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Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!

Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!

Rihanna has signed up to play the female lead in the upcoming action-adventure Battleship, in theaters May 2012.

The 22-year-old Barbadian singer will star alongside on-screen brothers Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood).

The flick, which will be helmed by actor/director Peter Berg, is based on the adaptation of Hasbro’s naval combat board game.

Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother. Battleship is to begin shooting on Aug. 30 in Hawaii.

Soooooooooo exciting!!!

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129 Responses to “Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!”

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  1. 76
    irish Says:

    @Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype:

    Be ready for the same actress to ruin As’s birthday by showing up in pics on 8/25/2010 UGH!!!!!

  2. 77
    Buttercups Says:

    Dear Alexander Skarsgard:
    You are doing it wrong.
    one of your on-off fans.

  3. 78
    honestly... Says:

    Bette Midler, Cher, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Barbara Streisand, Vanessa Paradis…. Let’s hope Rihanna turns out to be like one of these chicks. *sigh* Poor ASkars. I’ll bet he’s not too happy with this news. He needs to go into hibernation and stick to the indie projects.

  4. 79
    info Says:

    here’s how it went down….interesting timing isn’t it?

    from imdb:
    Re: Pineapple Express

    by rien_poet 1 day ago (Sat Feb 7 2009 23:24:33)
    Ignore this User | Report Abuse

    UPDATED Sun Feb 8 2009 00:46:32

    Ah nee. I think men are still kind of interesting for me .
    I’d like to come back as mosquito, so I could fly to London, walking down on his skin freely, investigating every single inch of it…or sitting at the wall, listen to his conversation…and when he was not alone, I’d land on his partner’s skin, and I’d make sure that she would never forget the night she crossed over my territory…

    And if I’d die from his hand, at least I tasted his blood already. So I carried something from him with me, to eternity…(this is the result of drinking pina colada too early…)

    I’ll keep eye on the film, and on you Dolli. So I make sure that I get the real Jude, or Minx…

    “A dream is an answer to a question we haven’t yet learned how to ask.” Fox Mulder

  5. 80
    smack the fly aka rien Says:


  6. 81
    lights match Says:

    was this the text you supposedly read?

  7. 82
    inside information Says:

    i’m against violence but maybe you should reconsider the mind control element. and who is really at fault here.

    im also against witchcraft and bitchcraft

  8. 83
    what is going on? Says:

    the metaphor certainly fits the situation. doesn’t it?. along with the suspicious timing. uncanny. isn’t it.

    i just realized the reason jayz signed you is because of your resemblance to beyonce.does he have that much control over you?

    why are you into sadism?
    what is wrong with you?
    or is it him?

    something is not right with all of this. i have a problem with your spiritual and political agenda. cuz it doesn’t seem to be on the good kind but rather the evil kind.

  9. 84
    CuteChef Says:

    Visit for to view the poll for Rihanna’s debut as an actress in Battleship. Currently rated at 29% positive, 71% negative.

    I don’t think many people are going to see this movie at all. Alex needs to stop with the “But it’ll be a Blockbuster!” mentality, and work on a project of substance.

    At least The Matrix was a Blockbuster full of substance :) Too bad Revelations and Reloaded sucked :P

  10. 85
    Deedz Says:

    This whole movie is bad idea. Never mind the Rihanna casting. I have nothing.

  11. 86
    comment Says:

    tsk tsk

    such an unfortunate alignment.

    i don’t like anyone that rien poet likes
    the bad composition is alexander skaarsgarrd peter berg louisisana and now riaanna name is similiar to rien poet who i hate. and then there is the night of the ‘attack’

    and this is for universal studios who also paired up with two other actors for two other films which i am not pleased about

    all around bad luck bad news bad choices
    abusive choices if you ask me

    some heads at universal studios need to roll.

    it looks almost suspicious to me
    must be because it IS suspicious.

  12. 87
    Yup Says:

    In all this I feel bad for Taylor!!!!

  13. 88
    ? Says:

    why are non americans influencing our politics. can someone explain that to me?

    maybe american actors refuse to work with universal…maybe their policies suck.

    who owns universal studios? are they american?
    what’s going on here?

  14. 89
    In that case.... Says:

    @another day: ASkars will need tow knives, one for each rm…one for the casting in this movie and the other for KBOS!!!!! Poor guy…

  15. 90
    burnt bacon Says:

    This movie is becoming a bigger joke by the minute. When will the dancing pastel poodles be showing up?

  16. 91
    In that case.... Says:

    @In that case….: bad typos… Correction: Askars will need two forks, one for each arm, one for the casting of Ri Ri and the other for KBOS…Poor guy!!!! (sigh)

  17. 92
    Will ASkars rape Rihanna? Says:

    That would make 4.

  18. 93
    Clue Says:

    @Will ASkars rape Rihanna?:

    What a nasty immature A$$ you are.

  19. 94
    Jenell Says:

    This **** is gonna be so embarrassingly funny…

  20. 95
    eva Says:

    @Will ASkars rape Rihanna?: Is your headline even necessary? Stoopid azz

  21. 96
    BeautifulDirtyRich Says:

    Rihanna? Oh jeez., if she’s never acted before why put her in a movie like this? It must be crap if they need her to draw attention?

    I am excited (well semi-excited…) to see Alexander Skarsgard.
    I would never consider watching this movie if he wasn’t in it.

  22. 97
    Vanessa Says:

    Haha they put True Blood in brackets.

    That’s all this douche is known for, playing a bi-sexual vampire.
    Get this ***** off our big screens.
    His bulbous face needs to stay on cable tv.

  23. 98
    JM Says:

    I predict several Razzie awards in this film’s future.

  24. 99
    Amanda Says:

    @Will ASkars rape Rihanna?: There’s a special place in hell for people like you, that trivialize rape and throw the word around like it’s a joke. I’ve worked for the RAINN network for four years. You make me sick!

  25. 100
    maela Says:

    maybe we will see rihanna and skarsgard…that would be something=)))

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