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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Moving In Together!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Moving In Together!

LeAnn Rimes and her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian, are moving in together over the course of a month!

The 27-year-old singer and her 37-year-old beau will be moving into LeAnn‘s place in the San Fernando Valley.

“It’s somewhere [Eddie's sons] know and it allows Mason to stay in the same school district, which was important to them, that there’s continuity for him,” a source told People. “They take [moving in with the kids] with a lot of responsibility. They want to make sure that it was done in the right way.”

LeAnn‘s rep confirmed the news, saying the two are “excited for this happy new journey”.

FYI: LeAnn‘s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, confirmed earlier this month that he is moving in with his new girlfriend, NYC photographer Sarah Silver.

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  • Misty

    who cares about this 1990′s has been???

  • emmy

    She’s not pretty

  • http://!! MEMEME

    can you say HOMEWRECKERS??? lol ew. despise them both.

  • zaraaaa

    is anyone yawning because im tired of them…especially her

  • juiy

    Love this couple! Jared bring the fans whatever you can.

  • Good for them

    Looks like Eddie got split custody. The troll’s work flopped! Hahaha!

  • Joey F.

    Doll, that’s the best news because I know you are ready for this. I have my ticket to see you very soon. Loyal Joey fan.

  • Kaz


  • Nancie

    Awwww…that will be so different for LeLe. Instant part-time family. She’ll get to know whether she wants to add to it. Eddie seems very taken by her and we know she is with him. Eddie’s mom and dad will be there often as they have been an active presence in the childrens lives.

  • Tomikka


  • dal

    You act like this is some kind of high school contest.
    The custody is shared between Eddie and Brandi.
    Leann has zero legal rights to the boys.

  • cjc

    Must be a slow news day if you are giving this ‘has been’ and a ‘never was’ the oxygen of publicity.


    So cute Eddie Leann and their boys – TOGETHER finally :-)
    I am happy to see all four of them so happy!!

  • harley 1

    Now that is some good news! Fan of LeAnn and now Eddie.

  • lily

    at long last….what is the meaning of this…that the divorce is finished? i believe it must be so…..yay

  • carol

    He has weird taste to be with Lee-Anne. Imagine waking up to her beady squinty eyes every morning, yuck, she’s so unnattractive.

  • oh-oh

    The troll must melting down. Job is on the line now. Ooopsy daisy. lolol

  • Slig

    Omg this i dont no i say .bette she go go go in home

  • sammy

    Those beautiful blue eyes Carol? I’d love to wake up looking into beautiful blue eyes. The voice is beautiful. Some shallow people only see the exterior. Her heart is sweet and bright.

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    Imagine waking up beside you every morning. Ick.

  • Go Le Ann!!

    She is gorgeous ex wife looked like a crackpipe chick. no body ! brandi pic on facebook is pic of her hideous emaciated butt. her body is awful no wonder eddie chose someone else. men dont want women who eat too little or eat too much. leann is perfect for men. my brother lovvvees her.
    the kids look great. leann is doing a great job with them. sorry if this offfeneds anyone.

  • Fobetter

    Divorce must be final, don’t ya think?

  • They look better and better

    What’s happening with Brandi’s man of the last nine months? Word is she has been dating a real estate big wig. Any more info anyone?

  • betty

    The good news is only for Eddie. Now he has Leann supporting he and his kids What a pimp.!!! He really must be broke. After Brandi took her half of everything and he can’t pay his support payments he must be hurting. Leann must be desperate and obsessed with Eddie to allow this. I feel for these kids living with two people with no morals or values. Who cares about those clowns. A pimp for a father and a tramp for a mother figure. SAD SAD SAD!!!!!!!!

  • wendlyn

    Cool! If the divorce is over they can now come and go more freely , which means more pictures for us fans.

  • wendlyn

    All your work is for nothing. No matter how many thousands of times you repeated the same things it still didn’t work out the way you planned.

    This one didn’t go the way of the Sienna-Getty story….lmao

  • Ruth

    CUTE COUPLE @ 07/27/2010 at 3:37 pm
    So you think that the important thing is that they are HAPPY. These two clowns dragged their spouses through a hideous media frenzy after lying publically for months on end. Nobody deserves such treatment and the fact that they are “cute” isn’t an excuse for such vile and disgusting behaviour.

    Many couples have affairs and divorce but the majority try to protect their families from the backlash. They don’t go on a PR spree + photoshoot selling their pathetic love affair without any thought of how this affects their families and especially the children. They simply don’t know how to behave and as a father he should be deeply ashamed of himself.

  • CanadaGirl

    I can see that LeLe’s PR has been madly blogging away at this site. The truly ironic thing about this is for Leanne to know now and forever that he cheated WITH her, he will cheat ON her, and the only thing keeping him around is her money. She’s ugly as sin and as stupid as they come, and he will be dipping his wick into some skanks ink before you can sing “How do I live…” because he is a souless bastard who doesn’t care about anything but getting his jimmy waxed.

  • betty

    Wendlyn Leann is the one paying for all of this. Eddie has it made. Didn’t we say she was buying him and was his backup income,so what did not work out. The only difference is They stay at Leanns house since their father is homeless. Nothing else has changed. If they are living at Leann someone should tell her pancakes for breakfast every morning is bad for the kids teeth. The losers in this saga are the kids who have no control of their environment. Eddie and Leann are both lowlifes and no matter how they try to look respectable they will always be seen as scum.

  • Superman

    Ok i don’t either of these people for the reason that they are both selfish selfish people. Yesh its like living togethor is like marriage it isn’t at all. Whats with girls and dating losers these days. much less moving in with them.

  • Diane

    This write-up is true and harsh.
    Poor Brandi Glanville, had to live like that from Leann 2 blocks away!
    I’m telling you, Leann is heartless. Eddie is just a user.

    I have a ROCKING Leann and Eddie Video debuting tomorrow – keep your eyes peeled for it on this thread, Youtube, HuffPost, all over. It’s going to be a viral sensation!

  • Pot

    Trois Chevaux, if you are here…you have to follow me or I can’t DM you back. Congrats to Eddie & LeAnn!!!! betty finally admitted that LeAnn will be a mother figure for the boys.

  • dal

    Ummm wendlyn(or is it 3 horses) did it escape you that Eddie HAS NO JOB. It’s already half way gone that way

  • KiKi

    I am so excited for them. I, too, think his divorce announcement is coming soon.

  • CanadaGirl

    I guess I’ll throw in the towel and say who cares if they movie in together. The marriage is over – live and let live.
    Not a fan, but I wish ‘em the best.

  • CanadaGirl

    “move” in together. :)

  • nata

    @betty: Why is she a tramp? I would of have taken half of all his assets too. I you cheat on your spouse you lose half your assets, that is the law. And I bet if you were in her situation, you would have done the same thing.
    The relationship is in fact progressing, now she has to support him.

  • betty

    Pot- Eddie is a father figure for his kids but that doesn’t make him a father.the same goes for Leann.and having the nerve to talk about doing things the right way.Who are they fooling.Kids learn by example;Eddie is the poorest excuse for a man I’ve seen in a long time and I’ve
    seen plenty.and I have also seen men that pimp woman in the name of love like Eddie has, his game is not new but too involve his kids is shameless. Eddie and Leann have already been shacking which should be their choice and the kids have been staying there. Can’t they do anything discreetly putting this trash all over the net. The more they put themselves out there the less they are liked Eddie appears as a kept man and Leann his sugar mama.Makes them both looks small no matter how you try to glorify them.

  • betty

    Nata Who are you discussing? I don’t see your point.

  • SLIG


  • Awful Woman

    She is an ugly faced Homewrecker without an ounce of human dignity or shame. I can’t wait until he cheats on her with the next slut who grabs his attention.

  • A Matter of Time

    They have been living togther for awhile so why is leann releasing this now..its sad that the only thing that makes her relevant is an affair..of course eddie moved in with her.HE’s jobless and she has to make sure he is close to her at all times because we all know eddie has a wandering fact i think even if he cheats on her she will look the other way because if the public finds out she will be a laughing stock. eddie cant keep it in his pants which is a fact not an opinion. leann can take brandi’s sloppy seconds..afterall eddie was still living with brandi until she had to kick him out not the other way around. its only a matter of time before one of his sidepieces sells her story to the tabs a la bombsehll mcgee, tiger’s hoes, and scheana

  • need a job

    Someone please help out the troll who is in desperate need of work after this spectacular boondoogle of a failure. After a year of being here risking carpal tunnel and getting only a few hrs. of sleep every night, Eddie got what he fought for. Now how will troll explain this latest crash & burn? Maybe we take up a collection for him to tide over until he scores his next contract, but it doesn’t look good.

  • stupid

    Whats with all the girls these day’s having the guy move in with them man it must be a new trend. Successful women and jobless man this girl and that chuck whatever her name is are dumb.

  • KarmaKarol

    Gross. Two pigs in heat, it won’t last. The cheated on ex-spouses will laugh the last laugh and Eddie will get a nice chunk of this idiot’s money. I thought her parents raised her better than to run off with a married father of two.

  • Yogi

    She’s ugly.

  • A Real Winner

    @need a job:

    what exactly did eddie win? he lost his job and now has to move in with his girlfriend to support him..Brandi and Eddie always had 50/50 custody so whats new about this situation..what did leann win? she’s living with an unemplyed married cheater. her career is tanking, hows that flop of a single doing..If i could be in anyone’s position i would choose Brandi..she has beautiful kids, she’s getting half of everything, and she’s free to date :) leann wont be gushing about eddie when he cheats on her..when will mistresses learn. when a mistress marries her lover, she Leaves her spot open for another one to take.

  • Debra

    why are some of you jumping to conclusions? No one has said that their divorce has happened yet….and BG and EC –SHARE– custody of the kids, equally, just as they have all along…..

  • need a job

    Troll-you worked so hard to influence the custody arrangement and you FLUNKED BAD!!! Trying to save face won’t make you any more employable. I’ll send you a tin cup if you’d like.

  • dal

    Maybe “need a job” should go take a peek over @ all the comments over @ people. Are they trolls as well?