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Ke$ha: I Love Blasting Zeppelin & Cat-Calling Dudes

Ke$ha: I Love Blasting Zeppelin & Cat-Calling Dudes

Check out these new outtakes from Ke$ha‘s latest photo shoot for Paper magazine!

Here’s what the 23-year-old “Take It Off” singer had to share:

On transvestites: “Freaks are what make everything mildly more interesting in life but with trannies, they make me want to be a better woman. I see these men who have way better bodies than I do, more beautiful faces, better complexions, beautiful makeup, and they’re more fun than any person I’ve met in my life. They make me feel like I’m not a very good woman.”

On possibly going country: “I’m really inspired by country music — my mom wrote country music — and I love Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. I think at some point there might be some country collaborations or records in the future. But I’m also really digging being called, like half jokingly, a white girl rapper. I think it’s really funny and I’m going to ride that train for a little bit.”

On her love for DIY tattooing: “A friend of mine told me you can [create a tattoo] with pen ink and a safety pin and I was like ‘That’s amazing. I could give tattoos at anywhere in the world at any hotel.’ I saw this hot dude recently and I gave him a tattoo sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I was just like ‘Can I borrow a pen and a sewing kit?’ I think I got an admirer out of that one.”

On being a ‘pervert:’ “I wouldn’t say I’m aggressive, but I’m a pervert. I have a gold Trans Am and my favorite thing to do in the world is to drive around blasting Zeppelin or Sabbath, cat calling dudes. It doesn’t work, but it’s fun.”

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53 Responses to “Ke$ha: I Love Blasting Zeppelin & Cat-Calling Dudes”

  1. 1
    Naomi Says:

    Geez, what an airhead

  2. 2
    JC Says:

    Go back to your trailer park.

  3. 3
    ck Says:

    I have a gold Trans Am and my favorite thing to do in the world is to drive around blasting Zeppelin or Sabbath, cat calling dudes. It doesn’t work, but it’s fun.”

    Didn’t work because the dudes took a look at ya and figured you were a fellow dude.

  4. 4
    damn Says:

    She’s so empty inside….

  5. 5
    plain Says:


  6. 6
    ugh Says:

    She should never do interviews. Stick to making disposable pop songs sweetie.

  7. 7
    KellStar Says:

    Who the hell would let this bimbo anywhere near them with a safety pin!

  8. 8
    jeff Says:

    LOVE HER!!!!!!! i dont care what people say!!! SHES SOO BEAUTIFUL!!! love her <3 KE$HAA

  9. 9
    offtheproperty Says:

    Isn’t she on Animal Planet?

  10. 10
    Leila Says:

    I know this is mean/shallow but she is soooooooo ugly…omg

  11. 11
    ok.. Says:

    @jeff: What about her do you find beautiful? Just wondering lol ?

  12. 12
    raul Says:

    Always hiding her body… wonder Y?

  13. 13
    Ben Says:

    Kesha has got to be one of the least photogenic people in the ‘celeb’ world…

  14. 14
    Sarah, UK Says:

    Ke$ha is so ugly (no offence..) she makes me feel good about myself :D

  15. 15
    Jackson, 27 Says:

    This girl really doesn’t bother me much until she opens her mouth and attempts to speak but there’s something I’ve noticed about her. Whilst other male and female artists all have some sort of loyal loving fanbase, Kesha for some reason failed to tap into one. Why is that? What happened there ? Considering the amount of cash her label management pumped into promoting her and still are, you’d think she would have by now? She has fans here and there and casual listeners who buy pop songs they hear on the radio enough times or listen to her music when drunk or partying, yet no real solid fanbase. A lot of her shows got cancelled because she couldn’t sell enough seats. Maybe things have changed but a few years ago if you failed to sellout your own concerts, you were dropped. Just like that.

  16. 16
    V Says:

    Gosh, her answers are so vapid there’s nothing to comment on! I’mma talk about the photoshoot–

    1. Her eyes are so beady and crosseyed, I have no idea why she wears liner inside her eyes :/ She could really benefit from a makeup artist and some light fake lashes or eyelash-extending mascara. Or to get it over in one go, get her lashes dyed darker like a lot of blondes & strawberry blondes do.

    2. She would look 10 X more attractive instantly if she smiled instead of giving the camera that out-of-focus stoner look that makes her look ugly and dude-like. Note I did not say fascinating or angroyngous but ugly and bloke-ish.

    3. A short dramatic cute haircut with a fringe would really, really flatter her. It may even convince her to wash her hair more often.

    PS. Can’t believe she still hasn’t plucked her brows but whatever. If she wants to carry on looking greasy and unpleasant on the eyes despite the fact that her job requires her to look good, that’s her deal. No one would comment on her appearance if she had some talent so the least she could do is put some effort into her appearance. SMH.

  17. 17
    V Says:

    Ignore my typos~

  18. 18
    no one cares Says:


  19. 19
    exciting Says:

    I’ve read all these quotes before and seen these outtakes. Jared what’s the point of this post?

  20. 20
    toko laptop murah Says:

    i like this

  21. 21
    pulsa murah Says:

    good blog

  22. 22
    botol susu bpa free Says:

    nice to meet your post

  23. 23
    Sacha Says:

    here’s the thing. every time i start warming to kesha she says something dumb and i’m reminded why i can’t stand her. same goes for katy perry but katy’s interviews are rare and inbetween so it feels as though i’m not reminded of her idiocy as often. ALSO katy is absolutely stunning which keeps your eyes on her so you don’t notice her personality flaws so quickly, sad but true.

    k, with kesha. she tried waaaaaaaaay fcuking too hard to fit in with the cool kids. way too hard. “my favorite thing to do in the world is to drive around blasting zeppelin or sabbath” woooow kesha you’re sooooooo kewl. seriously? idk why she felt the need to throw that in. every sentence she says makes you eyeroll. i watched one of her interviews where she was like, “i think chicks will balls…dudes like that…chicks with balls are….so in right now”. lol, ok. sexy rebellious girls don’t have to spell it out for anyone, you just notice them. they don’t try. if sexiness doesn’t come naturally to you which it clearly doesn’t with her, you really need to be CONVINCING when you say things, and believe in what you’re saying and doing. she couldn’t be more unsure of herself. when you’re lacking braincells, you tend to trail off like that. it’s just blatantly obvious she does and says 99% of the things she does to be accepted and considered sexy or wtv. she’s so a-sexual to me. i don’t think she has or has had much of sex life, i could be wrong but i get that vibe from her big-time. which is totally fine, but she wants you to believe otherwise and it ain’t working.

  24. 24
    Jonte Says:

    This bish is an average white girl with below average talent. What gives her the right to call anyone a freak, even if she meant it as a term of endearment?

  25. 25


  26. 26
    :) Says:

    Kesha is lovely

  27. 27
    shhhhhh Says:


    “After rubbing shoulders with Lady Gaga, Vivienne Westwood and Gok Wan in London, Lady Lloyd has now headed north to start a new residency at Back Door Disco in Mission in Leeds. We got a little Q&A with the DJ.

    And you’ve just finished touring with Ke$ha, what she like?

    I love her. One of the nicest people you can meet. There is something really sexual about her too. Even though she doesn’t look like a supermodel she has a great energy which really draws people to her. I got to perform at the o2 and Wembley Stadium with her plus lots of TV bits and bobs so it’s been great to be her friend.

    Did you get up to anything crazy with her?

    I took her to the Vivienne Westwood fashion show and afterwards we went to the Mulberry party and there were these giant polystyrene glittery tigers. Ke$ha’s album is called Animal and along with Pixie Lott we tried to steal them for K$’s stage show. We were all pretty wasted and couldn’t manoeuvre ourselves very well and caused such a commotion we got caught and got a dressing down from the record label. They blamed me – but it wasn’t my fault!”

  28. 28
    same ol' Says:

    She really needs to work on her poses..

  29. 29
    offtheproperty Says:

    OK, her hair is undoubtedly great, her eyes are kind of pretty, her skin is nice and white, her legs are long and shapely, she looks better when she smiles, her songs suck but in a funny way, these are the upsides.

  30. 30
    wtf Says:

    @offtheproperty: Her skin is nice and white?

  31. 31
    Tanya Says:

    I love her! I was just watching her Ryan Seacrest interview, she’s hilarious and so laid back and just nice. I don’t get the hate! :(

  32. 32
    Brightside Says:

    @same ol’:
    And she really needs to work on the stupid things she says, too! Just because you spend most of you time looking stupid doesn’t mean you have to speak stupid…
    Christ! She should show some intelligence, the muppet!

  33. 33
    de Cosmos Says:

    No talent. Zero Zilch Nada None Nine Sweet F All

  34. 34
    BDC Says:

    Why is this illiterate, ignorant, trailer trash, no talent, ugly, wanna be pop star, even posted and promoted?

    JJ is losing credability to post anything about this hack *****.


  35. 35
    jeff Says:

    @ok..: EVERYTHING I LOVE HER SO MUCH im from venezuela i love her SHES BEAUTIFUL TO ME (:

  36. 36
    Slig Says:

    Omg she like raccoon

  37. 37
    linna Says:

    i fu*king hate you guys all.. you say kesha is uggly.. ok its ur choice to say that.. but kristen stewart is beautiful instead of her?? are U f*cking kidding me??????.. kstew is soooooooooooooo uggly way more uggly………… kesha is not uggly at ALL

  38. 38
    Anna Says:

    @linna: Who the F thinks Kristen is beautiful aside from her obsessed stans? I don’t think either are hot but I would MUCH rather look like Kesha.

  39. 39
    HATERS! Says:


  40. 40
    Slig Says:

    She is plain kooking she kooks so ugly

  41. 41
    Kaz Says:

    Omg, what’s that ? Really like so impediment face ,hey hey keep ur in rubbish , we don’t accept.

  42. 42
    BN Says:

    She looks like life has been hard for her.

  43. 43
    linna Says:

    @anna I agree with you in this point!!

  44. 44
    Annie Says:

    I prefer her to lady gaga – her crazyness seems less contrived

  45. 45
    roho Says:

    Chick is trash and not very bright. Go away dirty girl.

  46. 46
    Undiluted Awesome Says:

    I feel bad for Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath, poor dudes deserve better.

  47. 47
    ke$hit Says:

    She’s a talent-less, annoying stupid abortion of the music industry.

  48. 48
    barrio chonga Says:

    You are really mean and judgemental! She is a nice girl and a great tipper! I am from Nashville and work in the service industry and Ke$ha is never anything but cordial. She just looks like a normal girl and from another normal girls perspective it is nice to see someone who doesn’t look like an 85lb piece of plastic. She may not have the most intelligent comments in her interviews, but jesus, she is 23. I’m glad no one was around to document my philosophy on life when I was 23. I don’t really care for her music, but I think she is a considerate person, and all you folks on this post who are so critical should take a look in the mirror.

  49. 49
    Kredīts Says:

    Pastāv taču kredīti. Neesat dzirdējuši?

  50. 50
    Mike Says:

    I think she’s beautiful. I love her carefree beauty. Her comments show a little immaturity but she’s young so that’s normal. She’s actually quite intelligent, she’s just enjoying her life right now.

  51. 51
    Pulsa Elektrik Says:

    kesha is beautiful.. i like kesha

  52. 52
    dealer pulsa Says:

    mantap zossss good blog

  53. 53
    Pulsa Elektrik Says:

    thanks for sharing.. nice blog

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