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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Sushi Sweethearts

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Sushi Sweethearts

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian hold hands as they arrive at Nobu restaurant on Wednesday (July 28) in Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer and her beau went out for sushi at the celeb hotspot!

“Just had an amazing dinner w/ friends @eddiecibrian and 3 14 year old girls. Makes me want to have one :)” LeAnn tweeted. “girls are too funny at that age!” Eddie joined Twitter earlier this month.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing Genetic Denim‘s “The Shane” jeans in silver.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian heading to Nobu…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian nobu 13

Photos: WENN, Famepictures
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  • Alba

    she’s not that pretty!

  • kbosworthlover2010

    I’m always wondering where are her eyes!?

  • Biel

    she looks like a clown!

  • Joey F.

    There’s my doll. Got concert tics and she’s coming my way any day. Love you LeLe!

  • hands on

    I want you to have a kid with Eddie Too. Hurry up sweet lovebirds. You look divine together.

  • jackie

    Alright!!! Thank you Jared for some more pics. Luv this couple.

  • yasbella

    She’s a horse-faced idiot.
    Leann no matter how hard you try, he’s going to leave you.
    Karma make the world go round

  • general gauge

    eddie’s a fine-looking guy, leann complements him beautifully and she can woo him by singing love songs in his ear. dreamy.

  • just in dinner

    They see to love each other so what biz is it of ours. I wish them the best.

    yazzabela don’t fret or you’ll get gray hair too early.

  • ddc

    LOL LOL PR @ it’s predictable worst.

  • Libran

    They look handsome as a couple. Thx for the coverage.

  • Libran

    Be safe traveling to your performances this week. Wish you were coming to my location.

  • pau d’lina

    A year and a half strong. How’s that by HW standards? lol , not bad.

  • LeAnn Fan

    With her friends, ya know the girls in her video for “A Good Friend and A Glass of Wine” are her friends in real life, not just people she choose for the video shoot.

  • Kensha

    This story coming about Eddies past will mature him and make him a better man, I’m counting on that.She has smiley eyes, so what.

  • http://deleted Anon

    @pau d’lina:
    oksana amd mel were tgther for 3 yrs whats your point

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    Where is your brain?

  • Not Impressed by AJ


    Where is your brain?@yasbella:

    Where is your picture? I bet Leann is far prettier than you.

  • Sherrise Z.

    I bet those three 14 yr. old girls loved eating with famous and beautiful LeAnne. I know I would be in awe at my age and if I was 14 wo eee.

  • http://deleted Anon

    @Not Impressed by AJ:
    interesting that your sn is not impressed by AJ..leann wishes she had half the fame AJ has..everyone except the few delusional leann fans are digusted by this least AJ is successful and loved by many and hated by a few its vice versa for your idol. AJ’s fame has continued to increase while your idol’s has continued to decrease

  • Lameykin

    The box office says something different. LeAnne is packing them in and has tens of thousands of appreciative fans tweeting her. Try somewhere else, not flying here.

  • http://deleted Has Been

    @Sherrise Z.:
    famous?they were eating with a has been country star and an unemployed actor. im sure they would be thrilled to eat with taylor swift or carrie underwood..the only way leann can stay relevant is by tweeting about her fairytale lovelife with her unemplyed married cheater..seriously she acts like an immature 14yr old that just had her first kiss..shes really going to have a hard time when Eddie cheats

  • Lameykin

    Angie and LeAnne aren’t in competition. They would laugh at the comment. Not even in the same field of work and I’m sure they respect each others talent.

  • Penny

    I think they are a beautiful couple having fun together.

  • http://deleted Has Been

    dont ever compare academy award winner jolie with leann..leann the chick whose last album flopped….jolie is getting paid 20mil a film and she is the most successful female action star today..leann and her unemployed boyfriend are not even worthy to tie brad and angies shoelaces

  • http://deleted Oh Please

    kim kardashians little sister has twice as many followers as leann so her having 58,000 foloowers is a joke for a supposed “superstar”.

  • Klemstat

    I bet Eddie has some work lined up, I really do. Surprised I won’t be when we see his next project. Not good to wish bad on people just because we judge them which isn’t our job. Besides no one cares what we think.

  • http://deleted Anon

    of course they care what we think..why do you think leann quit twitter for a week..the public is the one thats buying tix and cds so you must be a fool if you think celebrities dont care about what people think..shes trying to convince the public that shes in love thats why she keeps tweeting about her lovelife but in reality it reeks of desparation and she comes off as an immature teenager..the breakup is not going to be pretty..

  • ummahyk

    ugly woman beautiful man.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Why are all of her fans sabotaging this site?


  • ddc

    of those 10′s of thousand’s of fans on her twitter how much of it is spam and how many are just sitting there waiting for the train wreck.

  • janie

    Say it isn’t so—the prince left the princess and moved in with the frog. Oh, well, he looks like a total GEEK in that hat. She needs to buy him a decent hat to wear. We all know who paid for that big dinner.

  • CanadaGirl

    Are those Frye boots? They’re cool. ♧

  • Fiona Go

    When EC’s ex appears with the new man we will say

    Ugly man
    Ugly woman

  • salnu

    I’m loving her whole cycling outfit….boots, jeans, all of it. So what if Eddie’s greying and I love his French beret.

  • http://deleted Anon

    @Fiona Go:
    lol leann fans are one to talk..leann is but ugly and most people have been asking why eddie downgraded.
    who cares if brandis new man isnt hot, id take an avg successful guy over an unemployed married cheater any day and you know you would too. unlike leann brandi doesnt have to parade around with her man to show that they are in love..she’ll leave the photo-ops and famewhoring to your idols

  • http://deleted Yea Right

    trust and believe if eddie had a new job leann would have tweeted the whole world the new info as well as run to people magazine with the scoop.cuz thats just how she rolls

  • mary t

    The french beret is so he can hide the fifteen wrinkles on his forehead and his rececding hair line. Leann alerts photographers any time she goes out with dimples and wrinkles.. heard ther’es a new video of her coming out in the next day or so featuring Leann at her nosepicking finest. Any one who wantsa preview can go to “leann rimes nose picking” to watch her digging for a snack Wish they would get his divorce over so Leann doesn’t feel like she has to still keep sticking it in Brandi’s face. then maybe they could go into HER mansion and dissapear from sight.Notice he didn’t have a place to take her,,GIGOLO

  • ka-blamo

    Homewrecking pigs.

  • I’m Going For It

    After my neighbor puts her kids to bed, I’m going next door where we’ll have sex for several hours before our spouses come home from working the night shift. It’s nice to know LeAnn’s supporters will be on my side if I ever get caught. After all, I’m just looking for a little sexual healing and a good time. My marriage has hit a rough patch but with people like LeAnn Rimes supporting my behavior, I’m sure our spouses and children will understand. Thanks for showing me the way LeAnn.

  • kaylyn

    Why just catchin up on the news and happen to come upon my most favorite couple in the whole wide world! Man they look good together. They must be in love.

  • kaylyn

    Why just catchin up on the news and happen to come upon my most favorite couple in the whole wide world! Man they look good together. They must be in love.

  • http://deleted Team Brandi & Dean

    dean and brandi upgraded..dean’s latest tweet “Having a girlfriend who is fluent in French and Hebrew is pretty sexy..”. and brandi is dating a real estate tycoon who isnt married..eddie is living with a desparate fugly cheater and leann is living with an unemployed married womanizer..isnt karma wonderful

  • http://deleted lol

    lol eddie is gettin written off the show as we speak..his tweet “Well back at work..for a bit…a little anticlimatic the way Jesse is put in a rose garden. 1 thing’s 4 sure -the real suspect is at large”

  • Jonny

    to I’m going for it — Hysterical Since you’regoing for it, I might as well, too. Maybe we could start a nation wide trend. If you have a liitle bump in your marriage, just go out and start banging some one else LR and Ec and a few of her followers seem to think that’ thats O.K .Celebrities think they are above the common people in that they do this and then brag on it for ever. You would think they would feel some shame No moral fiber, whats so ever..Poor little kids, to have such a lousy role model for a father. Have to say, he is not looking as good as he was a few months ago

  • status quo

    I don’t what to say….oh well, their outfits are cute. I still would rather Leanne keep for private life PRIVATE. The more she tweets the more she’s hurting her career and the possiblity of a sucessful relationship…that’s just my opinion.

  • http://deleted Weird

    honestly leann really overdoes it with the tweeting..if you have to tweet every two sec about what is going on in your relationship including posting pics of ur bedroom you know that you are super insecure and desparate,,its like shes trying to prove to the world they are in love and the only way to do that is tweet about their every move.

  • gwen

    Oh look, the internet is being bombarded with more “EC and LR are happy and in love because they are happy and in love” or “EC loves me because he holds my hand despite the fact that he did the very same thing with his wife” photo-ops/

    So you know what this means don’t you, since those stories about them moving in together didn’t convince people that EC and LR are happy and in love and that EC is serious about LR, what does LR do? Contacts JJ and Daily Mail so that they can write a happy and in love symmary.

    Hey JJ, so EC has money to dine out with LR and 3 14 yo, but he doesn’t have money to pzay child support? So when EC goes before a judge and says that he can’t pay child support, BG should present this photo-op and those reports that EC is moving in with LR.

    Oh JJ, didn’t we see the same thing last year? So why then must the media keep insisting that things are different now that EC is with LR? He is cheating on LR and holding her hand while she pays the media to write fluff isn’t going to change this.

    Wow, Leann is still tweeting about EC, the same man who said that he wants privacy?

    And once again JJ leaves out the most important thing of all. That EC is a LIAR and we can not trust anything that he says or does. Despite blasting his wife for not keeping things private, he goes and joins twitter? And you want to keep insisting that things are good between EC and LR because EC holds LR hands and they smile.

    Did I call it or what? I said that to try to upstage EC wife that Leann was going to try to have a girl.

    Wait, Leann had dinner with teen girls? Now what mother would allow their daugthers near LR seeing as how she is great “role model”. What did she teach these girls? How to sleep with married men and then use their kids to taunt their wives? Now what kind of role model is she when she is sleeping with a married man and then encourages that same married man to break promises to his kids.

  • gwen


    Eddie and Leann’s MONEY?

    Hey JJ, so EC can eat at NOBU, but he can’t pay child support?

    Seems to be like this is just another slap in the face of the court systems. He got away with not paying child support and here he is mocking the courts because they allowed him to do it.

    JJ, let’s be honest, with no job we all know that this is EC trying to appease LR because he is at her mercy.

  • laney

    I think everyone knows that leann pays for EVERYTHING Eddie doesn’t have a dime to his name.but he will still have to pony up money for child support. He has it made ,the plain little country singer pays for gas and electric, water, cable charge cards, hotel rooms ,plus, insurance for house, cars, healthand life, rental cars, food, the kids new furniture, his child support,vacations and restaurant meals, not to forget gas for the cars.. no wonder he is always smiling for the camera and holding her hand he has no manhood left…so let her clean out half the closet for him and then she can go out to sing and he can be left home to do yard work and find some little waitress he can bang Eddie just don’t be sucking on those fingers yuck yuck