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Alexander Skarsgard Covers TV Guide with Anna Paquin!

Alexander Skarsgard Covers TV Guide with Anna Paquin!

Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard heat up the latest cover of TV Guide Magazine, on stands Thursday.

It’s one of the two sexy double covers — Anna and real-life fiance Stephen Moyer are on the other one!

“Bill is her first love,” Anna says of her character Sookie. “Regard of how much trauma there’s been, they have a really intense connection. But she has rather active fantasties about Eric…”

Stephen hints, “Sookie does something we haven’t seen her do yet for Bill. It being the roller-coaster ride that their relationship is, something happens immediately that makes things go awry.”

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Photos: Patrick Hoelck
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  • Kaz

    Me2 have new magazine i’m nu*e sexy body

  • Kaz

    Ahhh i’m sexy body

  • Kaz

    Yeah n_n pg

  • CanadaGirl

    True Blood is great, and I still like AS, but I find my “love” has dimmed because of his personal life. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • Emmalee

    No. Yucky, yucky, yucky no no no. Not Eric.
    It is my humble and educated opinion that Eric is all wrong for Sookie. Eric is all wrong for any human.
    Anna and Alex both look nice, but I wish they would not shop his eyes so much, it was the same on EW. Subtle is better.

  • Skarsgardfan

    Great pics of Anna, Stephen and especially Alexander.

  • L

    Sookie/Eric >>> Sookie/Bill

  • GG

    OOH. I can’t wait! They look hot!

  • Kristin

    All three of them look really good in the pictures; I am sure there was a little photoshoping involved, but all three are really good looking people. I love Sookie and Bill together, but after the last episode it looks like there could be trouble between them. I hope they get back together.

  • Slig

    Why not me also have sexy body come come see my body

  • Slig

    Some people say i wanna sex with slig .i say no no no not good im good person

  • Liz

    OMG! I like Eric, but like Alan said, Sookie & Bill are soulmates. Even though it won’t be smooth sailing, I hope they’ll get back together.

  • Slig

    Some people not good

  • Slig

    Yeah baby

  • wiwa

    They all look great – Anna is gorgeous. My heart is for Bill though, I hope Sookie ends up with the guy next door.

  • L

    @wiwa: “The guy next door”? You’re in for a treat this season, lol..

  • Sophie-Lorena

    Bill is charming and Eric beyond hot but I still wish Sookie ends up with Sam or Alcide, they’re nice guys. Vamps are all sexee, mysterious and exiting but they def are not hubby material, them both would break her heart.

  • Emma

    Now those are some GREAT pictures!!! (even though the guys’ eyes are weird).
    TEAM BILL! I’m for True Love!

  • ASkars again!

    Again? JJ’s favorites useless famewh0res:
    -Rachel Bilson
    -Kate Boswh0re
    -Alexander Skargard
    -Kellan Lutz

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …this show does not fail to entertain. weekend after weekend, it gets better and better. the show’s actually better when they focus more on skarsgard. isn’t that a cool name, skarsgard… this season is already 10x better than last. but is it just me or has the show gone really gay? ahahahaha

  • raul

    Holy Photoshop!!! They could have fixed Askars’ beady eyes & the nose…
    The seahorse look.

  • lina

    im loving eric for sure!!! im hoping she ends up with sam but would love for her to spensd lots of time with eric so we could see there sexy scenes together!!

  • SARA


  • Becky

    I can’t help but wonder if JJ were also on Stephen Moyer’s PR people’s payroll if he would have at least been mentioned in the byline as well, since he ALSO shares a cover with Anna Paquin? Shoddy ‘journalism’, even for a gossip site.

  • BeautifulDirtyRich

    Is. Sookie. Gonna. Be. With. Eric. Or. NOT?

    I am pissed off.
    Stop with the fantasies and actually get them together like in the damn books.
    Alan Ball just sleep with Bill/Stephen if you’re that in love with him.

  • Deedz

    Uh, I love it. I can’t even lie.

  • JM

    All three look fantastic! Thanks Photoshop.

    @ Beautifuldirtyrich
    Patience Grasshopper. Remember, Sookie didn’t get together with Eric til book 4 which should mean season 4 for us (fingers & toes crossed here). I want a full frontal Eric shower scene!

    I love the books and the show. Although lately it feels I’ve been watching some of Alan Ball’s homoerotic fantasies :D

  • Bills2Rough

    The very CORE of B & S relationship is a web of lies. A foundation built on sand.
    From the moment he walked into Merlotte’s in season one,episodes one and two, he was lying. He not only fooled her, but us as well.
    Her first love? Yes.
    Her first betrayal too.
    I hope Alan Ball doesn’t make Sookie out to be another dumb tv blonde who falls for romantic music, soft lighting and put upon manners.
    Bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Books or no books, Bill needs to be kicked to the curb.

  • CC

    I Love This show!!! Alex and Anna are HOT!!! Go Team Eric!!!!

  • Flora

    @Bills2Rough: You got the story wrong.
    YES, he was hired by the Queen, that’s the reason he came into Bontemps.
    BUT after meetin & talking to Sookie, he REALLY fell for her. (he wouldn’t have faced the darn SUN to save her if she wa only a job for God’s sake! or do everything to save her, kill people who hurt her…).
    And that’s why their story is tragic. Because we know it will hurt her when she will know. So yes, he lied at the beginning, but come on, open your eyes! Bill loves Sookie.
    And remember the Bill, Sookie & Eric from the books are NOT the characters of the show. Show & books are “two different entertainment experiences”, as Charlaine said.
    Team Bill.

  • Flora

    Great pictures. But they didn’t need the photoshop, they’re already gorgeous.
    Love the Bill & Sookie cover.

  • Arabiane

    Sookie wanna be with Eric Northman.
    Bill is boooooooring.

  • They look hot!!

    They all look great in these photos, except AS should be wearing flop flops instead of those black boots. It seems that Alan Ball is moving everything from the books forward. So who knows what he will do with S4. I heard that his contract ends after next season. Any truth to that, will there be a S5. Does anyone know?

  • Lauren

    Either ASkars is crouching or they put Anna on a foot stool. She’s not chin height to him, and Stephen’s not that much taller than her. lol We know he’s a short little thing.

  • JustJoanie

    Both covers are steamy hot and gorgeous. Thanks JJ.

  • Fishy


    So, if you hear a friend of yours has an abusive, deceitful and manipulative boyfriend, everything is fine, as long as “he loves her”? O…k….

    And facing the sun was so darn brilliant, Because it was SOOOO effective . So was trying to attack Russell the second after he mentioned Bill’s secrets to Sookie. More like defending himself and his deceit., trying to keep Russel from blabbing. And begging Eric to take her out of there? Again so she wouldn’t hear it?

    His file on her ….classy. Where do I sign up for that kind of a boyfriend? Or are you with those people that try to justify it by saying that he was compiling info to present to her as a surprise? So why was her grandfather, the other supposed telepath also circled in this chart?

    And those things are just from the series, not even bringing the books into this.

    Oh and at least I know that if/when Sookie has any involvement with Eric or anyone else, she’ll get into it with eyes unclouded. More cynical but definitely healthier as well. Bu since you like the “Team” concept, I’ll try to use a bit of your language as well. In TB I’m Team “Anyone-but-Bill”

  • true blood

    Love the cover and pics.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • Fishy

    @They look hot!!:

    I read that they use standard 7 year contracts for everyone of their regulars. But I stress the word “read”.

  • another day

    @JM: So true re AB and oh and you’ll be watching more of them…I think the Talbot/Eric-getting-the-nasty-on scene is in the next two weeks…

  • Spice

    Sookie and Eric are hot in the books, and I’m 100% Team Eric!

  • Gina

    She’s probably on a box. She’s less short than Alex in these pics than she is with Stephen! Funny!

  • fras

    Weellllllllllllllll, actually, Eric and Sookie “get together” in Book 3. I remember a certain scene in the King’s Mansion wherein Sookie is in her panties and lets Eric have his way.

    BUT…. will we see that this season? No. Will we see that it’s in Jackson where Sookie starts to trust Eric more than Bill? Apparently not. Will we see that Sookie is disillusioned by Bill’s lies and mistreatment? Definitely not. All these things happen in Book 3 and are NOT happening in season 3. It’s silly to pin all our hopes on “Season 4 will be like Book 4″ when none of the seasons so far have been similar to their respective books. But keep hoping, honey.

  • JM

    @ another day
    At least it won’t be Russel/ Eric getting-the-nasty-on scene. LOL! I love the king but men in that age bracket should keep it for their significant others.
    My only fear is that I’ll keep flashing back to Alex’s drunken video and wonder how much he’s really acting.
    *Before I get brutally attacked, I’m teasing :)

  • JM

    @ fras
    Sorry I didn’t clarify by saying “get together”= have feelings for each other. I totally remember the mansion. And yes, I will hope :)

  • Nikki

    I agree with Emmalee Eric is wrong for Sookie but there is no denying he is hot in a dark and dangerous way but he is self absorbed will do anything he needs to do to get what he wants.
    And yes Bill has bad points but he is always thinking of Sookie’s safety and would do anything to protect her even if maybe from himself.
    But both Stephen and Alex are to very hot men I cannot choose its to hard to do, I woud take one each day alternatively through the week lol.

  • CC

    I like the covers, but think they would have looked better less photo shopped. It makes them look kind of plastic. All 3 still look great!

  • Crittle

    personally, i’m not on either team. By book 6 Sookie was so annoying, that I that her rightful partner should be a grisly end. Its only season 3 in the show and I’m already tired of her.

  • Ana
  • Sophia

    These are 3 really good looking people. But I like Bill. Sookie and Bill have a really great love and I love watching it play out. Stephen has really rocked, this season. The screen just lights up when he’s on. He and Anna have such great chemistry.

  • Dani

    TEAM BILL all the way.

    For me there’s no comparison, Bill is perfection and Stephen & Anna’s chemistry is electric. Bill & Sookie belong together…either that or Bill & Lorena ;-)