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Natalie Portman Makes Comic-Con Fans Go Crazy

Natalie Portman Makes Comic-Con Fans Go Crazy

Natalie Portman gets fanboys in a tizzy at the Thor panel discussion during Comic-Con 2010 held at California’s San Diego Convention Center on Saturday (July 24).

The 29-year-old actress spoke about her character in the ballet thriller, Black Swan. She shared, “The character’s name is Nina and she’s someone who’s trying to find her own artistic voice and has to sort of lose everything to gain that vision and that sense of self. It’s very hard to describe, you just have to see it!”

25+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman at Comic-Con 2010

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Serena

    A very classy woman, you never see her as the fodder for gossip rags. Beautiful, everlasting, and a true woman, what celebrities ar supposed to be like:)

  • kroq

    First off…good Lord! Chris Hemsworth is absolutely gorgeous. And even with minimal makeup Portman is beautiful. This movie is definitely not short on pretty people.

  • JustSaying

    Some of these pictures are very flattering and others are some of the worst I have ever seen taken of her and do not do her justice. Yikes… those glasses were not a good idea.
    She has gained some weight and looks older but in a way that makes her look better in my opinion. Thor looks like a piece of steamy cr@p movie and I am surprised she is in it she is making such horrible choices lately… dont forget the movie she has up next with Ashton I cant act Kutcher scary but atleast Black Swan sounds promising

  • Blahzae

    Lately she seems to have lost her way to me. First doing this film than signing on for that film with Kutcher .
    Also her moving to Hollywood something she swore she would never ever do she use to say that would be selling out like everyone else and she would hate it there. So what does she do she moves to not just LA but the Hollywood Hills themselves.

    Then she signs on to be the new face of Dior for their cosmectic line which tests on ANIMALS!!!
    Dior has openly admitted this and yet still she decided to work with them and lend her name and face. After she said for years that testing on animals was “unforgiveable” and supported people to turn vegan and buy vegan products that dont use animal products.
    Dior has FUR EVERYTHING.
    I have always adored Natalie and admired her for being an actress better than the rest but now it seems as she is getting older and listening to the wrong people she just might become like all the OTHERS. Which is a said thought because I never would of expected that to happen.
    Go on a thumbs down my comment if you want I am not being mean though to let you know Im just pointing out the recent changes in her and hoping she isnt going down a bad path that she has always been better than. She is a smart. educated woman and doesnt need to “sell out” to get ahead.

  • kroq

    They put on the 3D glasses to watch the teaser trailer.

  • lmao

    So thats whos hair Rachel Bileson is trying to copy and failing she trys .. .. .. Natalie’s lolz
    Natalie’s hair looks way way better. :)
    That is how you are suppose to wear a pair of shorts, a sheer top and shoes you dress it up without over doing it. Simple chic.

  • Zey

    @Blazhe. … Don’t forget she signed the Hollywood support petition…. That’s where she lost me.. Well I’ll still see her work but I removed her off that invisible pedestal I always had her on

  • Zey

    @Blazhe. … Don’t forget she signed the Hollywood support Roman Polanski petition…. That’s where she lost me.. Well I’ll still see her work but I removed her off that invisible pedestal I always had her on

  • CanadaGirl

    Natalie is very refined in her look and her physicality. Quite a classy lady.
    @Blahzae: *ack!* I didn’t know that Dior tests on animals. I recently bought three cosmetic items from their line (for the first time), which will never happen again if they test on animals. Thanks for the 411, Blahzae.

  • the truth

    @Blahzae: Natalie hardly be in california in anyway.She isnot a sell out as you said. She just has a home there.She don’t be around those people like rachl bilson say she don’t.We don’t see her picture everyday like RB. So i on’t know wha you’re talking about. Rachel bilson live there and she can’t get any work there at all.She don’t even try to. Natalie can stay where she want to. She don’t hang with the people there at all. That’s not a sell because you live there. She work very hard to get where she’s at. Rachel bilson hasn’t did anything with her life while she is there. Just because you can’t find nothing wrong with her.I think jj was wrong to post natalie when thevnt was yesterday. And he postd rachel and she wasn’t doing nothing but telling lies about where she going are it was made up for her. No one goes out of town dress like that unless its a date with a guy or not too far from home. need to leave nataliee alone.didn’t know she coming to Comic con. They had takers there wonder why cameto promote it?Shedoes work for living you know. We don’t see rachel bilson doing anything like that do we?Glad tosee natalie she is a class act.

  • Blahzae

    Epp !!!! I forgot about the petition to support Polanski she signed….. that made me very sad when I heard she did :( I know most likely her people pushed her to because so many power player producers were like the Weinsteins( cant stans those pigs) and they were calling up everyone with a name pushing them to sign… I just wish she hadn’t she is a grown woman and just because her people tell her she should… does not mean she should you know? As many names that did sign that petition there were 10x’s more that said NO and did not support that bast@rd Polanski. As to how anyone can support someone that sodomized a little girl I do not know.@CanadaGirl: I myself Canada Girl use to buy alot of Dior’s products I loved several of their perfumes… but when I found out they test on animals I never bought another cosmectic from them again.. Problem is though alot of the top European labels do… so it is kind of hard to avoid it unless you research the crud of it. I wish I had sooner v.v
    Which is why less than a year later after I vowed to never buy a Dior cosmectic again I was shocked to hear Natalie was their new face for the line. My jaw hit the floor :O I’m trying to not hold it against her but it is a little hard considering I bought a pair of her vegan shoes she put out because they were completely “animal friendly”. I know must likely she signed with Dior for the money…. I mean everyone has to make a living… but I don’t think and hope she wasnt that hard up for cash. :(
    I still like her.
    I just do not view her the same way I did before and I am sure I am not the only one that had their opinion shaken by the news.
    Sad part is she has always had a respectable name and when she lended her name to campaigns people listened because they respected her more than most of her peers in acting are, but by doing these things she hurt her name and may have lost some of that respect… which did alot of good for charitable causes before hand.
    Still not sure what to think really……:(
    Most likely it means though next time she puts her name behind a good cause like she has often done before and was great that she did… people will second guess her motives and her word… so that is something special lost that can not be gotten back easily Im afraid.

  • Blahzae

    @the truth: You know ” the truth ” I would respond to you if I could understand half of what you write in your comments lol
    At what point did I mention Bilson ?
    Because guess what that is right I didnt. Why the hell would I ?
    I was talking about Natalie.
    It is nice to know where your mind always is though lmao
    and back to commenting in some form of English lol

  • shanda

    If you all on’t have nothing good to say about her you two. That’s No& and No4.She don’t think that she’s better than anyone.You all don’t have her money and talent .Sowhat are talking about?Rachel Bilson is the one that is put on a pedestal evey week . She is posted more than natalie.So what are you talking about. Don’t see you two going out making any money for you all selves. THat what happen when a person is smart and get thing on their own without begging are having someone to give her something. But rachel don’t do nothing are you praise her for it. And she lives in california. I wonder if rachel was at comic con wold you say those things? Rachel don’t know howto go out and make money like that.ASll she don is lie about things to get her way. Like now sh still won’t tell people she dating other people.That’s the only thing she can do for herself.Nothing what natalie is doing . So what kind are deals has rache gotten lately or movie. None at all if its not given to her. So you are talkiing about the wrong peson who is put are there

  • Blahzae

    Shanda you are clearly also
    ” the truth”
    your rather poor english is a give away….
    but nice try hun :) have a nice day :)

  • Brightside

    I still think she’s a superb actress and a very elegant lady but I cannot understand why she came out in support of a child rapist. I was so-so about at the time until I read about how the child had been drugged and forcibly sodomised. Knowing that, how can you defend a man who committed such an act! It still shocks me.
    A list of companies that test on animals.
    I was surprised about 3M, I won’t be buying scotch tape or post-it notes again.

    I just hope that Natalie goes back to embracing her principles, she’s a great actress but I did so admire her for her principles and I would hate to see her get sucked in to the kind of celebrity life where they don’t care about anything except the pay-check.

  • Brightside

    Also, she can wear shorts and make them look classy….someone should take lessons ; )

  • Slig

    Hey now hey now hey how the hell did you get all of that in dem jeans

  • MissAnthropica

    Thanks for the link Brightside it will come in handy.:)
    Bad news I have to completely redo my grocery and shopping lists lol
    Sweet Lucifer what brands werent on that list!!! Yikes!!!
    Good news for me as far as being a smoker
    ( well thats not really good news is it now that i think about lol..)
    but American Spirits were said to be the only brand that is animal friendly and luckily that is my brand!!! Wheww I did something right… I was just smoking them because they didnt have all the extra chemicals in them like most other ciggies do.. and I smoke the organics. but now I have another reason to stick with those coffin nails of doom if I have to have my coffin nails :) lol@Brightside: Also Im going to take one guess at who you meant should take lessons about wearing shorts and looking classy….. trailerparkprincessherself Bilson :P

  • ida

    she has gotten very thin. ok, i cant say that i really like her or that i hate her but she is ok…i just dont agree with her opinion and beliefs.she also irrittates me a bit….i dont know why.. :\
    hey, is it true that her french bf broke up with his ex just to be with her and that she was also with sean penn while he was still married?
    i just read it somewhere and i was like *O* wtf?!

  • MissAnthropica

    @ida: Most storied regarding Sean Penn and any famous woman are pure bull maybe drummed up by his team who knows but hes always being attached to someone. Probably his leftover presswhore habits from his days when he was married to Madonna a long long time ago……. in a place not so far away lol
    As far as her new bf the one that is the dancer she met while making Black Swan….
    I dont know could of happened but he is an adult and if he wanted to end a relationship to be with her …
    well thats his choice..
    no one ever said she asked him to afterall even if it was true so if it was that is a choice he made and would be on him. Of course what guy isnt going to trade up when given the chance especially a dancer seeking attention and fame something he never got until they started to date… so things are working out well for him… hes already been featured in several magazines that never would of show cased him before and Black Swan isnt even out yet so Im sure the attention on him via her will only GROW.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Natalie looks great as always! I’m sure she’s going to have fun filming this!!

  • Brightside

    Well, I hate to nag but have you ever thought about quitting (the old coffin nails, I mean)? Smoking is so bad for the health. I’m sure that lots of people say that to you anyway…but think of the financial benefits of quitting, too. You’d be rolling in money. : )

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Natalie’s beauty is so natural. She never comes across as overly made up. It’s the same with her acting, it’s beautifully done because she makes it so natural and effortless. A true talent. But what stood out for me was the way she stood by her principles…I really admired her for her courage and commitment in standing by them (so few actresses do…it’s all lip service for most of them) so I hope she goes back to embracing them. I would hate to think of her as just another celebrity who threw their principles away just for money.

  • kiki

    Natalie is so beautiful, and she is naturally that way which I love, not all fake and plastic. But I am am disappointed that she supports a company who tortures animals in the name of cosmetics, that’s made me really mad as I always thought of Natalie as a smart and compassionate person. Apparently not so :(

  • CanadaGirl

    @Brightside: Thanks for the link. It saddens me to think of all the helpless animals living their short lives in fear knowing that every time a human comes near them they’ll be tortured. We, human beings, cause a lot of pain and suffering for the sake of our vanity and comfort. :(

  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    good god this girl needs so much help its not even funny anymore she gets worse and worse she looks 40 yrs old she has the worst legs for shorts everything she wears looks like she got it at felines basement her hair is mousy the color is awful she needs alot of help and shes a freaking bore and lately he choices suck on movies and shes a liar about DIOR and and she has no class what so ever she needs a new stylist and makeup artist and hairdresser and she needs to get he teeth fixed i can go on and on but shes making me ill just talking about her

  • miranda

    Where can i find her exact top? does anyone know who makes it? the ‘get the look” suggestion doesn’t cut it.

  • Marvin

    Natalie looks very outgoing and happy. Good to see her in that way. Luck, love and peace Nath.