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Gerard Butler: L’Oreal's New Face!

Gerard Butler: L’Oreal's New Face!

Gerard Butler will be the new face of L’Oréal Paris Men’s Expert, a full range of skin care products including cleansers, face wash, shave balm and moisturizers.

According to WWD, the 40-year-old has signed on to be the worldwide spokesman for the Hydra Energetic line — except in the United States. How rude!

Gerry and Michelle Monaghan have been busy shooting their new movie, Machine Gun Preacher, in Detroit, Mich.

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  • Merlin

    No wai no wait I’m the 1st!!!
    Gerard, you’re gorgeous!!!
    Even if airbrushed…

  • craigy

    yeah, i will rush right out and buy a whole case so lonely, middleage , heavy set women everywhere will sha.g me….. NOT

  • Merlin

    Lol… Well, guess’s the same for women….. My mascara is used (in the ad) by Demi Moore… sure that doesn’t make my eyeslashes similar to hers…

  • Adam


  • Ripple

    That doesn’t even look like Gerard Butler. Who knew he could clean up so nicely?!

  • OH

    I didn’t know L’Oreals new target for skin treatment were ugly drunks.

  • gossiphound

    @OH: that’s a pretty large market eh?

  • redOctober

    …new thread so soon? ; P

  • Dawn


  • craigy

    @gossiphoundan even larger group is middle age women and cosmetics, they will buy this like crazy for their men…like Beckham a little spalsh and let their fantasies begin.

    Loreal has made a smart move. I always thought if an actor sold his name on something he ho hoed himself. This move matches Butler’s personality of a PR w.hore, he is in the business of making money not art.

  • Xanda

    he’s looking good. Clean, for a change.

  • real housewives of so cal

    Wow he looks so different without his beard. The gray shirt accentruates his blue/gray eyes nicely. Hope to see more ad pictures and commercials.

  • Sandra

    He looks YOUNG, that looks like an OLD pic!

  • kind of odd

    Kind of odd that they have a man who doesn’t take care of his skin, who has a ton of sun damage, and who rarely shaves as the spokesman for a skin care line.
    Hopefully he’ll get a bunch of free products.

  • Ella

    Holy Photoshop!!!!!!!

  • Paisley Swan Stewart/Swannie

    He looks very handsome clean shaven! You can see his dimples and the shape of jaw better without the scruff…but he’s a good looking man either way.


  • picture

    This picture was taken when he was in Paris after Coriolanus was finished….so only 3 months ago. He is known for his changing looks, especially when he shaves.. When he did SNL last year and he shaved, he looked completely different.

  • gossiphound

    @kind of odd: Well if he starts to look better they can credit L’Oreal – like Valerie Bertinelli and Jenny Craig. Actually he just put the pressure on himself to look better when not in character of course, hope they sent him a crate of sunblock for South Africa. Will some team of hot female L’Oreal reps come with the crate of goodies to help Gerard with all these products? Be on call 24-7.

    Actually if you pull out the photos from Moscow, where he went right after shooting this photo in May, he looks much younger without the facial hair [and when he covers up the grey] See the movie Shattered.

  • lolita

    If he wants to go out without being recognized, that’s the way to do it. He really looks so different without the scruff. It’s amazing how he can change his looks so easily.

  • 29PALMS

    I think that picture is older than 3 months ago. More like a couple of years ago.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    hot picture of gerry!!!!

  • spare me

    so ugly

  • redOctober

    …the photo seems like the ones from Moskow

    …thinner, relaxed and clean shaven make him look younger.

  • redOctober

    …oooopppsss …Moscow…an edit button would be nice JJ : )

  • redOctober

    Happy to be back in town ~Heard Gerard Butler was here~Royal Oak,Michigan ;~) 1 hour ago via JTwitter

  • Hawt

    he looks good

  • L


  • cubedweller

    Nice photo, but I’m sorry, I keep thinking this is a joke – and someone is going to yell hahahagotcha. The man shaves what, maybe twice a year? If he absolutely has to, for a role? Hiring Butler to sell skincare products is like having Victoria Beckham shill for chili cheese fries. Some things just don’t fit together, no matter how much spin you put on it. I’m thinking L’Oréal has a phangurl or boy heading up their marketing dept.

  • susanyoung

    Gerard Butler bugs the s**t out of me. When is this guy going to go away?

  • http://google anonymous

    gerard Butler is the perfect man to represent a beauty line of perfumes and aftershave for men.After all he is the handsomest man in this world and the universe.

  • gossiphound

    I have to respectfully disagree Cube if this was Gillette yeah but also I think one outlet perhaps described it better, NY Magazine

    a skin-care line that includes all kinds of anti-aging creams and gels and lotions just for men!

    Just because you have facial hair there is a whole lot of face that still needs work, theoretically, hey maybe they got some beard softener in there too, they would make millions of women happy because a lot of men are rocking the facial hair.

    Perhaps he will deliberately pick a next role with no facial hair or he may have it in his contract that he has to try being clean shaven between roles, we could get a year of clean shaven Gerry.

  • gossiphound

    Ha so this makes Gerry a supermodel.

  • honestly…

    Too many threads…can’t keep up! GB looks good in this photo but I suspect there’s been some photoshoppin’ going on…;)

  • gossiphound

    If you checked the L’Oreal site they have another man with facial hair as one of their faces, Eric Catona

    Their audience is men and men have varying degrees of facial hair and a lot of men are like Gerry, have varying degrees of facial hair at any one time. Special event, close shave, on the weekend, scruff, vacation let the beard grow.

    And I think most men don’t respond to the pretty boy models except gay men which is why I’ve never understand why male clothing models all look either gay or androgynous. Yes gay men probably buy more clothes than your average heterosexual but still.

    But having facial hair does not change the needs of the skin underneath it. Am I warm there L’Oreal, do I get the pitch?

  • gossiphound

    @honestly…: No more or less than happens with every single shot in every fashion magazine every day including with young sweet models. And frankly I would say less than usual.

    I mean they photoshop already anoerexic women to look even thinner.

    I mean Oprah kills me – I look at that O cover every month on the newstands and I go, Oprah who are you fooling we see you on TV everyday. Just stop.

  • Clive Owen @Lancome

    The execs at L’oreal must be really desperate.
    He may have been a good choice back in the TR2 days but today ….the man looks like a hard lived drunk. Haggard, unkempt, and remarkably prematurely aged. This pic is so PHOTOSHOPed it looks like a painting. There are countless actors who could have better represented the brand. I wonder who’s d/ck he sucked to get this gig?

  • cubedweller

    @gossiphound: “But having facial hair does not change the needs of the skin underneath it.”
    ALL your points make sense, GH. And I so agree that it’s time for male models who don’t look like twi nks.

  • http://www.AcaiBerryLlc.Com Mona Vie

    I love this man he kicks Ass.

  • trying to figure it out

    You know people come on these threads and complain about his skin and how awful he looks, if he uses the new products he’s hawking it should solve all his problems. They have stuff for wrinkles, the sun, blah, blah, blah – give him a few months and he should look great.

  • cubedweller

    @trying to figure it out: Before and after shots would be a nice touch. He will enjoy this job greatly. If there is anything Butler loves as much as chasing tail, it’s getting his picture taken. And he’ll probably meet lots and lots of models. He’ll be busy – LOL
    G’night peeps.

  • There is

    some poll on some place I saw tonight from Aussie land. G, and two others too insignificent to remember. Oh, yeah, Jude and I forget the other. The poll had G waay ahead for representing a company. Like 70 to 20 percent. (Wait, my brain is functioning again. It was Clive in the #3 position. Way down the food chain.)

  • justsayin’

    @gossiphound: Then he’ll be dating himself, which works nicely because there’s no one he loves more.

  • Thinking here

    Sorry. I lurk. I don’t post. But that picture of Butler for the ad … What is it about him? Handsome man. But something else. I’m a fan and I think it looks exactly like him in Shattered. But there is just something about him …. Damn. I love that man. Neal is so differernt than Milo or Mike. I think he (Butler) is great.

  • Read it and Weep

    The Bounty Hunter is numero uno again. Like it’s #1 in sales and rentals for a second week. Let the people speak. And the fossilized critics be dam.ned. And I just read that Phantom is the #2 best ever selling DVD. Oh, Butler. I LOVE you.

  • Hancock

    I see at least one big benefit of the job – he will have to start to pay attention to his skin care. It’s his job now and if he looks bad it’s bad for the products he represents.

  • Love the look

    He looks like he may be laughing at all this stuff. Bemused. He knows how hot he is. But how could he not? He’s seen all the videos. I’m amazed at how good he deals with it. How can he keep all this in perspective? And lead a normal life? He can’t. And that’s sad. Laurie, if you’re really connected to this train ride, I wish you well.

  • hellotheregb

    I had read the first comments by the poster on cele. then went out. She added few more that re interesting. Sorry “dar’lin’” LC must have just been here for PR or impersonal “benefits” if she was here for personal benefits I have pity on her. She needs to wise’n up and rethink this. How can it benefit her PR wise if she is a supposed “gf” and he is still out there picking up random chicks.

    I must admit it is nice to see the Gman back. Actually, looks like he as been here all along! random pick up’s on married women with no regard to husbands sitting next to them. Speculation on drinking with Phannie’s running to his defense. “private clubs” with dancers “confiscating”? yep Gman has been here all along.

  • justsayin’

    It looks like a phannie convention is happening here tonight. I picked the wrong night to check in.

  • Mellifera

    Its a great picture…its just a shame its not true to life. Maybe 10 years ago. But I don’t see any crows feet there :-)

    2 new threads?? Slow down JJ, at my advanced age I can’t keep up.

    How goes it my girlies?? And guysies, haha!
    *waves to one and all*

  • curious cat

    I’m gonna stick my neck out here and if I am proved wrong so be it. I said it on the last thread. This is an old photo. Ripple, Ella, Xanda, Paisley, realhousewives, etc. This was not taken 3 months ago. Yes, Sandra, 29 palms, you got it. I swear this exact photo has been around for several years. I’ve seen it. I may even have saved it somewhere. Look not only at the absence of recent lines and sagging and jowls in his face, thickening in the neck, a bit of double chin, but what you can see of his body, the muscles in his arms that aren’t so tight now, his now slightly stooped shoulders, his whole carriage is different. and I don’t think it’s all due to acting. He’s aging. We all do.
    I’m not in the health care field but have relatives who are and they can see signs of age the rest of us miss in folks who do their best to hide it, including plastic surgery. You can do Botox and makeup and hair and lighting and surgery (not that I know or sayin’ he’s had that) or Photoshop till the cows come home and the experts aren’t fooled. They can guess your age really well.
    This photo has to go back almost to “300.” Maybe even before. He’s not in that kind of shape now. Just look at recent pictures. I’m not sayin’ he looks bad now, he looks fine to me, but you can see the signs of aging. That picture is so very familiar. The face. The facial expression. The body. Yes, it could have been Photoshopped, but if so it’s still Photoshopped from an old photo that I have seen. By old I mean 3, 4, 5 years at least. maybe more.