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Taylor Momsen: 'Light Me Up' Album Cover!

Taylor Momsen: 'Light Me Up' Album Cover!

Taylor Momsen and her rock band The Pretty Reckless just released new artwork!

They wrote on their official site, “We wanted our fans to be the first to see – check out the album cover art for Light Me Up, out in the UK on August 30th!”

The cover art shows a female blonde toddler holding up a lighter, undoubtedly a mini-version of Taylor Momsen with the leather jacket and studded dress!

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  • ridick

    does this girl have parents/guardian that actually know how to parent and guard? i don’t want to sound like i’m an advocate for virginal and perfect teens.–believe me, i was not a perfect teenager myself. but i was fortunate to have parents who curbed my attitude and said no, and grounded be for the whole summer when i got caught with cigs. by trying to act all mature, she just proves to be immature. so sad to see talented young women wanting to be grown up so soon.

  • babyboo

    Another inappropriate outfit for Taylor… :P

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …so silly. someone hand her another trying-too-hard award. how many does she have now?!? ahahahahahahahaa.. silly little girl.

  • Brightside

    This is so inappropriate that it horrifies me! A toddler playing with a lighter! Way to go, idiots! Don’t these people have brains that they can’t see how dangerous this particular image is! This should have been banned from the outset, it’s simply too brain dead for words!

  • JuBEE

    im glad they didnt put black make up on that poor girl

  • offtheproperty

    Since pop culture has to continue to become new, girls seem to have to continue to get worse, because it was so long ago when it was cool for them to be good. And it’s even less exciting to see that it’s all an act of privilege and entitlement anyway.

  • shamrock7


    I’m with you 100%, this is absolutely WRONG in all corners. Why would they have an innocent toddler hold a lighter, promoting smoking, fires that kill, and it troubles me beyond belief!!

    Also, in regards to this marketing and our society currently, I’m disgusted with the production of VIOLENT games that are available for children/teens to play on the XBOX, PLAYSTATION, etc… Our future generations are impacted greatly in a negative way and we need to get a grasp on this matter NOW!!!

    We need to provide positive/inspiring thoughts to our children for a BETTER future. Right?

  • ashley

    I’m glad that I’m a 17 year old girl, and haven’t even come close to going down the same path that Taylor chosen to go on. Just because you smoke, drink, or have sex doesn’t make you anymore of a person. I don’t get what she’s trying to prove or promote. I think her album cover is yes, different, but really really sad. Kids playing with fire? I don’t think so. That made me not even want to listen to her music. I’ll pray for you Taylor.

  • Brightside

    One person dies in a house fire in the US every 158 minutes.
    The biggest cause of house fires is smoking.
    One third of people killed in smoking related house fires are children. In quite a few instances the house fire was caused by children playing with lighters.
    A responsible parent teaches a child never to play with lighters or matches so what the hell is this deeply irresponsible image doing on this cover!
    I can understand that this idiocy might have come from the immature and foolish mind of a sixteen year old child but surely there were adults involved in the process…so what the hell were THEY thinking?

  • ruth costello

    THAT IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shamrock7


    Exactly Brightside!!! You are right on target and this should of NEVER been considered as a rough draft for this album art!! Is this what we call ART these days? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  • Franck

    Agree. This cover is INSANE !!!

  • so dat’s her

    child abuse!!! oh my… dat kid is innoncent, they just dress her up, gave her lighter, n POSE.. oh my.. do her parents REALISE this?? or they just ignore, for the GREENS???

  • ANNA

    I think all of you guys are over reacting. The picture is most definitely not “disgusting”, it’s just a child holding a lighter. It in no way promotes smoking. She’s not holding a cigarette too. It’s a picture and I’m sure that the people taking it lit the lighter then simply handed it to the kid… She’s holding it far away from herself. I think it’s fine, personally. It’s just cover art.

  • Michael

    Taylor Momsen rocks !!!

    Great cover =D

  • Caroline

    I kind of like the cover !

  • Kat

    You guys should really chill out. It’s an album cover it can’t hurt you.

  • zzzz

    Brightside, you are absolutely right, this cover is totally inappropriate for many reasons, and also, for anyone out there who says it doesn’t promote smoking, what do you think that type of lighter is used for???? A barbecue??? I just can’t believe this kid’s parents pimped her out for this.

  • Dreads

    How appropriate this cover “art” is! I had nothing particular against this Taylor Momsen chick but she’sz seriously getting on my last nerves now. What the hell is she trying to prove? How immature she is? HA. Gimme a fukin break. I’m almost 20 and I’ve been wild, I still am but she and I have different conceptions of what “wild” means. I used to dress “over the top” and well, “sexy” back when I was like 13,14 etc but it never went that far. She’s acting like one of those stupid b!tches who dress hot and are then surprised to give birth. I was smart enough not to get pregnant or do things that bad. I thought Momsen could see the limits but she’s apparently not seeing them. As for the kid, her parents are to blame. What kind of parent let their kid hold a lighter for $$$?! And yea, Brightside is absolutely right, there must have had grown ups involved in the process of this album cover, but then again, if you really think about it, they’re doing it on purpose, too. Also for the dollars! Which is sad. Ugh. We do live in a crazy world that promotes sex and more importantly violence. I feel bad for the next generation, the future. We’re going straight into the wall.

  • Boring

    Just another desperate attempt at being all provocative and edgy. It’s actually really pathetic. Taylor will never be taken seriously, she needs to get over herself and stop making sh*tty ‘music’.

  • wanda

    I wonder why people here even bother to comment on that whole thing if they gonna trash her anyway….let’s be honest – she didn’t picked the cover out herself – she has a band and I guess they all gonna have a saying and don’t forget the record label

  • HerCalledTheRain


  • rock n roll queen

    its way more dangerous to promote supposedly clean cut idols who tend to demonize sex than this for example jonas brothers justin beiber etc that smoking can cause lung cancer n various other diseases is proven n we can see it every day with proper education children can easily realize it too but what about those religious freaks that have taken place in politics schools n now entertainment?doesnt it suck that teen sexuality even today is considered almost a crime n there is no proper education for theese matters?

  • DarkEmpress

    Im sure all she wanted to accomplish was to get people talking about her band. No one would pay attention to them otherwise.

  • Butter_Fly

    Sorry but I kinda like this cover. For some reason it reminded me of the Van Halen album cover. Stay calm people. I don’t care for the singer, though.

  • Anna




  • Roxxie

    I’m so sick of everyone hating on Taylor. For God Sake.
    I don’t even think she’s trying to be like this, this is just who she is… just because she’s not the next Miley Cyrus or whatever and is edgier she’s deemed as trying too hard and whatever. How is that fair?

    I don’t think people should be having a go at Taylor for this album cover, it’s different to a lot of the stuff that you see everyday that’s boring artists trying to strike some ‘sexy’ look. Not to mention if you’re going to blame someone, what about the toddlers parents letting her do it? WTF?
    It doesn’t promote smoking, there are no cigarettes involved what so ever, It’s just a lighter. 8-) If people look at this and suddenly want to smoke then that’s their bloody stupid head, why would they think a child smoking is cool? Uh they wouldn’t so I’m pretty sure no one is going to be influenced.

    Everyone’s gotta get over themseleves when they think they’re so big and putting down Taylor – and just Taylor, she’s part of a band that makes group decisions, why single her out? Personally I love TPR music and I can’t wait for the whole album to come out.

  • offtheproperty

    @Kat: Some people just care about abstract things like exploiting people for illicit realities that they can’t understand and just pandering to the dark side generally. This image doesn’t show the way toward joy for that little girl or her converts.

  • Brightside

    The problem here isn’t the association between the toddler holding the lighter and the idea of smoking. The problem is the toddler holding the lighter! As responsible adults we don’t encourage toddlers and small children to play with lighters, period! Because, as responsible adults, we know the risks posed in allowing children to consider lighters as toys is extremely dangerous.
    So, OK, you buy this CD and your little sister sees the cover…what does your little sister see? She sees a little girl playing with a lighter! Have any of you who think this cover is acceptable ever heard of the phrase…monkey see, monkey do!
    That is precisely why this cover should never have got beyond the conception stage.
    It’s just as dangerous and as stupid an image as that of a little girl in a leather jacket holding a gun! For the reason that both lighters and guns kill.
    I actually wouldn’t have had a problem if the little girl was flipping the bird. Some would consider it rude and inappropriate but I could understand that as being more meaningful.
    It’s the fact that it involves a toddler and a lighter and, as every one with half a brain should know, little children and sources of fire don’t go well together!

  • Brightside

    The asterisks are for sticking a finger up in the air, basically. Funny word police JJ employs!

  • Emily

    I love love love love her music

    I thought it was cute at first….until i saw the lighter

    Just because Taylor Momsen if well….different and tries to make a statement isn’t going to stop me from listening to her music

  • coool

    i actually think this cover is really cool….makes me wanna buy the album. so people need to chill out

  • wanda

    mhh I wonder HOW MANY TODDLERS gonna see this cover…and can be effected by it…

  • wtf

    omg :/

  • efron

    @Brightside: i bet u dont have any children, just a bunch of cats hahahaha lol

  • Sarah

    Everyone is overreacting. This cover is relevant to their album. They have a song calllled “Light me up” and it’s the name of their album ! This is, in their opinion, art. Music is about expressing yourself, whether you’re a 17 year old girl singing about things she probably shouldn’t know about (but does anyway) or a 50 year old woman singing about stuff she’s too old for. The point is, her life right now involves sex, drugs, and everything else that you guys find so “disgusting”. She’s writing this to vent, and to let you in on her life. And all you have to say is that the cover of her album is “disgusting”? Do you realize how much heart is put into an album? And for the record, I’m fourteen. Though I have not had sex, or even kissed anyone, or tried drugs, or anything you would find “innapropriate” , most of my friends have. It’s life. Shit happens. Taylor is singing about it. Please, chill out. I can’t believe I’m a fourteen year old and I’m more mature than alll of you. She’s not an adult yet, she’s making mistakes, you did too. And you know what, she just happens to be expressing herself in an artistic way. She is in fact, writing about those mistakes. So her songs? They’re probably not alll about rainbows and sunshines. Get over it. It’s her album. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  • http://Katrina_4444 Katrina

    you guys need to stop judging taylor. i personally love her for being her, not a person that lets people run her life. im 14 and i look up to her, she’s inspired me to do what i want but still be good, Taylor comes off as a bad butt, but she looks like someone you can trust and actually believe she’s going to tell you up front how she feels. just because she wears dark makeup doesn’t mean she’s trying to grow up, cigarettes don’t make you grow up, maybe she just wanted to do it. What’s the big deal? i’ve seen 9 year olds smoking, she’s only getting worked up on because she’s famous, if anyone looked all around them, they’d notice, she’s not the only one doing this, she’s got style, she’s fashionable, beautiful and lives in the now, she isn’t one to dwell on what people think which is a very admirable characteristic.

    anyways, i can’t wait till it comes out, sadly im not from the UK, im from Canada but i guess i’ll just have to wait!

    I <3 Taylor Momsen and the Pretty Reckless!

  • idontgiveashit

    I like the rebellious cover image, i mean of course the kid is innocent but this is an advert ,does this mean her parents dont care or reckless ? the pretty reckless an in total taylor momsen is provocating, and i like this fact because she doesnt give a shit about anyones opinion… i really liker their music and taylor , i love her fashion style , its taste .. thats just it.
    where are the times someone could dress how they wanted, smoke (im not smoking btw) and make music without getting labelled…
    its not blacvk and white

  • Ruaisu

    Isn’t it quite obvious that this child is supposed to not be a child with a lighter in the most literal sense, but TAYLOR and showing she was once a child / has a childlike presence inside of her / lost innocence?

    Actually think it through. Where’s the harm here? You seriously think they will’ve put that lighter in the kid’s hand and been like “Hey cutie, we’ve got a camera, go f*ckin’ nuts!”

    For all you know it might’ve even been photoshopped in.
    It definitely will’ve been safely done.

    The album’s called “Light Me Up”, it’s totally relevant and everyone here is overreacting so much I find it shocking.

  • Holly

    wow this cover is really un-appropriate. What are we teaching our kids? that it’s okay to promote drugs, sex, violences. This generation is going down hill fast no wonder kids are geting away for alot cause no one wants to step up I feel bad for the next generation of kids what do they have to look forward too.? although i’m not a fan of Taylor herself I do think she’s a gifted singer/actor she could be using it for good instead of using it for bad. I’m not sticking up for her or anything but she is a 17 year old girl a course she’s gone to do stupid things she may grow out of it she might now ( gotta wait and see ) cause what she thinks is cool now she might not think is cool when she’s 20.

  • Holly

    People are saying it promotes child smoking, but what young toddler would be into The Pretty Reckless? The cover appeals to the target audience of her rock style music, teenagers and older. It represents how Taylor Momsen feels she is inside, without the commercialization of her Gossip Girl pasona.