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Vanessa Hudgens Sucker Punches Her Way Through Comic-Con

Vanessa Hudgens Sucker Punches Her Way Through Comic-Con

Vanessa Hudgens heats up the Sucker Punch red carpet in a Black Halo dress with sexy cut-outs at Comic-Con 2010 on Saturday (July 24) in San Diego, Calif.

PHOTO: Vanessa’s “Sucker Punch” Poster

After holding up a special coaster, the 21-year-old actress shared about her movie’s character. Vanessa told JJ exclusively, “I play Blondie, a patient in a mental institute. She’s kinda a follower and is just trying to get by. She’s a bit vulnerable and the one that’s a bit more timid to the whole plan of escape.”

As for the action scenes she shot, Vanessa added, “It was so much fun. It’s almost like therapy — to blow off some steam I go and shoot my saw. It’s exhilarating…it’s such an adrenaline rush. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done.”

Co-stars also pictured: Carla Gugino, Emily Browning, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Jerome C. Rousseau “Bastille” cheetah heels.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at Comic-Con

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Credit: Frazer Harrison, Kevin Winter, Francis Bertrand; Photos: Getty
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  • Hotfuss

    Vanessa looks amazing in thaty dress, very sexy. Can’t wait to see the teaser from SP and to see the whole movie.

    I hope she contiunes to have great sucess.

  • Hotfuss

    Also it’s about time that she was on the main board of JJ

  • naylah

    I just dont get the hooker dress at comic con……….

  • lexy hates bilson

    She does look amazing!!

  • Sasha

    Yay Vanessa…(sarcasm)
    The movie is technically about Baby Doll…but we get to know only about Blondie.
    P.S. It’s not like I’m not interested in Vanessa’s character but in this site…it seems like the movie is only about her.I want more about Emily Browning,she’s one of my favorite actresses… ;(

  • sony

    hell hot…this girl’s getting better with the age
    IM SO ready to seE HER IN ACTION..AND OF COURSE to abby and jamie

  • http://j ivanka

    @naylah: hooker? well i think you are wrong cause i have seen lots of articles praising vanessa’s fashion choice for the comic-con event

    . i think she looks good and i love the dress.

  • JC

    She should get into adult films.

  • Tyson

    She would be goodlooking if she stopped smirking and had less makeup on

  • *********

    she makes me hard and wet

  • *********

    so f*u*c*k*a*b*l*e

  • Malia

    I hear that Sucker Punch went over BIG at Comic-Con. Everyone was blown away by it. Now . . . such a long wait till it hits theaters in March of 2011.

  • Emily


  • Sam

    this isn’t the vanessa hudgens movie. we all now the only ones saving this movie are jenna and emily, two actress that can actually act.

  • Malia

    Better late than never, I guess. Comic-Con was Friday night. LOL

  • vfan

    Wow! She looks amazing!
    Can’t wait to see her in Sucker Punch! :)

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa looks absolutley beautiful here I’m really looking forward to this movie. Haters go cry somewhere else.

  • offtheproperty

    She is really she looking she like a she for she!

  • Jack


  • Jack


  • Sean

    I bet she tastes like strawberries

  • Pradalicious

    She looks cheap! Ewww

  • sunny

    This girl is gorge and young. SHe’s still learning. The outfit was totally appropriate for the occasion. She is awesome and all the crazy Zac fans need to lay off of her and let her live her life too.

  • jjeennffeerr

    This is going to be HUGE and will leave the haters’ mouths on the floor! I cant wait for it! Lets hear what the other girls have to say too :)

  • A Fan Sucker Punch trailer. Look like V don’t have a big part but it look really good!

  • JC

    Trailer does look good.

  • j

    EPIC! did you see the Dang trailer? It’s so Aweasome

  • +#รถ

    who wants to see that c*rap???

  • Anthony

    She is cute and I love Emily Browning.. who had a major haircut?? hard to see

  • Malia

    I just watched the Sucker Punch trailer. Incredibly amazing. And here is what a 22-yr old guy who is a graphic designer tweeted about the trailer:


  • Kaz

    Really?! Ur gorgoeus ,me2

  • Slig

    Yeah yeah me to in just jared

  • Slig

    Good for she

  • Slig

    Im handsome boy in the world

  • whatever, she’s cute

    I like her, she’s so nice:

  • jane

    She’s a beautiful girl but I don’t feel this look suits her. Her makeup looks kinda blotchy and orangy. She looks better more natural.

  • calli

    she looks so out of place in this movie. She will forever be that girl from highschool musical

  • calli

    she looks so out of place in this movie. She will forever be that girl from highschool musical

  • Birdie

    Vanessa looks amazing and this movie is definately an ensemble
    cast but to be fair JJ interviewed Vanessa since she has quite a few
    fans on his sites. I’m sure he will focus on the other girls as well but
    he’s a businessman and Vanessa generates hits since she is so popular. If certain celebrities are your favorites leave comments on
    their posts. BTW, the tease trailer was incredible and I can’t wait until
    this comes out.

  • JC


    Do you still look at Depp as the guy from 21 Jump Street or DiCaprio as the kid from Growing Pains. I admit, I’ve never seen anything VH has been in except for some commercials. It seems to me a Zach Snyder movie is a good way to move away from being typecast in the bubble gum High School Musical stuff. Whether or not she is good in it remains to be seen, but I don’t even think it matters if she’s good. She’s breaking away from crap I don’t watch to stuff I do watch. I don’t mind it either. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • annie

    i dont want to say anything about negative comment here for vanessa, it obvious they haters, its just yes the main character is baby doll (emily) and im so proud that vanessa has a chance to work with her (even be a friend) and with jena , its just all the 5 character have their own important part in the movie, but the lead is Baby doll so what….people dont have any problem to talk about ashley green in twilight when we all know the main role is kristen……double standard haters….and about her clothes its appropriate, haters absolutely dont know anything about comic con, did you see there’s 1000 girl who wear clothes more sexy than her there…

  • calli

    are u really comparing her to depp and dicaprio?
    u need a reality check , they were good actors even then and are in a different league then some teeny booper actress who has yet to prove herself acting wise and not just some eyecandy.

  • annie

    @calli let see, she’s young…and there’s plenty of time and chance to figure out what happen next for her, we couldnt judge anything now….but we fans just happy that she got a chance to work with a talented actors, talented director, and a good movie, with a nice plot, amazing graphic, insanely fantasy character….she have her way in a good thing as an actress, we fans just really happy about her an express it in a way we like, so what! because we adore her, and yes its too early to compare her with depp, dicaprio or jolie, but for me she have her own path, and this is just the beginning for her that she enjoy in her dream to be actress

  • annie

    and for emily fans dont worry, the promo that center for vanessa is just on this vanessa thread on JJ, if you surf online on every movie website they got emily in the front, from the poster to the entire movie article :)

  • jess!


  • GG

    The Sucker Punch promo posters look really cool. I wonder how the movie is…

  • kiki

    She is really beautiful, I love her hair but she should stop doing that pout thing, she looks prettiest when she smiles with her teeth.

  • go sox

    Typical crap from haters. Since when is it a crime to be discovered when you are young because of your talent? And why can’t people realize she’s 21 and working hard to disprove the prejudiced idiots out there? This movie is going to do it for her, and she looks AMAZING in it. The teaser looks SOOOOO good; everything about it is fabulous. No, you don’t see that much of her in it, but you don’t see much of any of the girls, except Baby Doll, because the movie is her story.

    Can’t wait!!!

  • gillian

    Vanessa looks really amazing!

  • kyle

    I want to see this movie because of Vanessa – i’m sure she will do good in her first action film.