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Willow Smith: Painted Ear Outline!

Willow Smith: Painted Ear Outline!

Willow Smith kills it on the red carpet at the premiere of big brother Jaden’s The Karate Kid at Le Grand Rex on Sunday (July 25) in Paris, France.

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith wore her favorite pair of safety pin earrings but this time, added a special touch.

Willow outlined her right ear with blue-ish silver paint. Interesting!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Willow’s painted ear outline — HOT or NOT?

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Credit: Marc Susset-Lacroix; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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# 2

Why, why, why?

# 3

This family aint normal

# 4

This family aint normal

# 5

She looks as stupid as she did the last time you posted about her.

# 6

Nice to see blatant nepotism is alive and well in Hollywood. I do not like Jada. Never have. She has an ugly edge to her personality. IMO

# 7
just saying @ 07/25/2010 at 6:33 pm


# 8

OMG it’s Rihanna’s long lost daughter..

# 9
Orlando69 @ 07/25/2010 at 6:35 pm

Yes, draw attention to just how badly your gigantic ears need to be pinned back. Good plan. This whole family needs to go away.

Does her shirt say ‘Ho’ on it? That is cute on a nine year old.

twpumpkin @ 07/25/2010 at 6:39 pm


she’s tall for 9 yrs old

Shouldn’t she be on JustJaredJr? She looks silly with a painted ear. She’s not Lady Gaga, lol. Anyway, I don’t feel like stardom is in the cards for her, no matter how hard they try.

Hot or not? She’s 9 years old.. It’s just wrong to say a 9 year old is hot!

this baby is too pretty to be doing all this mess, she will have plenty of time to be all “Hollywood”, I am actually surprised at her parents

Ok, why are 1000 premieres for this terrible film? There’s something Stepford-y about the way they pose. Jada Pinkett…I don’t know, there’s something very annoying about the way she’s posing at these premieres. It’s as if she’s starring in the film.

This is a very pretty 9 yr old girl, why is she dressed like a jaded, burnt out 25 yr old? Scary.

She should be dressing like the 9 yr old girl she is, why try to look so much older. ?

There is something very obnoxious about the way the whole family is turning up to these premieres as if they are in the films. Well they are not. They can go away now. It’s as if they are saying “Well your Dad is famous, so we’ll bring him along and make people aware that he is your Dad, so you can be just as bankable as he is one day!”

why do they insist on dressing this child like some sad 80′s hair metal band member? Stop pimping out your family, for shame!!!!

She loos too grown for a 9 year old child. Will and Jada need to reign that in quickly before it gets way out of hand:( Let her be a kid for a little while, jeez.

geez…..only in America!

(rolling eyes)

CanadaGirl @ 07/25/2010 at 7:19 pm

Ahh… come on guys, It’s nice that the family is supportive of one another. Will’s taken a lot of time off, so it’s nice to see him at events. Willow has unusual taste in clothes, but she expressing herself in a harmless way. :)

Do you get paid to post about this ugly child?

Agree, she should be on Just Jared, Jr.

She’s a cute little girl! Shame on you idiots for talking about a little kid! Your sorry kids are nowhere near as cute.

I can’t stand that whole family, the kids are little *****.

OhMahGawh @ 07/25/2010 at 7:36 pm

I think Jada is making sure Willow is not embarrassed about the ears she inherited from her father. Cute family.

I didnt realize how much they are pimping their kids out till now.
Wow just wow.:(

offtheproperty @ 07/25/2010 at 7:43 pm

She’s a very pretty girl. I just hope she doesn’t grow up a huge chip on her shoulder about how horrible white people are like it seems blacks are all about these days — especially the most successful ones. The is no such thing as “equality” except in mathematics.

OhMahGawh @ 07/25/2010 at 7:46 pm


What are you talking about? Isn’t Will Smith good friends with Tom Cruise? Last time I checked he’s White. What a ridiculous thing to say.

a lot of people get really brave when hey have the anonymity that the internet provides. anyways i see nothing wrong, with the way willow dresses, if she fels good and comfortable who are we to say stop dressing liike that. she is a beautiful 9 year old acting like a 9 year old, i dont see how she is dressing to ‘grown’ as someone mentioned. though i don;t agree with @offtheproperty statement, i do agree that there will never be equality for all.

Realistic @ 07/25/2010 at 8:14 pm

I knew it would be a racists comment in here before I even clicked on this topic.
Haven’t been on here in a while I forgot some of Just Jared audience hates Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Gays, Lesbians, anyone that tells the truth, Insiders and people with a different opinion. Some white people (I typed some) and their baiting tactics and sense of entitlement when they have stoled from, killed and ostracized every group they come in contact with is ironic. There never will be equality when you say and do things that divide.
This child should be on the Jr. site plus it would help generate more of a following if she was seen by her peers and not mixed in with the adults. Unless Will and Jada wanted attention which is not a suprise.

A 9 year does not dress like that without a parents permission. I will not allow my child to dress like that. That said, both kids should be on JJ Jr. without the parents. When I first saw the picture I thought maybe Will had another movie out.

Has a very pretty face…it’s just the ears that detract from her looks. She needs to do something about them one day.

I always loved Will Smith but now i think its so horrible what he do. He want that his kids will be famous other Hollywood Stars like Kate Winslet or Julie Roberts will never do something like this but Will Smith is a golddiger and now his Hollywood Career comes to the End , because i`m shore that other people think the same.

That’s sad… It’s so sick to see this happening in our world.

That ear outline makes her look like an Avatar.

Why do we get to see her so much lately? Where are pictures of her big brother, who is actually doing something to deserve some attention (probably on Just Jared Jr.) And W T F a 9 year old is dressed this way… not blaming the child, but the parents.

ADORABLE!! She probably should be on JJJ though. I love her little ear thing. It’s very creative. :D

What do I heareth??? @ 07/25/2010 at 9:04 pm

Lots of jealous idiots on this board, lol.

Willow is a model in the making. Will and Jada, you are doing an excellent job of raising your children! Ignore the haters.

Pimping out the children?!?! One is in a movie and the other is supporting him. Guess this is the first time you guys have heard of a child of an actor following in his footsteps … novel idea.

So haters, if you do not want to read about this great family. If it really hurts you that bad, get out of this post and go back to reading about Britney Spears, the “model mother.” lol

WHAT is wrong with you people??? You act like she’s dressed like a hooker or something crazy?? SHe’s 9 YEARS OLD! She’s having fun with her clothes, which is what kids are supposed to do!!
She looks ADORABLE and she’s being a kid!!


WTF are you talking about?? She painted her ear??!?!!?!?!

Whatever happened to dressing your children child approriate? This is way to much for a 9 year old child.

Kim Na Wet @ 07/25/2010 at 9:11 pm

so young and already being exploited by their attention w h oo rr ee parents!
karate kid was the worst movie the smiths kids look like they are full of shet-confidence becoz they parents are famosos!
they’ll prolly end up losers when they’d grown up! LOL

She looks just like her dad.
Not sure he makes a pretty girl.

Kim Na Wet @ 07/25/2010 at 9:25 pm

UGLY kids! spoiled brats and just u peples wait. future problem childs of hollyweird!

Doc Holiday @ 07/25/2010 at 9:35 pm

Cute but stop pimping the kids out.

offtheproperty @ 07/25/2010 at 9:57 pm

She looks very pretty. Will and Jada have good reason to be proud of their beautiful family.

offtheproperty @ 07/25/2010 at 10:01 pm

And they gave her a beautiful name.

#2 Julie, people she is a child, she is expressing herself, it’s not bad, stop being hateful all the time, if you don’t like it, leave, it’s good the family is supportive, other families in Hollywood have their kids out all the time and Nada great family, good luck in the future with your careers, jealousy is ugly.

truthnotlies @ 07/26/2010 at 12:05 am

Its all for Xenu

Same old poses, same old un-smiling faces (except for daddy Will and he goes over board), same old ‘look at me, I’m special attitudes, different outfit, same old reaction – ewww!

I can’t believe a Hot or Not poll was even opened for this. She’s nine years old, as’sholes!

The hair cut and the ear doesn’t go together. The painting on it a bad taste. She should have a hair cut that is approprate for her features.

she should be on justjared Jr… or anywhere
again, what does she do? does she acts or something? im missing something cus she’s irrelevant imo.

WHAT is wrong with what the child is wearing. Its not conventional in the sense that everything should be color coordinated and cute. But there
is absolutely nothing wrong with what she is wearing.
Would you all rather she was wearing high heels and a slinky short dress?

Kills it on the red carpet in France? Who writes this crap? You think this is interesting? I doubt the French see this awful outfit as “killing it on a red carpet”. What were her parents thinking? Shame on you both….get a stylist. Is the paint on those dumbo ears a fasion/style attempt? Why is a 9 year old wearing a shirt that says “HOT”?..with knee high boots….It is rediculous that she is allowed to dress like that
and go put in public….and to promote a movie for her brother?
Seriously? Huh?…What the Hell?????????
Why is this little girl even posted here online? H’wood nepotism?
Just Jared is going downhill when posting junk like this…..YUK.
Do they pay you to post about the Smith family?

honestly... @ 07/26/2010 at 3:17 am

Overstyled. Don’t think she came up with that outfit on her own- her parents paid a stylist to dress her. Way too much for a 9-year-old. Let her be a normal kid.

little Will smith yeah

Brightside @ 07/26/2010 at 3:22 am

I agree…I would rather see a nine year old dressed like this than wearing short shorts and high heels with lots of make up. No she doesn’t look like the image of a nine year old that society expects but she lives a different lifestyle to most nine year olds. She looks like she’s exploring her identity and, compared with what she could have chosen (pink, pink and more pink) I think she’s doing a creative and individual job of it.
Also I really like the gilded ear…what’s so offensive about it? It looks good and I can see it becoming a trend. I would think about doing this in gold for a night out with a couple of gold ear cuffs.

Take this girl Throw in just jared jr

Dance In The Dark @ 07/26/2010 at 4:56 am

I may sound old fashioned but I am of the opinion that 9 year old girls should look like 9 year old girls. Willow looks like a teenager; her style is inappropriate and more suited to the likes of Rihanna who is old enough to dress provocatively and seek male attention. This just seems wrong on all levels. This little girl should be at home playing outdoors and with her friends, not worrying about image and being prostituted by her fame hungry parents. Nepotism rules yet again, she will obviously have a career in entertainment industry because of her pushy mother and father. I don’t get this family; none of them are particularly talented. I also believe they have been sucked into the abyss of Scientology which loves it’s ‘famous’ spokespeople.

She will end up a trainwreck just like all the other child stars out there. Her parents should have the morals and sense to protect her and encourage her to choose a meaningful path in life, but obviously they won’t as they happily parade their entire vulnerable family for all to see. Bad parenting in Hollywood yet again …

It’s a damn shame that Will Smith who worked so hard to become one of Hollywood elite with two oscar nominations has become a famewhore thanks to Jada. I hope he goes back to making movies with other good actors like Charlize Theron and leave this mess. His kids are not talented like he is, this boy is fine now on a remake of a classic. But he is not going to be a huge star. Will has a chance to win an oscar and should concentrate on movies that let his talent shine.

Snarky Sharky @ 07/26/2010 at 5:40 am

Love how the kids are dressed


This family is getting annoying as hell. Two of the most despiceable, unlikeable kids I have seen in a long while.
If somebody on the street would feel the desire to punch their ugly faces, I would certainly understand it.
Talk about attentionseekers……

Willow is a beautiful girl. And has its own style.

People are so wicked and vicious it is disgusting. I think she can wear whatever she wants. She isnt wearing anything revealing and trying to look older than her age. I feel sorry for the repressed kids who will rebel against their parents and do all sorts of experimentation that their parents wont even know about when they are teenagers. Chances are Willow will grow up to be a successful fashion designer. I think its great that the family sticks together and travels together. Its probably better for Jaden not to be on the red carpet alone. Being surrounded by so many ppl taking pics could be very overwhelming for him.

Sure Willow can wear whatever she wants and have fun playing dress up – in the privacy her own home. She’s too young to be at an event like this, and JustJared has no business reporting on her.

i would rather appreciate it if it was Madonna’s daughter.

Man that family BUGS who do they think they are?

hunnybearpie @ 07/26/2010 at 11:12 am

that girl is weird as f**ck, and growing up too fast.

I think she is Cute!

Willow is 'willowy' @ 07/26/2010 at 11:51 am

Bet she’ll be a stunner when she grows up. She’s got a model’s body type – long, tall and lean. Plus those exotic almond-shaped eyes. She’ll grow into herself properly in a couple of years.

Ravynwolfe @ 07/26/2010 at 11:52 am

I like that she’s free to express herself. If the parents want the kids with them, the kids are going to get photographed. I don’t blame the family for the fact that pappers hound them. The ear thing is something I never thought of before..kinda cool. thumbs up.

They are too trendy and too stylish. Look at the air of superiority on the kids’ faces. I watched the boy being interviewed by David Letterman, and he was trying to be too cool. Almost disrespectful to Dave, who is a 63 year old man. It seem that all the success is not doing them very well.

Damn why are y’all all hating on the smith family? sure her outfit is a bit bad for a 9 year old but the smith’s are a supportive family and unlike most in hollywood they keep the stuff together.

I thought she was a gay boy…. =/

Kim Nah Wet @ 07/26/2010 at 4:15 pm

future paris hilton-lindsay lohan! hahaha

just u wiat guys!
jada looks like a tranny! eyuckkkk

Kim Nah Wet @ 07/26/2010 at 4:20 pm

dumbo slutbo b-bimbo ears!

Why do you keep reporting on this little girl?

That’s a bunch of badass family right there! I wish I was related….

Loving It @ 07/26/2010 at 5:34 pm

I love Jaden…. always will…. Him and Will are my Fav. But where the hell does Willow thinks shes going like this? Shes freaking 9 for christ sakes….
But I still don’t think this is worst than her shaving her head. That pissed me off.
I know for a fact if I dressed like that at 9 and shave my head, there is no way in hell my momma is claiming me.

Loving It @ 07/26/2010 at 5:34 pm

I love Jaden…. always will…. Him and Will are my Fav. But where the hell does Willow thinks shes going like this? Shes freaking 9 for christ sakes….
But I still don’t think this is worst than her shaving her head. That pissed me off.
I know for a fact if I dressed like that at 9 and shave my head, there is no way in hell my momma is claiming me.

Loving It @ 07/26/2010 at 5:36 pm

@Orlando69: NO! Jada and Willow need to go away. Not Jaden and Will… Jaden is weird but hes sexy…. Not I sound like a pervert… anyways… Yeah xD

People don´t dislike this family because they are black—-it´s rather the way they chose to present themselves-which is pretty much annoying, over-exposing, arrogant, rude and in your face.
—–Attentionwhores at their best—————–They are morons.
WHy is it that people are always bringing up the black card everytime people say bad things about black folks?
YOu´re just ignorant……:T

the painted ear looks amazing on indian models


She is so cute like her dad,but she is too young for that look

I’m diggin the Janelle Monae cut

You have a new policy that deletes the nasty comments on the Angelina Jolie’s thread. I appreciate that attitude to keep respect.
This thread is not of Angelina Jolie but has several nasty comments. Even on Angelina Jolie’s thread has nasty comments about Willow Smith. SO PLEASE DELETE THE NASTY COMMENTS OF HERE TOO! PLEASE DELETE THE NASTY COMMENTS ABOUT WILLOW SMITH ON ANGELINA JOLIE’S THREAD TOO! She is just a child…

Sorry, but I don’t like her hair that way or what’s on her ear….normally I’m not so rude, but this is ridiculous.

is that what u call cool?

Realistic @ 07/26/2010 at 8:08 pm

@black: So i’m “ignorant” but you the one that does not know how to read. My comment was in response to offtheproperty #30 comment which is the one who started with a race comment. I never said once anyone “disliked” the Smiths because they are black.
Like I said previously baiting and starting confusion thats your M.O.
You assume I am black I could be white and see through the bullsh*it also your attempts to write like me was an epic fail. I see you was the only one that seem to have a problem with my comment. Unlike you I don’t have the time to play on Just Jared and make up multiple names in an attempt to call someone out add fuel to your racist agenda because you the one got hang ups. “black card” lmao

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Realistic @ 07/26/2010 at 8:23 pm

This is one of the reason I do not come on here like I use to. I knew like clock work I was going to get a stupid respond to my comment from someone with little comprehension skills who wants to see what they want to see even if it’s not there.
If I decide to come back on this site I will not be explaining myself any more. I notice the racist or baiting comments do not get moderated.

I think it look cool! I wonder where she got the idea.

It sounds like everyone who posted are a group of haters!!!!! There is nothing wrong with Willow having personality to her style. She is a trend setter!!! Let her set the trends. Creativity, personality and uniqueness are always welcomed. The family is doing well and they are well supported. GOOD FOR THEM!!!!!! Way to keep making money; the white families do it all the time!!!!

She’s a beautiful little girl. She’s this young and already generating so much buzz…so cute lol!

Does anyone care?

She is cute, but why are we seeing her so often? She isn’t an entertainer.

@RJ: You don’t need to be Lady Gaga to be silly. But even Gaga wouldn’t get an ear painted a streak of teal. She would have a huge fake ear tacked on and it would be bloody with exploded ear drums. Willow should be doing anything but bringing unwanted attention to her huge Will ears. Other than that, I like her style. It’s more Rihanna/Kelis than Gaga or comparable.

paintinq the outside of your ear is too qrown? yu people need to stop trippen. that little qirl is beatiful nd its called freedom of expressionn. it seems like jada and will are raisinq their children riqht so stop hatin alreadyy jeez yu quys seem mad dumb tlkn bout a 9 year old qirl. let her do her thinq. i dont see her doinq crazzy photoshoots nd wearinq Mini skirts. if yu see fashion todayy when people wanna b different they express themselves throuqh clothinq. the haircut miqht b alil qrown but who cares atleast she can rock unlike alot of people she look cute and im qlad that she has the quts to not follow the crowd in a crazy wayy. she seem very mature for her aqe nd she looks like she can handle it without qoinq buckwild. yu need to do an article about hateration nd how people have no sense of fashion. !! now yu qon qot me tiqht smdh

the ear thing is kinda random :/

@Ali: spell properly your english sux shows youre black


I think they should let the child dress and act like a 9-year-old. I mean she ia a little loo outrageous for her age. You would expect someone much older to be doing this crap!!!

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@miss infamous: Actually shes only 5 feet thats a little bit taller than snooki

@Robyn: no one is actually saying that we just sayin that shes too young for all of this. C’mon nine years old?this industry forces you to grow up so she should have just waited a couple more years

i like her styles she lookes good in her styels

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