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Zac Efron: Shirtless Swimming Scenes!

Zac Efron: Shirtless Swimming Scenes!

A shirtless Zac Efron takes you behind the scenes of his underwater shots for Charlie St. Cloud in this new featurette!

The 22-year-old actor shot scenes in a massive underwater tank. “It takes up pretty much the whole stage,” Zac explained. “Underwater, there’s this system…but you can actually hear voices underwater! I have no idea how it works,” he laughed.

“It’s a lot of stuff you wouldn’t have to expect you have to deal with,” Zac continued. “When there’s elements involved like swimming through murky water, getting a certain piece of your vest snagged, very precise movements…it’s hard to hold your breath!”

FYI: The video contains a plot point spoiler for the movie!

Zac Efron – Charlie St. Cloud Featurette
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  • boston61

    Not sexy. Looks like a kid.

  • ashley

    can’t wait to see this movie, although i don’t know the whole plot of the movie and i had to stop myself from watching this for spoilers.


    He is the cutest, hottest young man on the planet.

  • amy

    His body is amazing and hes hot.
    CSC will be amazing.

  • hamster84

    I agree. Not sexy. His face is pretty UGLY. When I see him I only think gaylord. I hope he will leave baby V. She should have more boyfriends not only zac. They are just a media-couple. This is my opinion and I’m not a hater-FYI :)

  • athena

    Yes, I like, I like a lot! Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Mia

    This is the only reason anyone went to see this movie. Zac shirtless

  • gaeljet

    now here he s real body,not like the recent cover of him coming out of the water;)

  • florence

    Once again he and his PR people are using his body to sell a film, I mean come on if that was for real he would’nt have time to take his shirt off, he would just put that gaget over the top of his tshirt and then jump in the water, was on earht is the point of him taking his shirt off, if not only for his tween fans and getting them all hot and bothered.

    Again he’s not going to be known as a serious actor, just a pretty boy whose always taking his kit off to get people’s bums in a seat.

  • Malia

    That looks like a really intense scene. Can’t wait to see it in the movie. One and a half days left till I get to see it.

  • vic

    with csc coming out there has been major zefron overload

  • Dreads

    Hmm I have nothing against Zac. I like him better than that ho of a girlfriend he has “baby V” ha. He’s not “sexy” to me, he’s just…. cute. I’m looking forward to watching this movie when it comes out here. It seems interestingly good. As for his acting skills, he has yet to prove them to me but he’s still better than other so-called young “actors” in the business!

  • florgaby

    hermoso lo amo es todo un papi diosssss

  • Ash

    so friggin HAAAAWT!!!

  • kyle

    Great body!!!

  • Rio

    def hot body.Best wishes to CSC!

  • gaeljet

    hot body ?? come on,are you for serious? yeah all right, for a boy(at best teen) it s okay or even good, but no older than that lol

  • Tiptoes

    Looking forward to watching this tomorrow.

    That scene is pretty intense as it was a rescue of Tess. That part of the movie came out every well.


    Zac has been pretty consistent in all of his interviews about the message and theme of the movie – which is brotherly love and moving on from grief and living life to the fullest. Its obvious you have a biased opinion of him – I am even betting you have not read the book at all and nor heard the numerous interviews he has done.

    Get out of this thread!

  • mailey

    he would be total ace if he’d grow just 2-3 more inches in height. he’s going to have tom cruise syndrome.

  • Amy



    Sooo hottt!

  • emma

    @boston61: Yeah well, no everyone on here is forty like you, ya know.