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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Found in Rubble

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Found in Rubble

Rosie Huntington-Whitley strikes a sexy pose while shooting a new scene atop building rubble for Transformers 3 in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday (July 27).

Spoiler: A few days ago, Patrick Dempsey looked to be aiming a gun at co-star Shia LaBeouf. Is he a bad guy??

Shia‘s rep recently shot down rumors that he’s been romancing Rosie off-set. Shia‘s still dating his Wall Street co-star Carey Mulligan!

20+ pictures inside of the Transformers 3 shooting new action scenes…

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rosie huntington whiteley rubble 01
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 02
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 03
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 04
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 05
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 06
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 07
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 08
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 09
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 10
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 11
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 12
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 13
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 14
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 15
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 16
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 17
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 18
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 19
rosie huntington whiteley rubble 20

Credit: C.M. Wiggins; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • be real

    but she is not really striking a sexy pose?

  • commonsense

    She seems confused, someone should tell her she’s acting not modeling.

  • wtf

    thank you so much for the spoiler alert jared! like genuinely…thank you. most other sites are not so kind

  • well duh

    this movie is going to suck soo bad!

  • Blahzae

    This is priceless she is modeling instead of acting she has the same expression in every take.
    They hired a model and expected an actress!!! LMAO
    She is so worried about how she will look in every frame that her face is devoid of any emotion and it left with a blank stare.
    . this doesnt look like a film shoot it looks like a freaking photo shoot. This film is going to be worse than the second one…. no contest. No way am I wasteing my money on it and I doubt anyone else will either lol

  • Megan Faux

    You people are a trip….as if megan was ever acting in that movie while she only runs and pass her times to bend over with a little short on.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Even Megan Fox is better than this! The movie is going to make money, like all the other T movies because of tweens but this one has the make of being an even bigger t.rd than the other two! Oh well, when you cast actresses with your little head instead of the big one…

  • jordan

    Rosie is so hot, these are candids you fatties have no idea what she’s doing. Shia wants to hit that so bad, you know he does because he’s got that bobble head 12 year old looking boy gf back at home.

  • Ryan

    Rosie is a cutie. I can’t wait for this movie.

  • Ash

    shia and dempsey are so hot.

  • the truth

    @Blahzae: Have to Agree with you on this one.Don’t this movie is going to make it. I still like megan Fox and the movie was not that bad . it entertainment andit made money.But letting a new girl in was a mistake and the director was wrong for doing so. And about the rumors why the reps have to come and talk for shia anyway? He’s a grown man isn’t he? No one said anything about them dating off the site. Do we really know what be going on with these people personal lives.They can date who they want . Don’t neeed to come and clean up things for them all the time.They should know how far to go with their co-workers.Everytime you look around some rep is cleaning -up messes for their clients.Rachel bilson is no exception. Everytime she run into trouble her rep come clean it up for her. They need to do away with all the reps and the people talk for their selves.Stop cleaning up their messes for them. They suppose to working not having relationships on the set. I think its all to make people get attention for the movie. Cause megan fox not in it. Which is waste are time to do. People don’t want the movie to messed over gossip so they send their rep to clean up it up for them.So jj why didn’t you say nothing rachel bilson new boyfriend which you is true anyway. All rumors are true when they come out.

  • Dreads

    I can’t believe I am saying this but as much as I hate Megan Fox, she was indeed much better than this ho. WTF! It really annoys the hell out of me when they hire models instead of those millions of skilled ACTRESSES out there who struggle to make it big in Hollywood. There has to be some fresh faced beauty with acting talent somewhere and they had to hire a MODEL.! Models are made for runways for God’s sake! And don’t even think about yelling this girl is too pretty for me to handle, she may be BUT she has nothing to do in a movie(!) as much as Rihanna has absolutely no damn thing to do in a movie or on stage “singing” for that matter. Ok. Now, I guess I’m going farther than I wanted but you get what I mean, don’t ya?

  • yo sista

    It’s just not the same without Megan.

  • Kaz

    Megan nothing Rosie good

  • So Judgemental

    LOL! I love how the tabloids are going to push a romance when Shia is obviously still with Carey and Rosie is obviously still very much with Stratham. So ridiculous.

  • cal

    I just can’t picture McDreamy in an action flick

  • Talan

    At least she’s better looking than other models that were rumored to be casted. Can you imagine human-coat-hanger / cabbage-head-Miranda Kerr in a Transformer movie? So rich!

  • Jaye

    She’s striking a ‘pained’ pose lol. This movie is going to be hilarious. At least Megan Fox was tough. This girl looks like she’d cry if she got dirty lol.
    As for Megan Faux, if you want to complain about what Fox did in the movie, you have Michael Bay to blame. In case you’re late on the boat, they’ve already had the meeting where it’s been decided that Bay is a PIG. She did what the director told her to do. You think this new girl will do anything different?
    Bay didn’t expect an actress, he got what he wanted, a pretty girl to salivate over. You think there were no decent pretty actresses available? Ha, none of them would touch this movie or put up with him. Those who’ve worked with him in the past, don’t want to work with him again. He knows the movie will make huge amounts of money anyway. The real draw is the robots and the action, not the actors.

  • Bryony

    Uh, Rosie, this is not a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot.

  • Joselyn

    Omg I am with you
    I still dont like her ,I really hope she just dont make this movie suck
    becuase I love the first two

    Pd:I miss Megan ;/

  • Tess

    are you all forgetting megan can’t act? stop judging rosie for being hot.

  • status quo


    Wow, bravo on that! Bravo hands down.

  • Isa B

    Does it matter if Patrick plays the bad guy? I’m just hype at the fact that he’s in the movie!