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Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!

Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!

Rihanna has signed up to play the female lead in the upcoming action-adventure Battleship, in theaters May 2012.

The 22-year-old Barbadian singer will star alongside on-screen brothers Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood).

The flick, which will be helmed by actor/director Peter Berg, is based on the adaptation of Hasbro’s naval combat board game.

Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother. Battleship is to begin shooting on Aug. 30 in Hawaii.

Soooooooooo exciting!!!

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Credit: Amanda Schwab; Photos: Startraksphoto
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129 Responses to “Battleship: Rihanna's Acting Debut!”

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  1. 101
    Fiend2U Says:

    Rihanna needs to write Chris a check.. b/c that incident is the ONLY reason why she’s relevant now a days..

  2. 102
    Will ASkars rape Rihanna? Says:

    The same special place in hell for fans that trivialize rape and violence against women in tv shows or movies, because they have a crush on an actor.
    “I’ve worked for the RAINN network for four years” That’s something to be proud about.
    i’m sorry for make it sound like a joke, but if U don’t, in this site people give U thumbs down and your comment disappears.

  3. 103
    karena Says:

    Funny how when alex and acting are put together in the same sentence it’s all about him taking off his clothes. if it weren’t for that, he’d never get mentioned as an actor. just as someone’s BF de jour. hope you don’t lose the body, alex, it’s all your fan’s seem to care about. you’re in the same class as rhianna, she’s a singer trying to act and you are a fashion model, trying to get decent acting jobs. oh well, there’s always another pretty face around the corner, or in your case, pretty body.

  4. 104
    pet Says:

    –good for and my my friends love rihanna so much,,,were to exited.

  5. 105
    Gina Says:

    Alex has been acting in film and on the stage since he was 7 years old. He was never a fashion model, but has done many photo shoots. Season 3 is the first time he’s taken his clothes off on TB. For 2 seasons he’s had , fully clothed.

  6. 106
    Alex decisions Says:

    As a men, I would never accept the role of a rapist three times.

  7. 107
    Alex's father is a LVT's frien Says:

    The fans can Thumb down all they want, but the other fans know he’s ******** up his chances.

  8. 108
    The Melting Potters Says:

    Wow….look at all the hate-filled rants against this girl. I’ve seen the words “****” and “*****”. What has she done to warrant such accusations? Or rather…what has she done that’s any different than any other pop singer?

    I’ve also seen racial slurs and even the “n” bomb. I guess that answers my previous questions. I guess Americans still can’t handle seeing a black woman on screen with a white man.

    Roll your eyes, suck your teeth, and reach for the thumbs down button all you want…but here’s hoping Ri-Ri has a love triangle with these two ;)

  9. 109
    amanda Says:


    What an adorable troll you are! Let ‘s see: You’re a Bill’s babe, aren’t you? I bet Stephen Moyer would be ashamed to have fans like you.

  10. 110
    Paul Says:

    @The Melting Potters:

    Yeah, all thAT hate seems out of proportion. I mean, yeah, she’s a pop singer who can’t act, probably, but people are acting like she’s the first one to try to make the crossover to acting. Did people hate Alanis Morrissete that much when she made movies? oR Chris Isaac, or Ray Connick Jr?

    One fan is so unhinged that she/he started to call Skarsgard a rapist. WTF?

  11. 111
    The Melting Potters Says:


    You’re right. Singers have been attempting to cross over and vice versa for some time. Some fail, others not so much.

    But the comments made against this girl lead me to believe there is criticism that stems from something other than her “ability”.

    The racial slurs and implications due to the fact she’s in a film with two white male actors who are sex symbols is proof positive. Get over it folks. It’s 2010, not 1864. Art should imitate life. People are dating outside their race now more than ever!

  12. 112
    Lucky Says:

    Lucky girl. Don’t know about the movie but she is truly lucky to be onscreen with them.

  13. 113
    kakku Says:

    OMG! there’s still lot to see, ppl we haven’t seen her acting yet….y ppl r trippin , beyonce, whitney, mariah n many singers are doin an acting as well, but y can’t Ri wat’s wrong wid her being an actress if she blieve she can do it,y not giv her a try…..if she did well in the movie then again wat y’all goin 2 say, nothin y’all goin 2 repeat the same thing again n again…..lik Ri said ‘at the end of the day NOT Everyone’s gonna lik you’

  14. 114
    Jamie Says:

    with no personality on and off the stage… i can only imagine what her acting skills are like…she’ll probably make beyonce look like a oscar worthy actress

  15. 115
    Caroline Says:

    Of course she’s good looking, but oh my .. i hate the hair !!

  16. 116
    evathediva Says:

    @The Melting Potters: I agree, even though I hate her singing, which I really do…..I detest the names they are calling her, not cool. Then some are just crazy fangurls who think no one is good enough for Alex. I really hope she can pull this one off, but she deserves a chance like everyone else. Some of these posters are not American either. Some are not white, some are of other nationalities. Just sad.

  17. 117
    angel Says:

    I think she is beautiful! At 21 she makes more money than half the population. People stop hating!

    I think most people are just jealous cause she is young and successful and can do anything she wants & its seems like her success is coming too easy.

    I know u dont like it..but you are not the multi millionaire producer that wants her..Its his movie and his money. When you make a movie you can choose who u want. Go Rhianna!

  18. 118
    K Says:

    she just ruined this hot as hell cast of alex and taylor. damn you rihanna!

  19. 119
    Whitney Says:

    I swear, if she puts her lips anywhere NEAR Alex, I’m gonna start a riot (; (or probably deck her)

  20. 120
    Vanessa Says:

    Rihanna: Fck off you weasel.

    Just continue with your “bad ass” music.
    You’re only gonna make yourself look like a fool……..more than you already are.

  21. 121
    Give her a chance Says:

    The digital short she was in on SNL was not only funny, but was nominated for an Emmy. She might be good.

  22. 122
    Do You Know her? Says:

    @Vanessa: would you like to expound on why you are calling her a weasel. Do you know her, or is this because she will do something you will never ever get to do? Stand next to Alex, yea, I really see some of you women have issues. Some of you need to be lobotomized. Seriously.

  23. 123
    @ Celebwatcher Says:

    I didn’t weep, I laughed. Don’t take stock in what a psychic has to say particularly if they claim to communicate with the long deceased Princess Diana.

  24. 124
    Kredīts Says:

    Pastāv taču kredīti. Neesat dzirdējuši?

  25. 125
    kiki Says:

    Yall all is haters, I mean damn at least give the girl a chance b4 yall start eating her back out. She might just suprise u. Who knows maybe shes taking acting classes for all we know. I for one is happy that she got this role bcuz it shows that shes getting her career back on track. I dont think anyone should be called a hoe or tranny u dont even know her and you definally dont know what she had to go through.

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