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Zoe Saldana: New Calvin Klein Envy Ads!

Zoe Saldana: New Calvin Klein Envy Ads!

Zoe Saldana shows off lingerie from Calvin Klein Underwear‘s new line, Envy, in these shots for the brand’s fall campaign.

The 32-year-old actress told WWD, “I like when you are able to assist your body to look amazing as opposed to replacing anything. That’s exactly what Calvin Klein Underwear Envy does. It helps you, it assists you, but it will not overshadow what you can bring naturally.”

The Envy line features five brassieres in all, from push-ups to lace and tailored demi bras.

Zoe‘s photos will hit billboards and print ads everywhere in mid-September!

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zoe saldana calvin klein envy shots 01
zoe saldana calvin klein envy shots 02
zoe saldana calvin klein envy shots 03
zoe saldana calvin klein envy shots 04
zoe saldana calvin klein envy shots 05

Photos: Mikael Jansson
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  • Kaz

    Really !!? She alot like tyra and her body also

  • Kaz

    Why not nu*e just in this pic

  • Slig


  • Brightside

    So cool! Two of most my favourite people and JJ posts about them on the same day. This does not happen nearly often enough! Thank you, JJ! Zoe and Thandie…two beautiful and talented actresses!
    I love these shots of Zoe, she has the most beautiful facial structure. True perfection. The second one of her having her make up applied is my favourite. I am so happy : )

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great! JJ – nice to see some working actors on your board for a change!!!

  • omg

    gorgeous girl! and yes, love her facial structure

  • minnie

    she looks great. she looks nothing like tyra. she had a great year but nobody ever talks about her.

  • Slig

    Jared!!!!! U. . . . . . . .lov . . . . . . .

  • Courtney

    her career is a fluke she can’t act to save her life. she got this campaign for TNA value Calvin Klein was stupid to chose her. granted hollywood has always been youth obsessed it’s nothing new mind you some actresses have actually won the best actress oscar at her age. Sophia Loren for one and that was for a role in a foreign language film 1960′s La Cicolcinara {Two Women} before foreign language films were popular so she didn’t even attend the academy awards ceremony in April 1962 because she didn’t think she was going to win sending her friend Greer Garson in her place. something Zoe or the likes of her will never acheive and that was only Sophia’s first nomination as she was nominated again 3 years later for the film Marriage Italian Style Though she lost to Julie Andrews for Mary Poppins.

    these remind me of the cheese cake shots that used to end up as calandar or promotional shots for films. minus the fact that in the 50′s and 60′s actresses could actually act in multiple genres of film without stumbling or making a fool of themselves for instance there’s a famous cheese cake type shot of Joanne Woodward leaning against a blue caddilac convertable in a pink and white Gingham bikini taken in what looks like 1957 when she was in consideration for best actress of the year for The Three Faces Of Eve which she later won the Oscar for on March 26th 1958. granted it was probably a promo shot for her second film of that year No Down Payment which did involve beach scenes and she was then and is still now at age 80 a beautiful woman.

  • sordid

    These pictures are so photo shopped they are not even real.

    Wake up people……this is an illusion. If you saw her on the street for real without all the makeup, you probably would not recognize her.
    It is amazing what image editing via computers can do.

    Cover all the flaws!. Even her skin tone is wrong in the pictures.

  • Gross

    They keep trying to lighten her skin but she is dark and ugly with a super big nose ugly deep lines alongside her mouth and the face of a crackhead man.

  • thames


  • Precal

    looool Gross posted at 7:12 thames posted at 7:13 = same person duh!!!

  • Carol

    I love Zoe !
    She’s so amazing !

  • Valentina

    Whoa, they made her look like Thandie Newton.

  • sunsui

    What’s with this rant? I got all breathless reading your rant… And anyway, why did you chose Sofia to compare her with? The actresses and the movies then where quit a different story. I think you just wanted to express how much you love Sofia Loren, probably has nothing to do with Zoe.

  • Sharie

    She is hot

  • lily

    If i swung that way and got half a chance Id do her.she is hot and one of my favourite actresses.

  • Percival

    ugly man with breasts.

  • jenny

    she is butt ugly!!!!

  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo

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  • laurent87
  • ash

    -lol- sounds like people are jealous of her. The person who made that comment better have a beautiful skin complexion with no make up added, long nice silky hair, not one wrinkle a small forehead beautiful eyes nice lips and nose better not be too small your ears better be even yea look in the mirror, not one stretch mark thin toned legs no waist a nice butt nice breast and not one corn on your size 7 feet….if you don’t fit this description your not perfect matter fact your not even pretty sorry….lol don’t hate guys

  • LaLa