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Willow Smith: Trocadero Metro Station Photo Shoot!

Willow Smith: Trocadero Metro Station Photo Shoot!

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith — both pictured below — supervise a photo shoot for their fashionista 9-year-old daughter Willow at Trocadero metro station on Sunday (July 25) in Paris, France.

Willow, who is still rocking her painted ear outline, sure is making fashion waves. A random tweeter said yesterday, “I’m about 2 pull a willow smith hair cut O_O.”

FYI: During Willow‘s photo shoot, Will and Jada ran into some newlyweds and happily posed with them. Cute!

10+ pictures inside of Willow Smith‘s photo shoot…

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willow smith trocadero metro station 01
willow smith trocadero metro station 02
willow smith trocadero metro station 03
willow smith trocadero metro station 04
willow smith trocadero metro station 05
willow smith trocadero metro station 06
willow smith trocadero metro station 07
willow smith trocadero metro station 08
willow smith trocadero metro station 09
willow smith trocadero metro station 10
willow smith trocadero metro station 11
willow smith trocadero metro station 12
willow smith trocadero metro station 13

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  • bubbaness


    Why is this child not on your Jr. page? Someone there might appreciate her affected “style” and “edginess”.

  • XYZ

    U can see on her face how happy she is about all this fuss over her… Stupid Smiths…

  • laety

    i’m sorry but i can’t stand those kids (willow and her brother)
    They always look like they have a huuuuuge EGO !

    Well they definitly can thanks their parents for that, not their talent……

  • Annie

    JustJared – please stop reporting on this poor young girl. She is so obviously being pimped out by her parents (are they paying you?). She is going to be sooo embarrased about this in a few years.

  • Lila

    Who cares?! Shouldn’t this be on Just Jared Jr?? Honestly. Disgusting.

  • Alaia

    Making fashion waves? Please. Nobody cares about her.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i’m not sure why this kid is getting so much attention on this website, it’s pretty strange.. and sick. LOL.. honestly, this kid is kind og funny looking right now, she’ll grow into her looks of course but right now.. i can laugh at her. she’s like a little mini rihanna, but she tries way harder. ahahahahahahahaaa.. i cant look at these pictures without seeing a kids-next-door version of rihanna. ahahahahahaha

  • Hal

    The look on this kids face just bugs. She’s only nine and already has a stank face down pat. Imagine what this chick is going to be like at 15?

  • um

    First of all I think it’s Jada dressing her because this is a very 80′s teenager look. A 9 year old does not know about shaved heads, etc…

    Second, yeah this should be in the Just Jared Jr division.

  • LJ

    Such a cool kid! All the haters above sould be ashamed.

  • gestapo

    JJ, plz put her on JJr! And people, no need to lash out on a 9 year old and call her name, it’s her parents’ that should be blamed for poor parenting, not her!

  • what???


    What’s the point in attacking a 9 year old? Are ur brains not developed enough to realize that it’s her parents pimping her out????

  • Emilie

    It’s not Trocadero metro station but Place de la Concorde (closed to Musée du Louvres & Champs Elysées)

  • Iffy Miffy

    There is something seriously wrong with the parents of this little girl for they seem to be unable to comprehend that a 9yo IS a little girl. Horrible parenting, horrible.

  • Butter_Fly

    I’m beginning to not like this site. Don’t really care about reading about a 9 year old…and I don’t appreciate polls asking whether she is “hot” or “not.” That’s something Perez would say. And I’m slowly losing respect for Will Smith. Why are they so quick to turn her into a teenager!?

  • Hal


    Get over yourself. A comment on a message board is not attacking a poor child.

    People like you worship these celebrity kids and think anyone who doesn’t get down on their knees and praises them is “attacking” them.

    Her parents know how the world works. And even at 9 years old, she must have some insight as well.

    If you’re willing to go out in public and put yourself on display, their will be some negatives to deal with. I’m sure she can handle it.

  • busted

    She is a child.. why is she on this page of this site. Put this on JJJr.

    I think attacking children should be off limits. We allow the most nasty things to be said about a child. To me the same as abuse. And we wonder why children are victimized.

  • nata

    @um: Yes, a nine year old does have a sense of style. When I was nine I knew how I liked my hair and how to dress. And why are they horrible parents? Have any of you been to their house? Now your are horrible parent for letting your child be whom he or she wants to be and not imposing yourself on them. You don’t know anything about them so relax and live your own life.

  • LJ

    @Butter_Fly: Where’s the hot or not poll? Is that on another post? I must have missed that, you’re right that is very wrong.

  • carrie

    i agree with her parents! a kid needs to work young to give money to his parents!!!
    seriously Smith’s parents are the new Jackson (horrible parenting)!

  • LJ

    I think the reason why Willow is on here and not JJ.JR is because kids won’t know who she is. I don’t thinks shes in any kids shows and she’s hasn’t released any pop singles. Adults know who she is because they know who her father is. Therefor Jared is likely to get more replies by posting it here.

  • KellStar

    While I don’t think this girl should be getting so much press, I’m not worried for her. She may spend tons of money to dress weird but her parents have solid heads on their shoulders. They’re workaholics not alcoholics.

  • Mindy

    laety @ 07/26/2010 at 10:30 am

    I so agree especially the son.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Who told Will Smith that his shirt, tie and pocket square go together? H*o*l*y*J*e*s*u*s.

  • Chrissy

    Hollyweird parents are raising their kids to be freaks!

  • blah

    Sick of her and her ghetto fab look(s). Parents need to feed her pronto!

  • Butter_Fly

    @19…It was the post regarding her earrings. I know it was just earrings but still, the word HOT should not be affiliated with a kid, ever! It just didn’t sit well with me.

  • Nokia

    I realy think JJ should monitor these threads when he puts up kid’s images ……Its so despicable when ‘mature’ (and I use that term loosely) so called adults gang up on a child to feel better, or better yet to feel up their empty lives. ‘Pimping’ ‘poor parenting’ really. When do people live their lives, or even how do they sleep at night knowing they have left a crude remark directed at a defenseless child who would not raise a hand to them. People God is watching. BECAREFUL!!!!!

  • Celia

    She’s adorable, but why isn’t she on JJJ??
    Willow is no doubt a future superstar just like her brother. :D

  • Celia


    Yeah, but what exactly is negative right now? Willow has a 12 year old brother whose getting a lot of attention right now, because of the Karate Kid. A 12 year old brother, who she no doubt looks up to. She’s 9 years old and they probably want to give her a hobby to get into too.
    She clearly loves fashion, so it’s only natural for them to encourage her interest. You’re hating on her parents for loving their child and letting her express herself! How does that make any sense at all???
    I think it’s wrong of papparazzi to take pictures of a little girl, but it’s not her parents fault. Do you expect them to just stay in the house all day???
    They’re a very famous family.
    I just don’t understand who people think they have the RIGHT to judge a family based on how their kid dresses?? It’s understandle if the little girl is dressing like a hooker (aka Miley Cyrus’ little sister), but this little girl dresses like a LITTLE GIRL!!!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Celia: Try again. This was an arranged photo shoot. Hardly “not the parent’s fault” now is it? Or can a 9yo – who has 2 stylists – arrange for one without her parents knowledge?! Right. I have this bridge I’d love to sell you…
    Love the desperation of the paid posters … what did you expect? That people would think this is great parenting and ooh and aah over her? Hah. Funny.

  • annab

    What a hideous outfit for a nine year old……they should just let her be a kid.

  • what???


    I’m obviously not worshiping anyone since i clearly state that the blame should be with THE PARENTS. but when you comment on a child’s “stank face” and refer to her as “this chick” and writing things like “Imagine what this chick is going to be like at 15″ that’s blatant attack.

    If you’re going to lash at someone, by all means, choose the parents! do u not think they’re the ones responsible for her choices? Even if a 9 yr old says she wants to do this or that, the parents should be able to say no, wait til you’re this or that age

  • lala

    If she’s trying to look like the mini rihanna, it’s not working!

  • lala

    they don’t only need to slap this 9 year old child trying to be 20, they need to slap the parents that are never around!

  • Nokia

    I doubt Willow is the first child to have a photo shoot or have a picture taken, millions do that everyday,its called saving memories to reminisce and show her friends and family when she gets back.. Its not everyday you get to visit france and sight see all the magnificent historic monuments. She is with her mom and dad with professional photographers. And the paparazzi would want join in uninvited ofcourse (as usual).
    No one is paid to defend a child against verbal abuse from adults, its called doing the right thing. We highly doubt Willow will please everyone nor was trying to, she is living her life. She is human afterall……

  • Arianna

    Whoa…..lots of jealous comments. Willow is adorable. Her parents are right there with her, supervising the shoot. This is the life she was born to and what she knows. You are not in this realm and never will be. She looks cute, and not overdone. I hope she never does anything with her ears which are just like her dad’s!!

  • Nokia

    @lala: Stupid…your post exposed your single digit IQ..I guess it was not your intension but of course…you can’t help it you were born dumb….like the saying goes dumb is forever. You may wanna try and pick up an atlas and try to locate france. if you don’t know what an atlas is…HINT: Its a book’ thats shows the geography of the World…try and fiddle for the next hours and find where france is….2nd HINT: it’s near that island called the UK… get going and stop insulting minors and try and bump up that IQ a notch.

  • Slig

    She 15 years old

  • 2 cents

    She is cute and stylish but looks like a teenager she ain’t even hit puberty yet. Parents shouldn’t allow this. Not good.

  • to Hal

    everyone has the right to be stupid but you abused the privilege years
    ago. willow is only 9 years old you fool.

  • jaya

    People with narcissistic personality disorder are all about image, and they like to pimp their children out. Madonna has the same disorder, and we’ve seen her pimping her daughter out. To narcissists their own children are just tools they use to further their own image and to get more money.

  • sea

    so wrong

  • twpumpkin


  • TorontoDiva

    Ya, i have to chime in here and say I’m not lovin’ the willow smith piece either. I’m more bothered by how precocious this child is. Some precocious is cute, but Willow is a tad too big for her britches for me.

  • will smith

    ugly kid. jared gets paid to post about her.

  • elis

    Her and her brother look like twins.
    It’s a shame her parents are pimping her out like that.

  • Kim Nah Wet

    hehehe hello, grace jones jr.?!

    kid thinks she is hot when she in NOT!

    ugly girl that looks like a boy!

  • dfdf

    so much sadness in her eyes.

  • julie

    she’s cute, go willow!! haters are gonna hate, but you are above them all. yeah, so cute.