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Angelina Jolie: Japan's Narita Airport with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: Japan's Narita Airport with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and her four oldest kids — Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5 and Shiloh, 4 — look like one big family as they hold hands and travel through Japan’s Narita International Airport on Monday morning (July 26).

The 35-year-old actress was also accompanied by Holly Goline, who has been her personal assistant for about a decade. Holly totes around Angie‘s Ferragamo grey leather tote with gold metal handles.

The whole family’s in town to premiere Angie‘s spy thriller Salt!

Papa Brad Pitt is probably home with the twins!

FYI: Angie is wearing Tkees flip flops in Sunkissed.

15+ pictures inside Angelina Jolie and her kids touching down at Japan’s Narita airport…

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  • Iffy Miffy

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous family! Angie looks wonderful and so happy and the kids are darlings! Beautiful family!

  • Caroline

    What a great family ! They give away such a great vibe :)

  • Mitzi

    The kids are all adorable. AJ looks happy too. A bit too skinny for my liking but radiantly beautiful all the same.

  • +#รถ

    shiloh is like brad pitt

  • sundus

    They look awesome!
    Angie looks amazing in that black dress!
    Love them all!!

  • Dreads

    Geez, her legs WTF?! Very skeleton-like. She’s still way too skinny, dare I say bony?! Ugh. Anyway, she’s undeniably GORGEOUS. She has the most beaufitul face, I just wish she’d gain some pounds (not a lot, just a few). All the kids are adorable. I particularly love Pax and Viv. Shiloh is the spitting image of her dad, wow.

  • JT

    Awww they look so happy, so cute!

  • Realty Check

    This woman needs to eat. Look at her bony knees. Her personal trainer should be ashamed.

    Those kids are adorable!.

  • Fanny

    WOW they have a lot of children! HAPPY FAMILYY

  • Kaz

    Agree #5 yeah

  • Hoa Spence


    No need for such mean comment. Maybe she didnot want to be away from her children. If that is the only way and she can afford it, more power to her.

  • Catchy

    scary legs

  • Realty Check

    This woman needs to eat. The first picture of her bony knees and arms is a bit frightening.

    Those kids are adorable.

  • busted

    Let’s see we will get the pimping kids crap. They have to walk through the Japan airport.. and if being photographed with your kids in the airport is pimping them..then she is in great company.. Liev and Naomi were just photographed with their kids.. Halle, Jennifer Gardner and countless others. Really.

    I guess the hags are really pissed this weekend. Angie has a hit movie and is traveling to promote her film like every other celeb. We have not seen these children in weeks. Last time was in Cancun and before that Italy. So stop all the stupid comments.

    The film will do very well overseas.. And I think it is awesome that she gets to take her children with her instead of having to leave all of them at home. She has just few more days then back home to Brad and the babies. I think they really did a great job in scheduling because she is doing them back to back. Those kids look really happy.

    And gosh Maddox and Pax have both gotten so tall. Shiloh and Zee are such beautiful girls. And Shiloh’s hair is getting longer.. really thick

    Angie is a lucky woman.. Great life.

  • Sheri

    My goodness … Shiloh is the spitting image of Brad!! Just wish Angie didn’t dress her like a boy all the time. But all the children look so cute and happy ~ I’m sure Angie is a wonderful mother. I’m glad to see, too, from recent reports that she has made amends with her Dad and he gets to see his grandkids now.

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    I think Pax looks so adorable.

  • Sophie

    Aww! So cute!

  • http://lola lola

    she has the body of an old woman, my god it’s really ugly

  • http://lola lola

    person told him to hide that ugly body?

  • justsad

    she never looked thinner

  • Star

    She needs to eat! Looks terribly unhealthy. And to make matters worse, the cameras add ON pounds. So Angie must be even skinnier in real life.

  • LJ

    Such a lovely, happy family!

  • silvia

    Lovely family!!!

  • LJ

    I don’t agree with all these “too skinny” comments. Angie has always been slim and she looked fabulous in her red dress in Russia. I think its just the dress she has on today making her look bad. The beaitiful smile certainly makes up for the nasty dress tho.

  • LJ


  • phool

    i wish people stop banging on about angies weight she just beautiful love her as she is you go angie

  • Lara

    I hate to admit but I love to watch this family although It may be hard being followed by the paps
    Pax will be the quit gentleman, Max the cool surfer player , zahara the diva and shiloh uff uff the new brad pitt ? she looks like a very pretty boy with the short hair she needs more girls around her otherwise she will possible hate them all in school because they are so girly lmao

  • arrival

    The kids are adorable, Shiloh is more beautiful every day, and I like her boyish style, why the girls SHOULD wear pink??
    The boys are cute too.
    Thanks for the pictures, makes my day happy :)

  • KellStar

    I always wondered how Max would turn out when it was just him and Angie. It’s so interesting to see that in a matter of just a few years he now has all these siblings who I’m sure look up to him.


    You can’t do a physically demanding full-on action movie if you are weak with hunger like you haters are trying to make out, it’s just common sense. She is slender but strong.

  • http://hotmailaustralia mark

    They all look so happy, so why should people put them down, they are not hurting anyone if anything they help the world to be a better place.

  • http://hotmailaustralia mark

    Thanks JJ.

  • African Girl

    Gorgeous Kids!!
    What adventurous lives they live! By the time they are 18, they would have visited most of the countries in the world….Lucky them!
    Maddox is so grown now and there’s something about him that’s very BPish.

  • Lara

    for everybody who complains about her taking her kids with her is stupid.
    This kids will never have a boring life like you and don’t worry they get their dance and karate lesson . they are 6 kids what means 6 different characters . It wouldn’t be bad if they go to one school but its not like they are isolated like Suri . Suri has nobody to play with . The kids need their mother and father right now and as far as we can see they spend time with their kids and have a bonding . I have a feeling that this kids will help each other to get through the teen phase

  • LJ

    @African Girl: I know, luckiest kids in the world right? I wonder how many languages they can speak already?

  • anustin

    ok,im a loony. shiloh is really a pitt.and a jolie.
    hello all gorgeous jps.

  • Newtons3Law

    The children looked so adorable and happy. Shiloh is cool as a cucumber. Need we say anymore about Angelina.. She’s an epitome of beauty.

  • Tazzy


    Jealous much?

  • African Girl

    I’d take Shiloh’s tomboy style dressing over Willow Smith’s any day. Saw a picture of the girl at her brother’s movie premier yesterday and honestly, I don’t know what to say.
    The child’s is 9yrs old for goodness sakes and she’s already dressing like a 16yrs old teenager filled with angst. It’s not cute, it’s horrifying.

  • Tazzy


    Haters don’t have common sense. They are just plain stupid.

  • Newtons3Law

    For X fans. found a place where you can play and hijack another thread: Shoo!! Fly!!!

    Enjoy her s mug look. I’m sure it won’t be long before her perfume makes it way in discounted store. Harrods must have their blinkers on!

  • anustin

    jared,dude!start cleanning up man.

    monday jealousy lol jay.

  • anustin

    hmhhmmh…..look at the faniston’s…..b/c Maniston is not welkam in japan eh.fuggyfans. lovin it!

  • I am all smiling

    I am all smiling while looking at those photos.

    Angie and Kids are healthy, adorable, and so pleasant…

    Love, love, love Shiloh, she just melts my heart in every way.

  • Tazzy


    I really don’t get you crazy people. If you hate her so much why are you here? I will never understand how a haters mind works. Very bizarre behaviour.

  • LJ

    @African Girl: Oh come on! I thought you were cool! Don’t go around bashing children! Willow Smith has an awesome fashion sense. I wish I looked as good as her when I was just a kid.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Just a adorable family.

  • Noticias de Famosos

    Angelina is beautiful and looks very bright.

  • bebe

    Lovely family. Shiloh is brad’s mini-me and she is a beautiful girl, and so is Princess Z. I like Pax’ fashion sense. Mad and Pax are also into hats, just like their Daddy Brad. What can I say, they are normal happy kids with loving parents. I love the JPs.

  • African Girl

    Excuse me…. bashing? Where exactly did you see bashing in my comment? I think the way she dresses is a little too much for someone her age and for the life of me I don’t see how anyone can think it’s cute.
    There’s a very “Look at me! Notice me!” air about those clothes and it’s scary they are on a 9yrs old. She’s a cutie and she really does not need to wear the attention seeking clothes….just yet.
    The problem with kids today is they are doing too much too soon and it’s kinda sad the parents aren’t helping matters.