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Miranda Kerr Milks It

Miranda Kerr Milks It

Newlywed Miranda Kerr shows off a sexy new bob during a Spanish Vogue photo shoot at Milk Studios on Monday (July 26) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old supermodel just returned from her romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean with husband Orlando Bloom, 33. Miranda had a Victoria’s Secret shoot there but the happy couple managed to get in some alone time afterwards!

Orly and Miranda married during an intimate ceremony earlier this month.

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Credit: Dean/Ibanez; Photos: NPG
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  • trick

    Uh, shotgun wedding!

  • @Georgia

    Yes, and a good friend of mine was at the wedding…

  • sara

    But today, Miranda’s spokeswoman said as far as she was aware, the pregnancy reports were just ‘rumour and speculation’.

    Read more:

  • @50

    @efron: Actually she can’t rock anything at all, she’s clearly not as versatile as Abbey L K but she’s the proof that these days anybody with the right network can become a model, even an ugly girl with a boxy bod.

  • @56

    So true!

  • @56

    Not versatile?
    From catalog to lingerie to high fashion is “not versatile”?
    Sure thing.
    Keep believing that if it makes you feel better about yourself.

  • @58

    @@56: Not versatile, that’s correct. She surely did lingerie, department stores and a couple of HF shows but it doesn’t mean that she pulled it off very well. If she did, she would be more requested by big brands like Gucci, D&G, Givenchy, Dior etc; and maybe even a spokersperson for one of them, just like Abbey Lee did and will do for Chanel, among others. Don’t be delusional about it and keep *rolling eyes* if you like.

  • @59

    So a model is only versatility when working from one big brand to another? lol, says you.
    Miranda’s versatile in the sense that she can go from Prada to VS. Abbey Lee is all HF. She has no mainstream appeal, which makes her lack in the versatility department.

  • @60

    abbey lee is a VS model too.

  • @61

    No Abbey Lee is NOT a VS model. She gets casted, along with other HF models to walk the VS fashion show, because HF girls know how to strut down the runway, and she gets a few catalouge pics for VS along a few HF models for the good pay but she’s not an actual VS model, she doesn’t have any type of contract with them, neither is she known for her VS work, or known as a VS model.

  • @62

    So why is she on their catalogues also?

  • angie

    Abbey doens not need VS, she’s so much better that that and now karl lagerfeld adores her!

  • @63

    Do you not understand that HF models make appearances on their catalog’s too from time to time? They’re just not catalouge regulars. Abbey is not contracted with VS, therefore, she can’t be a VS model, VS is just a client she models for every now and then, I can name about 15 models who work for VS and are far from being VS models.

  • @59

    Balenciaga, Prada, Jil Sander…
    hmmm, sounds like one big brand after another to me.
    Not to mention Elle, Numero, i-D, Vogue…
    HF brands don’t pull a lingerie model off a runway to walk their shows more than once if she doesn’t ‘pull it off well’.
    That’s just common sense that your bias isn’t letting you acknowledge,

  • @66

    @@59: BIG LOLOLOLOL @ Balenciaga, Prada, Jil Sander… these 3 names always get over-mentioned in Miranda Kerr’s threads because that’s all she’s ever done!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    I don’t know what you would do but if I had to choose between High Fashion and a made-in-China-underwear brand like Victorias I’d definitely go with the 1st one, no doubt.

  • @67

    Well you haters keep conveniently forgetting her HF pedigree, so we have to keep reminding you.
    You admit that she is successful in HF, then we won’t have to keep bringing up BALENCIAGA, PRADA or JIL SANDER.
    Simple, huh?

  • Jayne

    All im going to say is she is one lucky girl.

  • Tlc

    I hate miranda and aishwara .

  • @67

    “all she’s ever done”?
    Other models would KILL for that record.
    Trying to pretend that she isn’t successful just makes you sound desperate and stupid.

  • @69

    @@67: A HF pedigree with 3 brands? Sure….. Many unknown models from Ukraine or Latvia have a bigger HF experience than her so cut the cr*p.

  • @74

    And how many of those girls cross over into mainstream brands like VS that bring them multi-million dollar contracts?
    And exactly how many of those girls have been on the top ten earning model list for the past three years?
    Yeah, I thought so.

  • 74 here

    Hmmm, I guess that the ‘awaiting moderation’ post was deleted.
    My post was meant for post #73.
    I hate it when that happens.

  • Celebrity Obession

    Why are all of you so obessed with someone else’s life? Are your own lives not fulfilling enough? Use less time following celebrities and more time working on your own lives and you will all be much more happier.

    I frankly hope that Miranda Kerr and her baby disappear so that the world can focus on more important things.

  • @76

    You make a statement comdemning others for their interes in gossip, yet here you are, posting on a gossip site.

  • bigger boobs

    Don’t you think her boobs are bigger than usual? Looks like she is pregnant or did the boob job. If she is pregnant, Doutzen already steal the show announcing her pregnancy just two weeks ago. So Miranda had to quickly marry Bloom. Doutzen is pregnant and not married (yet) , Miranda is married and silent about pregnancy ( yet). Anyway, people have something to talk about. The winner is VS. A lot of promotion for free.

  • Oh ob

    @75 so why are you there? Live your life and we will do what we want.

  • @77

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly why Miranda got married.
    Because Doutzen announced her pregnancy.
    That’s it.

  • Gary

    Looking old and wrecked Miranda! You earned some money by showing your scrawny bare a$$, now it’s time to retire, buh-bye!!!!

  • @73

    @@74: LOL! Kerr achieved those 3 brands after more than a decade in modeling whilst girls who have a REAL talent for modeling, land important contracts as soon as they start. Denying that shows your delusional refusal and stupidity, LOL!

  • @80

    *laughs at idiot hater for using “your” intead of ‘you’re’*
    A decade?
    You mean that you are counting the years since she won the Dolly contest? That’s just silly. She only modeled part time while attending school. Her real career didn’t start until she made it to NY. Your ‘Eastern European’ girls modeled in their home countries as well, but you are conveniently forgetting that fact, aren’t you.
    Yeah, thought so.
    Very few models have the ability to cross the barrier between HF and commercial modeling. Miranda is one of the few who is successful in both arenas. Miranda landed VS after only being in NY for a year. She moved up very quickly, becoming an Angel in just a short time. Now she has moved on to HF brands, and has remained on the top ten, highest earning models list for three years running.
    She has an amazing career. You can try to deny that, but it just makes you sound ridiculous.

  • Pigeon-toed

    LOL – Miranda is very pigeon-toed. It seems as though she constantly poses with her toes turned in which makes her look somewhat awkward and childish. She still is beautiful though, I have to admit.

  • @81

    LOL at the uneducated idiot thinking that she’s better than anyone. Quick grammar lesson for you, braindead:
    *Denying that shows your delusional refusal and stupidity*
    YOUR = possessive adjective, used with a noun (refusal), and not as a verb which would be YOU – ARE.
    Looks like someone should brush up her 1st grade courses instead of spreading her hate here, hmmmmm?

    L O S E R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @83

    Then it is just a poorly contructed and awkward sentence.
    A better way to construct the sentence would have been….
    ‘You’re delusional, and your refusal to…blah…blah…blah…shows your stupidity’.
    Glad that we could help.

  • Hmm

    I love her & think she’s so pretty with no makeup at all – but not loving this look. It’s overdone and makes her look older. It’s not her fault though. Its the stylist, photographer.. whoever.

  • Modelling

    Regarding all the discussion about her success in modelling:

    Miranda seems like a sweetheart from her facebook posts (and interviews). Maybe she doesn’t care about moving to the top of the modelling world!? Personally, I’d like to see her move more into promoting her skincare line and healthy living … continue her education in nutrition, etc. I’m sure she’s already made enough money from modelling to persue more satisfying pursuits.

    Forget the shallow world of modelling, Girl! Pursue your dreams. How about that farm and hammock? Now you’ve got Orlando Bloom to share it with!

  • @85

    yeah, the make up looks overdone in the pap pics, but I bet that it will look gorgeous in the actual photographs. The angles and lighting will be better in those photos.

  • @86

    She has often said that she was well aware of how short a models career can be. And she is already paving the way for her second career.
    Her organic skin line is doing well, and she has always been good at promoting a healthy lifestyle. She is a glowing example of what healthy eating and exercise can do for someone.
    And with her marriage to the equally down to earth Mr. Bloom, I bet that hammock is not too far off. I can already see them scoping out houses by the ocean with enough land for a garden. And a few kid’s bedrooms to boot.

  • @84

    @@83: Yeah, that’s what happens when you put just a hint of refined language on a lousy website. Nobody gets it, lol.

  • @89

    ‘Awkward’ does not equal “refined”.
    Refined language is clear, concise and intelligent.
    Your statement had none of these qualities, thereby it was not ‘refined’.

  • Kredīts

    Pastāv taču kredīti. Neesat dzirdējuši?

  • @90

    Don’t try to explain words you completely ignore the meaning of. You’re pretending to be educated and savvy but your posts show that you’re not. Consider investing in a good book or go to the library instead of spending your time here :-)

  • @92

    Maybe you should take some of your own advice.
    There isn’t anything wrong with a fan spending time on a thread for a celeb. But there is something very wrong with someone who spends time on an old thread about someone that they don’t like. You really need to find another outlet.
    And as far as intelligence between the two of you? I’d have to go with #90. Your original statement WAS awkward. Sorry.

  • @93

    @@92: You’re extremely hilarious, you know that???!!!!! “I need to find another outlet”….. that was really funny!
    I got attacked for the way I wrote a sentence and you think that I am the one having a problem because I come here to defend myself against provocation?! Wow…… how about YOU find another outlet? Your issues seem to be much, much bigger than mine.
    And F.Y.I. my English may be “awkward’ but it’s still better than many native English speakers’ posting on this site, so don’t add insult to injury, please.
    Zdravo, pétasse……….

  • @94

    If English is not your native tongue, then yes, you do have a very good grasp of the language. But wouldn’t you want to make it better by taking the advice of someone whose first language IS English? You wouldn’t have to respond to their critique, just use it to make your sentences flow.
    But that doesn’t change the fact that you came here to attack Miranda. Her fans. of course, reacted to that attack. If you didn’t want to be provoked, then why did you come to this old thread in the first place?

  • @95

    @@94: Wow…. thanks for the compliment :-) If I came back to this *old thread* (6 days old, lol) it’s only because I was insulted in the first place. I guess that’s the same reason you are here too = to respond to another poster, right? And by the way I never *attacked* Miranda Kerr. I know that for you lovers there’s a fine line between “attacking” and “not liking” someone but I don’t think there was any vitriol in my comments.

  • Hey!

    Hope you’re having a great honeymoon, Miranda!

    You are beautiful!!

  • brenda

    Hey people ,we have to say the truth,Miranda is a beautiful girl ,nobody can deny it,I wish her the best.. ,but be careful with orly,I like orly but I think he is a bit gay,sorry

  • baby

    I hope Miranda Kerr’s baby doesn’t make it, it will be the most disgusting baby ever born if it does

  • @99

    You need help. Like professional help. Like immediate help. Now.