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Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!

Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!

Rihanna has signed up to play the female lead in the upcoming action-adventure Battleship, in theaters May 2012.

The 22-year-old Barbadian singer will star alongside on-screen brothers Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood).

The flick, which will be helmed by actor/director Peter Berg, is based on the adaptation of Hasbro’s naval combat board game.

Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother. Battleship is to begin shooting on Aug. 30 in Hawaii.

Soooooooooo exciting!!!

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Credit: Amanda Schwab; Photos: Startraksphoto
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129 Responses to “Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!”

  1. 1
    jjj Says:

    I can’t wait! All the best to Rihanna and crew. Hopefully the movie turns out well.

  2. 2
    difhj Says:

    ahhhh! im sooo excited!!! i loove rihanna!

  3. 3
    P Says:

    Are you kidding me??? really?? RIHANNA?? gosh, everyone is an actor now…

  4. 4
    Zey Says:

    Man this is terrible news…

  5. 5
    Lala Says:

    Cool! Good for Rihanna. She is doing exactly what she wants to do. She has been talking about getting into acting for a long time. She’ll be good.

  6. 6
    g-spot Says:

    Tom Arnold and Rihanna?

  7. 7
    g-spot Says:

    Poor Taylor and ASkars.
    They deserve better.

  8. 8
    jives Says:

    Is she playing one of the aliens?

  9. 9
    mickey Says:

    ugly chick.

  10. 10
    H. Says:

    Overexposed ho.

  11. 11
    Kaila Says:


  12. 12
    Story Says:

    She should play a Klingon in one of the Star Trek remakes.

  13. 13
    yes! Says:

    Hope she gets a new before filming starts.

  14. 14
    Sam Says:

    Damn. I was actually excited for this movie before.

  15. 15
    yes! Says:

    ^new wig

  16. 16
    truly Says:

    they should have just hired someone who can act.

  17. 17
    baron Says:

    The cast gets shittier and shittier.

  18. 18
    w11 Says:

    I’m sorry, but what? I mean I was on board with Taylor and Alex, they actually seem to make sense. But Rihanna? Um, no thanks. It’s bad enough Tom Arnold is there and that this is based off of a board game, but Rihanna, who, I’m sorry, you can tell is not going to be some great actress, just makes this seem cheap and uninteresting.

  19. 19
    Kirk Says:

    HAhahaaaa..really? you’ve got to be kidding, rihanna? fail.

  20. 20
    cute Says:

    She’s cute but the casting is disappointing.
    Lots of good actresses out there.

  21. 21
    uh oh Says:


  22. 22
    GR..OSS Says:


  23. 23
    GR..OSS Says:


  24. 24
    jcp Says:

    At least she’s not singing.

  25. 25
    boring Says:


  26. 26
    Slig Says:

    Hooker here

  27. 27
    Slig Says:

    She like crap

  28. 28
    Slig Says:

    Rihanna slu*t

  29. 29
    Kaz Says:


  30. 30
    Slig Says:

    Hey rihanna dirty and nasty

  31. 31
    Slig Says:

    Go go eating ****

  32. 32
    Everything_bUtt_The_Girl Says:

    God bless her soul! I hope she has acting classes under her belt, and not getting a role for selling ‘some’ albums

  33. 33
    Slig Says:

    rihanna bald woman and smll not good

  34. 34
    tauit Says:

    i so agree with u .. little acting she did in her videos … its going to have a lot of turn out because people want to see if she can act… will never get my money!

  35. 35
    mona from Nigeria Says:

    Anoda credit to Riri.

  36. 36
    Brightside Says:

    I always remember Battleship as being a boring board game and I don’t see how it can be any more exciting as a film. The plot sounds old, too…rehashed corn. I’m getting so fed up of these ********-in-a-cup creativity films. HW just w-nking on an audience and hoping we’ll pay them for the privilege of being w-nked all over! I don’t care who this has in it, the entire concept sounds dire!

  37. 37
    well duh Says:

    jeez, that casting is an epic fail.. this movie is going to be bad, like airbender bad!

  38. 38
    Kaz Says:

    I see She nu*e tooo black **** like a beetle

  39. 39
    Kaz Says:


  40. 40
    iamjb Says:

    I think everyone is missing the fact they are making a film about a “Board” Game whats next Hungry Hippo’s.Surely the plot wont require her to do much acting.

  41. 41
    Janey Says:

    Please Alex and Taylor – I really like you both as actors – please pull out now! – you are only as good as your last movie – do you really want to be remembered for this?

  42. 42
    Blahzae Says:

    She might not be a bad actress many singers have crossed over and were even better at acting Example Queen Latifah when she first started to act people said all sorts of things about her but in time she showed what she could do. Maybe so will Rihanna.
    As far as this film they lost when they cast Tom Arnold…
    oh hell no that man is like nails on a chalk board.
    I mean I know it is only a movie based on a board game
    but hey Transformers is a movie based on toys and cartoons so you know they can do better than this.

  43. 43
    Blahzae Says:

    Interesting timing to annouce the casting of her as well ,,, considering that her infamous ex Chris Brown’s debut really as an actor is set to premiere in LA August 4th than Atlanta later and so on and so forth. His part is fairly small in Takers but it was suppose to the film that launched him as an action star…. well fat chance of that happening since that infamous day he messed up … if you know what I mean ;p
    Personally I am just going to ignore him when I see Takers and just focus on Idris, T.I, and Hayden.

    In a way its like she is sticking it back to him by this move saying basically “Hey !!! I will steal your thunder and I am going to be the actor now!! ”
    Because he really really wanted to make the crossover into actor and now she is going to instead… even if the Battleship film bombs (which it will ) she will most likely get cast in films while he most likely will not.

  44. 44
    tal Says:

    YEAH !!!!! love you riri !

  45. 45
    GG Says:

    I wonder how big her role is? I can’t really imagine her as a romantic interest for either Taylor or Alex.

  46. 46
    meeeeeeeeeeeee Says:


    Please move on and stop attempting to analyze what rihanna may or may not be thinking when accepting this role.

  47. 47
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Now this is going to bomb big time … was not thrilled with it from the beginning, but Rhianna?! I mean, really?! Seriously?!

  48. 48
    me me me Says:

    oh. and i actually thought alex had a chance of making a serious acting career. silly me.

  49. 49
    ! Says:

    I think by choosing Rihanna they wanted to raise the fame of the movie and make it appear as a great production, and bring more people into the theaters…as she seems to be one people actually talk about (i don’t know why either)..
    But if it’s really that it means that the other cast members weren’t enough bankable…

  50. 50
    CHRIS BROW Says:

    Hopefully Chris Brown won’t pop up on set of this movie. Between Alex Skarsgard playing a rapist 3 times in his films and Chris Brown being a woman beater poor Rihanna will have to be on the look out!!

  51. 51
    Tackyness Says:

    It says a lot about this project when Alex Skarsgard is the “serious” actor in the whole cast. LOL.

  52. 52
    Blahzae Says:

    She is most likely being cast as the love interest for both actors.. similiar to another bad movie I can name ” Pearl Harbor” a Micheal Bay film in which the two male leads ( Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck) both fall for the same woman ( Kate Beckinsale). Chances are that is what they going with the whole ” love triangle” ploy.. which I would say is happening because of the whole” Twilight love triangle craze” I would not be surprised if many upcoming films use that in the storyline.I am not saying it is a good thing.. but it will most likely happen.
    They are most likely also looking for some press for this bomber of a film ” Battleship” and casting her as their love interest will get attention good or bad…. some wont like it because they dont like her… some wont like it because of the racial issues many people still have in the world today…. so look at this way they just added a little controversy to the film and got you all to talk about it… including me as well which is the whole name of the game. Press. :)

  53. 53
    Fishy Says:

    Unfortunately this is one of those movies that may or not tank (not super hopeful, but we’ll see), and that will bring exposure to the actors and “actors” but not acting credibility. And it’s not meant to, either.

    Is casting Rhianna a good thing? Maybe, maybe not (certainly not over her “acting” talent). But certainly, it will get people talking about it, she’s well known, more than the Taylor and ASkars, I’m afraid.

  54. 54
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …nooooooooo! damn, there’s no way in hell i’ll be able to take her serious. hahahaahahahahahaha.. i’m going to laugh everytime i hear her speak. ahahahahahahahaaa.. oh well, hopefully she wont have many lines and she wont make alex (the film) look bad.

  55. 55
    pump shoes Says:

    i love armani sunglasses very much

  56. 56
    Don't_ Believe_The_Hype Says:

    Why do people keep harping on AS’s previous roles where he PLAYED (ACTED, PRETENDED to be ) rapists? How many times has DeNiro played a gangster? Is he on the FBI’s most wanted list? STFU!!! Rihanna was only cast because she sells out stadiums. Is it fair that a legitimate actress didn’t get the role? NO. However, studios do not care about fairness they care about $$$$$$$. Her fans will come in droves.
    Regardless of what you may think of Rihanna, people buy her cd’s and go to her concerts. At least she’s a hard worker , not some entitled, trust fund sK*nk that decided she needed to be a celebutard.

  57. 57
    Upper Cutts Says:

    Most young singers cross over into acting and aren’t good at it. We just have to wait and see.

  58. 58
    CuteChef Says:

    Rihanna? Really? In the famous words of the board game…

    “You just sank my Battleship!!”

    This movie will tank like Samantha Mumba did in The Time Machine. Like Britney in Crossroads. Like Fergie in Nine (which blows giving her Kids Inc. past). Alanis in Dogma. Dukes of Hazzard with Jessica Simpson. Shall I go on? Seems the only music stars that were EVER big enough to pull off acting were Cher (Mermaids), Madonna (Evita, Desperately Seeking Susan, A League of Their Own) ..and even now they’re both iffy.

  59. 59
    Weird Says:

    This movie will suck!! Sorry but at least ASkars can act a little but this is horrible news. She cannot sing or act. Remember the cheerleading movie…that was her acting debut!! HAHAHA!!! oh gosh…hollywood is really reaching…I mean come on, Peter Berg. He is just trying to be Jon Favreau with all the Iron Man success and it won’t work!!!

  60. 60
    another day Says:

    Somewhere, in the outerlands of Sweden on a LVT set, ASkars is stabbing himself in the arm with a fork at the thought of doing this movie now…

  61. 61
    Vicks Says:

    Ah please. I was so excited to see this movie, but now that she is in it, i’m not sure anymore.
    Can the singers just please stick to singing and leave the acting for the actors?!
    Terrible news..well at least Alex is gonna make up for it, and we’ll get to see him shirtless :)

  62. 62
    status quo Says:

    I’d really hate to say this but…..Battleship already sounds really corny. The needs a strong cast to really back it up. I’m just not sure Rihanna is it….Granted if Taylor Kitsch was in a movie about cabbage patch dolls, I’d see it anyway.

  63. 63
    Becky Says:

    Ugh…until she was cast I was still holding onto hope that this would be a good movie. But this casting decision does NOT look promising. I’ll still see it because of Alex and Taylor (and Peter Berg usually does good stuff) but if she’s the best “actress” they could find, this does not look like good news.

  64. 64
    Jessica Says:

    @CHRIS BROW: You SERIOUSLY need to learn to separate fiction from reality. Alex was playing fictional characters, it’s called ACTING. Do you also think that Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela?! Or that Julia Roberts is a prostitute?! Use your brain….

  65. 65
    JM Says:

    @ Another day


  66. 66
    jam Says:

    Yeah well, they locked up the “teens” with this move… Anyways, one actress bad or not, dont make a pile of crap…

  67. 67
    rannick96 Says:

    Great another straight to video,(that no one will rent) movie…..
    Riri they got to be kidding !!!!!

  68. 68
    Rachel Says:

    @another day: And yet he’s also probably thinking “It will still do a hell of a lot better than Thor.” =) But yeah…poor Alex, the man is far too talented to be cast alongside a freakin’ pop star.

  69. 69
    wowowow Says:

    the problem is that rihanna has such a persona of being “rihanna”. crazy haircuts and wild outfits. i see her everyday in pap shots. i can’t look passed her stage/pap persona and see her as a character. she is always rihanna. she is too overexposed as herself. same with other actors like lindsay lohan. i know too much about their personal life and therefore can’t disassociate that from the character they are supposed to play.

  70. 70
    crap Says:

    **** that girl is so going to screw this movie….

  71. 71
    bajan Says:


  72. 72
    Emily Says:

    i hope its just a small role because actors deserve acting spots….but YUM taylor kitsch!!!

  73. 73
    Don't_ Believe_The_Hype Says:

    At least she won’t be worst than some “actresses”. It took a special kind of stank to screw up a well revered and iconic franchise like Superman..

  74. 74
    Ania Says:

    omg this movie is going to be so terrible. if i was an actor signed up for this project id pull out as fast as i could. didnt ashanti and christina milian also do some acting? how did those movies turn out. has anyone heard of either one of them since? bahaha this is gonna be interesting

  75. 75
    evathediva Says:

    I think they should scrap the whole thing and start over. I don’t like Rihanna as a singer either. Kaz and Slig you have got to be the most stoopid people ever,stop with the racist ish, at least spell it right. I doubt she is playing thelove interest, probably another soldier or officer.

  76. 76
    irish Says:

    @Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype:

    Be ready for the same actress to ruin As’s birthday by showing up in pics on 8/25/2010 UGH!!!!!

  77. 77
    Buttercups Says:

    Dear Alexander Skarsgard:
    You are doing it wrong.
    one of your on-off fans.

  78. 78
    honestly... Says:

    Bette Midler, Cher, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Barbara Streisand, Vanessa Paradis…. Let’s hope Rihanna turns out to be like one of these chicks. *sigh* Poor ASkars. I’ll bet he’s not too happy with this news. He needs to go into hibernation and stick to the indie projects.

  79. 79
    info Says:

    here’s how it went down….interesting timing isn’t it?

    from imdb:
    Re: Pineapple Express

    by rien_poet 1 day ago (Sat Feb 7 2009 23:24:33)
    Ignore this User | Report Abuse

    UPDATED Sun Feb 8 2009 00:46:32

    Ah nee. I think men are still kind of interesting for me .
    I’d like to come back as mosquito, so I could fly to London, walking down on his skin freely, investigating every single inch of it…or sitting at the wall, listen to his conversation…and when he was not alone, I’d land on his partner’s skin, and I’d make sure that she would never forget the night she crossed over my territory…

    And if I’d die from his hand, at least I tasted his blood already. So I carried something from him with me, to eternity…(this is the result of drinking pina colada too early…)

    I’ll keep eye on the film, and on you Dolli. So I make sure that I get the real Jude, or Minx…

    “A dream is an answer to a question we haven’t yet learned how to ask.” Fox Mulder

  80. 80
    smack the fly aka rien Says:


  81. 81
    lights match Says:

    was this the text you supposedly read?

  82. 82
    inside information Says:

    i’m against violence but maybe you should reconsider the mind control element. and who is really at fault here.

    im also against witchcraft and bitchcraft

  83. 83
    what is going on? Says:

    the metaphor certainly fits the situation. doesn’t it?. along with the suspicious timing. uncanny. isn’t it.

    i just realized the reason jayz signed you is because of your resemblance to beyonce.does he have that much control over you?

    why are you into sadism?
    what is wrong with you?
    or is it him?

    something is not right with all of this. i have a problem with your spiritual and political agenda. cuz it doesn’t seem to be on the good kind but rather the evil kind.

  84. 84
    CuteChef Says:

    Visit for to view the poll for Rihanna’s debut as an actress in Battleship. Currently rated at 29% positive, 71% negative.

    I don’t think many people are going to see this movie at all. Alex needs to stop with the “But it’ll be a Blockbuster!” mentality, and work on a project of substance.

    At least The Matrix was a Blockbuster full of substance :) Too bad Revelations and Reloaded sucked :P

  85. 85
    Deedz Says:

    This whole movie is bad idea. Never mind the Rihanna casting. I have nothing.

  86. 86
    comment Says:

    tsk tsk

    such an unfortunate alignment.

    i don’t like anyone that rien poet likes
    the bad composition is alexander skaarsgarrd peter berg louisisana and now riaanna name is similiar to rien poet who i hate. and then there is the night of the ‘attack’

    and this is for universal studios who also paired up with two other actors for two other films which i am not pleased about

    all around bad luck bad news bad choices
    abusive choices if you ask me

    some heads at universal studios need to roll.

    it looks almost suspicious to me
    must be because it IS suspicious.

  87. 87
    Yup Says:

    In all this I feel bad for Taylor!!!!

  88. 88
    ? Says:

    why are non americans influencing our politics. can someone explain that to me?

    maybe american actors refuse to work with universal…maybe their policies suck.

    who owns universal studios? are they american?
    what’s going on here?

  89. 89
    In that case.... Says:

    @another day: ASkars will need tow knives, one for each rm…one for the casting in this movie and the other for KBOS!!!!! Poor guy…

  90. 90
    burnt bacon Says:

    This movie is becoming a bigger joke by the minute. When will the dancing pastel poodles be showing up?

  91. 91
    In that case.... Says:

    @In that case….: bad typos… Correction: Askars will need two forks, one for each arm, one for the casting of Ri Ri and the other for KBOS…Poor guy!!!! (sigh)

  92. 92
    Will ASkars rape Rihanna? Says:

    That would make 4.

  93. 93
    Clue Says:

    @Will ASkars rape Rihanna?:

    What a nasty immature A$$ you are.

  94. 94
    Jenell Says:

    This **** is gonna be so embarrassingly funny…

  95. 95
    eva Says:

    @Will ASkars rape Rihanna?: Is your headline even necessary? Stoopid azz

  96. 96
    BeautifulDirtyRich Says:

    Rihanna? Oh jeez., if she’s never acted before why put her in a movie like this? It must be crap if they need her to draw attention?

    I am excited (well semi-excited…) to see Alexander Skarsgard.
    I would never consider watching this movie if he wasn’t in it.

  97. 97
    Vanessa Says:

    Haha they put True Blood in brackets.

    That’s all this douche is known for, playing a bi-sexual vampire.
    Get this ***** off our big screens.
    His bulbous face needs to stay on cable tv.

  98. 98
    JM Says:

    I predict several Razzie awards in this film’s future.

  99. 99
    Amanda Says:

    @Will ASkars rape Rihanna?: There’s a special place in hell for people like you, that trivialize rape and throw the word around like it’s a joke. I’ve worked for the RAINN network for four years. You make me sick!

  100. 100
    maela Says:

    maybe we will see rihanna and skarsgard…that would be something=)))

  101. 101
    Fiend2U Says:

    Rihanna needs to write Chris a check.. b/c that incident is the ONLY reason why she’s relevant now a days..

  102. 102
    Will ASkars rape Rihanna? Says:

    The same special place in hell for fans that trivialize rape and violence against women in tv shows or movies, because they have a crush on an actor.
    “I’ve worked for the RAINN network for four years” That’s something to be proud about.
    i’m sorry for make it sound like a joke, but if U don’t, in this site people give U thumbs down and your comment disappears.

  103. 103
    karena Says:

    Funny how when alex and acting are put together in the same sentence it’s all about him taking off his clothes. if it weren’t for that, he’d never get mentioned as an actor. just as someone’s BF de jour. hope you don’t lose the body, alex, it’s all your fan’s seem to care about. you’re in the same class as rhianna, she’s a singer trying to act and you are a fashion model, trying to get decent acting jobs. oh well, there’s always another pretty face around the corner, or in your case, pretty body.

  104. 104
    pet Says:

    –good for and my my friends love rihanna so much,,,were to exited.

  105. 105
    Gina Says:

    Alex has been acting in film and on the stage since he was 7 years old. He was never a fashion model, but has done many photo shoots. Season 3 is the first time he’s taken his clothes off on TB. For 2 seasons he’s had , fully clothed.

  106. 106
    Alex decisions Says:

    As a men, I would never accept the role of a rapist three times.

  107. 107
    Alex's father is a LVT's frien Says:

    The fans can Thumb down all they want, but the other fans know he’s ******** up his chances.

  108. 108
    The Melting Potters Says:

    Wow….look at all the hate-filled rants against this girl. I’ve seen the words “****” and “*****”. What has she done to warrant such accusations? Or rather…what has she done that’s any different than any other pop singer?

    I’ve also seen racial slurs and even the “n” bomb. I guess that answers my previous questions. I guess Americans still can’t handle seeing a black woman on screen with a white man.

    Roll your eyes, suck your teeth, and reach for the thumbs down button all you want…but here’s hoping Ri-Ri has a love triangle with these two ;)

  109. 109
    amanda Says:


    What an adorable troll you are! Let ‘s see: You’re a Bill’s babe, aren’t you? I bet Stephen Moyer would be ashamed to have fans like you.

  110. 110
    Paul Says:

    @The Melting Potters:

    Yeah, all thAT hate seems out of proportion. I mean, yeah, she’s a pop singer who can’t act, probably, but people are acting like she’s the first one to try to make the crossover to acting. Did people hate Alanis Morrissete that much when she made movies? oR Chris Isaac, or Ray Connick Jr?

    One fan is so unhinged that she/he started to call Skarsgard a rapist. WTF?

  111. 111
    The Melting Potters Says:


    You’re right. Singers have been attempting to cross over and vice versa for some time. Some fail, others not so much.

    But the comments made against this girl lead me to believe there is criticism that stems from something other than her “ability”.

    The racial slurs and implications due to the fact she’s in a film with two white male actors who are sex symbols is proof positive. Get over it folks. It’s 2010, not 1864. Art should imitate life. People are dating outside their race now more than ever!

  112. 112
    Lucky Says:

    Lucky girl. Don’t know about the movie but she is truly lucky to be onscreen with them.

  113. 113
    kakku Says:

    OMG! there’s still lot to see, ppl we haven’t seen her acting yet….y ppl r trippin , beyonce, whitney, mariah n many singers are doin an acting as well, but y can’t Ri wat’s wrong wid her being an actress if she blieve she can do it,y not giv her a try…..if she did well in the movie then again wat y’all goin 2 say, nothin y’all goin 2 repeat the same thing again n again…..lik Ri said ‘at the end of the day NOT Everyone’s gonna lik you’

  114. 114
    Jamie Says:

    with no personality on and off the stage… i can only imagine what her acting skills are like…she’ll probably make beyonce look like a oscar worthy actress

  115. 115
    Caroline Says:

    Of course she’s good looking, but oh my .. i hate the hair !!

  116. 116
    evathediva Says:

    @The Melting Potters: I agree, even though I hate her singing, which I really do…..I detest the names they are calling her, not cool. Then some are just crazy fangurls who think no one is good enough for Alex. I really hope she can pull this one off, but she deserves a chance like everyone else. Some of these posters are not American either. Some are not white, some are of other nationalities. Just sad.

  117. 117
    angel Says:

    I think she is beautiful! At 21 she makes more money than half the population. People stop hating!

    I think most people are just jealous cause she is young and successful and can do anything she wants & its seems like her success is coming too easy.

    I know u dont like it..but you are not the multi millionaire producer that wants her..Its his movie and his money. When you make a movie you can choose who u want. Go Rhianna!

  118. 118
    K Says:

    she just ruined this hot as hell cast of alex and taylor. damn you rihanna!

  119. 119
    Whitney Says:

    I swear, if she puts her lips anywhere NEAR Alex, I’m gonna start a riot (; (or probably deck her)

  120. 120
    Vanessa Says:

    Rihanna: Fck off you weasel.

    Just continue with your “bad ass” music.
    You’re only gonna make yourself look like a fool……..more than you already are.

  121. 121
    Give her a chance Says:

    The digital short she was in on SNL was not only funny, but was nominated for an Emmy. She might be good.

  122. 122
    Do You Know her? Says:

    @Vanessa: would you like to expound on why you are calling her a weasel. Do you know her, or is this because she will do something you will never ever get to do? Stand next to Alex, yea, I really see some of you women have issues. Some of you need to be lobotomized. Seriously.

  123. 123
    @ Celebwatcher Says:

    I didn’t weep, I laughed. Don’t take stock in what a psychic has to say particularly if they claim to communicate with the long deceased Princess Diana.

  124. 124
    Kredīts Says:

    Pastāv taču kredīti. Neesat dzirdējuši?

  125. 125
    kiki Says:

    Yall all is haters, I mean damn at least give the girl a chance b4 yall start eating her back out. She might just suprise u. Who knows maybe shes taking acting classes for all we know. I for one is happy that she got this role bcuz it shows that shes getting her career back on track. I dont think anyone should be called a hoe or tranny u dont even know her and you definally dont know what she had to go through.

  126. 126
    ko Says:


  127. 127
    frontierville Says:

    Generally petulant and deed over habitation improvment

  128. 128
    weight loss recipes Says:

    Another tragedy in the making. I guess we won’t stop reading your post unless we have destroyed everything.

  129. 129
    Bree Says:

    honestly the only reason im seeing that movie is because of rihanna and i pray to god that she can act. As much as i love her i have to say im getn sick of putting singers in movies(mariah carey, jessica simpson) they just ruin the movie. The only singers that can really act are Jlo, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Jill Scott. And also stop giving actors a singer career like Paris Hilton who shouldnt sing or act and Linsey Lohan.

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