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Lee Pace: Robert Pattinson's 'Breaking Dawn' BFF?

Lee Pace: Robert Pattinson's 'Breaking Dawn' BFF?

Pushing Daisies alum Lee Pace may be the next actor to join the cast of Breaking Dawn!

The 31-year-old actor is “the top person to play Garrett” in the film, a source tells E! News.

Garrett is one of Edward Cullen’s friends – he’s a down-to-earth, rugged and nomadic vampire who has long sandy hair that he ties back in a ponytail.

DO YOU THINK Lee is a good choice to play Garrett – YAY or NAY?

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# 1


# 2

I LOVE Lee Pace!
RIP Pushing Daisies

# 3

Oh please let it come true. LOVE LEE!!!

# 4

God, he’s a great actor, he must stay away from that s*it.

# 5

Lee Pace is amazing sooo…. he should stay away from it

# 6

Lee is too good for this. i am dissapoint. :[

# 7

OMG I love Lee Pace!!!!!! He’s such a great actor!!!! Nooo I hope he doesn’t ruin himself with the twilight stuff though!!!

# 8

Add him to the list of actors in this film that are too good for this crap.

# 9

Lee Pace is far too good for this just as he was for pushing daisies. What is he doing? Excellent in Soldier’s Girl and the Fall. The latter is a masterpiece.

Not Impressed by AJ @ 07/27/2010 at 9:28 pm

Lee wasn’t too good for PD, he was perfect for the show!

sucks for about 99.9% of the cast if he does end up in BD. he will act circles around them. He’s too good for the crap hes been doing lately. first Marmaduke now this piece of dog crap. RIP Pushing Daisies

Not a fan of this guy. In other news, I just read that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kristen Stewart auditioned for a movie. No idea if this will happen, so take with a grain of salt. Seems like a good combo to me. Both are young, attractive actors, who may have some chemistry.

Ugh, Lee is too good for Twilight!

NOOOOOOOO please LEE, stay the hell away from this crappy movie!!!!! you’re a very talented actor,



No offense to Twilight fans, but Lee Pace was wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy too good in Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies.

say it isn’t so! he is one of the most underrated talented actors in Hollywood, he was brilliant in The falls, miss pettigrew, Pushing daisies and even in Possession, so what on earth would he be doing in BD???? I hate twilight series, yeah I admit it, I hate it..but I’m a huge fan of Lee, so please don’t make me watch BD just to see him in it !! Say no Lee!! SAY NOOO

yikes this is frightening i so hope it is not true, lee pace is way too amazing and talented for this stuff

One word…YES! The best part is Lee will get way more exposure from BD.

who qives a **** if hes a qud actor , this will make him more famous ! dahh . no one will care anyway . its all bout Rbert :DDDD , kristen :DDDD, & taylor:)

NO. Please don’t ruin your resume with a Twilight movie on it.
But then again Marmaduke doesn’t really help. Hope he does more films like The Fall.

Not Impressed by AJ @ 07/28/2010 at 6:53 am


I always care more about lee than Rpatz, Lee acts better.

I love Lee !! Even though he is too good to be in BD , it will be nice to see him in it … !! so YAY !!!

He may be too good for twilight, but hopefully it will get him more recognised and people can appreciate his awesomeness.

OMG! you gotta be kidding me! Ofcourse Robert will better than him at Breaking dawn. We know Lee is good.

But we need Robert!!

Lee Pace is better than this. C’mon Lee, first Marmaduke and now this? No.

nay… he just doesnt look rite for the part

Lee Pace is an amazing actor, just like Bryce Dallas Howard, I think he should do it. Be a part of this trend. It’d be like someone so amazing doing a cameo. It’s classy!


too many mediocre actors in twilight, at least someone will be in it that is actually good.

I was super excited for the possibility to see Lee starring in BD (cuz frankly I haven’t seen him in awhile) but reading all your posts I must say have to agree! You guys are right, he’s a different calliber actor for the Twilight series – and no offense Twilight fans! Don’t get me wrong, I dig the whole Twilight series – but he’s been involved in too many critically acclaimed projects to do Twilight. Again, no offense to the TwiHards!

Then again, it’s a great way for Lee to be seen by a more general audience. The world needs more Lee!

I think he would be great as Garret. I did not particularly like Pushing Daisies but I did like him as an actor.

garret isnt really one of edward cullens closest friends hes just an acquaintence


OMG LOVEEEEEEEEEE GARRETT AND LOVEEEEEEEEEEE LEE PACE! miss pettigrew lives for a day is the best!!!

KYaaaa! Lee Pace I love him especially on Pushing daisies and The Good Shepherd, such a great actor but why join Twilight??? >_<

Oh my gosh, he fits the entire description. Wow! Great choice! I think he would be perfect bringing Garrett to life. Just wow!

They could pass for brothers.

Nice guy. Good choice

Wtf with the “he is too good for this” comments??? It’s not like they forced him to take this part! Now I don’t like this guy, thanks.

yes please…he is adorable !!

Yes! He would be awesome for the role!

Why does it say Garrett is one of Edward’s friends or say Edward’s BFF? Garrett is NEITHER. He’s a nomad friend of Carlisle that gets told of the plight the of the Cullens and decides to join the cause because he sees it much like the fight for American independence when he was turned.

Pace would make a great Garrett. Just dont screw up his wig!

the two guys are ugly,but rob is the worst,he is only a fashion ,nothing important

He should play Garret!!! He´s GREAT so he should show that he can play in various kinds of films!!! I love him and I pray for that :directors will choose him!!!

hate it or love it the twilight franchise is huge and lee should be considerd lucky to be apart of it . i dnt understand why ppl degrade twilight movies so much i mean come on are you jealous of the attention the characters and actors get or thier great looks (minus jacob) or do you simply just hate the movie if so get over it we dont care for your opinion u twi haters say the hype about twilight is stupid when your apart of the hype ranting about the cons of the films WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DAISYS, ur as bad as the rest

This would get him heaps of good exposure…
but it would suck to see him in such a piece of crap. There are better mainstream movies he can make his name in Hollywood with.

YAY!!! I LOVE him!!!! =)


Yeeeees, he is such a great actor! and i loved to see him in pushing daisies, with a “touch of magic” he will become garrett, YEEEEESSS!!!

u’re right Lee is just good for his self,,no one can take Robert’s place on TWILIGHT

lee is just a bullshit,,nothing else,,

Please please please please make this true – Twilight needs a saviour.

Definite YAY.

I adore Lee –
I understand that he took ‘Marmaduke’ because he is a self-professed dog lover… and it seemed like a cakewalk. I support that.
However, the Twilight series is panned by everyone except teenagers and lonely thirty-somethings, so if he takes this role, I hope its for the paycheck, not the material.

I say nay, but do agree that at least he’d run circles around the pretty faces the way Michael Sheen did with his performance. Maybe he can teach Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart how to not be such abominations.

Info: Tom did divulge things to **** and *** when it was just the three boys two weeks ago. **** actually wanted to know the goods on k/r relationship. In around about way tom summed it up by saying “they aren’t what you think they are, rob is hitting it big time when kristen is out of sight”. **** although he kept quiet on the subject was angry that kristen was being played and hence he told her upon her arrival in Argentina. She is not going to spill but she knows now that they are not anything but friends with benefits. She is going to suck it out until after filming just like she knows that is what he has been doing all along. Yes she is upset and that bwb has never been off before but for her to take it off shows she is one angry girl. Also he won’t be visiting since he had no plans but she won’t be asking him to anymore anyway. Next time kristen will see rob will be at the end of her shoot. She is also angry with tom, understandably since she got him the job.


The left picture of you, woow, that’s a lovely one!
My dream is doing a shoot with you (:


DragonflyLady @ 09/12/2010 at 8:57 am

OMG NO! Bad idea!!
That’s just creepy and bad and so so so wrong!!

Lee Pace is amazing! What is wrong with you people? Even if you don’t like the Twilight Saga, he would be a fool not to join. There are younger people who have no clue who he is. Millions more will learn of him and do research on him because he is a part of the Twilight world. They will want to see other things he was in and they will probably look for him in upcoming projects… people think that they are dumb for joining Twilight, well….your are very wrong and need to grow up and look at the bigger picture.

he was superb and supersexy in THE FALL.

he was superb and supersexy in THE FALL!

Thank you for such a good information, I really like your blog, I hope you can continue to keep well.

without the ponytail yaaaaaaaaaaay but with naaaay

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