Perhaps you can tell us why her brothers are never photographed with her…or why she refuses to take acting lessons…or why she thinks her 2-toned hair looks great?

  • Brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    A very good question, Lexy! As a long term commenter on JJ I’ve always been curious about that. Why the two tone hair, and why does she never style it? No matter where she is, or what she is doing, she has never, in all the time JJ has featured her in posts far too numerous to mention, changed or altered her hairstyle! I mean, come on, what person keeps the same hairstyle for three years. She said once that she wouldn’t get a tattoo because she liked change…(actually what she said was too garbled for comprehension…something about sleeping in the same nightie for two years, if I remember)…so why the static hairstyle?

  • monreal

    @ 22
    Her mom looks like an 80 YR. OLD SEA HAG!

  • gilmorie

    By seeing her homely-mousey looking profile w/ that dreadful & half-done two-toned hair, makes no wonder that she really is her “mother’s daughter”.,0,3

  • JC

    OK the constant coverage of her every move is getting ridiculous.

  • JC

    As a widely respected fashion expert she should be advising her mother that moo moos with black leggings aren’t an upcoming trend. Get some see through velvet to look like Audrey Hepburn for a day and she’ll be good to go.

  • Brightside

    Best laugh I’ve had, thanks! Better than the Kings of Leon and the pigeons!
    That was just as funny, too.

  • Oh Really

    Why is girl on JJ every other day? I can’t remember the last time she even stared in anything notable.

  • the truth

    Rachel has a new boyfriend . he’s on SNL his name is Andy Samberg. Didn’t know the reason she didn’t say anything about the Break.iIT was anew guy.

  • Dave

    Her only real problem is that she doesn’t want to do anything at all, instead she pretend to have everything served on a silver plate. But unfortunately, this is not how real life works. She must realize that both her mother and her daddy aren’t eternal in this world, and that if she really wants to do something, she has to “move” that bottom and do something, instead of shopping and waiting for something all the time. She sucks at acting and fashion? Good, then forget about acting and style and create something “interesting” your own. And if she’s not even good at that, then she must totally forget about Hollywood and all that.
    But anyway, seeing these pictures here everyday, i came to the conclusion that all the Bilson family must have some sort of problem dealing with reality. Not to mention the fact that her brothers had never be seen in public. So yeah, to me all this Bilson family is kinda weird.

  • max

    rachels pr people, i know you are reading this, this is not good press….and a waste of money

  • http://HolyBathit Holy Bat$hit

    OMFG! I think she is mental. The poor girl has never learned to dress herself. She going for the Victorian grannie hooker look. It looks like she is wearing his sister’s shorts that are too small for her and raided mom’s closet for the blouse and grannie boots. Then, wearing the black bra. Oye!! She looks like Roadie trash!

  • Brightside

    Well her mother is a s-x therapist apparently…not the oddest job in the world perhaps, but getting there…maybe Rachel could train to be one too. That would qualify for interesting.

  • @ the truth

    Rachel does not have a new boyfriend, there were 2 articles on the internet denying that she and Andy Samburg are are seeing each other. Andy Samburg’s rep confirmed he is still with his girlfriend Joanna Newsom. Rachel’s rep stated that Rachel “has never even met Andy”. Gossip Cop had this information.

    If Rachel was with this guy, there would be pictures, which there were none. Those picures would be a change from the others on here. You are a couple days behind in this news, anyway.

  • LiZa

    Cute outfit.

  • JC

    She gets photographed feeding meters, getting coffee, and walking from her front door to her car but she’s managing to keep new boyfriend Andy Samberg hidden? I don’t think so. She seems like she would be impossible to date. No straight guy wants to listen to her talk about fashion, or enable her shopping addiction on his nickel. Not without some sort of arrangement. Sadly I think that is the best she’s going to do. Hook up with some 50 year old guy with money who has his own life but just keeps her around on the side. As long as he bankrolls her shopping sprees she’ll be happy. I can’t imagine any normal guy putting up with her crap for that long in a real relationship. She would bore the guy to tears before too long if she didn’t take him to the poor house first. Of course I don’t know her, but it appears she’s lacking in the personality department.

  • http://verysexysexy sharyllee

    Just ugly. Please no more Rachel. We do not need you!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey Brightside – she doesn’t have to do anything fancy – a ponytail would shake things up!!!
    JJ what about her brothers?? The one who she says got her into trouble and MADE her a wild child??? Why don’t you ever see her with them since you’re the expert!!

  • Blahzae

    They are probably ashamed to be related ot Her so thats why you never see them and with a father like her’s as well the shame would just continue. lol Who could blame them for that… if i was related to these people I would run like hell and change my name!!!!
    As far as the Andy Samberg thing “the truth” it was a made up rumor by Bilson’ s own PR people a poorly devised one since the man has a girlfriend. Andy is currently filming Friends With Benefits in New York of all places the other side of the country ( with ppl like Justin Timberlake) so I bet she was just trying to attach her name to someone in the film. She is retarded and her people are even worse sometimes.

  • viper

    I’m surprised that after Canne and rubbing noses with Ryan Gosling she wasn’t connected to him. thank god for common sense for that man he wouldn’t date her if she was the last remaining actress on the planet.

  • JJ

    How can she give fashion advice when she uses a stylist?

  • http://twitter annie

    ughly legs and style she better get a new stylist if her outfits r what they come up with. cheap looking. august 4th takers party after premiere. hayden should be there.

  • viper

    Lets all hope that HC doesn’t take RB to this event and brings either his mother, brother or granny If he does bring her then guess he is back stuck on stupid.