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Alexander Skarsgard: Hickey Freeman's New Face!

Alexander Skarsgard: Hickey Freeman's New Face!

Alexander Skarsgard is the new face for suit maker Hickey Freeman‘s Fall 2010 season, as photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

“We want to attract the younger and younger-thinking customer,” says men’s fashion designer Joseph Abboud, who also serves as the company’s creative director. “Hickey Freeman was much more traditional under the old regime. It lacked sex appeal.”

Thanks to Alexander Skarsgard, the brand now has plenty of sex appeal!

“We didn’t try to make this Dolce & Gabbana,” added Abboud. “We’re not talking about suits for insider fashionistas. It’s about great modern sexy clothes for the American business guy.”

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  • Laily

    God dammit Jared, STOP STEALING PICTURES.

  • Mia

    He’s gorgeous.Lovely pictures.

  • Andrew

    He is really overexposed now.Im sure he pays this site like rachel and kate.

  • Askars rocks

    he just looks mega mighty hot on these pics

  • wowowow

    the fact that just jared gets these scoops before legitimate fashion mags and blogs just proves that you’re on his payroll.

  • Skarsgardfan


    Just Jared ripped of an article from Wall Street Journal

    All JJ’s quotes are from this article…including the picture

  • travp

    Maybe Jared just does his homework and is not on Skarsgaard’s payroll. And overexposed? You have got to be kidding me. When i see his face on a newsstand and not a computer screen, then I will I say Askars is overexposed. He looks amazing regardless.

  • Marieme

    His body and face was made for all cameras. The man is seriously handsome to behold.

  • Karl

    JJ posts so much about Alex because they generate so many comments and increases hits for the site. If you are sick of Alex, stop posting. I find it hilarious that there are even more Alex posts now that the man isn’t even in the country!

  • Looks good

    He looks really good in these photos. Love how they did his hair, and like the suit. He looks very different, at least they did not dye his hair dark.

  • Weird

    Heard that he was looking for a fashion company to rep some months ago and that he was getting Kate’s “help”. He is just too desperate and doing things way to fast. This should come later when he has really built a rep as an actor in America and then he could generate some sales. It’s not like he is Leo DiCaprio and he never will be. But one thing I know for sure they are the same age and Leo doesn’t walk around like a f*cking two year old with his shoe laces undone. Does Alex think he is setting a trend or what. He is a thirty year old man and should try NOT ripping the style of teenagers who think they are making a statement. Get a grip, Alex. You are trying way to hard to look like you are not trying way to hard.

  • well duh

    don’t like the black and white one, they overexposed his face, he looks like two face from batman, he’s such a good looking guy they couldve done so much more, but it’s annie lebowitz, what can you do?

  • CuteChef

    Alex in the suit or not, they still look like something my grandfather would wear. D’oh!!!! :-/

  • JM

    @ Cute Chef
    I thought the same thing. Kept looking for Frank SInatra circa 1960′s Vegas to show up behind him. Alex does look good though.
    Side note..”It’s about great modern sexy clothes for the American business guy.” As modeled by a Swede :p

  • Don’t_ Believe_The_Hype

    Nice pictures. I hope it works out well for AS. JJ is doing him no favors by doing numerous unnecessary posts about him. It makes AS seem desperate and famewh*rey like the E.T. he hangs with. She probably gets commission for bringing JJ another customer. First Bloom now AS. Sad.

  • karen

    YOU will never see his face plastered anywhere.. the only people interested in this man are the people who watch that cheesy show. He is attractive but has no lips and a tiny head. Nothing special hat will pull an audience in on the big screen. HE is a TV star at best and that is where he will shine.

    True.. he will never be a big screen name.. IN part because of the hype around the show. IT can kill a movie career.. Same thing will and is happening to Patrick Dempsey and John Hamm.

    All of them are attractive but again the TV fame does not translate into a big screen career.

  • JM

    @ Karen
    You do realize Patrick Dempsey had a movie career long before tv.
    “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Loverboy” & “Outbreak” just to name a few.

  • rock n roll queen

    alex looks great as usual even in clothes that i dont particularly like what else in here ha weird n kaz competing for the title of the biggest loser

  • Jam

    Dont be bothered by the crazy person… she just wants the guy to fail, because in her mind she thinks that she actually had a chance before the whole Kate thing happened… lol

  • no comparison

    IA with you about ASkars,in a few years no one would remember True Blood.
    I disagree about John Hamm, he’s an excelent actor and Mad Men is pure quality.

    True Blood is like fast food.

  • http://JustJared irish


    Well that is one more theory for his indebtedness to KB…maybe she did help him, get his name (& pic)out there, get his friends into “the scene” he cannot get rid of her. Im sure she will be polluting the beautiful Swedish air around his bday 8/25 and we will have to stomach all the pictures… careful what you wish for ,AS!!

  • Jam

    p.s this applys to 99% of the crazys actually… proven fact…

  • http://JustJared irish


    and no one would know crazy better than you, Jam! Now go climb back into AS’s hole(you wish) just go back down the basement, silly!!!

  • !

    I love how the pictures make him smart…
    I guess he wants to be seen clever and all…well date someone date and maybe people will reconsider…

  • Sharon

    He looks really hot, I love the ad and the photo shoot, but I’ve always wanted to see him in a fragrance ad, like “Cool Water”, so that he can expose his amazing body. ♥

  • rock n roll queen

    true blood actually is a great show with amazing quality it takes a real idiot to not realize the pararells between our society n theirs n the amazing fact that there is no pure good character or pure evil which is what happens in most american shows every character is developed amazingly not to mention that even if it contains totally dramatic scenes it can easily make u lauph as well

  • juniper

    I wish guys dressed like this more.

  • KiKi

    I wish my banker looked like that!

  • Oh No They Didn’t

    @travp: Nah, he just copied and pasted the WSJ article verbatim and he probably got all of the info including the pics from ONTD_ASkars. He rips off most of their stuff, usually without credit.

  • he’s trying

    too much to sound smart & intelligent!
    i congratulate the photo artist, if only annie leibovitz could follow him in real life he would sounds classy and smart.

  • (This Swedish stripper)

    @he’s trying: haha, yes, the pictures make him look clever, but when he opens his mouth, it’s obvious that he’s… tall.

    “It’s about great modern sexy clothes for the American business guy”= modeled by a dimwitted swedish stripper.

  • ?

    @(This Swedish stripper):
    I totally agree with your comment.
    but would your sentence mean that in general that tall men are stupid?

  • (This Swedish stripper)

    ^ he’s… ONLY tall.
    @(This Swedish stripper):

  • Vanessa

    Love Alex.

    Ugh stop bringing up Kate Bosworth ppl…I am trying to eat my dinner. Her attention seeking makes me gag.

  • Cathy

    If you haven´t seen him acting I understand his looks doesn´t do anything to you. He looks like an average swedish guy. It´s when you watch him on a screen, hear his voice, see him in acting, you are charmed. He has such charisma! You need to see him other than on still photos to understand his popularity. In real life he´s very humble and intelligent, growing up in an intellectual family. You can see that intellectualism in his eyes.

    I adore him!

  • Jenn

    @karen: “He is attractive but has no lips and a tiny head.” HAHAHA Comment #19 was hilarious. It’s true that his head looks so tiny sometimes. It’s gross. But usually he looks fine!

  • TB

    @Weird: ITA with comment #11! So true.

  • Brush

    Looking good Alex. I love this.

  • Brush

    Oh you haters you need to stop HATING. Alex is fine and no one is prefect. Plus JJ puts Alex on here constantly whenever he gets the chance. it’s not Alex fault and at least he is on here for his WORK!!! (TB) and extra activities. He is also working with LVT in Sweden and about to do Berg’s film .

    While the I need a brush real bad GF is on here for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! other than just pretend to eat and keeps wearing bad clothes.

  • honestly…

    So nice to see photos of him without the clinger!

  • If I have time

    I would cry for this poor alex, that although he is super clever (i’m sarcastic) , is the pray of Jared (who is only doing his job) and KB.

    Oh please he chose this, and frankly it’s getting annoying to see every considered comments about how not that clever he is, are low rated by PR firm.

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you number 43. AS is not sexy and has never been to me. So it does not matter what he puts on he is still not a good looking guy. Now it is true that some photos can look better than others. This picture does nothing for me concerning his looks. I said from the beginning that he not all that and a bag of chips. He’s not ugly but he’s also far from being handsome and sexy. You got it going on when you have both characteristics. The man who play Alcide has a much better body. I have to say on the looks he looks a whole lot better than AS does.

  • woah

    First time I’ve found him attractive wow. His hair doesn’t look greasy and his clothes are nice! This look suits him a LOT

  • Not A Famewhore

    Because of the lack of pap pictures of KB and AS together after the Beyond-the-Pole video and the fact that there aren’t any new KB pics now that she’s left for Boston, I think it’s pretty clear that neither of them are calling the paps or following the gossip.

  • Oh

    I think I finally just got what the big deal is about.

  • Did he rape Annie Leibovitz?

    jams taught me!

  • SKARSGARD love to play RAPIST

    @Did he rape Annie Leibovitz?: Jam taught the truth.

  • GreenCAT

    He is pure HOTNESS!!!

  • Alex’s casting for Melancholia

    -ALEX: daaaaaady, nobody takes me seriously in LAaaaaa.
    -STELLAN: What do you want me to do?
    -ALEX: I don’t know, i heard that Lars Von Trier is making a new movie, and since he’s your friend…
    -STELLAN: You are kidding me…
    -ALEX: pleaaase, daaaaaady…
    -STELLAN: OK, i’ll see what i can do…

  • @Not A Famewhore

    You’re joking right? That parade of like… three days straight of pap pics came RIGHT after the Beyond the Pole fiasco, if I remember correctly. And the reason there’s no pics of him is because he’s on a closed set in Sweden. Give it time, I’m sure they’ll pop up the second she reaches Sweden… unless we get some of her in Boston, which wouldn’t surprise me.