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Daniel Craig: Guy with the Dragon Tattoo!

Daniel Craig: Guy with the Dragon Tattoo!

Daniel Craig will play journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the big screen adaptation of the Stieg Larsson-written novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, set for a December 21, 2011 release.

Deadline reports that starting early fall, the 42-year-old British actor will film in Sweden with director David Fincher (The Social Network, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Panic Room, Fight Club).

Candidates to play the female lead include Ellen Page (Juno), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Sara Snook (Sleeping Beauty), Rooney Mara (The Social Network) and Sophie Lowe (Blame).

Over the weekend, Daniel and director Jon Favreau promoted his upcoming sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens at Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif.

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  • Amy

    Great casting – perfect! Emily Browning would be perfect!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Still not sure I agree with remaking this – the Swedish version is very good but he’s not a bad choice.

  • mark84

    It’s GREAT casting!!!

  • Arianna

    Yes, I like Daniel Craig as Bloomkvist. I’ve never heard of Emily Browning. I don’t know about Ellen Page, doesn’t seem quite right somehow.

  • Sasha

    Emily Browning <3
    The role is very interesting, Lisbeth Salander(in the book) is a very intelligent girl+what makes it more interesting for me,a hacker ;D

  • Kimmy

    Craig really looks like AKA Blomkvist. I love it!!!

  • JC

    @lexy hates bilson:

    David Fincher can make anything good.

  • Tata

    I still don’t understand why they need to do a remake! The originals one are great!

  • GG

    He will be great!

  • Megik


  • Blahzae

    This film is going to bomb at the box office it might make some money in the states but will not in the European Box office market because the original fillm they are ripping off just came out end of last year and was very very good. So good luck with them wasteing their time and money on a lesser version of the original film,

  • Lin

    I can imagine Daniel as Blomkvist. But how about Lisbeth?

  • Mendel

    Brilliant!!! Dan is an excellent choice!

    I wasn’t too sure about a remake either, but I think with David Fincher and Dan this film could be really really good.

    So yes, here’s to Dan!!!

  • Jess

    Bond as Blomqvist? I’m having a hard time seeing that… but on the other hand I’m swedish so I have Micke Nyqvist in mind everytime I hear Mikael Blomqvist…
    As for Lisbeth – non of the girls mentioned will manage to pull off the role as Noomi did… but the american version will be much more dull as well…

  • Ash

    Noomi Rapace is BEST

  • dee

    I just watched this movie last night, and it was amazing. I really don’t understand the remaking of it as most people in this country (US) are literate and it’s not hard to follow with subtitles at all. Also watched ‘Let the Right one In’ and loved it and I think they are remaking that one too. The Swedes have always made great films and Hollywood is really out of original ideas. On the plus side, atleast now it doesn’t look like Kristen Stewart is still in the running for Lisbeth.

  • DtM

    Way to go dan!!!
    He’s going to be a busy boy with all
    these franchises, with possible sequals to C&A
    and a further possible 2 Tintin films, if successful, along
    with the Millenium trilogy and Bond 23……
    should keep him going for the next couple of years!

  • Faustine

    It´s possible Dan will play a great Blomkvist, even more than Michael Nyqvist´ version, but one girl (any of this list) better than Noomi Rapace????… I don´t think so. She´s amazing, she´s Lisbeth. Sweden version (both movies and tv-mini series) are great

  • Mikael and Noomi
  • Celia

    Good! Now all we need is either Ellen Page or Léa Seydoux as Lisbeth.
    Ellen Barkin as Cecilia Vanger
    Vera Farmiga as Erika Berger
    Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vanger

  • Celia


    The originals are good, but I felt they were lacking something. Especially since I watched them right after I read the books. The Swedish versions left a lot of the storyline vacant, which was annoying. I also don’t think they Swedish versions were as graphic as the books. They still seemed too toned down. I think David Fincher (the director of Se7en, Fight Club, etc) will do a better job of portraying just how dark and violent and disturbing the books are.

  • emma

    why the heck to they always need to do an american remake ????
    like with “Death at a Funeral”, the british version is so good as it is, how is it better to have the exact same with american actors ??

  • Lin

    Ellen Barkin as Cecilia Vanger? YEEEEY! That’s great.

  • Guinness

    do ya think Broadway had anything to do with being offered/accepting/networking across the country/ in accepting any of these roles? or a great agent? or hotness? or his negotiating skills? or his hot ness? or his PFA? or his hotness? or ———-hell, the man is one talented man. period. and a little dabble of multipersonality disorder going on doesn’t hurt either!! (ah, Mendel, I am afraid the man will be over this side the pond for a while. surry. you can have him back when he turns a sexxy 50 yrs old or so. Actually, I would take him at ANY AAGE!!!!)
    (and hey–is that you Faustine? I gots the same email!!!did you read the books? )
    HOT DAMN!!! Hot damn hot damn. He is soooo cheeky giving that answer at the Comic con….!!! I HAVE to read ALL the books now to go to sleep with Dan on my brain. yay! yay! Dancing party time for DAN!!!

    Girls and Boys—I have been thinking about this alot… and the idea of remaking films are fine. Remaking a film to hit a bigger audience won’t take away from the film if it is instinctively GREAT! so, let the rest of the world decide and more money be made with different people. and Dan is gonna be awesome. (and that earlier character description was WAY off on the similarities between Dan and Mike)


  • to DtM

    right!! so much for those idiots who said that daniel craig would have no meaningful film career without james bond. where are they now???

  • Mendel

    to DtM

    “Way to go dan!!!
    He’s going to be a busy boy”

    That’ll keep him out of mischief!

    (shame! *grin*)

  • to celia

    please god!! no ellen page. i cannot stand her. she would ruin lisbeth in a new york minute. Ellen Barkin as Cecilia Vanger
    Vera Farmiga as Erika Berger and Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vanger i can live with.

  • to celia

    my brother, who has a wicked sense of humor, just suggested another possible for Lisbeth. he says to give the role to the girlfriend satsuki. it’ll give her something to do and actually give her a paying job. because god knows she doesn’t do anythng else. as i ssid, my brother is just joking around.

  • DtM

    I hope he can pull off a Swedish accent!
    So, he’ll be off to Sweden straight after C&A
    Guinness, I think he’s managed to land these roles because
    1..he’s a talented actor and 2..he’s on really good terms with Babs Broccoli and Steven Spielberg who has been flexible on filming schedules on C&A franchise. Also Dragon tatt is under Sony as is Bond.

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “do ya think Broadway had anything to do with being offered/accepting/networking across the country/ in accepting any of these roles?
    or his hotness?

    Did you say hotness? Smokin’ hotness? Super-smokin’ hotness?
    Yeah! *grin*

    “ah, Mendel, I am afraid the man will be over this side the pond for a while. surry”

    Aren’t they filming in Sweden? That’s our side of the pond. Surry :)

    “and the idea of remaking films are fine.”

    There are some classics that should never be touched…

  • Ripple

    I’ve just started reading the book, I’m about 100 pages in. Daniel Craig is not how I have imagined Blomkvist.

  • Katie

    Christina Ricci!

  • to katie

    christina who???

  • mark84

    Don’t worry. Craig would be perfect for the role.

  • Guinness

    I already mentioned Christina–so 2 points for her. the actress from Alice in Wonderland is too tall, and her face is too structured and naturally beautiful.

    oh crap….other side of pond he WILL be… very good. :) for you, and :( for me. friends share :)

    ah, yes, DTM: the connection with sony–very good. he has charmed everyone. he is a smokin hot charmer he is!!

    and–go see the previously threaded thread for my take on his bicep tatoo. ffs, will someone just ask the man!!!! I still think Harry wrote it on the ride there!!! ~night ya’all. exciting day! yey for dan–do da Dan Dance!!! yey!

  • irene olson

    After seeing the Swedish version, which was GREAT, my choice for Blomkvist would have been Liam Neeson. My choice for Lisbeth, from the start, would be Ellen Page.

  • Mel

    I just saw the Swedish version and it was fine. They like, just made it. they dont need to make it in American accents. Stupid. But of course Ellen Paige will play the Lisbeth. WTF though.

  • Lisa

    I have read all three of the books and seen the Swedish version films, so far, and can’t for the life of me understand why there should be an American version of this. The books and films are brilliant with both casting and content. Noomi is amazing as Lisbeth and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else portraying her. Swedish versions rule!!!!

  • Question

    Craig seems to be a good choice for the role. I love the books, hope they won’t ruin the story.

  • Celia

    @to celia:

    If you watch some of Ellen Page’s darker roles like “The Tracey Fragments” or “Mouth to Mouth” or “Hard Candy” then she’s perfect. I’m not talking about Juno Ellen Page.
    Noomi Rapace (Lisbeth in the Swedish versions) actually said that she thought Ellen Page or Christina Ricci would be make good replacements for her.

  • to celia

    sorry the only one who should play lisbeth is noomi rapace. i think they should give her an offer that she can’t refuse to play lisbeth again for the american version.

  • to celia

    the only person who should have the role of lisbeth in the american version is noomi rapace. it’s her or no other. so give her as much money as she wants to do the film

  • to blahzae

    it’s the return of our favorite not very intelligent psychic from previous threads. the film has not even started filming and you’ve declared it to be a failure in Europe. oh wait!! i forgot, you have a ability to see into the future with your crystal ball. but please, continue to let us know your other predictions.

  • what a piece of dogshit


    he’s soooooo uuuuuggggggggllllllllllllleeeeee

    someone throw him over a cliff

  • im mom

    daniel craig, great casting….and just anyone but kristen stewart as lisbeth. I hate that the americans feel a need to make a version, it will suck .

  • Fio

    Natalie Portman denies ‘Dragon Tattoo’ rumours.

  • jain

    Strange,I spent my weekend watching the DVD of the big screen version of this film? My heart sinks because the though of a hollywood version… Well, they aren’t famous for improving on originals.. Blomvist and Salander will pobably end up married with 2 kids! I have no great expectations on this at all

  • Celia

    @to celia:

    Lol. Actually they DID offer and she DID refuse. She was the first person they asked to star in the films.
    I’m really excited about David Fincher’s versions. It’s not like he’s going to have the set in Hollywood and they’re all going to speak with American accents.
    The films are being shot in Sweden and he’s basing them off the books. They’re not re-makes of the Swedish films.

  • the zugz com

    I post the video again. Daniel is in pretty good shape. ENJOY!!!

    Cowboys and Aliens – Comic Con / SDCC 2010

  • CanadaGirl

    I really must read this series of books. I don’t know anything about this novel, but Daniel Craig is a great actor, so I’m sold.