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James Franco's Career Path Unraveled

James Franco's Career Path Unraveled

Ever wonder why James Franco has made such eccentric career choices? NY Magazine tries to explain why!

Here’s an interesting quote from his personal assistant, Dana Morgan, a former UCLA classmate of his. She shares about James’ crazy schedule: “I tease him when people say, ‘How do you do it?’  I say, ’You don’t! You do all the things they know about, but you don’t do the normal human-being things.’  …I guarantee you he would not eat unless I fed him. He’ll do the hand-to-mouth part, but I definitely bring it to his hands. It’s not that he’s helpless. It’s just that he would not take the time to find food. He has the luxury of not having to worry about it.”

James, 32, will soon shoot 127 Hours, director Danny Boyle‘s follow-up to Slumdog Millionaire, in which James will play a hiker who gets trapped under a boulder and has to amputate his own arm.

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  • Slig

    Who’s? I dont care

  • Slig

    I m best .yeah baby

  • Kaz

    Friend jared

  • KellStar

    I applaud him for living life to the fullest. He’s going after his dreams with great intensity and he doesn’t apologize for his choices.

  • facts

    Anyone care to translate what the hell that quote meant?

  • Blahzae

    Wow!!!! Franco sounds like so much fun to work for… NOT!!!!!!!
    I dont why but he has always irked me (bothered for those that do not know what irked means) , I dont know what it is… but he has always come off … as well an @ss to be honest.
    His films never do all that well, only spider man made money and that wasnt really because of him. He just doesnt come off as humble to me something an actor needs atleast a trace of in my opinion to be able to play all kinds of characters.
    I think it bites he will be in 127 Hours next it is based on a real life story of a man that was trapped alive by a boulder a few years ago and had to cutt off his arm to live. The man did many interviews and he deserves not only a good actor to play him but a humble one as well. Franco may be an ok actor but he isnt very humble in my opinion and will not do that man justice by playing him.

  • Slig

    He looking bad

  • Lola

    Yay very bushy.puck me hard now darling

  • o.m.g

    LOVE. HIM.

  • Leila

    He’s fabulous and possesses the cutest freaking smile I have ever seen.

  • Blahzae

    I strongly suggest people read the entire article it is about 8 pages long and when you get to the end it sort of isnt a shocker… when the “real ” Franco is revealed by some very simple actions towards the writer… that he is in fact like every other actor… and I dont mean that in a good way..
    Its a long read compared to what most people on here are use to but if you get to the end you will see what I mean.

  • Brightside

    I read it…especially the bit about the bizarre show ‘Dangerous Book Four Boys’ which sounded more like an exercise in pretentiousness. In fact it sounded exactly like grandiose pretentiousness….pretentiousness of the highest order, the sort of pickled cows and messy beds pretentiousness that has ruined and cursed the Turner prize. O.K, so he is hyperactive, intelligent and good-looking, he is also dangerously and completely fixated on himself. That article has just tarnished a lot of his appeal to me.
    I hope his younger brother has a more humble and less pretentious outlook on life.

  • shanda

    @Brightside: @Blahzae: Why do you both talk down on people that loves to work? He busy doing what he love and not begging no one for nothing. Its not about the money and the attention that a movie gives. Its the work that is put in it not fame. Other actors can get big movies and you never get another one like it. They are the one that is lazy and don’t want to do nothing with themselves afterward.Glad to see him doing something with himself besides being posted every day doing nothing.When you do movie it don’t supposed to be about the fame and money. Some actors are glad to get a job. And heis a humble person. He’s not in jail or getting into trouble all the time. Or partying all the time.I like that.

  • Brightside

    Ahh…I take it you didn’t read the article…

  • w11

    He finished shooting 127 Hours MONTHS ago.

  • jensenLUVER Tanya

    James is 1 of those geeks u luv 2 hate but cant. Hes very talented and SUPER smart. I kno that facial hair ruins his look sumtimes but when he smiles, aawww it melts my heart. LOL And 4 da bad comments……sorry hes not in and out of jail all da time, or a drug addict, or a wife beater, or married and divorce 50 times, or hav 20 kids, or shows his abs every 5 secs jus 2 pay his rent……. da choices he makes is bcuz he wants 2 not cuz he has 2. Seriously he doesnt need actin, but he luvs it. So STOP HATIN!!!

  • Melissa of Lovely Android

    We’re engaged and hopefully his assistant will remind him to show up for the wedding on time.

  • lisalockhart

    GAWD, i just love Franco. I don’t know how are why but I am crazy about him. Love the pix but that article is too dam long lol!

  • lina

    james is amazing! not only he is incredibly good looking but he is so intelligent and that makes him even sexier! so what if he is hard working, he’s busy studying and working as oppose to other actors who are busy wasting their time doing unproductive things

  • Kredīts

    Pastāv taču kredīti.